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					                                                           Spring 2011

           sing Ne
 Medina Hou               S FOR TH E ISLE O
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                                                               the heart of the business. Don’t forget, the

                                                               meetings are open to all residents, so if you are

    Welcome t                                 N   e            interested, look for details on our website.
    Medina Housin                                              Preston Close is coming to fruition, with the
                                                               new play area, community flat and fencing all
                                                               making significant differences to the locality.
                                                               Our plan is to move on to Slade Road next,
    Reporting to You                                           so residents of that neighbourhood can look
    by Martyn Pearl, Managing Director
                                                               forward to some contact from us over the next
                                                               few months.

              elcome to the Spring edition of
              Medina Housing News. As we start                 Our performance measures have improved,
              to see the flowers emerging from a               which indicates that we have really begun to get
    pretty punishing winter, those of you who have             things right consistently. Many thanks to those
    benefited from our Growing Spaces project                  of you who have become involved as mystery
    (see page 7) will no doubt be thinking of what             shoppers and in other ways. Your input helps us
    you will plant this year. Needless to say, Maria           to keep on track.
    Wilkinson, the driving force behind Growing
    Spaces, has not been idle and you will all see             Finally, we are looking forward to our first
    the impact of her promotion of edible planting             handovers on the new Pan Meadows site (page
    across our neighbourhoods.                                 13) after many years in the pipeline. These will
                                                               offer good quality homes for Island households
    It is good to report progress on a number of               in need, which is a real bonus.
    fronts. The Medina Community Forum (pages
    4/5) has had its first meeting and will represent          Have a good Easter and I look forward to seeing
    the views and perspectives of residents at                 many of you over the coming months.

                                              Lugley House, Lugley Street, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5EL
                                              Main switchboard: (01983) 822811 Fax: (01983) 825002

                                          Our offices are open from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Thursday
                                                            and 8.30am to 4.30pm on Friday.
                                                   Payments can be made at Lugley House before 4pm.
     How to contact
                                                          Repairs Hotline: 0800 9 522225
       Spectrum                                              8am to 6pm, Monday to Friday.
        Medina                                Out of hours (emergency repairs only): 0800 9 522225

    Front cover: members of
    the Community Forum - see
    pages 4/5.
                                                    If you would like this document translated,
    Please ask us if you need any of our                  please call us on (01983) 822811.
    publications in a different format,
    such as large print, in Braille, on
    CD or on audio cassette. We are a
    member of Language Line and will
    provide translation of information on
    request. All information is provided
    free of charge. Printed on the Isle of
                     Wight on 50% recycled
                     paper using
                     based inks

We are                                                            More jobs for
      Spectrum                                                     the future
                    medina                                                by Maria Wilkinson,
                                                                      Community Enterprise Manager

      rom 1 February, all companies in the Spectrum
      family have a new name and a new look. We
      are now known as Spectrum Medina and our
new logo (above) uses the Spectrum purple lozenge.
Our magazine, leaflets and website have already
changed, and over the coming weeks you will notice
everything else is changing over too.
Creating One Organisation
Medina is part of the Spectrum Housing Group, and
one of the core values in our corporate plan is to
create One Organisation. Changing our logo and
visual identity is the best way to show that we are all
part of the same organisation.
Still a local, personal service
This is not a legal name change, so we will still be
trading as Medina Housing Association. This is the
name we will use on any forms or agreements.
                                                           Pictured above (clockwise from front): Richard Ward,
You will still deal with Medina Housing Association        Steve Simpson, Ian Clapham, Emma Reynolds and
from our offices in Newport and through our                Mike Moorton.
Maintenance Direct in Ryde.                                As the Future Jobs initiative, which aimed to get
We will still provide the same high levels of personal     unemployed people back to work, comes to an
service that you expect from us.                           end, we are pleased to have been able to recruit
                                                           seven new employees for the final phase of the
Keeping costs down                                         programme.
We have thought about cost at every stage of the
process and we always make every effort to keep            As part of a new contract with 3SC, Richard Ward
costs down.                                                is working in Maintenance Administration at our
                                                           Ryde Unit; Steve Simpson and Mike Moorton are
To save money, we have been running down our
                                                           working for Maintenance Direct; Emma Reynolds
stocks of items with the old logo on. New items will
                                                           is Active Communities Assistant; and Kayleigh
be produced with the new logo. We have also been
                                                           Eagle is Admin and Events Assistant at the
using in-house staff to organise the rebrand instead
                                                           Foyer. The final two recruits, Olly Attrill and Ian
of using an external agency.
                                                           Clapham, started on 28 February and are working
There is a budget set aside for things like stationery,    with the new Neighbourhood Impact Team (see
signs and uniforms, but we can save money when             page 10).
purchasing these because we are now buying in
bulk quantities.                                           Over the past 18 months we have placed 21 young
We think that being One Organisation will help us          people, some of whom have now become
save money in the long term by getting better deals        permanent members of staff.
on things that we buy, and winning more contracts
                                                          If you would like a free
across the business.
                                                          fridge magnet so you
Any questions?                                            can keep our Repairs
If you have any questions about our new look,             Hotline number to
please contact Kate Bucci on (01983) 824336 or            hand, please call
e-mail                     the number on it or
                                                          e-mail enquiries@

                                                                                           Corporate News         3
                                                        Resident scrutiny                                                Introducing the Medina
                                                       in Spectrum Housing Group                                           Community Forum
                                                          by Yasmin White, Resident Involvement Manager
                                                                                                                      In September 2010, new Housing Association

                                                             he Tenant Services Authority (TSA), the                  Boards were launched across the Spectrum
Observe - examine - investigate - search - inquire

                                                             independent regulator for affordable                     Housing Group to make it easier to discuss issues
                                                             housing in England, works with landlords                 of common interest and importance ranging from
                                                      like Spectrum Medina to improve services for                    policy and budgets to service standards. Six
                                                      residents. The TSA expects us to engage well with               Community Forums have also been introduced. The
                                                      our residents, and invite them to scrutinise what               Medina Community Forum had its first meeting on
                                                      we do and constructively challenge us if we need to             16 February 2011.
                                                      improve.                                                           The Community Forum’s committee has
                                                                                                                      a resident majority and a small number of
                                                      At Group level, Spectrum Residents’ Group
                                                                                                                      independent members. They will scrutinise our
                                                      (SRG) has a scrutiny role. They look at Group Board
                                                                                                                      performance and improvement plans, and get
                                                      decisions and business plans to make sure that
                                                                                                                      involved in making decisions about budgets and
                                                      residents’ views and needs are always taken into
                                                                                                                      the services we should deliver to residents in our
                                                      account. Each year they examine a service area in
                                                                                                                      neighbourhoods (‘Local Offers’).
                                                      close detail to work out what needs to be improved.
                                                                                                                         Our officers are accountable to the Community
                                                      Last year the SRG looked at value for money,                    Forum and will work with them to address
                                                      making a number of recommendations about how                    problems. Members also have direct access to our
                                                      repairs and maintenance and service charges could               Board.
                                                      be made more efficient, and how the organisation                   Unlike the TCC, Community Forum members do
                                                      could track savings to ensure they are ploughed                 not represent geographical areas. Their role does
                                                      back into frontline services for residents.                     not include taking up personal issues for individual
                                                                                                                      residents. However it does include championing
                                                      In 2011 the SRG will look at housing management                 resident involvement.
                                                      across the Group, including dealing with anti-social
                                                      behaviour and managing tenancies.
                                                                                                                                Come and join us!
                                                                                                                       The dates of the Community Forum meetings
                                                                                                                                      in 2011 will be:
                                                                                                                              13 April • 15 June • 17 August
                                                                                                                               12 October • 14 December
                                                                                                                        at the Riverside Centre, The Quay, Newport
                                                                                                                               PO30 2QR at 5.30pm for 6pm.

                                                                                                                       For the first half hour there is a chance to talk
                                                                                                                       to a Neighbourhood Housing Officer about any

                                                                                                                       The Community Forum meetings are open to all
                                                                                                                       residents to attend. You can work with us and
                                                                                                                       the Community Forum to:
                                                                                                                       • improve services and value for money
                                                                                                                       • build a better understanding and
                                                                                                                         communication between staff, residents and
                                                                                                                         Board members
                                                      Pictured above: Community Forum independent                      • help us to build trust and be more open and
                                                      members Val Ottway and Barry Kemp.                                 accountable to our residents.
                                                      On our front cover, at the first meeting of the Forum, l to r    If you wish to attend please contact the Resident
                                                      (back): Chandra Shaw, Jannaya Early, Tracey Clark,
                                                                                                                         Involvement Unit on (01983) 824303 or e-mail
                                                      Cheryl Gandy, Andy Pound, Dave Sibbick; (front): Ian
                                                      Capon, Pat Sturmey, Reg Foster.                                 

                 4                                   Residents’ Voices
             Who’s who
   on the Community Forum
               Resident members
 Cheryl Gandy (CF Chair) was Chair of the
 Tenants Consultative Committee (TCC) and a
 Resident Board Member for some years.
 Ian Capon was a Resident Board Member for
 eight years and is a former TCC member. He is
 also a member of Pan Neighbourhood Partnership
 and Downside Community Association.
                                                              £50,000 is available this
 Tracey Clark is strongly involved in the Pan
 community as a Medina Neighbourhood Voice and
                                                            year for projects both large
 volunteer at Pan Youth Club and the Pan Together           and small that will make our
 community group.                                                 neighbourhoods
 Jannaya Early was previously a Resident Board                  better places to live.
 Member and Vice-Chair of the TCC.
 Reg Foster has extensive experience of working                           For example:
 with young people through the IW Council’s Youth              lighting or gates to improve security
 Service and was a founder member of a housing                 ‘defensive’ shrubs
                                                               signs, benches, seating areas
 Andy Pound has been a volunteer for 32 years,                 improving play areas
 including as a TCC member and as Chair of the                 the cost of setting up a club or group.
 Royal British Legion.
 Dave Sibbick has a keen interest in housing, in
                                                           Full details and an application form are
 particular Foyer for the Island.                          available in the information pack - call
                                                            (01983) 824303, e-mail enquiries@
 Pat Sturmey has many years of committee
 experience with various organisations.          or visit our website
             Independent members
                                                           Important: all entries must be with
 Barry Kemp is involved in developing a user-led
                                                            us by 4.30pm on Tuesday 10 May.
 organisation to benefit elderly residents and those
 with a physical disability or mental health issues.
 He spent many years working with the local
 community at the Park Centre in Ryde.                  Join our jargon
 Val Ottway works at the IW Credit Union, is a          busters!
 Freshwater Parish Councillor and is involved with
 the Anti-Poverty Action Group and various West         Do you sometimes read our
 Wight organisations.                                   documents and think we’re on
                                                        a different planet? Does it seem
 Chandra Shaw works for the Isle of Wight NHS
                                                        like we are speaking a different
 and has served on the Medina Board.
                                                            We need YOU to help make
                                                        sure that our documents are clear and easy to read.
          Register NOW                                  There are no meetings involved – we will send you
    for free resident training!                         documents by post or e-mail and you can send your
                                                        comments back. Your feedback really does make a
 Our ‘Free Training for Residents’ brochure will be     difference to the way our documents are written.
available shortly. For your copy call (01983) 824303,       If you can help us, please contact Kate Bucci
 e-mail, or watch         on (01983) 824336 or e-mail Kate.Bucci@
 our website 

                                                                                    Residents’ Voices         5
              News from the Foyer
                                                                                  Preparing to
                                                                                  stand out
                                                                                  Every Friday morning the
                                                                                  Foyer hosts a job club with a
                                                                                  difference, run by Mark Cox of
                                                                                  MC Enhancements.

                                                                                  The Fabulous Job Club provides
                                                                                  interactive and stimulating
                                                                                  activities to increase confidence,
                                                                                  awareness and skills to prepare for
                                                                                  the workplace. Seeking work is one
      The winning team - Isle of                                                  thing, being able to stand out to an
      Wight B. Coach Luke Kerr of                                                 employer is another - this is what
      Elite Soccer presents the cup to                                            Fabulous aims to address.
      team captain David Kilshaw.
                                                                                  The club is so successful and
    Two Foyers go head to head                                                    so impressed the BBC that they
                                                                                  included it a ‘South Today’
    by Julie Adams, Foyer Manager                                                 feature on the high levels of youth

                                                                                  unemployment in this area.
           ootball teams from Foyer for the Island and Portsmouth Foyer
           came together for the first time on 24 February to battle it out for   The Foyer is also running a pilot
           the Foyer Community Cup. Each Foyer entered three teams of             social enterprise project in the
    six into the tournament, which was held at Ryde Sports Centre. The            form of an online shop. This
    winning team was Isle of Wight B from Foyer for the Island.                   operates alongside Fabulous and
                                                                                  gives hands-on experience for the
    David Kilshaw, captain of the winning team and resident of Foyer for          young people, who can use it in
    the Island, said: ‘It’s great that the Foyer has given us the chance to       their CVs. Both projects create lots
    have this club. We’ve been practising hard and we have really enjoyed         of energy and have boosted the
    the tournament.’                                                              confidence and motivation of the
                                                                                  young people.
    In partnership with Elite Soccer, both Foyers run popular football
    clubs with over 30 young people aged 16 to 25 attending each week.            Below: Mark Cox leads a Fabulous
    The club at Foyer for the Island was started in 2010 after residents          session with Foyer residents.
    successfully applied for funding to Medina Housing’s
    Prizes for Projects (see page 5 for details of this year’s

    The clubs are not just for Foyer residents, but for all
    young people in the local community with a passion
    for football. More than half of those who take part are
    ‘NEETs’ (Not in Employment, Education or Training),
    so this is a great opportunity for them to get motivated
    to take part in the training and support offered by all

    For more information, contact the Foyer on (01983)
    567599, e-mail Foyer.Reception@medinahousing. or visit

6   Active Communities

     Growing Spaces
                                                                                          INA         MED
         update                                                           Water butts    ES
                                                                 Already this year we have distributed
       by Suzie Mundell, Project Co-ordinator                      100 water butts to participants in the

       he Growing Spaces team is ready to embark                  Growing Spaces project, to help them
       on our fourth season of installations. The                store rainwater for use on their gardens
       Growing Spaces project provides purpose-built                   and save on their water bills.
raised beds for your garden or in communal areas.                                This new initiative has
We fill the bed with soil and compost, and provide                                 proved really popular
seeds and plants to help you get started on growing                                   and all the current
your own.                                                                               batch has been
                                                                                       allocated. If more
How can I get involved?                                                              funding is available,
                                                                                     we will try to repeat
Over the coming months we will be distributing our
                                                                                    this offer towards the
new leaflet around target areas, so watch out for it.
                                                                                        end of the year.
Alternatively you can register your interest by calling
us on (01983) 824265 or 824268, or visit our website

 Volunteer - and learn to drive!
 by Maria Wilkinson,
                                                          How to apply for Drive Time
 Community Enterprise Manager
                                                          If you are aged 18 to 25 and would like to be
                                                          involved in the project, please write to me at Lugley
 Drive Time is an exciting new initiative being
                                                          House, Lugley Street, Newport PO30 5EL. You need
 piloted by Spectrum Medina as part of our Active
                                                          to outline:
 Communities Strategy. We are committed to
 supporting our residents in developing skills,           • the difficulties you have experienced through not
 accessing training and improving                           being able to drive;
                                                              • why you think you would benefit from this
 We want to recruit five young people                          opportunity.
 who are able to demonstrate that
 not being able to drive has been a                           We will choose the five who make the strongest
 barrier to finding employment or                             case, so give it your best shot!
 accessing training.
                                                             The deadline for applications is 22 April
 The deal                                                        2011.
 Drive Time will fund up
 to 30 hours of driving                                                 Can you help us?
 lessons and ten hours                                                    We would also like to hear from
 of tuition and support                                                   residents who can identify
 to help the selected five                                                 community-based projects
 through their theory                                                       that could benefit from the
 test.                                                                        volunteering efforts of five
                                                                                young people - anything from
 In return participants will                                                     garden clearance and tree
 sign up to giving us 40 hours                                                    planting to running a quiz
 of volunteering time. We will                                                    or games afternoon in a
 use this time to deliver a range                                                 sheltered housing scheme.
 of community/neighbourhood
 improvements or community                                                    Please call me on (01983)
 events.                                                              824265 if you have any ideas.

                                                                                  Active Communities              7
    Consulting on Hookes Skatepark                                                Dates for
    F                                                                             your diary
           ollowing several reports of youth nuisance from skateboarders
           around Hookes Way in Newport, we have been working with
           the police, young people, residents and Gravity Engineering
    (skatepark builders) to consider the feasibility of developing a concrete     Natural Wight
    skateboarding facility at Hookes Way during 2011. The proposal will           Spring Season
    require us to successfully fundraise to finance this, but to kick-start the
    process we held a consultation event in February at the Isle of Wight         Spring into Action!
    College to get the views of young riders (pictured below with Jake            Wednesday 13 April
    Hipwell of Gravity Engineering (left of photo) and Mick Halliday,             from 10am to 1pm
    Community Support Officer).
       The event was successful and the young people told us why the              Meet at Fort Victoria car park
    Hookes skate facility is important to them. They told us how other            (near Yarmouth PO41 0RR) for
    places can get boring as they ‘get to know the ramp at Seaclose too           a great chance to dust off your
    well’. They want a new challenge locally as travelling to other parts of      wellies and get out and about,
    the Island is expensive by bus. The young riders often get kicked out         improving habitats for Fort
    of other places where they want to skate, so they are looking for a new       Victoria’s wild residents!
    skate facility that offers something different, plus a strong design.
       You can see the suggested designs for the Hookes Skatepark on              Pond Pirates
    Facebook by searching for Hookes Skatepark (Isle of Wight).                   Thursday 21 April
                                                                                  from 10am to 2pm

                                                                                  A range of activities to keep
                                                                                  children busy at Seaclose Park,
                                                                                  Newport PO30 2EA. Find out
                                                                                  who ‘lurks in the murk’ in the
                                                                                  ponds with the help of Ray
                                                                                  and Mark, and meet Helen the
                                                                                  Squirrel Lady who will help you
                                                                                  find out more about squirrels
                                                                                  and take you on a guided walk.

                                                                                  Fun for the May
                                                                                  half term!
                                                                                  Come along to our ‘Travelling
                                                                                  Parks’ activity sessions during
                                                                                  the May half term break. There
                                                                                  will be loads of activities going
                                                                                  on, including the Play Rangers,
                                                                                  the Carnival Learning Centre
                                                                                  Team and Barnardos.

                                                                                  All from 11am to 2pm:

                                                                                  Tuesday 31 May
                                                                                  Hookes Way, Newport

                                                                                  Wednesday 1 June
                                                                                  Nelson Road, Newport

                                                                                  Thursday 2 June
                                                                                  Preston Close, Ryde

8                                                                                                           Active Com
     Everything ... including
     the kitchen sink!

               e recently took over ownership of the
               ARC play area in Oakfield and the
               adjacent woodland around the footpath.
     On a cold rainy February day, Alex and Darren
     from Maintenance Direct joined the Active
     Communities Team to clear the area of rubbish in
     preparation for The Green Man, a tree sculpture by
     Island artist Paul Sivell.
     Items cleared included three rusty shopping
     trolleys, ten scooters, a motorbike, ten footballs,
     an armchair - even a kitchen sink! There were
     also around 2,000 cans and bottles, and literally
     hundreds of bags of dog poo. Maria Wilkinson,
     Community Enterprise Manager, said: ‘This area
     looked great when we left - it can be a really good
     facility for local people and we hope they will love
     the new sculpture, which will give the place a
     unique identity.’ If you would like to help maintain
     this area or to volunteer for other conservation
     activities, please call Natural Wight on (01983)
     824275.                                                    Freya with her bug house at Queensgate Primary School

                                In our last issue we told you about           five to the over 60s made homes for
                                our new project, Natural Wight - the          bees and lacewings, and learnt some
                                Community Conservation Programme              interesting facts such as the climbing
                                that is all about having fun, meeting         abilities of hedgehogs! Participants
                                people, and helping us look after the         were not put off by the bad weather,
                                Island now and for the future.                and many have already signed up for
                                   The Natural Wight Team of Rachel,          future activities.
                                Andy, Claire and Emma have lost no               If you would like to join them, the
                                time getting their first ventures off the     Team’s activities for the Easter holidays
                                ground. During half term they worked          are on page 8. They would also be
                                with the Footprint Trust to run Mini          delighted to hear from you if you have
                                Beast Safaris and Ideal Homes for             any ideas about future projects or know
                                Wildlife at two Primary Schools and           of any residents who would benefit from
                                the Preston Close Community Flat.             the programme. Natural Wight’s contact
      U P D AT E                Participants ranging in age from under        number is (01983) 824275.
    Name our butterfly!                                          To: The Natural Wight Team,
    Our beautiful native Glanville Fritillary butterfly, the         Spectrum Medina
    new mascot for Natural Wight (above), needs a                My suggested name for the Natural Wight butterfly is:
                Please send us your suggestions by
                 completing and returning the coupon             Name:
                   (right) to the Natural Wight Team at
                    Lugley House, Lugley Street, Newport,
                    Isle of Wight PO30 5EL by 1 May
                      2011. Our favourite will win a hive        Tel:
                       roosting pouch (left) to encourage
                        many small wild bird species to          E-mail:
                        visit your garden for shelter or for     Age if under 16:
                        overnight stops.

mmunities                                                                                                                    9
     Improving your                                              As a direct result of residents’ concerns, we
                                                                 introduced a Neighbourhood Impact Team in 2009
     surroundings                                                to carry out cleaning and grounds maintenance in
                                                                 three key neighbourhoods in Ryde. Following the
     by Stuart Clark, Property Service Manager                   success of this, from April 2011 the whole of the
                                                                 Ryde area will be covered by a recently expanded
                                                                 Neighbourhood Impact Team (left). Taking this
                                                                 work in-house allows us to improve our control and
                                                                 therefore the standards of the service.

                                                                 It is important to us that you know what we are
                                                                 responsible for maintaining, and when and how
                                                                 often we will carry out the work. As part of this we
                                                                 will ensure that if you receive this service, you will be
                                                                 able to see the grounds maintenance plans and find
                                                                 out the frequency of attendance for your particular

                                                                 Areas outside of Ryde will continue to be cut by
                                                                 external contractors, who will be closely managed
                                                                 by our Service Contract Co-ordinator, Zoe Wilmot-
                                                                 Amies. In the longer term we will consider whether
                                                                 to expand the in-house team to cover all the grounds
                                                                 we maintain.

                                                                 Through 2010 we have listened to residents’
                                                                 comments, and are continuing to put initiatives
                                                                 in place to improve our services. If you have any
                                                                 comments about the grounds maintenance service in
     The grounds maintenance service provided to our             your area please contact Zoe on (01983) 824326 or
     schemes and estates is key to ensuring that these           e-mail
     areas are tidy, free of litter and maintained to a high
     standard. This can affect how residents feel about          Pictured: back, l to r: Alex Dodd, Ian Clapham, Kristian
     the area in which they live.                                Horlock, Kevin Taylor; front: Darren Twine and Olly Attrill.

                   How we are doing on repairs and maintenance
                                  by Charlee Caddick, Responsive Maintenance Co-ordinator

                 e are committed to          The top four KPIs are shown in           25% of housing associations in
                 providing an excellent      the table below, together with the       our region.
                 service to all our          average number of days it takes
      customers. We constantly               us to complete both 7 and 28 day         Have your say
      monitor our work and ask for           works orders. The table shows            If you have suggestions for
      feedback from residents through        our performance over the fourth          improvements to our service or
      satisfaction questionnaires,           quarter of 2010.                         would like to join the Medina
      letters, phone calls and the                                                    Homes Group, please e-mail
      Medina Homes Group. We use             The figures in green show where          Repairs.Hotline@medinahousing.
      this to help us highlight areas for    we are performing within the top or call 0800 9 522225.
                                                 Key Performance Indicator             Where we are          Our target
      The areas we monitor are known             Satisfaction with repairs               97.2%                95.0%
      as Key Performance Indicators              Works completed in priority             98.6%                98.0%
      (KPIs). These are set by our
                                                 ‘Right first time’                      80.9%                85.0%
      regulator, the Tenant Services
      Authority, and are used to                 Appointments made and kept              96.9%                98.0%
      measure our performance against            Average no. of days to complete        9.4 days             7.7 days
      service standards.                         urgent and routine repairs

10   Homes and Environment
           M   ME                                                 Making
    ECT            SS
SP           SUCCE                                              a difference
                       Braille ID
      In response to resident feedback, we have
         introduced Braille on our staff identity
         badges. All staff will now have Braille
         identification confirming they work for
       Spectrum Medina and giving our number
                for you to call and check.

      If you would like to read the Braille, please
         ask when they show you their ID. If you
      have any questions, call the number on the
        card to check the staff member’s details.

     TR  UM
SPEC         SUCCE
           Saving on fuel bills
       We have helped residents in three areas
       to beat rising fuel costs by installing new,

           more efficient, gas central heating.               demonstration by Canine Partners, showing
       Wallace Court in Newport, The Hollies in               how a well trained working dog can
       Ryde, and Victoria and Albert Cottages in              transform the life of a disabled person, was
        Whippingham were all using expensive          a highlight of the Disability Awards Day hosted by
        electric heating. We obtained £40,000 in      the Isle of Wight College on 31 January. A DVD
      grant funding to install gas mains, enabling    by the Hot Green Bus Dance Company was shown
      residents to enjoy gas fired central heating.   and a wide range of stands offered information
            This is much more cost-effective.         and advice. Jointly sponsored by Spectrum
                                                      Medina and Southern Housing Group, the event
                                                      raised awareness and celebrated the causes and
                                                      achievements of disabled people on the Island.
                  DI   NA
               ME                                     Residents from both housing associations had
          UM                                          been asked to nominate people with a disability
     CTR           SS
SPE          SUCCE                                    for six award categories. Martyn Pearl (Spectrum
                                                      Medina), Graham Burnett (Southern Housing
         Aids and adaptations                         Group) and Rachel Jagger-Thomas (IW College)
                                                      judged the nominations and presented the prizes.
       Thanks to a grant of £106,000 from IW          The winners were presented with a glass statuette
      Council and with input from Occupational        made by Isle of Wight Glass and sponsored by
      Therapists, we have installed level access      both housing associations, and runners-up were
        showers/wet rooms to 40 properties.           presented with a certificate.

                                                      Congratulations to John Burgess, a resident
        We also carried out around 260 minor
                                                      of Medina’s Wallace Court sheltered housing
         adaptations in 2010 at a total cost of
                                                      scheme, who won the Special ‘Make a Difference’
       £32,300, including hand rails, grab rails,
                                                      Award. John (pictured above with his award and
       lever taps, additional sockets and fixed
                                                      certificate) organises many social events at the
                     toilet frames.
                                                      scheme and was nominated for ‘the difference he
                                                      has made to his own life, and that of those around

                                                                      Homes and Environment                  11
     CORNER by Vikki Slade, Leasehold Services Officer
     Spotlight on leasehold repairs                            How long will it take for
                                                               my repair to be done?
     Your responsibility or ours?                              Your repair will normally be
     At some point, something in every home goes               completed within 28 days,
     wrong. For example your roof might spring a leak,         unless it is classed as an emergency or urgent.
     there may be a problem with the door entry system         More information on our repair categories is
     in the block, you might have a leak caused by an          available on our website under Services/Your
     appliance like your washing machine, or a broken          Home.
     banister rail on a communal stairway.
         If the problem is within your home, for example       Buildings insurance
     a burst pipe under your sink or a problem with the
     heating system, it is probably your responsibility to     As freeholders of your home, we insure the building
     complete the repair.                                      against loss or damage. If you need to make a
         If the problem is outside the walls of your           claim on the buildings insurance you should contact
     property, for example broken guttering or communal        Jardine Lloyd Thompson directly on 0845 605 0854,
     lighting, it is probably our responsibility to complete   quoting the policy number D10073057C.
     the repair. You will be charged a proportion of the          If you make a claim you will be responsible for
     cost of all works to the communal area based on           payment of the excess, which is set at £100, or
     the terms of your lease. There are some exceptions        £1,000 for subsidence claims.
     to these rules, so please check the Leaseholder
     Handbook or your lease if you are unsure.                 Subletting

     How do I report a repair?                            Important! If you sublet your home to a tenant, you
     Call our repairs hotline on 0800 9 522225 between    need to meet certain criteria. Please complete and
     8am and 6pm. Out of office hours this number is      return the subletting questionnaire that we sent you
     manned by non-technical staff for emergencies only, recently asking for certain information about who
     so you may be charged a call-out fee for making an lives in your home.
     out of hours call if the repair is not an emergency.     This is required for our insurance company and,
        You can also report your repair online at www.    if not completed, may invalidate our insurance or in person at our     cover, which would make you ineligible to make a
     Lugley Street office.                                claim and would be a breach of your lease.
            To contact me please call (01983) 824335 between 8.30am and 2.30pm Tuesday to Friday,
                e-mail, or write to me at the address on page 2.

     Neighbourhood                                             Cowes Northwood ............................ 7 June (am)
                                                               East Cowes Marina .......................... 22 June (pm)
     walkabouts                                                East Cowes South ............................ 22 June (eve)
                                                               East Cowes Whippingham ............... 13 April (pm)
     April to June 2011                                        Newport Central ................................ 12 May (am)
                                                               Newport Nine Acres .......................... 16 June (am)
     Neighbourhood Walkabouts with your                        Newport Pan ..................................... 14 June (eve)
     Neighbourhood Housing Officer and staff from other        Ryde Elmfield ................................... 6 June (eve)
     local agencies are an ideal way for you to point out      Ryde Haylands ................................. 11 May (am)
     problems in your area. Together we can come up            Ryde Oakfield ................................... 15 June (eve)
     with practical ways to make things better.                Ryde Weeks ..................................... 13 May (am)

     For our larger neighbourhoods not shown here,             July to September 2011 dates
     the next walkabout will be later in the year. For         will be in our next issue. Please
     neighbourhoods where we have a very small                 call (01983) 824292 for more
     number of properties, a stock estate inspection will      information or if you would like to
     be carried out on an ad hoc basis.                        join a neighbourhood walkabout.

12   Sustainable Neighbourhoods
         Royal lookalikes open Pan Meadows

        rowds flocked to Pan
        Meadows in Newport on
        12 February when Prince
William and Kate Middleton
lookalikes arrived by helicopter to
officially launch Phase One of the

Pan Meadows will eventually
provide 846 energy efficient new
homes in partnership between
Spectrum Housing Group, the
Isle of Wight Council and Barratt

All homes on the development
will be powered by a new biomass
energy centre which will supply                                                          Photo: Barratt Homes
energy from woodchip, sourced
primarily from the Island. They       Island HomeFinder and are              offered by Spectrum’s Shared
will also be ‘Lifetime Homes’         subject to a Local Lettings Policy.    Ownership Team can give help
incorporating design features         For more information contact           with the deposit, mortgage and
which add to their comfort and        Mark Honey, Lettings Officer           rent payment protection, and
convenience and make them             on (01983) 824263 or e-mail            protection against falling property
adaptable to changing needs.          values. For more information, call
                                                                             0800 316 3316, e-mail get.move-
Pan Meadows will include a new        Help to get on the property  , or
country park, visitor centre,         ladder                                 visit
recreation and play areas plus a      Fifty of the homes will become
local recycling centre.               available over a four year             For general information on the
                                      period on a part buy/part rent         development please call Liz
Homes to rent                         basis, with the chance to buy          Evans, Project Manager, on
The affordable homes (over 250        additional shares in the future.       (01983) 824307 or e-mail Liz.
in total) will be allocated through   The Smart-Start package      

Beating                                                                  ME
anti-social behaviour                                     SPEC
by David Bull, Neighbourhood Housing Manager
                                                               Our Neighbourhood Housing Officers take
The Chartered Institute of Housing’s Anti-Social               pride in working hard to resolve complaints
Behaviour Action Team has been working with                    of anti-social behaviour. Our results from
Spectrum Medina and is impressed with our service.             September 2010 to January 2011 show
The Action Team works with housing providers
across the region to reduce anti-social behaviour               92% of complainants were contacted
and build better communities. They carried out an                within the timescale in our Customer
audit of our services and found that we have a robust            Service Charter.
and positive approach to dealing with anti-social               86% of cases reported were resolved.
behaviour. The Team were particularly impressed                 92% of complainants were satisfied with
with Spectrum Housing Group’s new Anti-Social                    the way their complaint was handled.
Behaviour Policy and the way residents were
involved in writing it. They also liked our new online
reporting facility for anti-social behaviour incidents.

                                                                      Sustainable Neighbourhoods 13
                    Enter our Gardening Competition!

              ur Gardening Competition                            We want to encourage more                       judging.
              has been running for six                         entries from young people, so                         Just complete and return
              years now, and gets more                         there are two categories specially                 the form (below) and send it to
     popular each year.                                        for them.                                          the address shown. For more
         If you have an attractive front                          There is also a special award                   information, phone Sue Noyce on
     or back garden, patio, water                              for those of our residents who are                 (01983) 824300 or e-mail Sue.
     feature, vegetable plot, hanging                          registered disabled.                     
     baskets or planters, now is the
     time to enter. The competition                            How and when to enter                              The winner of each category
     is open to all Spectrum Medina                            You can choose when we come                        will receive £25 in gardening
     tenants and leaseholders.                                 and take colour photographs of                     vouchers.
     Communal gardens may be                                   your garden, up to the closing date
     entered, and there is no limit to                         of 22 July 2011, so let us know                     Above: Daneshill Flats, East Cowes
     the number of categories you can                          when your garden looks its best.                    - a stunning entry in last year’s
     enter.                                                    These photos will be used for                       competition. Photo by Ian Capon.

     I would like to enter the 2011
      Gardening Competition
      Name: .........................................................................
                                                                                           I wish to enter the following categories (please tick):
      Address: .........................................................................
               .........................................................................   � Front garden
      Tel:     .........................................................................   � Back garden
      E-mail: .........................................................................    � Baskets and pots
                                                                                           � Vegetable plot
      Please cut along the dotted line and send this form to:                              � Water feature
      Sue Noyce                                                                            � Sheltered housing complex
      Medina Housing Association                                                           � Communal area
      Lugley House, Lugley Street                                                            Please state location:
      Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5EL                                                        ......................................................
                                                                                           � Please tick if you are registered disabled

                                                                                           Children’s categories:
                                                                                           Please state age: .....
                                       The closing date for receipt                        � Age 12 and under                   � Age 13 to 16
                                       of entries is Friday 22 July
                                       2011.                                               Please state approximate date when you would like
                                                                                           us to photograph your entry: ...................................

14   Your Pages
                                                         Incredible Cup Holder
Yo u r Pa g e s
                                                               esidents of Ryde may not be aware that they
                                                               have an inventor in their midst with a real
                                                               passion for his design.

 Pages 14 to 16 of this issue are Your Pages. We        For several years Richard Sneddon (below) has been
 always welcome contributions from our readers,         working on his Incredible Cup Holder (also registered
 so please send your articles, letters to the Editor,   for patent purposes as the Drip Accumulator),
 poems, news of events, photos, recipes, and any        currently in its fourth prototype.
 other ideas for Your Pages to Kate Bucci at the
 address on page 2, or by e-mail to enquiries@          The cup holder allows a person suffering from                                    imbalance while walking to carry a one- or two-
                                                        handled cup safely, while any spillage is retained.
                                                        To cater for various needs, the design has raised

  Winter Wordsearch                                     ‘thumb studs’, and the four parts separate easily for
                                                        cleaning. Richard also hopes that the cup holder will
        winners                                         have the potential for use by people without balance
                                                        problems in places like car ferries, planes and trains.

                                                        Richard told us that he was ‘walking on clouds for
                                                        weeks’ when his design was Highly Commended
                                                        at an Enterprise Challenge. It was also described
                                                        by the South East Development Agency as a
                                                        ‘revolutionary new design’. After this, along with only
                                                        83 top graduate entrepreneurs from England, Wales
                                                        and Northern Ireland, he was invited to Cambridge
                                                        University for three days of intensive business

                                                        The cup holder has a Certificate of Registration
                                                        for the design specification, and Richard’s Patent
                                                        Attorney has now submitted the patent for
                                                        registration. Richard is discussing the fifth prototype
Congratulations to Daniel Parkman aged 14 of Cowes      with design engineers, together with the possibility of
who won the Under 16 category in the Big Chill word-    it being manufactured.
search in our last issue. Daniel chose Argos vouchers
as his prize. The missing word was AGE.                 If you would like more information please contact him
                                                        through Medina Housing News – call (01983) 824300
The winner of the adult category was Mrs Warne of       or e-mail
Newport, who chose Marks and Spencer vouchers.

There is another BIG wordsearch on the back cover of
this issue - why not have a go?


         Saturday 21 May from 12 noon
    at Newport Quay - call the Footprint Trust on
       (01983) 822282 for more information.

                                                                                               Your Pages         15
        Open to all                               Y H B Y           F O R S Y               T H     I   A E W O E

            ages!                                 K E B R V O H S H Y A C
                                                  C L      L R E W O L               F      L   L   A W
                                                                                                        I      N T H S
                                                                                                               I    O W O
      There will be one prize for                 A L A L           Y W D C R O C U S D Z                                I   R
       adults and one for those                   M E C A A F O R G E                           T M E N O T M
           under 16. In case of a
                                                  P B K L           P V D L           I     D O F       F      A D C         I
        draw, the winner will be
     the first drawn from all the                  I   O T      Y P A E S            F      A S     J   E      L    V H R
       qualifying entries in that                 O R H S           L Q N H U E C                   I   M E          I   H P
                        category.                 N E O S E N D S                    T H U O R C O A C
           One of the spring flowers              A V R U B G R F                    Y      F   T Q N          I    L    Z   A
     listed is missing from the grid.             E O N M L             P O R D W O N S                        I    E E M
      Find the missing one and you
                                                  N L      P U O Y N O E A P Y A A T                                     L   E
       could win a prize of shopping
                           vouchers.              O G       I   I   S B L U E B E                   L   L      P P E         L
                                                  M X      L    L   S W E E          T W        I   L   L      I    A M L
      Fill in the coupon (below) and
          send it to Sue Noyce at the              E O U L O A               I   L O N G A M S                      L G      I
      address below by the closing                N F      T    A M J        R W A          I   G E     L      I    U Q A
                   date of 3 May 2011.
                                                  A U B R E             T    I   A M U N R U B                       I   V B

     THE                                                            ACONITE               CELANDINE                PAEONY
                                                                    AGAPANTHUS            CROCUS                   PANSY
      WORDSEARCH                                                    ALLIUM                DAFFODIL                 PASQUE FLOWER
      To: Sue Noyce, Medina Housing Association                     ALYSSUM               FORGET ME NOT            PRIMROSE
      Name:                                                         ANEMONE               FORSYTHIA                RHODODENDRON
      Phone no:                                                     APPLE BLOSSOM         FOXGLOVE                 SNOWDROP
                                                                    AQUILEGIA             HELLEBORE                SWEET WILLIAM
                                                                    AUBRETIA              HYACINTH                 TULIP
                                                                    BLACKTHORN            IRIS                     VIBURNUM
      Age if under 16:                                              BLUEBELL              LILAC                    VIOLET
                                                                    CAMELLIA              LILY OF THE VALLEY       WALLFLOWER
      The missing word is:
                                                                    CAMPION               MAGNOLIA                 WITCH HAZEL

              This competition is open to Spectrum Medina tenants, leaseholders, and their families only.

                                   Designed and produced by Medina Housing Association Ltd.
                         Registered Office: Lugley House, Lugley Street, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5EL

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