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					ACRL Instruction Section
   Virtual Advisory Meeting

       FEBRUARY 9, 2010
                          Agenda (1 of 2)

I.  Welcome and introductions
II. Reports
     I.     ACRL IS 2009 Action Plan – CE for Mentors TF (Clara
     II.    ACRL IS 2010 Action Plan – Virtual Meeting Solutions
            (Clara Fowler)
     III.   Instruction Section Plans for ALA Annual 2010 in
            Washington D.C. (Clara Fowler)
     IV.    IS Committees Activities and Updates (Committee
            Chairs and Exec Liaisons)
                   Agenda (2 of 2)

V. Discussion Items
 I.   Virtual Midwinter – feedback and suggestions

VI. Announcements

VII. Adjourn
             Info for Virtual Meeting

 Only one person will be able to talk at a time. Clara
  will “pass” the microphone/floor to you verbally.
 If you are having difficulty hearing and you are using
  headphones, you may need to plug in your
  headphones to the back of the computer.
 If you are having difficulty, post your problem in the
  chat window.
                           Susanna     Eng-Ziskin        Exec, Member At Large

                           Ellysa      Cahoy             Exec, Member At Large

                           Polly       Boruff-Jones      Exec, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect

                           Lori        DuBois            Exec, Member At Large

Who’s here?                Leslie      Warren            Exec, Secretary

                           Michele     Ostrow            IS 2010 Conference Program Planning Committee, Washington DC

If you are not on the      Amy         Deuink            IS 2010 Conference Program Planning Committee, Washington DC

list, could you put your   Amy         Mark              IS 2011 Conference Program Planning Committee, New Orleans

name in the chat box       Caroline    Sinkinson         Professional Education

and the Committee that     Shana       Higgins           Professional Education

                           Melissa     Mallon            Professional Education
you represent?
                           Catherine   Riehle            Membership

                           Shelby      Anfenson-Comeau   Membership

                           Alexandra   Rivera            Instruction for Diverse Populations

                           Cheryl      Goldenstein       Planning

                           Mark        Szarko            Co-Chair, Local Arrangements MW

                           Michelle    Millet            Information Literacy Best Practices

                           Rebecca     Metzger           Management & Leadership
                           Suzanne     Julian            Management & Leadership

                           Meghan      Sitar             Management & Leadership

                           Deborah     Keeler            Management & Leadership

                           Jennifer    Church-Duran      Management & Leadership

                           Merinda     Hensley           Discussion Group Steering

                           Carrie      Forbes            Discussion Group Steering

                           Tiffany     Hebb              Instructional Technologies
Continuing Education
                                ACRL IS 2010 Action Plan –
for Mentors Task Force            Provide professional development
Chair: Michele Twait,              opportunities for experienced
Gustavus Adolphus College          Instruction Section members to
Nikhat Ghouse, University          improve mentoring skills
of Kansas
                                  Sponsor a social function for Mentors
Deborah Gaspar, George
Washington University
                                   and Mentees at ALA 2010 Annual
                                   Conference in Washington D.C.
Anna Hulseberg, Gustavus
Adolphus College                  Offer an interactive workshop at 2010

Kathryn Shields, High Point        Annual Conference in Washington DC

Nancy Frazier, Bucknell

Samantha Hynes, University    More information about the Mentoring Program:
of Montana-Missoula 
Sara Miller, Michigan State
                   Virtual Meetings

 ACRL 2011 Action Plan
   Work with ACRL to recommend solutions for Virtual Meetings

   Explore DimDim for smaller groups and Adobe Connect for
    larger groups
   Report findings to ACRL Board

   Granted $2000 to implement this action plan

   May work with EBSS and LPSS to provide broader input
                      Question, Find, Evaluate, Apply: Translating
ALA 2010               Evidence-Based Practice to Information Literacy
Washington             A strong relationship exists between the process of
                       Evidence-Based Practice (EBP) and information
DC                     literacy (IL) standards: both rely on the same
                       method to fulfill a research need. How can academic
Committee Meetings     librarians adapt EBP to market and teach
                       information literacy? How can EBP inform
Discussion Forums      assessment and improvement of information literacy
                       programs? The program includes a panel of experts
Program                presenting their approaches to EBP and information
                       literacy and time for participant reflection and
IS Soiree              discussion.
                          Megan Oakleaf, MLS, PhD, Assistant Professor,
                           iSchool, Syracuse University
                           Diana Wakimoto, Online Literacy Librarian, Cal
                           State University East Bay
          IS Draft Schedule for 2010 Annual

 5:30-7:00 IS Soiree

 8:00 – 10:00 EXEC 1
 10:30-12:00 Welcome and IS Advisory 1
 1:30-3:30 Multi Committee Meeting
 4:00-5:30 Discussion Forum 1
 4:00-5:30 EXEC 2

 8:00-10:00 Mentor/Mentee Breakfast
 1:30-3:30 IS Program
 4:00-5:30 Discussion Forum 2

 8:00-10:00 Advisory 2
 8:00-10:00 New Leaders Orientation
 10:30-12:00 Exec 3
                           Archiving a transcript in ALA Connect. Research and
                            Scholarship used the ALA Connect chat function.
Virtual                    Lots of features with Adobe Connect. DGSC used Adobe
Midwinter:                  Connect, which let participants use microphones, video and
                            chat. Participants could see minutes being developed in the
Feedback and                virtual whiteboard. Worked well to use breakout rooms.
Suggestions                Well managed conference call with documents shared
(1 of 2)                    through ALA Connect. An attendee reported participating in a
                            virtual EBSS meeting with eight people. Documents shared
                            through ALA Connect. Worked well to have clear agenda and
What worked well?           opportunity for everyone to talk. The chair called on each
                            person for feedback, which prevented people from talking over
                            each other.
                           Using ALA Connect to edit documents in real time. Teaching
                            Methods met through a conference call. Was good to be able to
                            edit documents in ALA Connect.
Comments from              Participation without expense. Leslie noted that virtual
Midwinter 2010 Boston       meetings saved committee members significant amounts of
                            time and money that would otherwise be needed for travel.
                            Fewer people have travel and conference money from their
                            colleges. A participant from Alaska said that it takes her two
                            days to get anywhere. Alaskan librarians may be more likely to
                            participate in virtual meetings.
                           Efficient meetings. Susanna and Clara noted that the virtual
                            meetings they attended accomplished the agendas quickly.
Virtual                    Doodle for scheduling. worked well to find the
Midwinter:                  best time for the meetings.
                            Different voices. Sarah said that in the Planning committee
Feedback and            
                            people who may not speak at face-to-face meetings
Suggestions                 contributed to the virtual discussion.
                            Taking turns speaking. The intern for DGSC noted that taking
(2 of 2)                
                            minutes worked well when the participants take turns
What worked well?          Learning new technologies. Noted that it is more common for
                            librarians to use remote technologies on their own campuses.
                            Having virtual meetings gives librarians additional experience
                            with the software.
                           Conference call technology. Conference call technology is low
                            tech, easy to use and standard for everyone.
Comments from              ACRL no longer limits the number of virtual members on
Midwinter 2010 Boston       committees.
                    Technology
Midwinter:             DGSC had some audio problems using Adobe Connect.
Feedback and           Conference calls can have costs associated with long distance.
                        Skype is an option, but charges apply if there are more than
Suggestions             five participants.
(1 of 4)               Suggestion that IS buy a phone card that conference call
                        participants can share. Law and Political Science Section
                        (LPSS) buys hotel Internet access for laptops when it has
What needs to be        meetings that combine virtual and face-to-face.
changed?               Chat-only technologies may present accessibility issues for
                        people with disabilities.
What suggestions       Using multiple technologies without a common system
for improvement?        presents challenges for different software and mailing lists,
                        particularly where office computers do not allow users to
                        install software. Ideal software would not require plug-ins.
                       Suggestion that a committee or task force may be needed to
                        analyze and evaluate technology options.
                    Structure and management of
Virtual             meetings
Midwinter:             Difficult to know who is speaking on a conference call unless
Feedback and            the speaker identifies her/himself each time.
                        Interns may need more training before the virtual Midwinter
Suggestions         
                        meeting, their first to take minutes.
(2 of 4)               Participants who don’t have voice access need time to read
                        through the chat. It is useful to have someone assigned to the
                        role of “voice of the chat.”
What needs to be       Clara noted that chairs may need training and other support
changed?                for leading a virtual meeting.
                       Suggestion that one day be set aside for virtual meetings. Clara
What suggestions        noted that Executive committee members need to attend
for improvement?        multiple meetings.
                    Scheduling
Virtual               Suggestion that having the Advisory Meeting before the
                       virtual committee meetings would allow chairs to
Midwinter:             communicate as a group. Would also allow Executive
                       committee to model virtual meeting.
Feedback and          One participant reported problems using for
(3 of 4)            Communication
                      Several comments that communication about meetings
                       was not strong or intuitive. ILI-I and ALA Connect were
                       the only ways of reaching the membership. Potential
What needs to be       members may not know to look on ALA Connect.
changed?              Suggestion that meetings be announced and agendas
                       posted in a consistent way. Would help to have one official
What suggestions       email with information about all the virtual meetings,
                       instead of multiple ad hoc messages. Need to consolidate
for improvement?       where meetings are announced. Request for a
                       consolidated place that meetings are announced.
                      Suggestion to include the virtual meeting schedule on the
                       IS website.
                      Suggestion to promote virtual meetings through state
                    Social aspects
                        Teaching Methods typically has drop in participants at face to
Virtual              
                         face meetings, but none at the virtual meeting.
                         Virtual meetings that use only one communication style (e.g.,
Midwinter:               text chat) challenge people with other communication styles.
                        Wendy Holliday reported being contacted by one non-
Feedback and             committee member interested in attending, but the person did
                         not show up for the meeting.
Suggestions             Interns and new members don’t know people in advance.
(4 of 4)                Would like a way that face-to-face discussions at Midwinter
                         are captured and shared with those who participate virtually.
                        Suggestion that committees use new ways to develop
                         community and networks (e.g., sharing photos)
                        Noted that the Annual meeting continues to be face-to-face.
What needs to be         Most committee appointments are two years, which allows
changed?                 relationships to develop.

What suggestions
                    Potential partners
for improvement?
                        Machine-Assisted Reference Section (MARS) of RUSA
                        LITA
                        Professional Development
                        LOEX, which has used Wimba and Adobe Connect for its
                         virtual conferences
Discussion of whether to have a virtual Midwinter 2011

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