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                      25th International Conference of

                      Data Protection
                      and Privacy

                       10 - 12 September 2003

                         Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre
                         Darling Harbour, Sydney, Australia


                      Hosted by:
                      Office of the Federal Privacy
                      Commissioner, Australia


                      Practical Privacy
                      for People,
                      Government and
          Practical Privacy for


                             It gives me great pleasure to extend a       Members of the Program
                             very warm invitation to you to               Committee
                             participate in the 25th International
                             Conference of Data Protection and            The program for the Conference has been
                             Privacy Commissioners to be held at the      drawn up in consultation with a small,
                             Sydney Convention and Exhibition             informal international advisory board. The
                             Centre, Darling Harbour in Sydney,           members of the board were drawn from the
                             Australia from 10 - 12 September 2003.       corporate sector, privacy advocates and
                                                                          Privacy and Data Protection Commissioners.
                             The theme of this year's Conference is       We would like to extend our thanks to those
                             "Practical Privacy for People,               members for their valuable input to the
                             Government and Business". In this, the       program.
                             25th year of the Conference, we look
                             forward to exploring advances in privacy
                             and building platforms and solutions that    Your Host City - Sydney
                             enhance the privacy choices of all
                                                                          Sydney, Australia's gateway city and the
                             citizens. The aim is to provide the
                                                                          capital of New South Wales is built around
                             opportunity for Commissioners to
                                                                          one of the largest, most beautiful harbours in
                             engage in private and thoughtful
                                                                          the world and along miles of golden surfing
                             discussions as well as allowing for
                                                                          beaches which stretch north and south of the
                             debate with delegates and speakers
                                                                          city on the shore of the Pacific Ocean.
                             from the private sector, public
                             administration and other interested          Perhaps the most famous of Sydney's
                             groups. We also hope to build on some        landmarks is the spectacular Sydney Opera
                             of the successful themes from the 24th       House with its graceful 'sails'. The Opera
                             International Conference held in Cardiff,    House has become Sydney's cultural centre,
                             Wales in 2002.                               offering opera, ballet, drama and film. The
                                                                          historic 'Rocks' area is nearby, and this part of
                             Australia is a huge and vibrant continent
                                                                          the harbour foreshore is a hub of activity for
                             and I trust you will take a little extra
                                                                          both local residents and visitors. All within
                             time to experience some of its
                                                                          easy reach from the main Conference venue.
                             spectacular features. There is also the
                             opportunity for you to attend other          Sydney is a vigorous, cosmopolitan city, a
                             privacy related events that will be taking   major industrial, business and commercial
                             place around the time of the Conference,     centre and is endlessly fascinating in its
                             including a biometrics conference hosted     variety and its beauty.
                             by the Privacy Commissioner for the
                             State of Victoria, a special event for
                             Chief Privacy Officers, and a more           Conference Managers
                             academically oriented event. Please see      Address for
 Timetable and               the related events page of the               Communications
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   Early Registration for
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  by Friday 18 July 2003     further information.
                                                                          SYDNEY NSW 2001 AUSTRALIA
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                                                                          TTY: +61 2 9290 2547
 by Friday 8 August 2003     Malcolm Crompton                             Web:
          Tours              Federal Privacy Commissioner
  by Friday 25 July 2003     Australia                                    Venue
                                                                          Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre
                                                                          Convention Centre South
                                                                          Darling Harbour, Sydney
People, Government
       and Business
              25th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners

              Program Summary
               This is a preliminary program and will change. Please visit the Conference
               web site at for updated information.

               Wednesday 10 September 2003
0730 - 0900    Registration
0900 - 1030    Welcoming Address, Welcome to Country Ceremony and Opening of Conference
1030 - 1100    Coffee Break
1100 - 1230    Plenary Session A "Regulating Privacy: what others are doing"
1230 - 1400    Luncheon
1400 - 1530    Plenary Session B "Building Community Trust: a practical perspective"
1530 - 1600    Coffee Break
1600 - 1730    Parallel Sessions
               Parallel Session 1                Parallel Session 2                Parallel Session 3
               "Privacy Laws: practical effect   "People: organisational           "Technology: supporting a
               on global businesses and          structures and incentives to      culture of privacy in your
               consumers"                        support privacy"                  organisation"

1900 - 2330    Conference Dinner: The Tumbalong Ballroom (Conference Venue)

               Thursday 11 September 2003
0800 - 0900    Registration
0900 - 1030    Plenary Session C "A Safe and Open Society"
1030 - 1100    Coffee Break
1100 - 1230    Parallel Sessions
               Parallel Session 4                Parallel Session 5                Parallel Session 6
               "Legal Issues: open justice,      "Law enforcement with             "A Safe and Open Society: the
               forgiveness, compassion,          respect"                          role of privacy regulators"
               context, proportionality”

1230 - 1400    Luncheon
1400 - 1530    Plenary Session D "Identity and Privacy: who wants to know and why?"
1530 - 1600    Coffee Break
1600 - 1730    Parallel Sessions
               Parallel Session 7                Parallel Session 8                Parallel Session 9
               Session Topic TBA                 "Is my privacy the same as        "Identity: now you see it; now
                                                 your privacy?"                    you don't"

               Friday 12 September 2003
0900 - 1030    Session Topic TBA
               Key Note Address
1030 - 1100    Coffee Break
1100 - 1230    Plenary Session E "Taking privacy to the people"
               Closing Address
               Promotion of the 2004 International Conference
1230 - 1730    Closed Session of Data Protection & Privacy Authorities
                                                                                Data Protection
               1230 - 1400    Luncheon
                                                                                  & Privacy
               1400 - 1530    Closed Session
                                                                                Authorities by
               1530 - 1600    Coffee Break                                      invitation only
                                                                                                                    page three

               1600 - 1730    Closed Session

               Associated Meetings (by invitation only)
               Tuesday 9 September
               * Afternoon: Meeting of European Data                *    Afternoon: Meeting of Regional Data
                  Protection and Privacy Commissioners                   Protection and Privacy Commissioners
                Practical Privacy for
                                                                                          From left to right:
                                                                                          Mr Raymond Tang
                                                                                          Professor Allan Fels AO
                                                                                          Mr Phil Walker
                                                                                          Mrs Pamela W S Chan

            Confirmed Speakers

            Details of confirmed speakers will     Prof. Allan Fels AO                        Having worked previously in both
page four

            be updated on the Conference                                                      private and public sectors, Phil
            web site at                            (Chairman, Australian Competition          joined the Department of Health in
            and Consumer Commission,                   1991 and has been responsible for
                                                   Australia)                                 NHS confidentiality and data
                                                   On July 1, 2003 Professor Allan Fels       protection issues since 1996.
                                                   will become Dean of the Australia          Phil is married with three children
            Plenary Session A                      and New Zealand School of                  and has little time for other
            "Regulating Privacy: what              Government and retire as ACCC              interests or hobbies!
            others are doing"
                                                   He has been Chairman of the
            Mr Raymond Tang                        Australian Competition and                 Parallel Session 1
                                                   Consumer Commission since 1995.            “Privacy Laws: practical effect
            (Privacy Commissioner for Personal
                                                   Professor Fels was Chairman of the         on global businesses and
            Data, Hong Kong)
                                                   former Trade Practices Commission          consumers”
            Raymond Tang, Privacy                  from 1991 until 1995. He was also
            Commissioner for Personal Data for     Chairman of the Prices Surveillance        Mrs Pamela W.S.
            Hong Kong since September 2001         Authority from 1989 until 1992.            Chan
            monitors, supervises and promotes      Professor Fels was the Director of
            compliance with the Personal Data      the Graduate School of                     (Chief Executive of the Hong Kong
            (Privacy) Ordinance. The Privacy       Management, Monash University              Consumer Council, Hong Kong)
            Commissioner is an independent         from 1985 until 1990 and is now an         Mrs Chan is Chief Executive of the
            statutory body established under       Honorary Professor in the Faculty of       Hong Kong Consumer Council
            the Ordinance. The Ordinance           Business and Economics at Monash           (HKCC). She was President of
            applies to both public and private     University.                                Consumers International (CI) from
            sectors. The office of the
                                                   Professor Fels is the Co-Chairman of       1997 - 2000 and is currently
            Commissioner is empowered to
                                                   the Joint Group on Trade and               Member of the Council and
            investigate suspected breaches of
                                                   Competition at the OECD.                   Executive Board. CI has more than
            the Ordinance and enforce
                                                                                              270 member consumer
            compliance.                            He was awarded the Order of                organisations in 121 countries.
                                                   Australia in June 2001.
            Mr Tang has for many years (since
                                                                                              Hong Kong Consumer Council
            1967) practised as a lawyer in
                                                                                              carries out a comprehensive range
            England and Hong Kong, initially as
                                                   Plenary Session B                          of consumer empowerment
            a solicitor and later a barrister at
                                                   “Building Community Trust: a               activities including consumer and
            the Hong Kong Bar. He acquired
                                                   practical perspective”                     competition advocacy, complaints
            experience in regulatory work when
                                                                                              handling, comparative testing,
            in 1996 he was appointed Chief
                                                   Mr Phil Walker                             research, market surveillance, and
            Counsel to the Securities and
                                                                                              consumer education. The Council
            Futures Commission of Hong Kong        (Head of Information Governance,
                                                                                              has been a strong advocate for
            heading its Legal Division.            National Health Service, United
                                                                                              protection of consumer privacy, the
                                                                                              most recent example being
                                                   Currently Head of Information              protection on sharing of credit data
                                                   Governance within both the                 by financial institutions.
                                                   Department of Health for England
                                                                                              Mrs Chan tenders advice to
                                                   and the NHS Information Authority.
                                                                                              consumer associations, provincial
                                                   The latter is a Special Health
                                                                                              governments and Law Reform
                                                   Authority responsible for
                                                                                              Commissions in Mainland China
                                                   implementing the NHS IM&T
                                                                                              (there are 4,000 consumer
                                                   strategy. Within the Department of
                                                                                              associations in the country). She
                                                   Health, Phil has responsibility for
                                                                                              was consulted by some
                                                   policy on confidentiality, data
                                                                                              governments, such as Laos and
                                                   protection, IM&T security,
                                                                                              Bangladesh, on the drafting of
                                                   information quality and a range of
                                                                                              Consumer Laws and consumer
                                                   related areas that collectively fall
                                                                                              policy issues.
                                                   within the scope of what is now
                                                   termed Information Governance.
People, Government                                                           From left to right:
                                                                             Mr W. Peter Cullen

       and Business                                                          Ms Anna Fielder
                                                                             Dr Brian Richards
                                                                             Mr Charles Britton

Parallel Session 2                    Ms Anna Fielder                        Infrastructure to safeguard
"People: organisational                                                      information transmitted via the
structures and incentives to          (Director, Office for Developed and    Internet. The HIC administers a
support privacy"                      Transition Economies, Consumers        range of national health programs
                                      International, United Kingdom)         in Australia including Medicare
Mr W. Peter Cullen                    As Director, Office for Developed      (universal health insurance
(Corporate Privacy Officer, Royal     and Transition Economies (ODTE) of     scheme), the Pharmaceutical
Bank of Canada (RBC) Financial        Consumers International, Ms            Benefits Scheme (subsidising a
Group, Canada)                        Fielder is responsible for the         wide range of medicines), and the
                                      organisation’s work principally in     Australian Organ Donor Register.
As corporate privacy officer, Peter   Europe, Middle East and North
Cullen manages the RBC Financial                                             Current and previous experience:
                                      America. ODTE has initiated            Member, National Electronic Health
Group’s privacy program. He has       important international research
responsibility for overall co-                                               Records Taskforce, which published
                                      policy projects in the area of         a major report on a national system
ordination, strategic initiatives,    electronic commerce and
development and application of                                               of electronic health records
                                      sustainable consumption, set up the    (HealthConnect); Medical
customer privacy concepts, and        secretariat and process of the
implementation of information                                                Practitioner; Senior Executive and
                                      Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue,       Leadership roles in health policy,
practices and policies.               and is carrying out large-scale        health service administration,
Born in Cambridge, England on July    development programs in Eastern        health financing, professional
24, 1958, Cullen joined the bank in   Europe. Key reports published by       training and regulation, and in the
Montreal in November 1976,            ODTE over the past four years          introduction of ICT into health care.
transferring to Vancouver in May      include: Consumers@Shopping;
1978. He has an extensive retail      Should I Buy; Privacy@net;
banking background, at both the       Disputes in Cyberspace; and            Mr Charles Britton
field and head office levels,         Credibility on the Web. ODTE
                                      contributed to the OECD Guidelines     (Senior Policy Officer, IT and
including customer service and
                                      for Consumer Protection in             Communications, Australian
operations, human resources and
                                      Electronic Commerce, (1999). Prior     Consumers’ Association, Australia)
branch operations and training. His
most recent posting included          to 1996, Anna undertook many           Charles Britton works with the
responsibility for customer loyalty   consumer investigations and            Australian Consumers’ Association
where he championed initiatives to    campaigns in her employment with       (ACA) as Senior Policy Officer, IT
drive customer commitment.            for Consumers Association, UK. She     and Communications. As Policy
                                      is a graduate of London University,    Officer Charles prepares ACA policy
Cullen has a Master of Business       with a BA and a Masters in             positions, then campaigns and
Administration from Richard Ivey      Classics.                              advocates to Government, industry
School of Business (University of
                                                                             and in the media to achieve better
Western Ontario).
                                                                             outcomes for consumers. Charles
                                      Parallel Session 3                     has a career background in ICT with
                                      "Technology: supporting a              various organisations, ranging from
                                      culture of privacy in your             large listed companies to small
                                      organisation"                          community organisations.
                                                                                                                     page five

                                                                             Charles has a Masters Degree in
                                      Dr Brian Richards                      Sociology from Canterbury
                                      (Chief Information Officer, Health     University (NZ) and a Master of
                                      Insurance Commission, Australia)       Commerce from UNSW.

                                      Dr Brian Richards, as Chief
                                      Information Officer, Health
                                      Insurance Commission (HIC), Brian
                                      is responsible for developing HIC’s
                                      information strategies, including
                                      ensuring the privacy and security of
                                      personal information held by HIC,
                                      and has played a key role in the
                                      introduction of Public Key
                Practical Privacy for                                                     From left to right:
                                                                                          Ms Jennifer Stoddart
                                                                                          Mr Jonathan Symmonds
                                                                                          Mr Joseph Meade
                                                                                          Ms Christine Nixon APM

           Confirmed Speakers

           Parallel Session 4                     by Teradata’s powerful analytical       Ms Christine Nixon,
page six

           "Legal Issues: open justice            capabilities. The unique                APM
           forgiveness, compassion,               architecture of Teradata solutions
           context, proportionality”              allow these systems to scale to a       (Chief Commissioner of Police for
                                                  point that supports a ‘single Version   Victoria, Australia)
                                                  of the Truth’ to enable event based
           Ms Jennifer Stoddart                                                           Ms Nixon commenced duty as Chief
                                                  decisions to be made near real          Commissioner of Victoria Police on
           (President of the Commission           time. This same foundation offers       23rd April 2001, after service with
           d’accès à l’information du Québec,     the most cost effective and flexible    the New South Wales Police Force
           Canada)                                Privacy implementation. We have         from 1972, during which she
           Ms Stoddart, President of the          found that ‘Good Privacy is Good        attained the rank of Assistant
           Commission d’accès à l’information     Business’                               Commissioner.
           du Québec was admitted to the          With 18 years in the IT Industry,       She has an extensive range of
           Quebec Bar in 1981. Prior to this      Jonathan has held a variety of          experience. She served as an
           she was the Vice President,            management roles in the UK,             Assistant Commissioner in charge
           Commission des droits de la            Europe and Australia. He has been       of various regions of New South
           personne et des droits de la           with Teradata in Australia for four     Wales; the Human Resources
           jeunesse du Québec, following a        and half years and was responsible      Department, Development and
           number of public administration        for the submission made to the          Training Department, Specialist
           roles with the Governments of          Privacy Commissioner prior to the       Skills and the Criminal Investigation
           Québec and Canada.                     recent Legislation introduction.        Branch.
           Ms Stoddart obtained an M.A. in
                                                                                          Among her many educational
           History from the Université du
                                                  Parallel Session 6                      qualifications, Ms Nixon has a
           Québec à Montréal, pursued
                                                  "A Safe and Open Society: the           Master of Public Administration
           doctoral studies at the Université
                                                  role of privacy regulators"             Degree from Harvard, U.S.A., as
           de Paris VII, and taught history and
                                                                                          well as being a Research Fellow of
           legal sciences at the Université du
                                                                                          Harvard. Ms Nixon has also had an
           Québec à Montréal and McGill           Mr Joseph Meade                         attachment with the London
           University. She has published
                                                  (Data Protection Commissioner,          Metropolitan Police Force for six
           widely on the administration of
                                                  Ireland)                                months.
           justice and human rights.
                                                                                          Ms Nixon commands an
           Ms Stoddart is a member of the         Mr Joseph ( Joe ) Meade was
                                                                                          organisation of almost 11,600 staff
           Board of Directors of the Canadian     appointed for a five year term as
                                                                                          with an annual budget of $1 billion
           Institute for the Administration of    Data Protection Commissioner in
                                                                                          operating out of 327 police stations
           Justice (2002 to 2004).                September 2000. Mr Meade a
                                                                                          throughout the State.
                                                  native of Co. Clare was born in
                                                  1950 and is married with three
           Parallel Session 5                     children.
           “Law enforcement with                  Mr Mead has wide experience in
           respect”                               the Irish and international public
                                                  services. Key positions he has held
           Mr Jonathan Symmonds                   include Secretary General, Office of
           (General Manager, Federal              the Comptroller and Auditor
           Government Solutions, Teradata         General (the State Auditor) from
           Division, Australia)                   1967, European Court of Auditors in
                                                  Luxembourg (1993-94), member
           Jonathan is the General Manager        (1997-1999) and Chairperson (2000)
           for Teradata Solutions based in        Audit Commission of the European
           Canberra. Teradata was established     Space Agency in Paris, and member
           as a separate division of NCR in       (1999), Referendum Commission in
           August 2000.                           Ireland.
           The role of Teradata in Australia is   He graduated in 1974 with a
           growing rapidly. Existing Data         business and finance degree from
           Matching, Compliance and Profiling     University College Dublin
           initiatives are being complemented
People, Government                                                                              From left to right:
                                                                                                Ms Carol Coye Benson

       and Business                                                                             Ms Dawn Casey
                                                                                                Mr Ken Anderson
                                                                                                Dr John Borking
                                                                                                Mr John Grimes

Plenary Session D                      indigenous and cultural heritage       Dr John Joseph Borking
“Identity and Privacy: who             policy issues. As a member of the
wants to know and why?”                Department of Prime Minister and       (Director of Borking Consultancy,
                                       Cabinet, she was responsible for       The Netherlands)
                                       the establishment of the Council for   Drs John J. Borking (58) (Dutch
Ms Carol Coye Benson
                                       Aboriginal Reconciliation.             Nationality) is Director of Borking
(Partner, Glenbrook Partners, United                                          Consultancy (Wassenaar) and
                                       She has provided policy advice on
States of America)                                                            Associate Board member of the
                                       issues associated with Australia's
Ms Benson is a partner with            national cultural institutions and     Dutch Data Protection Authority
Glenbrook Partners, a research and     served as Chair of the Heritage        (CBP) in The Hague (The
advisory firm that helps companies     Collections Committee, the body        Netherlands). He was till 1 January
leverage the electronic delivery of    with responsibility for implementing   2002 Vice- President of de
financial services, with particular    specific programs to address issues    Registratiekamer and Commissioner
focus on payments, digital identity,   of collection management,              of CBP.
and authentication. An expert in       preservation and conservation,         He participates in several EU
authentication systems, Ms Benson      research and documentation, and        funded research projects. He is
speaks frequently on topics            access.                                also reviewer of EU research
including authentication, identity                                            projects and member of the CEN -
                                       Ms Casey has received three
theft, and privacy.                                                           IPSE steering committee.
                                       Commonwealth Public Service
Ms Benson’s background is in           Australia Day Medals.                  Furthermore he is board member of
product development, marketing                                                the Dutch Association of Privacy
and strategy for physical world and                                           Officers (NGFG) and is arbitrator /
Internet-based financial services                                             mediator and board member of the
companies variously in the US and                                             Dutch Foundation for Alternative
                                       Parallel Session 9                     Dispute Resolution for ICT (SGOA).
Internationally. She has held
                                       "Identity: now you see it, now         He is also board member of the
management responsibility for
                                       you don't"                             Netherlands Gaming Control Board
corporate cash management, EDI,
new monetary system development,                                              and advising on interactive
payment security and                   Mr Ken Anderson                        gambling.
authentication, credit cards,
                                       (Director of Legal Services,
database marketing, smart cards,
                                       Information and Privacy                Mr John Grimes
and securities processing at
                                       Commissioner of Ontario, Canada)
Deutsche Bank, Banker’s Trust, Visa                                           (Director, Strategic Development,
International, and Citibank.                                                  Argus Solutions, Australia)
                                       Ken Anderson is the Director of
                                       Legal Services for the Information
                                       and Privacy Commissioner of            John Grimes is the co-founder of
                                       Ontario based in Toronto. Ken is a     Argus Solutions Ltd, a Sydney
Parallel Session 8                                                            based company specialising in iris
                                       frequent speaker on access &
"Is my privacy the same as your                                               recognition technology. John has
                                       privacy issues, and he teaches
privacy?"                                                                     been responsible for developing the
                                       privacy law for the University of
                                       Ottawa. Before joining the IPC, Ken    change management and privacy
                                                                                                                    page seven

Ms Dawn Casey                          was the Commissioner of Legal          programs for over 85 clients
                                       Services for two large regional        introducing iris recognition in
(Director, National Museum of                                                 Australia and the region. Argus
                                       municipalities in Ontario. He began
Australia, Australia)                                                         Solutions was awarded the iPrivacy
                                       his legal career with a litigation
Prior to her appointment as Director   law firm in Ottawa, and later          award by the peak IT industry body
of the National Museum of              focused on administrative and          AIIA in recognition of the
Australia in 1999.                     public law. Ken received degrees in    companies privacy sensitive
                                       both law and business                  approach. John is a
Ms Casey was Chief General                                                    graduate of Flinders
Manager of the Acton Peninsula         administration from the University
                                       of Western Ontario.                    University (BA, Political
Project Task Force, the body                                                  Science) and Australian
responsible for the construction of                                           National University (MA,
the new National Museum.                                                      Strategic Studies).
Ms Casey has wide-ranging
experience in the management of
                  Practical Privacy for                                    From left to right:
                                                                           The Hon Daryl Williams AM QC MP
                                                                           Mr Richard Thomas

             Confirmed Speakers

             Keynote Address                         He has also previously held various
page eight

                                                                                           Parallel Session 5
             The Hon Daryl                           public appointments, including        Mr Cameron
                                                     membership of the Lord                Murphy
             Williams AM QC MP                       Chancellor’s Civil Justice Review     (President, NSW Council for Civil
             (Commonwealth Attorney-General,         Advisory Committee and the Board      Liberties, Australia)
             Australia)                              of the Financial Ombudsman
                                                     Service.                              Ms Florence
             Daryl Williams AM QC MP was                                                   Audubert
             appointed Commonwealth Attorney-                                              (Attachée Juridique, Interpol,
             General on 8 March 1996 and             Announcement                          France)
             became a member of Cabinet on 5         Please note that the following
             October 1997. He has been the           additional speakers have been         Plenary Session D
             Federal Member for Tangney since        confirmed:                            Mr Tim Dixon
             1993.                                                                         (Consultant, Baker & McKenzie,
                                                     Plenary Session B
             As Attorney-General, Mr Williams                                              Australia)
                                                     Mr Jeroen Terstegge
             has responsibility for a wide range     (Legal Counsel Privacy and Data
             of matters, including federal courts                                          Parallel Session 8
                                                     Protection Law, Philips
             and tribunals, national security,       International, The Netherlands)       Prof. David Weisbrot
             human rights, international law,                                              (President, Australian Law Reform
             censorship, family law, native title,   Parallel Session 2                    Commission, Australia)
             bankruptcy, constitutional issues       Ms Barbara Lawler
             and privacy law.                        (Chief Privacy Officer, Hewlett
             Mr Williams holds law degrees           Packard, United States of America)
             from the University of Western
             Australia and Oxford University. He     Parallel Session 3
             was selected as WA Rhodes               Ms Harriet P.
             Scholar in 1965 and was appointed       Pearson
             a Queen's Counsel in 1982.              (Vice President, Workforce
                                                     Effectiveness & Chief Privacy
                                                     Officer IBM Corporation, United
                                                     States of America)
             Plenary Session E
             "Taking privacy to the people"          Plenary Session C

             Mr Richard Thomas                       The Hon. Nuala
                                                     O’Connor Kelly
             (Information Commissioner, United       (Chief Privacy Officer, Department
             Kingdom)                                of Homeland Security, United
                                                     States of America)
             Richard Thomas took up
             appointment as the Information          Mr Cédric Laurant
             Commissioner on 30 November             (Policy Counsel, Electronic Privacy
             2002. He has independent status,        Information Center, United States
             reporting directly to Parliament,       of America)
             with responsibility for enforcing the
             Freedom of Information Act 2000         Parallel Session 4
             and Data Protection Act 1998.           Prof. Marcia Neave
             His previous career has included:       AO
             Director of Public Policy at Clifford   (Law Reform Commissioner,
             Chance (the international law firm);    Victorian Law Reform Commission,
             Director of Consumer Affairs at the     Australia)
             Office of Fair Trading; Head of
             Public Affairs and Legal Officer at
             the National Consumer Council; and
             Solicitor with the Citizens Advice
             Bureau Service.
People, Government
       and Business
                25th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners

Participation in the Conference is      Registration Fee (per delegate)
open to all persons interested in
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The registration fee entitles           full address should be typed or
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• All Sessions (except sessions         cheque. You may not pay your fees
  which have been specifically          by direct transfer.                           Wednesday 10 September 0730 - 1700
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                                        the Conference website. Your letter
or confirmed until payment in full is                                                 Before 18 July 2003 will incur a
                                        of acknowledgment will include any
received. If you wish to make your                                                    A$100.00 cancellation fee.
                                        further advice necessary prior to
payment electronically you must
                                        your arrival at the Conference. At            Before 26 July 2003 will receive a
complete the online registration
                                        the Conference you will receive the           50% refund of fees paid.
                                        final program, CD-Rom and a list of
 Mastercard and VISA are the only       delegates.                                    After 26 July 2003 there will be no
                                                                                                                              page nine

credit cards accepted at the                                                          refund.
Conference. Please note all                                                           Accommodation
transactions by credit card will        Insurance                                     Deposit is non-refundable at
appear on your statement as             Registration fees do not include              25 July 2003
payment to Conference by THPL.          insurance of any kind. It is strongly         Social Program
Within Australia                        recommended that at the time you              Non-refundable at 15 August 2003
                                        register for the Conference and
Payment may be made by personal                                                       Optional Day Tours
                                        book your travel that you take out
cheque or credit card.                                                                Non-refundable at 25 July 2003
                                        an insurance policy of your choice
Cheques should be made payable to       to cover any eventuality.                     Post Tours
the Privacy Conference 2003.                                                          Non-refundable at 25 July 2003
                     Practical Privacy for

               Accommodation                                                                                               Mercure Grand Apartments

           Hotel                              Rating       Disability      Distance from   Room Type                                                             Room Rate
                                                           Facilities         Sydney
                                                                         Convention Centre

    1. Mercure Grand Apartments                 4.5            No          5 minute walk        2 Bedroom Harbour View Apartment     A$385.00
       Darling Harbour                                                                          2 Bedroom Residential View Apartment A$285.00

    2. Novotel Sydney                           4              Yes         3 minute walk        Harbour View Room SGL/DBL/TWN     A$262.00
       on Darling Harbour                                                                       Residential View Room SGL/DBL/TWN A$218.00

    3. Hotel Ibis Darling Harbour               3              Yes         4 minute walk        Harbour View Room SGL/DBL/TWN     A$160.00
                                                                                                Residential View Room SGL/DBL/TWN A$145.00

    Please Note:                                                     • Rates do not include breakfast.
    • The above rates include the                                    • Full buffet breakfast at Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour is A$27.50 per
      Australian Goods and Services                                    person
      Tax (GST).
                                                                     • Full buffet breakfast at Hotel Ibis Darling Harbour is A$15.00 per person
    • Rates may increase without
      notice due to changes in                                       • Buffet style breakfast is not available at Mercure Grand Apartments
      government charges, taxes or                                     however delegates staying at Mercure Grand can dine at Hotel Ibis or
      levies.                                                          Novotel Darling Harbour and charge the cost back to their room account
                                                                       at the Mecure Grand.

                                                                                                       NOR                     BRIDG

page ten


                                                                                                  ST                                                        Museum
                                                                                                                                             G          BE  of Sydney
                                                                                                                                        RI N              N

                                                                                                                                      SP ST                  T

                                                                                                                                                ST H

                                                                                    MARGARET                                                                     ST

                                                                                   Wynyard                       HUNT


                                                                                   Rly Stn                                            ER


                                                                            ERSKINE      SYDNEY                                                              ST                    Libr

                             Pyrmont                                           ST



                                                                                                          Martin Pl



                                        National                                                                                                 Martin Pl

                          RD            Maritime                                                       Theatre Royal                              Rly Stn
                                        Museum          Sydney                 KING                                                 ST

              sino                                     Aquarium                                                                                                   S

                                                                                                                           Pitt St


                                                                                                                                          Sydney ST RD                Museum
                                                    Monorail                                                                              Centrepoint                 St James
                                                                     Darling Park

                                                        Bridge                      MARKET                                           ST                                Rly Stn

                                                                                                                                    City Centre

                                               Darling Harbour


                                       3                                                                                                                     Hyde



                                            Harbourside                                                                         Park                         Park


                                       2                                                DRUITT ST                               Plaza


                     Convention                      Centre                                                     Town Hall                                    ST
                                                                                                                 Rly Stn


                                                                                    BATHURST                                                        Pool of                              A
                                                                                                                 M on or ail

                                                           Sega World                                                                ST            Reflection                             M
                   ROZELLE                                                            Cinemas

                                                Centre     1                        LIVERPO                                     Rly Stn            ANZAC

                                                                km                                OL                                               Memorial


                                                           Chinese                                      World




                                                    PIER       ST


                                                      Entertainment                                                 RN                                      TH

                                                         Centre                                                                                           OR

                           NR                                                                                                                            W
People, Government
       and Business
Novotel Sydney                              Hotel Ibis                                 Social Program

     Several categories of                    How To Book                              The following event is included in
     accommodation have been                  Accommodation                            the registration fee for delegates.
     reserved for Conference delegates:                                                If you require additional tickets
                                              To book please complete Section C        please complete Section D of your
     Single (SGL): A single occupancy         of your Registration Form, giving
     room with one bed                                                                 Registration Form.
                                              your first, second and third
     Double (DBL): A double                   preferences as requested. The
     occupancy room with one bed              Conference Managers will forward         Wednesday 10 September 2003
                                              your reservation and deposit to the
     Twin (TWN): A double occupancy
                                              hotel of your choice, in order of        Conference Dinner
     room with two beds
                                                                                       Time: 1900-2330 hours
     2 Bedroom Apartments: Either 1
     double and 2 single beds or 2                                                     Venue: The Tumbalong
     double beds                              Change of Booking                        Ballroom, Sydney Convention
                                              Any change to a reservation must         and Exhibition Centre
                                              be notified to the Conference            Dress: Business Attire
     Rates                                    Managers and not directly to the
                                                                                       Guests are invited to a very special
     Accommodation held by the                hotel. Please note, any changes
                                                                                       dinner engagement, a highlight in
     Conference Managers has been             should be made to the Conference
                                                                                       the Conference program. An
     secured at advantageous rates for        Managers by 26 August 2003.
                                                                                       evening where a sumptuous menu
     Conference delegates. Only               Cancellations must be made in
                                                                                       and fine wines will be
     bookings made through the                writing (by mail or email).
                                                                                       complemented by stirring
     Conference Managers will secure
     these rates.
                                              Late Arrivals                            Additional tickets: A$250.00
                                              Please indicate on your
     Deposit                                  Registration Form or notify the
     All hotel accommodation bookings         Conference Managers in writing if        Any additional Social Functions
     must be accompanied by a                 you will arrive at your hotel after      will be advised on the Web site.
     minimum one night's rate in order        1800 hours on the day of check-in.
     to secure your reservation. Without      Failure to do so may mean that
                                              your room will be released.              Disclaimer
     payment the Conference Managers
     are unable to guarantee your room.                                                The services specified in the social
     Your deposit will be passed on to                                                 program are available at the time of
     the hotel. Delegates must settle         Arrival Time                             writing. However, in the event that any
     the balance of their account with        Hotel check-in time is usually 1500      service(s) become unavailable or
     the hotel concerned upon check           hours. If you are to arrive before       minimum numbers are not met, Tour
     out.                                     this time it is probable that you will   Hosts Corporate Special Events
                                              not be able to gain access to your       reserves the right to alter in style or
     The Conference Managers will
                                              room. To guarantee a room to be          price or cancel the event.
     accept accommodation deposits up
     until 8 August 2003.                     available for an early arrival you
     Accommodation bookings not               will need to pre-register and pay
     secured with a deposit by 8 August       for your room for the previous
     can be guaranteed using credit           night. If required please indicate on
     card details. One night's room rate      your Registration Form at Section C.
     will be debited from the supplied
     card if the delegate fails to arrive
     on the specified date.
                                              The deposit is non-refundable at
                                              25 July 2003 and will be forfeited
                                                                                                                                 page eleven

                                              if you do not arrive on the date for
                                              which you have booked.
                   Practical Privacy for

              Optional Day Tours Program
page twelve

                         Tuesday                         Thursday                     Friday                       Saturday
                     9 September 2003                11 September 2003          12 September 2003             13 September 2003
                      Introducing Sydney               Blue Mountains            Aboriginal Insights              Bridgeclimb
                        0900 - 1300hrs                 0900 - 1700hrs             0900 - 1300hrs                    0955hrs

              These tours have been designed by            and cobbled lanes in The Rocks -            Day Tour 3 (DT3)
              Tour Hosts Destination                       Australia's European birthplace.            Aboriginal Insight &
              Management (license No.                      Visit the Botanic Gardens and enjoy         Botanic Gardens
              2TA001144), for participating                views of the Harbour Bridge and
              delegates and accompanying                   Opera House from Mrs Macquarie's            Friday 12 September 2003
              persons of the 25th International            Chair, a waterfront seat carved into        Time: 0900 - 1300 hours
              Conference of Data Protection and            the rock for the wife of visionary
              Privacy Commissioners. Only the              colonial governor, Lachlan                  Cost: A$120.00 per person
              best aspects of Sydney and its               Macquarie. Travel through Sydney's          Experience the world's oldest living
              environs have been incorporated to           fashionable eastern suburbs,
              provide value for money for persons                                                      culture on a guided walking tour of
                                                           renowned for their elegant homes            the Royal Botanic Gardens, where
              whose time is at a premium. All
                                                           and harbour vistas, on the way to           the original inhabitants of Sydney
              sightseeing tours include the
                                                           world-famous Bondi Beach - a                gathered plants, seeds and roots for
              services of an English speaking
                                                           haven for surfers and sun lovers            food and medicine. At the nearby
              guide, all entry fees and meals
                                                           alike.                                      Art Gallery of New South Wales,
              where specified. All tours are
              based on a minimum number of                                                             enjoy morning tea and an
              participants. If this number is not          Day Tour 2 (DT2)                            Aboriginal performance followed by
              reached, alternative places will be                                                      a guided tour of the Yiribana
              allocated strictly in order of receipt
                                                           Blue Mountains                              Aboriginal Gallery. Learn about the
              of bookings. Where participants              Thursday 11 September 2003                  Dreamtime in this excellent
              cancel their day tour bookings prior                                                     permanent collection celebrating
                                                           Time: 0900 - 1700 hours
              to Friday 25 July 2003 payment will                                                      the diversity of indigenous arts in
              be refunded in full. Thereafter, no          Cost: A$190.00 per person                   Australia. After the tour, return
              refund will be made. It is                                                               transport is provided or spend time
              recommended that comfortable                 Leave the city and travel west to
                                                                                                       on your own exploring the Art
              shoes and informal dress be worn             the mountains. En route, visit the
              on all tours.                                Norman Lindsay Gallery and
                                                           Museum for morning tea. View the
              The following tours are optional             works of this famous and influential        Day Tour 4 (DT4)
              and not included in any registration
                                                           Australian artist, including                Bridgeclimb
              fee. Please complete Section E of
                                                           children's books, novels,
              your Registration Form to purchase                                                       Friday 12 September 2003
                                                           controversial paintings and
              tickets.                                                                                 Time: 1345 hours
                                                                                                       Cost: A$145.00 per person
                                                           Lunch will be provided, following
              If a translation service is required                                                     Saturday 13 September 2003
                                                           which you will view the spectacular
              please contact the Conference                                                            Time: 0955 hours
                                                           sandstone cliffs and valleys for
              Managers.                                                                                Cost: A$175.00 per person
                                                           which the Blue Mountains are
                                                           famous. Learn the legend of the             Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge
              Day Tour 1 (DT1)                             Three Sisters - giant sandstone             is an exhilarating experience.
              Introducing Sydney                           formations of Aboriginal                    Rendezvous at the Bridgeclimb
                                                           significance before returning to            office for a safety briefing and
              Tuesday 9 September 2003                     Sydney.                                     prepare for your three-hour
              Time: 0900 - 1300 hours                                                                  adventure! Accompanied by an
                                                                                                       experienced leader your small team
              Cost: A$72.00 per person
                                                                                                       will walk up to the summit of the
              Explore the vibrancy and style of                                                        Bridge's upper arch - 130 metres
              cosmopolitan Sydney, one of the                                                          above sea level. Harnessed to a
              world's most beautiful harbour                                                           static line for the duration of the
              cities. Discover colonial buildings
People, Government
       and Business
               25th International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners

                                          Post Tours                             General Info

climb, be treated to spectacular       Post Tour A (PT A)                     Local Attractions around
360-degree views across one of the     Reef and Rainforest                    Darling Harbour
greatest harbours in the world.
                                       Saturday 13 September 2003 -           IMAX Theatre
Back on terra firma, explore the
                                       Wednesday 17 September 2003  
historic Rocks area or make your
own way back to your hotel.            5 Days/4 Nights                        Star City Casino
Please note that Bridgeclimb is        Cost: A$1700.00 per person based
available at various times.            on twin/double occupancy               Sydney Aquarium
Bridgeclimb departs 7 days a week,                                  
every ten minutes from 0905-1735       A$2800.00 per person based on
                                       single occupancy                       The Powerhouse Museum
hours. For bookings at other times
please visit the Tours Desk onsite     North of Cairns you will discover
at the Conference.                     one of the most beautiful regions of   Sydney's Paddy's Markets
                                       Australia. Here, you will experience

Tours Departure Point                  Australia’s Great Barrier Reef,
                                                                              Mobile Phones
                                       which stretches over 3,000
All tours will depart from the main                                           For visitors, GSM and CDMA phones
                                       kilometres. Be enchanted by the
entrance of Centre South, Sydney                                              are compatible with most Australian
                                       world’s oldest Rainforest – the        mobile networks.
Convention & Exhibition Centre.        Daintree.
                                                                              PCS (also known as GSM1900)
                                                                              handsets are incompatible with
                                       Post Tour B (PT B)                     Australian networks. However,
The services specified in these tour   The Dramatic Red                       because PCS phones do use
descriptions are available at the                                             compatible SIM card technology, in
                                       Centre                                 certain cases you can put your SIM
time of writing. However, in the
event that any service(s) become       Saturday 13 September 2003 -           card inside a GSM900 or GSM
unavailable for any reason, Tour       Tuesday 16 September 2003              900/1800 cellular / mobile phone and
Hosts will make every effort to                                               make and receive calls which will be
                                       4 Days/3 Nights                        charged to your existing account in
supply alternative services of an
                                       Cost: A$1620.00 per person based       your home country.
equal standard and value but
cannot accept any responsibility for   on twin/double occupancy               Before you leave your country you
failure to provide the specified       A$2040.00 per person based on          will need to activate your
services.                              single occupancy                       international roaming coverage with
                                                                              your mobile network. Another
                                       Called the Heart of the Nation, the    alternative to international roaming
                                       ‘Red Centre’ is arid, dramatic and     is to purchase a pre-paid mobile
                                       vast. It is a land of extremes and     phone when you arrive which allows
                                       home of Uluru (Ayers Rock)             you to control the amount you spend
                                       Australia’s spectacular monolith.      on calls.
                                       Discover other geological wonders
                                                                              For further information on your
                                       such as Kata Tjuta (the Olgas),        mobile's compatibility visit:
                                       Kings Canyon, Simpsons Gap and
                                       more.                                  introam/inbound/inbound.htm

                                                                              Airport & Transport
                                       For comprehensive post tour            The Sydney central business district
                                       itineraries and terms and conditions   is 10km north of the International
                                       please view the web site               Airport and takes approximately 20
                              .        minutes to reach by car. A taxi costs
                                       Please note that Tour Hosts staff      approximately A$25. A regular
                                                                                                                      page thirteen

                                       will be onsite to assist with any      airport to city bus service operates
                                       enquiries. Should you have any         from approximately 0600 to 2100
                                       questions or wish to book any          hours (not recommended for those
                                       tours, please contact the              with large amounts of luggage). Any
                                       Conference Managers.                   queries please see the Travellers
                                                                              Information Desk at the Airport.
                       Practical Privacy for

                  General information
page fourteen

                Banking/Currency                         and Wine Equalisation Tax (WET)           Quarantine
                Decimal currency is used in Australia    paid on goods bought in Australia.        Australia is free from many plant and
                with the dollar as the basic unit (100                                             animal diseases prevalent in other
                                                         The refund only applies to goods
                cents = $1) Notes come in $100, $50,                                               countries. Very strict quarantine
                                                         which travellers take with them as
                $20, $10, and $5. Coins come in 5c,                                                rules apply to the import of animals
                                                         hand luggage when leaving the
                10c, 20c, 50c, $1 and $2                                                           and plants, which cannot be brought
                                                         country. It does not apply to services
                denominations.                                                                     into the country without prior
                                                         or goods consumed or partly
                                                                                                   application. Animal and plant
                Currency exchange facilities are         consumed in Australia, however the
                                                                                                   products are also restricted.
                available in most banks, hotels and      goods can be used before departing
                airports and operate normal business     Australia.                                For more information see the
                hours. Credit cards are accepted at                                                'Information for International
                most restaurants and shops, the most                                               Travelers' on the Australian
                widely used being Mastercard, Visa,                                                Quarantine and Inspection Service
                                                         The official language of the
                American Express and Diners Club.                                                  (AQIS) web site, which you can
                                                         Conference is English, although
                                                                                                   access by visiting
                                                         simultaneous interpretation in
                Business Hours                           Spanish, French, German and English
                Banks are generally open from 0930 -     may be offered for sessions held in       Time
                1600 hours Monday - Friday. General      the main Conference Auditorium only.      Sydney is 10 hours ahead of
                office hours are 0900 - 1700 Monday      The final number of languages             Greenwich Mean Time.
                - Friday. Post Offices operate these     offered will be subject to delegates'
                                                                                                   Please see below table for time in
                hours, however stamps are often          requirements, please refer to
                                                                                                   different cities of the world at 2000
                available from hotels.                   Section H of the Registration Form
                                                                                                   hours Sydney time.
                                                         for further details.
                                                                                                   SYDNEY           2000 hours
                Climate & Clothing
                September is spring and the              Parking                                   TOKYO            1900 hours
                temperature range is 11 to 20            Parking is available at the Conference    BANGKOK          1700 hours
                degrees celsius.                         venue at the rate of A$25 per day.        MOSCOW           1400 hours
                                                                                                   PARIS            1200 hours
                Electricity                              Passport & Visa                           LONDON           1100 hours
                Electrical current is 240/250V, AC       All travellers to Australia, other than   NEW YORK         0500 hours
                50Hz. The Australian three-pin           New Zealand, require a valid entry
                power outlet is different from that in   Visa prior to travel to Australia. For
                many countries, so you will need an      many nationalities (29 in total) an
                adaptor.                                 Electronic Visa or Electronic Travel      Conference Managers
                                                         Authority (ETA) can be obtained from
                                                         your travel agent or airline when
                Goods & Service Tax (GST) /              making your travel arrangements.
                Tourist Refund Scheme (TRS)              Please see your travel agent or
                Since 1 July 2000, Australia has                                                   Tour Hosts Conference & Exhibition
                                                         airline for further details.
                adopted a new taxation system                                                      Organisers
                incorporating the Goods & Services                                                 ABN 28 000 386 676
                Tax (GST). All prices quoted in this     Planning your Travel
                brochure are inclusive of GST, unless    Because of time change and jet lag
                otherwise specified.                     the Organising Committee suggests
                                                         you consider arriving in Australia by 6
                As part of this new taxation system,
                                                         September 2003. This will enable you
                the Australian Government
                                                         to relax and familiarise yourself with
                introduced the Tourist Refund
                                                         your hotel and its surrounds before
                Scheme (TRS). The scheme is
                                                         the start of the Conference and also
                administered by the Australian
                                                         allows you time to attend some of
                Customs Service and took effect on 1
                                                         the Privacy related events, that will
                July 2000. The TRS enables travellers
                                                         commence in Melbourne, Victoria
                departing Australia to claim a refund
                                                         Monday 8 September.
                of the Goods and Services Tax (GST)
Registration Form                                                              Formulaire D’Inscription
25th International Conference of Data                                                     25e Conférence internationale des
Protection and Privacy Commissioners                                                      Commissaires à la protection des données
10 - 12 September 2003                                                                    nominatives et de la vie privée
Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre                                                   10 – 12 septembre 2003
Page 1 of 4                                                                               Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre

Register online at: Inscrivez-vous en ligne à:                  
Please print clearly or type and keep a photocopy of this form            Veuillez remplir ce formulaire en caractère d’imprimerie ou le taper à la
for your records. The information below will be reproduced in             machine et en conserver une photocopie. Les renseignements suivants
the delegate list at the conference and be used for all mailings          seront reproduits dans la liste des délégués à la Conférence et serviront
relating to the Conference. Please ensure the information you             pour tous les envois de courrier se rapportant à la Conférence. Assurez-vous
complete below is correct.                                                que les renseignements que vous fournissez ci-dessous sont corrects.
Please complete the form and mail immediately with your                   Veuillez remplir le formulaire et le poster immédiatement avec votre chèque
cheque payable to: Privacy Conference 2003                                fait à l’ordre de: Privacy Conference 2003
Forward this form and payment by airmail to:                              Veuillez envoyer ce formulaire et le paiement par poste aérienne à :
Privacy 2003 Conference Managers                                          Privacy 2003 Conference Managers
GPO Box 128 SYDNEY NSW 2001 AUSTRALIA                                     GPO Box 128 SYDNEY NSW 2001 AUSTRALIA

A. DELEGATE DETAILS                                                       A. DONNEES DES DELEGUES

TITLE (please tick) s Mr s Mrs s Ms s Miss s Dr s Prof                         s Other (Specify)

TITRE (veuillez cocher) s M. s Mme s Ms s Mlle s Dr s Prof s Autre ( préciser )
CITY VILLE                                                                STATE ETAT
COUNTRY PAYS                                                              POSTCODE/ZIP CODE CODE POSTAL

The 25th International Conference of Data Protection and                  La 25e conférence internationale des commissaires chargés de la
Privacy Commissioners (10 -12 September 2003) is managed by               protection des données et du droit au domaine privé ( du 10 au 12
Tour Hosts Pty Limited on behalf of the Office of the Federal             septembre 2003 ) est gérée par Tour Hosts Pty Limited pour le bureau du
Privacy Commissioner, Australia (OFPC). Personal information              commissaire fédéral australien pour la protection du droit au domaine
collected will be processed by Tour Hosts only for the                    privé ( OFPC ). Les renseignements personnels recueillis seront traités par
administration of this Conference, in accordance with                     Tour Hosts exclusivement dans le cadre de l’administration de cette
instructions from the OFPC. Your information will be passed on            Conférence, conformément aux directives reçues de l’OFPC. Ces
to the Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada and their             renseignements seront transmis au Bureau du Commissaire canadien à la
appointed Conference Manager, as the organisers of the 26th               protection de la vie privée et à leur Administrateur de Conférence
International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy                   désigné, à titre d’hôte de la 26e Conférence internationale des
Commissioner's in 2004, to assist them in their preparations for          Commissaires à la protection des données nominatives et de la vie privée
that conference, unless you indicate otherwise in the tick box            en 2004, pour les aider dans leurs préparatifs, sauf indication contraire ci-
below.                                                                    dessous.
s No, I do not want my contact details passed on.                         s Non, je ne souhaite pas que mes coordonnées soient transmises.

B. REGISTRATION FEES                                                      B. DROITS D’INSCRIPTION

NOTE: All fees include the 10%           Category                                    Before Friday 18 July 2003         After Friday 18 July 2003
Goods and Services Tax (GST).            Catégorie                                   Avant Vendredi 18 juillet          Après Vendredi 18 juillet
* All fees must be paid in               Members of Supervisory Authorities    A$730.00 (EUR 404)*                      A$910.00 (EUR 503)*
Australian Dollars. The EURO             Membres des Autorités de surveillance 730,00$Aus (EUR 404)*                    910,00$Aus (EUR 503)*
amount quoted is an estimate
only, based on the exchange rate         Other Delegates                             A$1,250.00 (EUR 691)*              A$1,395.00 (EUR 772)*
at the time of print.                    Autres Délégués                             1 250,00$Aus (EUR 691)*            1 395,00$Aus (EUR 772)*
Please note: Confirmation of
your registration will be sent to        VEUILLEZ NOTER : Tous les prix         Le montant cité en EURO est           confirmation de votre
you within 10 working days from          comprennent la taxe de 10%             estimatif et est basé sur le          inscription vous sera envoyée
receipt of your Registration Form.       sur les Biens et Services (GST).       taux de change au moment              dans un délai de 10 jours
                                         * Tous les droits doivent être         d’aller sous presse.                  ouvrables à partir de la date de
                                         payés en dollars australiens.          Veuillez noter : La                   réception de votre formulaire

                                                           B. Sub-Total Registration Fee:                               A$
                                                     B. Droits d’inscription – total partiel:                                                    $A       B.
Page 2 of 4

Registration Form                                                       Formulaire D’Inscription
C. ACCOMMODATION                                                         C. HÉBERGEMENT

One night's deposit for hotels must be paid to secure your              Des ahrres d’un montant correspondant à une journée d’hôtel’ doivent être
booking. Contact the Conference Manager for information on              versées pour garantir votre réservation d’hôtel. Veuillez vous adresser au
three bedroom apartments.                                               Gérant de la Conférence pour tout renseignement concernant des
                                                                        appartements de trois chambres.
Hotel                                 Room Type                                     Disability        Rate per room          Number of         Deposit
Hôtel                                 Catégorie de chambre                          Facilities           per night         nights required     arrhes
                                                                                  Facilités pour    Tarif par chambre        Nombre de
                                                                                   handicapés           et par nuit        nuits requises
Mercure Grand Apartments              2 Bedroom Harbour View Apartment                No                A$385.00
Darling Harbour                       Suite à 2 chambres,                             Non               385,00$A
Mercure Grand Apartments              avec vue sur le port
Darling Harbour
                                      2 Bedroom Residential View Apartment            No                A$285.00
                                      Suite à 2 chambres, avec vue sur la ville       Non               285,00$A
Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour Harbour View Room SGL/DBL/TWN             Yes                         A$262.00
Novotel Sydney on Darling Harbour Chambre avec vue sur le port SGL/DBL/TWN* Oui                         262,00$A
                                      Residential View Room SGL/DBL/TWN        Yes                      A$218.00
                                      Chambre avec vue sur la rue SGL/DBL/TWN* Oui                      218,00$A
Hotel Ibis Darling Harbour            Harbour View Room SGL/DBL/TWN             Yes                     A$160.00
Hotel Ibis Darling Harbour            Chambre avec vue sur le port SGL/DBL/TWN* Oui                     160,00$A
                                      Residential View Room SGL/DBL/TWN        Yes                      A$145.00
                                      Chambre avec vue sur la rue SGL/DBL/TWN* Oui                      145,00$A
                                      *SGL = single : chambre individuelle ; DBL = double : chambre à grand lit ; TWN = twin : chambre à deux lits.
s I do not require the Conference Managers to book                      s Je n’ai pas besoin qu’on me réserve une chambre d’hôtel. J’ai pris
accommodation for me. I have made my own arrangements.                  mes propres dispositions.
If your first preference of hotel, as indicated above, is not           Si l’hôtel de votre choix, tel qu’indiqué ci-haut, n’est pas disponible, les
available, the Conference Managers will secure your                     Administrateurs de la Conférence vous hébergeront dans un autre hôtel.
accommodation at another hotel. Please indicate your second             Veuillez indiquer un deuxième et un troisième choix :
and third preferences:
                                                                        Deuxième choix:
Second preference
                                                                        Troisième choix:
Third preference
                                                                        Catégorie de chambre requise : s Single s Twin s Double
Accommodation required: s Single s Twin s Double                        s Appartement de 2 chambres (1 lit double et 2 lits single)
s 2 Bedroom Apartment (1 double and 2 single beds)                      s Appartement de 2 chambres (2 lits double)
s 2 Bedroom Apartment (2 double beds)
                                                                        Important – Veuillez remplir cette section
Important - Please complete this section
                                                                        Date d’arrivée /d’enregistrement
Arrival/Check-in Date
                                                                        Date de départ de l’hôtel
Departure/Check-out Date
                                                                        Je partagerai cette chambre avec
I will be sharing this room with                                        ( Notez : indiquez ici si vous allez partager avec un autre délégué. Cette
(Note: Please complete if you are sharing with another                  information sera transmise à l’hôtel de façon à ce que les occupants d’une
delegate. This information will be passed onto the hotel to             chambre donnée puissent se présenter à l’hôtel séparément )
ensure guests staying in the room can check in separately)
                                                                        Arrivée de bonne heure / tard
Early/Late Check-in time
                                                                        Je désire faire une réservation à l’avance pour une arrivée de bonne heure le
I wish to pre-register room for early arrival on                                  /          /        à            heures
        /        /        at           hours                            Besoins spéciaux : chambre avec accès pour handicapés ; chambre fumeur
Special Requirements e.g. disability accessible room or                 / non fumeur (selon la disponibilité).
smoking/non-smoking room (subject to availability)

                                                                C. Sub-Total Accommodation: A$
                                                               C. Hebergement – total partiel:                                                  $A       C.
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Registration Form                                                     Formulaire D’Inscription
D. SOCIAL PROGRAM                                                     D. PROGRAMME SOCIAL

NOTE: All fees include the 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST).           VEUILLEZ NOTER : Tous les prix comprennent la taxe de 10% sur les
The following events are included in the Registration Fee for          Biens et Services (GST).
Delegates. Please complete the following section to indicate           Les activités suivantes sont comprises dans les droits d’inscription des
attendance or if any additional tickets are required.                  délégués. Veuillez remplir la section suivante pour indiquer si vous
                                                                       participerez ou encore si vous désirez des billets supplémentaires.
Event                              Delegate                                               Additional Tickets     No. of additional        Total Cost
Activité                           Délégué                                             Billets supplémentaires    tickets required        Coût total
                                                                                                                 Nombre de billets
Conference Dinner            $ nil                                                            $250.00
Wednesday 10 September 2003 s Yes I will attend            s No I will not attend
Dîner de la Conférence      $ rien                                                           250,00$A
Wednesday 10 September 2003 s Je serai présent             s Je ne serai pas présent

                              D. Sub-Total Additional Social Tickets:                                                A$
D. Billets supplémentaires pour le programme social – total partiel :                                                                          $A      D.


NOTE: All fees include the 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST).           VEUILLEZ NOTER : Tous les prix comprennent la taxe de 10% sur les
                                                                       Biens et Services (GST).
Name of Tour                                                                             Cost per Ticket      Number of Tickets           Total Cost
Nom de l’excursion                                                                        Prix du billet    Nombre de billets requis      Coût total
DT1 - Introducing Sydney - Tuesday 9 September 2003                                         A$72.00
DT1 - Premier contact avec Sydney - Mardi, 9 septembre 2003                                 72,00$A
DT2 - Blue Mountains - Thursday 11 September 2003                                          A$190.00
DT2 - Les Montagnes Bleues - Jeudi, ll septembre 2003                                      190,00$A
DT3 - Aboriginal Insight & Botanic Gardens - Friday 12 September 2003                      A$120.00
DT3 - Aperçu du monde Aborigène et les Jardins Botaniques -                                120,00$A
      Vendredi 12 septembre 2003
DT4A -Bridgeclimb - Friday 12 September 2003                                               A$145.00
DT4B - Bridgeclimb - Saturday 13 September 2003                                            A$175.00
DT4A -Bridgeclimb (Ascension du Pont de Sydney) - Vendredi, 12 septembre 2003              145,00$A
DT4B -Bridgeclimb (Ascension du Pont de Sydney) - Samedi, 13 septembre 2003                175,00$A

                                                     E. Sub-Total Day Tours Tickets:                                 A$
                                    E. Billets d’excursions d’un jour – total partiel :                                                       $A       E.

F. POST CONFERENCE TOURS                                              F. EXCURSIONS POST CONFERENCE

NOTE: All fees include the 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST).           VEUILLEZ NOTER : Tous les prix comprennent la taxe de 10% sur les
                                                                       Biens et Services (GST).
Name of Tour                                                Cost per person                      Number of participants                   Total Cost
Nom de l’excursion                                Prix de l’excursion –par personne              Nombre de participants                   Coût total
PT A - Reef & Rainforest                         A$1700.00 - twin/double occupancy
PT A - Récif & Forêt tropicale                    1 700,00$A Chambre twin/double
                                                    A$2800.00 - single occupancy
                                                     2 800,00$A Chambre single
PT B -The Dramatic Red Centre                    A$1620.00 - twin/double occupancy
PT B - Le spectaculaire Coeur Rouge              1 620,00$A - Chambre twin/double
                                                    A$2040.00 - single occupancy
                                                    2 040,00$A - Chambre single

                                             F. Sub-Total Post Conference Tours:                                     A$
                                    F. Excursions post Conférence - total partiel :                                                           $A       F.

G. LETTER OF INVITATION (Optional)                                     G. LETTRE D’INVITATION (facultative)

I require a letter of invitation in order to arrange the               J’ai besoin d’une lettre d’invitation pour obtenir le visa d’entrée approprié
appropriate visa to enter Australia / apply for leave to attend        en Australie / demander congé pour participer à la Conférence.
the Conference. s Please send me a letter of invitation                s Veuillez m’envoyer une lettre d’invitation
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Registration Form                                                     Formulaire D’Inscription
All presentations will be in English. However, simultaneous           Toutes les communications seront faites en anglais. Cependant,une traduction
translations may be offered in Spanish, French, German and            simultanée en espagnol, en français, en allemand ou en anglais sera
English for the sessions held in the main Conference Auditorium       disponible, mais uniquement pour les séances qui auront lieu dans le grand
only, according to delegates' requirements. Please indicate below     auditorium pour les conférences; ceci, en fonction de ce que demanderont les
if you will require this service.                                     délégués. Veuillez indiquer ci-dessous si vous demandez ce service.
Yes, I will require simultaneous interpretation during the sessions   Oui, j’aurai besoin d’une traduction simultanée durant les séances qui seront
held in the Conference Auditorium                                     tenues dans l’auditorium pour les conférences
(please tick) s German s French s Spanish                             ( veuillez cocher ) s Allemand, s Français, s Espagnol
The final number of languages offered will be subject to delegates'   Le nombre de traduction simultanées disponibles dépendra de ce que les
requirements.                                                         délégués demanderont.


If you have any special needs please specify. Every attempt will      Si vous avez quelque besoin spéciaux, veuillez nous en faire part. Tout
be made to meet your requirements; however this may not be            sera mis en oeuvre pour satisfaire vos exigences ; cependant ceci ne sera
possible in every case.                                               peut-être pas possible dans tous les cas.

J. PAYMENT                                                            J. REGLEMENT

Section B   Registration Fee            A$                            Section B   Droits d’inscription                   $A
Section C   Accommodation               A$                            Section C   Hébergement                            $A
Section D Social Program                A$                            Section D Programme social                         $A
Section E   Day Tours Program           A$                            Section E   Programme d’excursions d’un jour $A
Section F   Post Conference Tours       A$                            Section F   Excursions post Conférence             $A
NOTE: Registrations will not be processed or confirmed                NOTEZ : Les incriptions ne seront effectuées ou confirmées qu’à la
until payment in full is received.                                    réception du règlement complet.

                                                                      TOTAL FEES ENCLOSED:                           A$
                                                                      COUT TOTAL CI-INCLUS :                                                     $A   J.
YES - Please include my details as given in this form (and any        OUI - Veuillez inclure mes données telles que décrites dans ce formulaire
subsequent amendment) in the Delegate List produced for the           (et toute autre modification ultérieure) dans la Liste des Délégués
Conference which will be supplied to all delegates attending          préparée pour la Conférence, laquelle liste sera fournie à tous les
the Conference.                                                       Délégués présents à la Conférence.
s    No, please do not include my details in the Delegate List.       s    Non, veuillez ne pas inclure mes données dans la Liste des Délégués.
s    No, I do not want to receive updates on the Conference.          s    Non, je ne désire pas recevoir de mise à jour concernant la
s    Yes, I would like to receive information on related events.           conférence
s    Yes, I have read and agreed to all the conditions outlined       s    Oui, j’aimerais recevoir des informations sur les activités qui lui
     in this registration brochure/document                                seront associées
s    Please find enclosed cheque/money order payable to               s    Veuillez trouver ci-inclus un chèque / mandat postal à l’ordre de :
     Privacy 2003 Conference                                               Privacy Conference 2003
s    Please charge the total amount above to the following            s    Veuillez porter au débit de ma carte de crédit la somme totale ci-
     credit card: s Mastercard        s Visa Card                          dessus : s Mastercard s Visa Card
Please note all transactions by credit card will appear on your       Prière de prendre note que toutes les transactions par carte de crédit
statement as payment to: Conference by THPL                           figureront sur votre relevé de compte comme un règlement fait à :
                                                                      Conference by THPL.

Credit card number Numéro de la carte de crédit :     ssss ssss ssss ssss
Expiry Date: Date d’expiration :              /

Name on card: Nom inscrit sur la carte :

Billing Address: Adresse pour facturation :

Signature Signature

Date Date             /            /

NOTE: Your registration will not be processed or confirmed if payment is not forwarded with this form.
NOTEZ : Votre inscription ne sera ni exécutée ni confirmée si le paiement n’est pas transmis avec ce formulaire.

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