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                               Messenger                                                                      JULY 22, 2009

                                 St. Mark’s Episcopal Church - San Antonio, Texas
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                        From the Rector
                         New Staff for Youth Ministry and
                         Children’s Christian Formation
                        By Mike Chalk, Rector 
   Todd Allison,
   Youth Director                A priority of St. Mark’s is the ministry to               Enloe has served very effectively as the interim
                            our children and youth. Staffing is one way to                 Christian Formation Director the last couple of
                            illustrate a parish’s commitment to a ministry,                years. Since Elaine needs to give more of her
                            and I am grateful to those individuals who have                time to the administrative aspect of our parish,
                            responded to a call to serve in this capacity.                 we began a search for a Christian Formation
                                 Todd Allison has served as our interim                    Director.
                            youth minister this past year. The success and                         In our search for this position, two very
                            growth of the program under his leadership led                 talented women came forward. Heather
                            me to conclude he was the right person to call                 Herschell and Jennifer Allison have been
                            to this position. A search process was                         selected to serve this vital ministry at St.
                            conducted under the able leadership of Tom                     Mark’s.
  Jennifer Allison          Kingery. Fine candidates were interviewed but                         Heather Herschell will serve as the
    K-5th Grade             the conclusion was Todd was the person to call                 Director of Early Childhood and Preschool
                            to this ministry.                                              Christian Education. Her area of responsibility
                                 Todd is married to Jennifer and has two                   will be to supervise the 3-5 year old Catechesis
                            children, Taylor and Scott. He is a graduate of                of the Good Shepherd class, the Parents’ Day
                            Texas Christian University and is a Managing                   out program, nursery, Sunday morning
                            Agent with May Group—San Antonio, part of                      Children’s Chapel, ministry with New/
                            The May Group Nationwide Insurance                             Expectant Parents and oversee special events
                            company. Since Todd is employed he will                        for families.
                            depend upon the support of youth parents and                          Heather received a Masters of Education
                            is looking seriously for an intern to assist him               from the University of Texas at Austin and is a
                            from one of San Antonio colleges.
 Heather Herschell
                                 As part of her work at St. Mark’s, Elaine                                                     (Continued on page 2)
    Birth-5 years

  Presiding Bishop extends “Thank You” to St. Mark’s Page 6
                     MINI-DIOCESAN GATHERING                   YOUTH FOOD BANK UPDATE                      ART & CHOIR SUMMER CAMPS
  Inside             Join us at TMI for a gathering of many
                        branches connected to ONE vine!
                                                              Find out how the generosity of St. Mark’s
                                                               paired with the mission of the Youth is
                                                                                                            What is summer without camps? Get the
                                                                                                           scoop on the Art Camp and the Choir Camp
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Page 2                                                                                          VOLUME 98 ISSUE 12

                                       New Staff (Continued from page 1)                grade enriched reading and English at the
     The Messenger is published  
                                                                                        Alamo Heights Junior High School. She
    monthly and is available in PDF 
          format online at             Doctoral Candidate at the same university.       decided to retire from this position to spend
        www.stmarks‐             She was Head of St. James Episcopal              more time with her children and begin work
                                       Preschool in LaGrange, Texas. She is married     on a Masters in Education.
            Parish Clergy              to Matt and they have two children, Mary and         Jennifer graduated from Baylor University
The Rev. Michael D. Chalk              John.                                            in 2001 and taught in Fort Worth, Missouri
     Rector                                Jennifer will be the Director of             City, and Houston.
The Rev. Jonathan Wickham 
  Assistant Rector 
                                       Elementary Christian Formation. Essentially,         Calling these two talented people to this
                                       that means that she is to supervise the Godly    ministry is an indication that St. Mark’s
           Assisting Clergy 
                                       Play Classes for Kindergarten through 5th        intends to grow. I am delighted that they are
The Rev. Dr. John Lewis 
                                       grades. Her new responsibilities also include    adopting a program of which we are
     Co‐director, The Work+Shop 
The Rev. Jane Patterson                Family Ministry, the Children’s Library, and     immensely proud. Heather and Jennifer will
  Co‐director, The Work+Shop           development of Christian education in the        no doubt enhance and develop a strong
            Making a Gift  
                                       summer months.                                   program of Christian formation.
           of Their Service                Jennifer served as the teacher for 6th
The Rev. Mary Earle 

                                       THE GIFTED YEARS CLASS
  Assisting Priest 
Jennifer Allison 
  Children’s Ministries Co‐Director 
Todd Allison 
                                       By Betty Anne Cody 
  Youth Director 
Priscilla Briones                      For the last five years, St.                                        OF LIFE. We were so
                                       Mark’s has offered a                                                glad to see over one
Janet Carrizales 
  Nursery Coordinator                  special ministry to our                                             hundred thirty people
Bill Edwards                           members and their friends                                           come for the whole day
  Parish Administrator                 who are in the “second                                              at St. Mark’s, hear very
Elaine Enloe                           half of life”. 2008-2009                                            inspiring messages and go
  Clergy Executive Administrator 
    Database Manager 
                                       was the year of our study                                           away refreshed and
Sandy Falkenberg                       of Joan Chittister’s book,                                          hopeful. In addition to our
  Cherub Choir Conductor               THE GIFT OF YEARS.                                                  own members, some
Emmet Faulk                            About thirty-five of us                                             came from other towns,
  Information Technology               enrolled in this class and                                          other churches, and some
   CAYA Worship Coordinator 
Carolyn Gish 
                                       about fifteen to twenty                                             from no church at all.
  Parish Development                   gathered from week to                                               And God was very
Heather Herschell                      week to read a chapter                                              present.
  Children’s Ministries Co‐Director    and share our experiences
Melanie Lizcano                        and growth with each other. It has been a        Beginning Tuesday, September 15, we will
Ruby Merrill 
                                       deepening time for all of us. We have come       gather again to begin our study of another of
  Facility Manager                     to understand ourselves and others better.       Joan Chittister’s books, WELCOME TO THE
Pat Hutchison Noble                    We have grown in the knowledge that God is       WISDOM OF THE WORLD. This is an
  Community of Care                    present in all things and does actually give     open group. You are invited and welcome to
Edwin Rieke 
                                       purpose to the times in our lives when we        come and see whether you would like to be a
  Organist & Dir. of Music 
Kristin Roach                          find it so hard to understand and believe that   part of the study and sharing that we do. We
  Asst. Organist & Dir. of Music       this can be so.                                  are learning that chronological age makes so
                                                                                        little difference in our needs for spiritual
                                       As our outreach ministry, in May we brought      growth. We can all learn from this wise
St. Mark’s Episcopal Church 
315 East Pecan St. 
                                       Paula D’Arcy, author, speaker, retreat leader,   writer and from each other.             More
San Antonio, TX 78205                  for a day of renewal around the subject, A       announcements in August and September, so
                                       SPIRITUALITY FOR THE SECOND HALF                 think about joining us this fall.

                                            ST. MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH - SAN ANTONIO, TX
JULY 22, 2009                                                                                               Page 3


                     A MINI-DIOCESAN GATHERING
                              One Vine — Many Branches
   St. Helena’s      St. Matthias        All Saints        Christ Church    Holy Cross        Holy Spirit
        Reconciliation            Resurrection        St. Andrew’s           St. David’s           St. Francis
   St. George        St. Luke’s          St. Margaret’s    St. Mark’s       St. Michael’s     St. Paul’s
            St. Philip’s          St. Stephen’s           St. Thomas            Santa Fe         St. Matthew’s

   Spend the day in one of the most beautiful settings
   in all the Hill Country. This campus, located just off
                                                               10:00 a.m.—Welcome
   Camp Bullis Road and IH 10, is truly worth the trip.
                                                               10:15 a.m.—Meditation
   Most of us think of the School as just a place for our
                                                               11:00 a.m.—Program
   children to attend, but if you haven’t seen the new
                                                                          History of TMI
   chapel which is available for use to our church com-
                                                                          Service through community
   munities you need to do so NOW!
                                                                             How TMI can serve your church
                                                                             How your church can serve TMI
   Come spend the day learning how this important
                                                               12:30 p.m.—Lunch (provided with registration)
   branch of our Diocese can become an exciting part of
                                                                1:00 p.m.—Eucharist
   your every day experience whether or not you have
                                                                2:00 p.m.—Campus tour
   school age children.


                                Saturday, August 29, 2009
                                  10:00 a.m. — 2:00 p.m.
                                 Registration Fee: $20.00
                  Contact Ellen Martin at 210-494-2495 by August 21st.
                          605 Skyforest, San Antonio, TX 78232
                    Make checks payable to the Diocese of West Texas
                                                                            TMI The Episcopal School of Texas
      Sponsored by                                                                    20955 West Texas Trail
      The Commission for Women’s Ministries                                        San Antonio, Texas 78257

  Page 4                                                                                     VOLUME 98 ISSUE 12

What Does a Lector & Eucharistic
Minister Do?
  By Patricia G. Bridwell 
Have you thought about wanting to serve as a Lector or a           older is invited to become a
Eucharistic Minister (or both)? If so, we invite you to            Lector.
contact the church office (210-226-2426) and leave your
name, telephone number and e-mail address. In the Fall, St.        A training and refresher session for new and returning
Mark’s would like to add several Lectors to read the               Lectors and Eucharistic Ministers will be held on Saturday,
appointed lesson (unvested and from the congregation) for          September 26. More information will be forthcoming closer
the 9 a.m. services and Eucharistic Ministers (vested) to read     to the date. If you have any questions, please contact Pat
the lessons, offer intercessory prayers and serve the chalice      Bridwell (after July 28) at 210-930-7199 or John Franco at
during Eucharist for the 7:45 a.m., 9 a.m. (prayers and chalice    210-865-8105.
only) and 11:15 a.m. services. Anyone aged 8th Grade and

                        The Rev. Andrew Thayer to Preach
                        July 26
                        By Mike Chalk, Rector 
                        I have invited The Rev. Andrew Thayer, former           tor of Philosophy degree in Theology. Andrew will
                        associate at St. Mark’s, to preach Sunday, July 26      preach at 7:45, 10:00, and at the CAYA service at
                        before he journeys to England to pursue a Masters       11:11. Come join Andrew, Kelsey, William and
                        of Study in Theology degree at the University of        Natalie as they begin this exciting new chapter in
                        Oxford. This is his first step in pursuit of his Doc-   their lives.

Melanie Lizcano Joins the Staff
By Emmet Faulk, Technology Manager 
Melanie Lizcano has joined the St. Mark’s staff as                                   beginning in August.
Interim Communications Coordinator. Melanie is
currently a senior at Our Lady of the Lake                                           Prior to joining the staff, Melanie worked
University majoring in Public Relations and Graphic                                  briefly as an intern at St. Mark’s where she
Arts. She will graduate in December with a                                           exhibited the talent to earn her an
Bachelor’s. Until her graduation, Melanie will work                                  opportunity to work with us.
as a part-time employee at St. Mark’s.
                                                                                     You can contact Melanie at
Her primary duties will include editing and layout of                       with anything you
all publications associated with St. Mark’s parish                                   would like published in The Messenger or in
                                                             Melanie Lizcano
(i.e., The Messenger, Sunday bulletins and Welcome                                   our announcement pamphlet on Sundays.
Pamphlets, etc.). Along with those duties, she will
also publish our e-Messenger on a weekly-basis

                                       ST. MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH - SAN ANTONIO, TX
JULY 22, 2009                                                                                                       Page 5

                                      By Todd Allison 
                                           collecting funds to assist the San       approximately 400 service agencies that
                                           Antonio Food Bank.                       help people in need. With the various
                                                                                    partnerships in place the SAFB is able to
                                           For each dollar raised very generous     turn each $1 donated into $13.00
                                           benefactors (who wish to remain          worth of nutritious food. So this means
                                           anonymous) will match the donation (up   there is a potential of St. Mark's being
                                           to $10,000). Even more... for every      able to provide over $250,000 worth of
                                           dollar given directly from a youth or    food to families here in San Antonio and
                                           child’s own allowance or money the       throughout Southwest Texas.
                                           matching donation will be quadrupled.    Please stop by the table throughout the
                                                                                    summer or contact any of the Youth to
                                           The San Antonio Food Bank is one of      donate.
Now through Sunday, August 30 the Jr.      the most successful Food Banks in the
and Sr. High Youth of St. Mark's will be   country distributing food to


                         Thanks to your already very
                         generous and continued
                         contributions the youth have
                         collected $2,709.00.

                         Donations from Youth Children:
                         All Other Donations: $2,497.00

                         So when you include the matching contribution the Food Bank will have
                         the ability to purchase over $75,000.00 of food.

                         Please continue supporting our youth and donate towards our goal of
                         $10,000.00 by August 30.Youth representatives will be in the courtyard
                         each Sunday to accept any amount you are willing to contribute.

  Page 6                                                                              VOLUME 98 ISSUE 12

Presiding Bishop Grateful for St. Mark’s Generosity
St. Mark’s received a thank you letter from the Presiding Bishop’s office from her visit to St. Mark’s in April 2009.   
                                    Visitors coming from as far as Austin participated in a very special worship service 
                                    and took part in her Q & A session.  Bishop Schori enjoyed her visit with St. Mark’s 
                                    and it was a great day of celebration for our church.   

                                   ST. MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH - SAN ANTONIO, TX
JULY 22, 2009                                                                                                        Page 7

By Brenda Kingery 
    As an outreach project that celebrates the past 150
                                                                 Monday August 17th – Friday August 21st 1:00‐3:30pm 
years , but also the future, Artists of St Mark’s are offering
their time, talent and treasure to enhance the walls of Haven    (The afternoons of the Boys and Girl’s Choir Camp) 
for Hope. Artists of St. Mark’s have been working on              
Paintings, Ceramic Wall Hangings and Textile Art this            Who:  
summer. Their work will be a permanent installation at the
Dental Clinic at Haven for Hope.                                 All children & youth entering 2nd – 12th grades  
    The theme of the Artists is Genesis 1. Artists are tasked    (Nursery is available for children of parent volunteers.)  
to visually interpret God’s creation. This summer, Artists        
have read different biblical interpretations of the creation
story. We’ve even read recent issues of the New Yorker,
and the science section of the New York Times describing         Come enjoy the last days of summer with us at St. Mark’s 
“New glimpses of life’s puzzling origins”. It states “the        Episcopal Church working with canvas and tile. Invite 
origins of life on earth bristle with puzzles and paradox”.      your friends and neighbors!  
We’ve thought about light, darkness, day and night ,painted       
expanses of water and dry land, created seed bearing plants,     Children and youth will be divided into age appropriate 
fruit trees, stars, birds and beasts. It has been fun and
                                                                 classes and led by professional Artists to create original 
inspiring. The St. Mark’s Artists participating are:
                                                                 works of art based on readings of Genesis. 
Judy and Jim Freeman                Charles Field                 
Susan McCloskey                     Linda Hammond                All artwork will be presented and blessed on Fine Arts 
Linda Lang                          Brenda Kingery               Sunday, August 23rd at and after the 10:00am service. 
Jenny Crone                         Enedina Vasquez              Many of the pieces will also be gifted to the Haven for 
Patrice Oliver                                                   Hope as part of an art installation celebrating St. Mark’s 
   Also this summer, Art Camp will paint and batik the same
                                                                 150th Anniversary. The artwork from the children and 
Genesis theme. Linda Charlton of Southwest School of Arts        youth will accompany professional canvases that are 
and Crafts will be the summer art camp Director of Arts          being painted and donated by Artists from the St. Mark’s 
with Angela Baca as intern. Paula Chalk and Brenda Kingery       community. 
will coordinate the activities. Art Camp dates are August 17      
to 21; ages are 2nd to 5th grade, 6th to 8th grade, and 9th to
12th grade. The summer art camp will draw youth of St.           How:  
Mark’s into the Biblical Creation Story, as found in the first   Registration forms are available at the church office. 
chapter of Genesis. There will be an exhibit and Sunday          Cost is $30 per camper.  
celebration with all the artista, and some work from
summer camp will be chosen for the Haven of Hope

  Page 8                                                                    VOLUME 98 ISSUE 12

                               ATTENTION ALL 2nd – 6th GRADERS!!
                               It’s Boy and Girl Choir Camp Time!
                             That’s right – if you will be in 2nd-6th grade this year, we
want you to sing with the Boy and Girl choir! You may have heard us in church – we
sing every week at the 9:00 service.

We also look forward to:
 PARTIES (bowling, swimming, skating – great times!)
 Special services like Christmas Eve and Easter with bells, brass and timpani
 Outreach beyond St. Mark’s like the Riverwalk and nursing homes
 Our annual spring musical where we really let our hair down acting out our favorite Bible stories

At CHOIR CAMP we:  make new friends and have a ton of fun!  play games and watch musi-
cal videos!  get a head start on new music for the year!  learn about our church and our wor-
ship!  sing hymns and psalms!  eat Ruby’s great cooking for lunch! 

This year our camp is August 17-21, from 9:00 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.! And new this year – you can stay to
participate in the Art Camp which takes place after lunch from 1:00 – 3:30. (Please note that you
must register for Art Camp separately.)

              Please fill out and return the registration form to Ms. Roach at the church
                                or register online at

                     2009 CHOIR CAMP REGISTRATION
   NAME                                birthday                age       grade
   Parent 1 name                      address                                  zip
   home ___-____-____ cell ___-____-___ work ___-____-____
   email address(es) ____________________________________________
   Parent 2 name                      address                                  zip
   home ___-____-____ cell ___-____-___ work ___-____-____
   email address(es) ____________________________________________
   Camper will be _____ picked up at 12:30 p.m. ______ staying for Art Camp
   We need parent volunteers to assist with various activities during the week. Please check any
   you could help with:
   ____ Send a healthy snack item.           ____ Robe fitting on WED morning.
   ____ Snack chaperone (10-11 a.m.): MON TUES WED THUR FRI
   ____ Lunch chaperone (11:30-12:30 p.m.): MON TUES WED THUR FRI

                               ST. MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH - SAN ANTONIO, TX
JULY 22, 2009                                                                                                           Page 9

                                    From the Senior Warden
                                  Highlights from Vestry June 2009
                                                 By Bill Smith, Senior Warden
                        June’s Vestry meeting started with a Biblical Reflection on Philippians 2:12‐16.  This passage empha‐
                     sizes that we should continue the obedience to God that we have already displayed and that God contin‐
News of the Vestry
                     ues to affirm. Paul says that we should “hold fast to the word of life.”  Paul goes on to say that the Philip‐
                     pians should “work out their salvation with fear and trembling.”  The Vestry used this passage as a start‐
                     ing point for a discussion about how we might enrich our education programs for our children and con‐
                     tinue to develop youth ministry.  We also considered the implications of the second paragraph of our vi‐
                     sion statement: “The entire St. Mark’s community affirms that children and youth are vital to a vibrant 
                     parish life and are included in every aspect of our vision.  We are committed to creative Christian forma‐
                     tion programs that guide and prepare children and youth to take their place in the full ministry of the com‐
                     munity.” After a spirited discussion, the Vestry enthusiastically supported Mike and Jonathan’s plan to 
                     have 3 part time staff care for children and youth Christian formation.  We think that Heather Herschell 
                     and Jennifer Allison as co‐Directors of Christian Education, and Todd Allison as Youth Minister will allow 
                     us to expand and improve our ministry.  For more information, see Mike’s article on the front page.   
                        Our current Rejoice balance is: 
                                        Income                   $8,018,298 
                                        Expenses                 $12,634,956 
                                        Balance                  ($4,616,658) —This amount was financed 
                        The Finance Committee reported that our budget picture, in thousands, at the end of May is: 
                                                                            Budget    May Actual  May Budget YTD  Actual YTD 
                            Income ........................................... 140        97             700         740 
                            Expense ......................................... 138        131             690         653 
                            Balance ..........................................          (34)                          87 
                        Please remember to keep your pledges up to date during the summer months. 
                        John McClung reported that the first six months of “Café Kairos” was a great success.  We served 2,870 
                     meals providing food and hospitality to our parish family and guests so that they may better learn and live 
                     the life of Christ through their participation in the life of the Church. The Vestry was glad to approve next 
                     year’s ministry, and we have four teams ready to take responsibility for continuing foodservice, organized 
                     on a weekly basis.  They are:  John and Mary McClung, Jan Briley, Donna Bardgett, and Karlene Black‐
                     burn. Pat Bridwell discussed Haven for Hope and her recent conversation with Paco Velez, Director of Ser‐
                     vices for the Food Bank.  They are expecting to begin serving at H4H Prospects Courtyard next October, 3 
                     cold meals a day, starting with about 150 clients building to 400 to 500 at capacity.  They have a “general 
                     outline” of what they will be doing, but there is, as yet, no Kitchen Coordinator on board.  That person will 
                     be responsible for coordinating volunteers and organizations.  We have expressed to him that St. Mark’s 
                     would like to participate in that ministry when the time comes.   We will need to make decisions about 
                     our Outreach Kitchen ministry prior to October.  The Vestry remains excited about using our kitchen for 
                     service to others.  The Vestry would like to thank Doug and Linda Addington for all their hard work on the 
                     Parish Picnic.  It was wonderful. 
                        Remember Environmental Stewardship Sunday, on August 9th.  If you have any questions about this 
                     report, contact me at, Mike, or any of your Vestry members. 

Page 10                                                                                   VOLUME 98 ISSUE 12

                     News of the Family
                                          Natalie Ribble, John Russell, Sarah         Zachery Foster, Wally McGee, Clarissa
                                          Strunk, Taylor Wyatt                        Olivares, Elizabeth Roberts, Sandra
                                          August 16th                                 Weber
AUGUST BIRTHDAYS                          Scott Allison, Evelyn Brown, Alan           August 31st
August 1st                                William Radke, Jordan Rubiola               Julia Grace, Janet Hughes, Kimberly
Mary Margaret Amberson, Shane             August 17th                                 Marks, Jami Timmons, Nan Watson
Boone, Linda Arnold Montgomery,           Joseph Campbell, Bill Conner,
Patrick Watson                            Middleton English, Caroline Laurence                      
August 2nd                                August 18th
Hank Cavender, Tod Cavender, Amy          Helen Ballew, Ali Fowler, John LeFlore,                      In Compassion
Phipps, Paul Tellock                      Lynn Mims, Jean Murphree, Kelly                              Our love and prayers are 
August 3rd                                Ranson, George Spencer, Alex                                      with the family 
Mary Jane Adams, Heather Davis,           Townsend                                                          and friends of: 
Madeline Merritt, Louise Taylor, Jill     August 19th                                             
Vassar                                    Erik Frederick, Michelle Gregurich, John    Bill Townsend (6/21/2009) 
August 4th                                Guidry, Mally Holdsworth, Bill Jackson,     Val Adams (6/28/2009) 
Grace Marie Lillibridge, Susan Stewart,   Sabra Morse, Howard Schneider               Margaret Oatman (7/1/2009) 
John David Waltrip                        August 20th                                 Eddyth Worley (7/2/2009) 
August 5th                                David P. Carter, Ellen Dickson, Nick        Dr. Hugo Elmendorf (7/6/2009) 
Earl Fae Eldridge, Rog Gaebel, Shelby     Joyner, Elizabeth McEnery, Grace
Lane, Paige Martin                        Ohlenbusch, Chuck Shaw, Shannon
August 6th                                Stephens
Grove Ramsey                              August 21st                                Lenten Luncheons Report
August 7th                                Christine Dobbins, Joshua Ham, Willis      St Mark’s Lenten Luncheon
Catherine Crowley                         McClung, John Ohlenbusch, James Uhl,       Outreach Committee is
August 8th                                Michele Yetman, Bartell Zachry             very happy to announce
Lisa Anderson, John Oatman, Carla         August 22nd                                that the final accounting is
Sherman, Julie Wilson,                    Sally Dooley, Mary Lois Richter, Martita   complete and this year’s
August 9th                                Seeligson, Ryan Vaughn, Bill Yates         Lenten Luncheons netted
Emilio Ortiz, Adam Shank, Calvin Smith,   August 23rd                                $4,278.81 after expenses. We were only
Judi Stanton, Russell Wilson                                                         open for business for 8 days so this was not
                                          Diego Cruz, Beth Forsen, Jan Smith,
August 10th                                                                          bad. It is the feeling of everyone that we
                                          Cliff Waller, Joan Wyatt                   need to look into the wholesale prices of our
Haley Holmes                              August 24th                                food products. Next year we will be going to
August 11th                               Nan Clausel, Alberto Muzquiz, Robin        all wholesalers in San Antonio hoping to get
Martin Down, David Rochelle, Dee          Voight, James Williams                     better prices since this seems to be where
Whiteside                                 August 25th                                most of the expenses originated. Customers
August 12th                               Julie Mock, Albert R. Vale                 were very generous with their tips for the
Evelyn Fitzsimons, Brian Gilroy,          August 26th                                Food Bank. We were able to send them a
Merlynne Judd                             Sarah Digby, Rink Donnelly, Denise         check for $1,432.11. The Good Samaritan
August 13th                               Welmaker                                   Center, Christian Dental Clinic, Christian
Pam Bain, Allison Lozano, Ellen Martin,                                              Assistance Ministries, Morningside Ministries,
                                          August 27th
Ellen Sealy                                                                          San Antonio Metropolitan Ministries, Woman
                                          Van Howard, John Hudson                    at the Well, and Habitat for Humanity each
August 14th                               August 29th                                received a check for $611.25. A grateful
Kimberly Baker, Lee Cavender, Vanessa     Caroline Crider, Parks Goodwin, Cal        “thank you” to each and every one of you
Hudson, Robert Schuler, Amy Shank,        Koontz, Gordon Lewis, Claire               that helped this year.
Caroline Walker                           Loranger, Zander Thomas
August 15th                               August 30th                                Judy Rux and Lorrie Uhl  
Susan Cavender, Michael Connor,           Linda Addington, John Colglazier,

                                   ST. MARK’S EPISCOPAL CHURCH - SAN ANTONIO, TX
JULY 22, 2009                                                                                         Page 11

                                 2009 CALENDAR
                                                         Tuesday, August 18
                   Every Week                             Boy & Girl Choir Camp at St. Mark's (9-12:30)
                                                          Summer Art Camp (1:00pm-3:30pm)
                                                          5:30pm Vestry
  9am Staff Meeting: Room #305
                                                         Wednesday, August 19
  10am Pray-Ers: Room #102
                                                          Boy & Girl Choir Camp at St. Mark's (9-12:30)
                                                          Summer Art Camp (1:00pm-3:30pm)
  7am Reflection Group: Diocesan Center
                                                          6:30pm Education for Ministry
  9:30am-3:30pm Parents’ Day Out: Nursery, 1st floor
                                                         Thursday, August 20
  10am Study and Eucharist: Diocesan Center
                                                          Boy & Girl Choir Camp at St. Mark's (9-12:30)
  10am Hands of Hope Tapestry Group: Diocesan Center
                                                          Summer Art Camp (1:00pm-3:30pm)
  12:10pm Eucharist: Church
                                                          6:30pm Parish Choir Rehearsal
                                                         Friday, August 21
  6:30pm Parish Choir Rehearsal: Choir Room, 3rd floor
                                                          Boy & Girl Choir Camp at St. Mark's (9-12:30)
                                                         Sunday, August 23
  9:30am-3:30pm Parents’ Day Out, 1st floor
                                                          11:11am "Come As You Are" Worship w/Baptism
  1pm Sack Lunch Ministry: Courtyard
                                                         Wednesday, August 26
                                                          4:00pm Cherub Choir
              Upcoming Events                             5:30pm Boy & Girl Choir
 Sunday, August 2                                         6:30pm Education for Ministry
  10:00am Grigsby Baptism and Rite II Eucharist           7:00pm Youth Choir
  2:00pm Naval Academy Parents' Club                      Thursday, August 27
 Monday, August 3                                         6:30pm Parish Choir Rehearsal
  5:30pm Discipleship for Leadership Meeting              Saturday, August 29
 Tuesday, August 4                                        10:00am Women's Mini Gathering: TMI
  12:00pm Liturgy Meeting
  5:00pm SAMM Team Meeting
 Wednesday, August 5
  6:00pm Youth Leadership Meeting
 Sunday, August 9
  Environmental Stewardship Sunday
 Wednesday, August 12
  6:30pm Education for Ministry
 Thursday, August 13
  Family Camp at Mustang Island (St. Mark's Weekend)
 Friday, August 14
  Family Camp at Mustang Island (St. Mark's Weekend)        7:45am Eucharist 
  5:00pm Seale-Buescher Rehearsal
 Saturday, August 15                                        9am Adult Christian Formation 
  Family Camp at Mustang Island (St. Mark's Weekend)        10am Combined Eucharist 
  6:00pm Seale-Buescher Wedding                             11:11am Come As You Are Worship: Tom 
 Sunday, August 16
  Family Camp at Mustang Island (St. Mark's Weekend)          Gish Hall 
 Monday, August 17                                                  Nursery provided for all services 
  Boy & Girl Choir Camp at St. Mark's (9-12:30)          Every Wednesday Holy Eucharist at 12:10pm in the Church 
  Summer Art Camp (1:00pm-3:30pm)
  10:00am Parish Aid & St. Nicholas

                    Good Samaritan Conference
                    By Bill Edwards 
                    In June, St. Mark’s hosted the Good            example, it was important to visibly monitor the flow of the
                    Samaritan Youth Conference for eight days      participants moving from Gosnell Hall to the six “break out”
                    with at least eighty-five 16 to 20-year-olds   rooms and then traveling to the serving line for lunch. As
attending each day. The purpose of                                                         mentioned before, this experience
the conference was to make                                                                 was a valuable lesson in the use of St.
available the opportunity to                                                               Mark’s Parish House.
investigate careers by visiting the                                                            St. Mark’s thanks Good Samaritan
physical locations of companies and                                                        for their confidence in our ability to
attending the seminar presentations                                                        host such an event. Good Samaritan
at St. Mark’s.                                                                             was very complimentary of the St.
  This eight day conference was a                                                          Mark’s staff and the Parish House-I
wonderful learning experience for                                                          must say I am not surprised at the
the staff at St. Mark’s as we                                                              comments toward the staff and the
discovered new and better ways to                                                          Parish House. A job well done and
deal with such large groups. For                                                           thank you!

Youth Choir Calling all Singers
 Dear 7th-12th graders:                                                                                 first time. This year we’ll
                                            KICK-OFF RETREAT                                            also join the Parish Choir for
   Hope the summer has been                                                                             several special events, con-
great for you! As you already
                                          Saturday, August 22nd 9am – 3pm                               cluding with an 11-day resi-
know, the start of school                      1st Wednesday rehearsal                                  dency at Ely Cathedral in
means the start of many ac-                                                                             England!
tivities. At St. Mark’s this
                                                   August 26th, 7pm                                     If you’ve ever thought about
means that it’s time for                                                                                joining the Youth Choir, this
YOUTH CHOIR to start                      **MUSIC, FRIENDS, and FUN **                                  is a great time to check it
back up as well!                                                                                        out!

  The Youth Choir sings throughout the year, including special       We need singers and those who think they can’t sing!
services at Thanksgiving, Christmas, Good Friday and Easter.        We need high-schoolers and middle-schoolers!
We do service projects like Christmas caroling to shut-ins.         We need guys and girls!
We’ve presented musicals and concerts in dinner theater and         We need YOU!
talent shows, and last year wrote our OWN musical for the

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