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					The Beckington Group of Parishes       Beckington
                                       Lullington & Orchardleigh

   December 2011

                                   CONTACT LIST

 Rector                           Readers             Dr. J Beaven           830535
 Revd. Andrew Chalkley                                Mr. G. Bridges         01225 755784
 8 Church Street,                 Readers -           Mr. H. M. Daniel       461870
 Beckington, Frome                PTO
                                                      Mr. A. Hawker          474309
 BA11 6TG
 01373 830314                                         Cdr. E. Phillimore     830677
                                  Baptist Minister: The Revd. M. I. White    453334       Email:           07971 438694

                Church Officers                            Beckington Web Site:
PCC Secretary J Stone         01225 949399
                                                       Beckington School Web Site:
Church Warden L Spencer               830932 
                 Berkley School Web Site:
Church Warden J Graham                830659  
Treasurer     J Johnson                                Springmead School Web Site:
                     Berkley                            Beckington Memorial Hall
PCC Secretary Caroline White
                                                      Gillian Hayward 01373 830541
Church Warden J Hayward               832315           Beckington Parish Council
                  Clerk: Joy Book 01373 300184
Church Warden E J Oakes               473989          Chair: Stan Wilson 01373 830337
Treasurer     C Eyres                 830625             Berkley Parish Council
                       Clerk: Janet Harvey 01373 832303
                     Rodden                                   Bell ringing practice
PCC Secretary C Higham                472636          at St. George’s is every Thursday
                                                      from 7.30 p.m. to 9 p.m.
Church Warden J Beck                   464574         Tower Captain: J Ball 830419
                A Sandall               465869
                   Beckington Group Mothers’ Union
Emeritus:      D Pattinson                            Branch Leader: Mary Earle 01373
Treasurer       K Herridge             467778         302817. Meets 1st Wed in the month
             Lullington/Orchardleigh                  except August. All welcome.
PCC Sec: O & L G Bridges        01225 755784             Beckington Tower Lighting
Ch. Warden: O        Lisa Spencer 01373 830932
Treasurer:       P McGarvie            472021
(Orchardleigh)              Beckington Pre-School
Church Wardens J Walsby (Lullington) 830268      
                 J Ladd (Orchardleigh) 830514
Treasurer:       R Bridges      01225 755784
                                                       Please submit items for publication
Lullington            in the January issue to:
Verger:          J Hayward             832315
Orchardleigh         no later than December 13
Wedding Admin. J Ladd                  830514            Network Advertising: Mrs. J. Evemy,
                      01373 473697

Rector’s Blog                                   When you join us in worship this
                                                Advent and Christmas, don’t come just
‘Good news of great joy’                        because it’s a way to launch your
                                                festivities or because it’s a tradition.
What sort of year have you had? A               Come because you know of a need;
friend of mine runs his own business            come because it’s right to admit you’re
in the midlands and, for him and his            searching for more; come because
colleagues, 2011 has bumped along               you’re welcome.
the bottom. His order book has just
begun to fill again, but he’s not sure of       Above all, come because the birth of
what’s around the corner in his                 God’s Rescuer is “good news of great
marketplace. As I write these notes             joy that will be for all the people” (Luke
the community in which I live is                2: 10).
struggling to make sense of a very
recent bereavement. Celebrating                 Philippa, Meg and I wish you God’s
Christmas for some, isn’t always so             rich blessing this Advent and
easy.                                           Christmas.

So, where to turn? Sometimes
something so familiar to us that we trip
                                                                     Andrew Chalkley
over it can be the very thing we’re
searching for. I always feel sorry for
the shepherds in Dr. Luke’s account of          ‘Midday Prayer’, which is open to the
the birth of Jesus – minding their own          whole Benefice and takes place in St.
business, huddled together against              George’s on weekdays during school
the night-time chill, then suddenly             tern time, will happen as normal until
terrified at the sight of first one and         Friday 16th December and then on
then “a great company” of angels!               Tuesday 20th December. Midday
What made me think of this part of the          Prayer then takes a break and returns
Christmas accounts in the Gospels               on Tuesday 3rd January. As Friday 6th
was that so many people missed it:              January is the feast of Epiphany,
the high fliers and the powerful; and           Midday Prayer that day incorporates a
yet some ordinary bods found                    short service of Holy Communion. See
themselves centre stage!                        you there!

Christ left unimaginable glory and the          [Springmead School are using St.
worship of countless angels to be born          George's Church to rehearse in before
into the stink of a stable and the              their carol service and nativity plays.
poverty of a conquered country. Into            Midday Prayer will therefore be in the
darkness. Into obscurity. Into                  Rectory on certain days, and will be
hardship. Into the pain and                     well signposted!]
exploitation of our world. Into the
unanswered questions and struggles
of human existence.
That’s the God I believe in. A God, a
Rescuer who is utterly worthy of being
followed, worshipped and adored.
St George’s Church, Beckington

  Children’s Carol
  with children’s tea to follow

Sunday 11th December
      We invite you to bring a
wrapped gift of stationary suitable
for children at Golden Bells School

                          The Somerset Smithy
                     01373 462609

                  HOTEL &                 11 individually decorated ensuite rooms
                 RESTAURANT                Warm cosy bar with log burning fire
                 BECKINGTON                              1AA Rosette
                                               Intimate Oak Room Restaurant
                                                 Secluded Garden Courtyard
                        Private lunch/dinner parties for up to 40 people
                              Always a warm & friendly welcome
                              Open Monday to Sunday for lunch & dinner
                 Reservations on 01373 831244

                    RICHARD MCPHERSON

               TEL : 01373 467860 MOBILE: 07973 635487
               EMAIL :
             Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Services Authority ~ FRN491660

            Fo r a ll your reg ular or one-off cleaning
           P ro f es s io n a l se rv i ce b y exp e r ie n c ed sta f f
Tel: 01985 21704 Email:
Keep Active with Physiotherapy
   Alison Rossiter MCSP, HPC
 30 years experience in the treatment of muscle
 and joint problems. Helping people to improve
    their health and fitness through treatment,
                exercise and advice.
Home visits can be arranged.
                                                           at White Row Farm,
Daytime and evening appointments available.                    Beckington
If you need help please contact:                      Tel: Farm shop 01373 830798
     Beckington Physiotherapy                               Cafe 01373 831694
            tel: 01373 831483                            Butchery 01373 830428
      Email:                 Plants/Gifts 01373 830024
                                                      Vegetables (many grown on farm)
                                                      Dairy Produce, Preserves, Bread,
                                                          Ice Cream, Cider & Wine
                                                            and much much more.
              Rose Knight
                                                      Visit both the Butchery and Café
     House Sitting & Dog & Cat
                                                          Monday - Friday 9 am to 6 p.m.
          Minding Service                                 Saturday         9 am to 5 p.m.
 50 Pedlars Grove, Frome BA11 2SX                         Sunday          10 am to 2 p.m.
   01373 464904 / 07773 435254

                                                          BRIAN ALLSOP
                                                          Carpet & Flooring Limited
                                                      •   Carpets              • Free measuring
                                                      •   Vinyls                 & planning
                                                      •   Natural Floorings    • Re-stretching &
                                                      •   Laminate Floorings     repairs
                                                      •   Vinyl Tiles          • Scotchguarding
                                                      •   Safety Flooring      • Insurance quotes

                                                             Tel/Fax: 01373 463866
                                                             Mobile: 07887 953014

 Thank you once again to all our loyal advertisers.
 Please support local businesses and do tell them that
 you saw their advert in Network.

 We are again indebted to our marvellous team of Network
 distributors who give their time each month to visit every house in
 the 5 parishes – whatever the weather! We really are most grateful.

 We wish everyone a blessed and peaceful Christmas and New Year.

             WE’LL HELP YOU CREATE
              THE HOME YOU WANT!
• New curtains or blinds in a • Old favourites • Colour schemes
  large choice of beautiful     reupholstered
  fabrics                                      • Full interior design
                              • Bathroom and     and project
• Sofas and chairs made to      kitchen design   management
  your exact requirements

                         07733 268 825

                                           Beckington Limousines

     - Bed and Breakfast -                Weddings, Theatre trips,
         Julia Naismith               School proms, Children’s parties,
  Hollytree Cottage, Laverton                  Race meetings,
 near Bath, Somerset BA3 6QZ         Birthdays/Anniversary celebrations      #

      Tel: 01373 830786                    And all other special occasions
                                              Tel: 01373 831717

                      St. George’s               A Big Thank You
                                                 To all our incredible friends
                      Floodlighting              We cannot imagine how impossible
                                                 this last few weeks would have been
                  If you would like the          without you. Dermod would have been
                  tower to be floodlit           so proud. Each hug, each word and
                  on a particular date,          each tear soothed a little of our pain.
please contact Lisa Spencer (830932).            You made a sad day as beautiful as it
Suggested donation £10.                          could be. The love was tangible. For
The tower was floodlit on:                       this, we will be forever grateful. Martha
                                                 and I will be able to move forward
Tuesday 8th November in loving                   because of the genuine care around
memory of Lucy Pritchard                         us. This allows Derm to always be
                                                 here with us in this extraordinary
Wednesday 23rd November - "Another               village that will continue to be our
year sadly missed" Tom and family.               family and home.

Wednesday 7th December in loving                 With greatest love and thanks
memory of Thelma Priston and Basil                         Rachel and Martha Atkinson
Chalkley                                                                           Xx

                                                 Join us on Sunday 4th December for
  Carol Singing round the                         ‘Sunday @ 4’, with guest speaker
  Village Christmas Tree                         Rev. Richard Fothergill, who heads
                                                 up the ‘Filling Station’ rural renewal
  will be on Saturday 17th                                     movement.

     December at 6pm.                             Children’s Carols takes place on
                                                  Sunday 11th December at 4.15pm.
     Beckington Calendars                        Beckington School has a link with the
                                                 Elizabeth-Ann Charity, which supports
There are very few Beckington                    Golden Bells School in Chittoor,
calendars left , so if you want one              southern India. Please consider
please get in touch with Ann Samler              supporting this project (see
830904.                                 ) by
                                                 bringing along to Children’s Carols a
                                                 wrapped present of stationary (such
        Christmas Market                         as notebook, pencils, pens, rubber).
The Friends of St. George’s are very             Thanks!
grateful for all the support given to this                                      Andrew
event. We are delighted that £1185
was raised.

St Mary’s Berkley                              operating over 135 light aircraft in
                        Thank you to           more than 30 countries. Around 280
                        everyone who           flights every day transport patients,
                        has supported          relief teams, medical supplies and
                        the Samaritan          Christian workers in the world’s
                        Purse charity by       remotest regions and places of
                        donating a shoe        deepest human need – places where
                        box, knitting          flying is not a luxury but a lifeline.
                        scarves, hats          [More at].
                        and mittens or         Please sign up and make a difference!
donating money. I will let you know in
next month’s Network how many shoe                       From the Registers
boxes were sent from the Melksham
warehouse and where they were sent.            Beckington
I do know that through your generous           Funeral
gifts, thousands of children will feel
loved and wanted.                              18 November - Dermod Gerald Atkinson

Thank you to all who have taken                Rodden
services at St. Mary’s in November. It         Funeral
will soon be Christmas! Please do              20 October - Dorothy Ivy Russell
come to our Carol Service on
Christmas Eve at 6pm, a warm                   Orchardleigh
welcome awaits you. God’s blessings            Marriages
for a Happy Christmas to all Network
readers.                                       21st Oct - Christian Bowman and Claire Kerr
                                               23rd Oct - Benjamin Gosset and Sarah Stuckey
    Maureen Newman & Berkley PCC               29th Oct - Jamie Smith and Jessica Burchill
                                               30th Oct - David Biffen and Deborah Evans
Join us for carol singing at the ‘Frome        12th Nov - David Lawson and Lucy Shelton
Flier’ pub at 7pm on Friday 16th               15th Nov - Benjamin Massiah and Joanne Morris
December, from wherever you are                18th Nov - Christan Firth and Jolene Pestel
from around the Benefice.                      19th Nov - Andrew Sargeson and Lauren Hudson
     Do You Shop Online?                       Lullington
If you sign up here:                           28th Oct - Leonard Quainton and Hannah Smith
then each time you shop from Tesco,            Funeral
Sainsbury’s, M&S or some other                 1st November - Queenie McKinnon
stores, they will make a donation to
your chosen charity – it costs you
absolutely nothing!
You are encouraged to select MAF
(Mission Aviation Fellowship) – just
enter MAF in the selection box. MAF
is a worldwide Christian organisation

         All Saints Rodden                            New Year Delivery
                      The Carol                   Can you spare half an hour
                      Service will                towards the end of each month
                      take place on               to collect seven boxes of
                      Sunday                      Network from Styles Hill,
                      December 18th               Frome, then deliver them to
                      at 6.30pm                   three addresses in Clink,
                      followed by                 Berkley and Beckington?
                      coffee and
                      mince pies in               The days and times may vary
                      the Hall. Please            slightly, someone who is able
place donations towards Christmas                 to be flexible appreciated.
flowers at Rodden in the box on the
font – thank you.                                 It doesn’t take very long, but it’s
Carols on the Green will be sung at               so important that our regional
6pm on Christmas Eve by the post                  organisers get the magazines
box on Styles Hill. Our numbers grow              as soon as possible so that
every year - it is wonderful to see               they can get them out to the
people joining in from all over the Hill          individual distributors in good
and beyond.                                       time.
The service at Rodden on Christmas                If no one person can offer,
Day will be Holy Communion at                     perhaps you would be
9.15am.                                           prepared to join a rota?
The Fun Quiz in October raised just
over £150. Many thanks to June and                Please contact Sheila Walker
Jim for organising the questions once             on 01373 471624
again. It was a very happy evening,     
enjoyed by all.
First Thursday at No. 30 will be on
December 1st. Come along to 30
Styles Hill from 10.30am. Let’s get the
mince pies going!

     Flowers         Brass     Cleaning
     Sarah Jane
4                    Mr Beck   Mrs Beck
     (nee Walwin)
     Sarah Jane
11                   Vacant    Mrs Beck
     (nee Walwin)
     Mrs Dowling               Mrs Dowling
18   Mrs Higham      Mr Beck   Mrs Higham
     Mrs Antell                Mrs Antell
25   Miss Pittaway   Mr Beck   Mrs Beck
26   Miss Pittaway   Mr Beck   Mrs Beck

                     Lullington &                 streets in her pious black dress. For
                     Orchardleigh                 Frome, seen from above, still has the
                                                  air of a fairy tale illustration by Arthur
                  The Delights of                 Rackham. And if that sounds far-
                  Lullington, Number              fetched, go and have a pint in the
                  12: It’s near Frome             Lamb and Fountain, and look out over
                                                  the town through its marvellous picture
                  Lullington is within            window.
                  pottering distance of
Frome, a place of many, if eccentric,                                       Great Bustard
charms. These include (in no
particular order) a couple of breweries,
a terrific bookshop, numerous                            Poppy Appeal 2011
markets, a slew of exceptional art
shops and galleries, a wonderful deli,                         Thank You
the best café in Somerset, the most
courteous Boots in the world, and at              My sincere thanks to everyone who
least two of Britain’s leading jazz               contributed to this year's Poppy
musicians. It’s the sort of place you             Appeal.
can wander into on a Saturday
morning and buy anything from a pair              In particular I want to thank our house
of brass candlesticks or a broom                  to house collectors and those who
handle to a cone of rhubarb ice cream             sold poppies at the Standerwick
or a length of conger eel.                        Sunday and Farmers' Markets. In
                                                  addition to these manned collections,
Frome has other features which are                many local businesses allowed us to
just as enchanting but much more                  have static unmanned collection
baffling. There’s a railway station               boxes on their premises, and finally
which most trains never stop at, an               many people donated very generously
incomprehensible town crier, and a                at our Remembrance Sunday services
first-class concert venue (Rook Lane              at St George's Beckington, St Mary's
Chapel) which stages very few                     Orchardleigh and St Mary's Berkley.
concerts. There’s an utterly
cherishable Italian restaurant which              Thanks to all these contributions, we
has been transported intact from the              have raised a total of £3,113.75 for
1970s. And there’s a museum in                    this year's Poppy Appeal.
which the major exhibits are a giant
ammonite and one of Jenson Button’s                                      Steve Jenkins
racing suits.                                                                 Chairman
                                                         Beckington and District Branch
Apart from Mr Button, Frome’s most                             The Royal British Legion
famous past resident was the
nineteenth-century poet Christina
Rossetti. It is pleasing to think that the
author of “Goblin Market” once
pattered through these winding, hilly

     Music Hall Postponed                         Beckington Memorial Hall

Due to circumstances beyond the                 Seven members attended the
control of the Beckington Players, it is        November meeting of Beckington
with great regret that we have found it         Memorial hall committee.
necessary to postpone the 2011 Music            John Hayward chaired the meeting;
Hall until March 2012.                          and among matters discussed were
                                                the maintenance of the Hall and
Tickets purchased for the shows that            Recreation ground and absence of
were due to take place in November              representatives from User body
and December this year will remain              groups. There are a number of clubs
valid for the re-scheduled shows in             that meet on a regular basis at the
March. Details of the dates are listed          hall, and the committee would
below:                                          welcome a member of the group at
                                                meetings to give feedback on the day
                                                to day appearance and running of the
 Original show       Re-scheduled               building and surrounding land; we
                                                would then be better equipped to
Thursday 24th      Thursday 1st                 enhance the good features and
November 2011      March 2012                   correct any problems arising.
Friday 25th        Friday 2nd March             This year’s Firework display was
November 2011      2012                         excellent, and attended by a large and
Saturday 26th      Saturday 3rd                 appreciative crowd.
November 2011      March 2012                   Donna Kelly gave a summary of the
Wednesday 30th Wednesday 7th                    accounts and explained income and
November 2011 March 2012                        expenditure for the month. There has
                                                been very little financial movement in
Thursday 1st       Thursday 8th                 the figures.
December 2012      March 2012
                                                Plans for Beckington’s Jubilee Day,
Friday 2nd         Friday 9th March             June 23rd 2012 are progressing well.
December 2012      2012
                                                New hiring prices will be discussed at
Saturday 3rd       Saturday 10th                a full meeting of the committee, and
December 2012      March 2012                   set from April next year.
We are very sorry for any
                                                The next meeting will be Wednesday
inconvenience this might cause, but
we would urge you to hold onto your             January 11th 2012, all dates for next
tickets and come along to the re-               year are advertised in Network.
scheduled shows in March, when we
will be putting on a rip roaring show to        200 club Draw winners
celebrate 25 years of the Beckington            1st prize £50 No. 58 J Southwell
Music Hall.                                     2nd prize £25 No.163 M.Casey.
                                                3rd prize £10 No. 167 S. Wilson.
For details on refunds, possible ticket
exchanges or available tickets please
call 01373 830541.
  Beckington Astronomical                                What’s New?
                                              The Beckington web site now has an
       (                 option where you can be informed
                                              whenever there is something new on
The map shows the night sky looking           the site. On the front page you will see
South at about 9.00pm Christmas               a button called RSS News Feed. Click
evening. The pattern of stars only            this to subscribe (using your preferred
changes very gradually from night to          news feed reader). [If you are using
night so the map is a good guide              Google Chrome as your browser you
throughout December. I have picked            will first have to install the RSS
out 4 items that can be seen with the         Subscription Extension]. Any
naked eye (good eyesight needed for           problems, please use the Contact Us
the Andromeda Galaxy). Binoculars or          page on the web site.
a telescope will show more detail. The
objects are Planet Jupiter, Orion
Nebula (M42), Pleiades or 7 sisters
                                                        Mobile Library
(M45) and the Andromeda Galaxy
                                              The Mobile Library will continue to visit
                                              Beckington, but now will only stop in
                     John Ball. 830419
                                              Homefield Close from 2.05pm to
                                              2.20pm. on Wednesdays every 4
                                              weeks. The next visits will be:

                                              December 21      January 18

                                                              Info: 0845 3459177

          Berkley School                          Museum of Bath at work – both of
                                                  which were very interesting. We all
In celebration of our 150 years                   had a great day and learned so much.
anniversary we held our Victorian
Performance in the hall at Selwood                Once again we took part in Operation
school. It was a brilliant evening and            Christmas Child and the boxes
extremely well attended. The children             flooded in, all colourfully wrapped and
all performed to a high standard and              filled with wonderful gifts for the
there was a lovely family feel in the             children in Liberia. Mrs Newman and
hall. The staff were all thrilled that the        Mrs Short received them from us
hard work and encouragement had                   during a whole school Act of Worship
really paid off in such a memorable               and we prayed for the children who
evening.                                          will be receiving our ‘boxes full of
The school attended the new Monday
afternoon service in church led by                                         Caroline White
Andrew and we shared some of the
music and poems from our 150years
concert and Harvest festival. This                        Beckington Choir
monthly service is going to be a great
opportunity for parents and friends of            The choir sang at the annual
the school to join with other members             Remembrance Day service, in St.
of the church community in worship.               George’s Church, where we
Children and staff will be in                     performed the introit Call to
attendance at one service every half              Remembrance by Richard Farrant and
term. Do come along – you will be                 the anthem We Remember Them by
made most welcome.                                David Simmonds. The anthem
                                                  featured several choir members
The Friends of Berkley School have                singing solo parts as well as Katrin
been busy once again with a Cake                  Roberts playing the clarinet. Katrin
Day and also a school disco. We are               has recently joined the choir and came
very grateful to them for all their hard          to us as a result of our ‘Come and try
work and delighted with the additional            it’ evening in September.
funds that they raise. At the time of
writing this the playground is heaped             Please see page 19 for details of our
high with Bags2School which is                    Winter Warmer concert on December
another fundraising scheme involving              10th.
                                                    Musical Director: David Simmonds
Continuing our theme on the                                  01761 419367
Victorians, the whole school travelled     
to Bath to visit a range of Victorian
museums. Rabbits and Squirrels
visited the Assembly Rooms to
investigate old toys. Badgers visited
the Victoria art museum and the

       Beckington School                         Whilst there have been many happy
                                                 times at school recently, we’ve
As you read this, we’re only days                obviously been touched by the
away from our Christmas shows so as              sadness that has swept the village at
you can imagine, the past few weeks              the tragic passing of Dermod
have been packed with children                   Atkinson. As a parent and school
learning lines, songs and stage                  governor, he shared his enthusiasm
directions, staff and parents preparing          and energy to the benefit of our school
costumes and music, and the general              and our community. Our thoughts are
hubbub of festive excitement. If                 with Rachel and Martha and his many
rehearsals are anything to go by, they           good friends. He will be greatly missed
again promise to be two wonderful                and fondly remembered.
nights. But this is only the beginning of
another busy month at school;                                             Janine Franklin
everyone’s been working hard to
make sure our other Christmas events               Beckington over 60’s Club
(our postponed bazaar, end of term
party and a visit from Santa) will be            It is with regret that I make it known of
equally successful.                              the demise of the Beckington Over
                                                 60’s Club after 47 years!
School days have been busy too with
classes looking at Diwali as well as
                                                 With only 21 members it was difficult
taking part in the Anti-Bullying Week
                                                 to continue, in fact, only ten were
and a special Remembrance service,
                                                 Beckington residents.
again with Richard Hoare’s much
appreciated input. And after school,
                                                 Without our friends from Frome and
there have been parents’ evenings
                                                 the support of our guests on our tours,
and, of course, clubs with children
                                                 we would have closed several years
enjoying hockey and football with
Springmead, Christmas crafts,
gymnastics, cheerleading and martial
                                                 It is a sad day for everyone that the
arts... Where do they all find their
                                                 club has died along with the
                                                 community spirit in Beckington.
We also welcomed pupils from St
                                                                            Joyce Burdett
Martin’s Garden Primary School last
month as well. Rowan class children
shared lunchtime with their new                          Rest Day Change
friends before teaming up to complete
maths trails around the village. They            As from the New Year, Andrew's rest
worked together brilliantly before               day will be on a Friday. If you need a
saying goodbye at the end of a lovely            minister in an emergency on a Friday,
afternoon, everyone looking forward to           please contact the Rev. Michael
the next shared event being planned              White.
for February.

Beckington School

Berkley School

    Springmead School

A firework picture by Eleanor Perkins who attended
        the October Half Term holiday club

        The Beckington Village Choir
                  Invites you and your friends to

         A Winter Warmer
           Concert of Songs and Carols
               Saturday 10th December
                            at 7.30pm

     Join us for an enjoyable start to the Christmas Season!

               *** Lucky Number Programme ***

       Tickets: £6.00 (including refreshments) Children free
          Available from Choir members, or on the door
 To reserve your seats please ring 01373 865582 (Answerphone)

         FACT Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
                           January 2012
United Prayer Services
30 minutes duration following format provided by World Council of
Churches and Pontifical Council for Christian Unity:
Monday 16th 2.30pm Wesley Methodist Church, Frome
Tuesday 17th 7pm St Catharine’s Park Road , Frome
Wednesday 18th 7pm Holy Trinity, Chantry
Thursday 19th 7am Holy Trinity, Frome
Friday 20th Noon St George’s Beckington
Friday 20th 7.30pm More Than Gold Prayer Group - St John’s,
   Bath Street
“Demonstration” Services (followed by tea)
A chance to experience a format of worship in the style of another
denomination which is perhaps unique to them to allow us to
explore what each other believes. Join in or just be an observer.
Monday 16th 7.30pm Stations of The Cross - St Catharine’s RC
   Church Park Road
Wednesday 18th 3pm Quiet Service - Zion United Reformed
   Church, Whittox Lane
Thursday 19th 7.30pm Covenant Service - Wesley Methodist
   Church, Wesley Slope, Frome

                       AGE
                        2-5
                                            BRISTOWS CARPENTRY &
                                              DEVELOPMENTS LTD
      Monday, Wednesday,                    TEL: 07968 365840 - 01373 300062
      Thursday (am) Friday        
    9am-12noon, 12noon-3pm
        Term time only.                        GREEN OAK FRAMING
   Lyes Green, Corsley, Warminster        TRADITIONAL & MODERN ROOFING
       BA12 7QH 01373 832298               TRADITIONAL A FRAME TRUSSES                 GARDEN STRUCTURES
                                            CLADDING, KITCHENS, DOORS
  1 Free Introductory Session!              ALL ASPECTS OF CARPENTRY

    Washed Up Crocks                               Parents & Toddlers
 Whatever your event large                  We Meet every Tuesday between
   or small I can supply                    2 p.m. and 3.30 p.m. in the
     Crockery, Cutlery,                     Beckington Baptist Church Hall.
     Glassware & Linen                      Everyone welcome, especially
                                            new families who have just
  With reasonable rates and NO
                                            moved into the area.
     washing up it pays to hire!
Delivery/Collection service available      More details: Freda 830597
      For a quotation contact:
           Helen Shorten
      Office – 01373 830141
      Mobile – 07746410401               Beckington Pre-School
              Email –                        “Children are keen to join in          with the range of exciting activities          provided… within the welcoming, friendly
                                                    environment” (Ofsted 2009)
    Richard Robbins                           For children from 2 – school age

    Trained gardener                      During term time, sessions are available:
                                           Mondays to Fridays 9.20am – 3.00pm
     with 25 years experience.
                                                Morning sessions, can be extended
                                              with lunch-times and afternoon sessions
All aspects of garden care undertaken.                   to provide you with
      Horticultural Consultancy.                  the flexibility of care you need!
                                                  Limited Places Available
   HEDGE TRIMMING | PRUNING                              Book Now!
        PLANTING PLANS                           For more information please contact
                                              Julie Buckley (Pre-School Leader)
For your gateway to a better             at The Baptist Chapel Hall, Frome Road, Beckington
 garden Tel: 01373 473008                       BA11 6TD or on 01373 831492
   Mobile: 07510 130083              
                                                     Registered Charity No 1035832

                                          Logs for Sale
                                              R M Log Supplies
                                          Call Robin on 07876 621929
                                           Hardwood logs &
                                           kindling for sale
                                                Free delivery

    ALL ABOUT LOCKS                                    Basic
LOCKSMITHS                                           Computers
LOCKSMITH COMPANY                   Bought a Computer
  LOCKS OPENED, SUPPLIED &          Are you on Broadband
          FITTED                    Software/hardware a challenge
                                    Inspiration required

TEL: 07886338121                    Contact Ian on 01373 813353 or
                                    Jan on 01373 301676

         with qualified and experienced language teachers
                        (all native speakers)

   The Foreign Languages Centre at the University of Bath offers
   day-time, lunch-time and evening classes for the general public.

        For more information, please telephone 01225 383991
               or visit
                       or email:

         Mothers’ Union                        Many people are also struggling with
                                               other health issues -malaria,
Having enjoyed our Harvest lunch last          malnutrition, HIV/Aids, and it is
month at Squirrels in Southwick                important they have access to the
Country Park, it was back to business          right information so they can obtain
as usual in October, with an excellent         help, and be made aware of the need
talk by Robin Finlay from Norton St.           for screening and early diagnosis.
Philip about eye care in Africa.
                                               Robin also collects old and unwanted
Robin had worked as an eye surgeon             optical instruments and apparatus to
and as a young man had visited Africa          send to Africa, sometimes working
and had observed at first hand the             with the charity Fight for Sight. This
huge problems of eye disease and               was an inspirational talk and much
blindness. Following his retirement            appreciated by all present, members
from the RUH in Bath, he contacted             and visitors alike.
the Christian Blind Mission and went
back as a volunteer, accompanied               The next meeting will be held at Lahs
by Edith his wife, to help with                Place on Wednesday 7th December
treatment of eye conditions at a clinic        and will be our Advent / Christmas
near Lake Victoria. He gave his talk           meeting. Please note that our AGM in
the title "The challenge of                    January will take place on the second
undiagnosed glaucoma in Africa" and            Wednesday, January 11th. We wish all
gave a lively and absorbing account of         members and friends a happy
the work being done, with the goal of          Christmas.
eliminating avoidable blindness by
2020, a huge challenge given the                                       Rosemary Ball
scale of the problem.
                                                RODE METHODIST VC FIRST
Some types of eye conditions are                       SCHOOL
preventable and treatable, the main
obstacles being late diagnosis, lack of        We are looking for someone to
suitably trained doctors and nurses            organise, plan and supervise
and shortage of optical                        play activities for our children
equipment. Among the most common               aged 5-9 between11.55am and
causes of blindness are cataracts,             1.25pm daily with an additional
diabetic retinopathy, corneal scarring         2.5 hours per week to be agreed.
and glaucoma, but thanks to Robin's            £8.00- £8.72/ hour- depending
enthusiasm and commitment, many                on qualifications and experience.
more people are receiving help and             Closing date: 12th December.
treatment. Encouraging progress is             Interviews on: 15th December.
being made with cataract treatment in                    01373 830523
particular, with local people being    
trained, and with the increased
availability of optical equipment which
is very scarce. Glaucoma can be
treated successfully with eye drops.

Beckington Parish Council                       Mr Fussell would therefore be a sub-
                                                contractor to the Parish Council under
For the full minutes see the notice             a private arrangement. Clerk to
board opposite The Woolpack and at:             establish with SCC that they would be            happy for Mr Fussell to spread grit on
                                                the highways. Clerk to ask insurers
Extract of the draft minutes of the
                                                whether they will/will not insure the
meeting held on 19th September.
                                                Parish Council if they use their own
                                                sub-contractor to grit the highways.
Matters Outstanding
                                                Clerk to establish from Mr Fussell
Visibility – Sandy Lane/Warminster
                                                what triggers him to grit the roads.
Road Junction: Jeff Bunting has
attended a site visit with Mr Wilson
                                                Email enquiry from Cllr Adam Boyden,
and has agreed to put H bars on the
                                                Frome College Ward who asks
junction in the next 6-8 weeks.
                                                whether there is anything he can do to
Graffitt and Overhanging Tree, Bridge,
                                                help with the gritting situation of
Goose Street: Graffitti appears to have
                                                Beckington roads. Clerk to reply
got worse. Clerk to chase Highways
                                                giving details of planned gritting
Agency. SCC have given an
                                                procedure and thank him for his
inspection number for the tree.
Streetlight, The Drang: Streetlighting
have refused to replace the light on
the post as future maintenance would
require a ladder which is no longer
                                                Proposal: Convert and extend barns
considered safe. Therefore, a whole
                                                into a single dwelling and erect a pair
new lamppost needs to be installed.
                                                of self-catering holiday lets, offices
Mr Yerbury to forward details of
                                                and car port (amended plans received
contact at streetlighting to Clerk who
                                                29th July 2011); Davages Farm, Rudge
will chase this matter.
                                                lane, Beckington. Mendip District
Wheelie Bins, Sandy Lane: The bins
                                                Council granted planning permission
are still present and have been noted
                                                on 12th October 2011.
as being over a foot into the road and
spread out over an area of 20 foot or
                                                Next Meeting
more. As a result of the placement of
these bins an accident has occurred.
                                                Monday 19th December at 7.30pm at
Mr Rose gave the clerk further
                                                Beckington Memorial Hall, Clifford
information on the possible owners of
the bins which will be passed to MDC
with a request that if the owners of the
bins cannot be found that the bins are
removed by the end of November.

Snow and Ice Clearance
Unsatisfactory reply from insurers.
Clerk has spoken to Andy Fussell who
cannot be a sub-contractor for SCC
due to him not having a snowplough.
Department of Transport Approved                                                                              General Maintenance


                                                                                           Tel 01373 302359
     DRIVING INSTRUCTOR                                                                                       Painting & Decorating
Pass PLUS registered                                                                                          Carpentry
                              First lesson                                                                    Floor & Wall Tiling
Mock Tests included. Pick
up at Home or Work – Dual
                                FREE if                                                                       Window & Door Re-
Controls. Full Hour given.     you bring                                                                      Flat Pack Assembly
Anytime of Day or Evening       this ad.                                                                      Shelving
incl. Sats. – High First Time Pass Rate.                                                                      House Clearance
My official pass rate achieved = 89.9%.
National average = only 43%.                                                                                    No Job too Big
                                                                                                                   or Small
FROME 466611 Condensed                                     Have you got any job that needs                       Please Call
                                                           sorting then give me a call
Courses also available [Please Ring for
Details]. MOB – 07730 445648                                                  Mobile 07970 119550

                                                               Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Specialist
      Frome and District
                                                                                                                       Recommended by
 Cats Protection have many
cats in care who need a loving
 home. Please can you help?
    Contact us on 07733 390345                                   • Home, Private, Lettings, Business
   Website                              • Independent Experienced Operator

                                                                             T.S. PRESCOTT
                                                                              PLUMBING & HEATINGRegistered
                                                                        BATHROOM & KITCHEN INSTALLATION
                                                                              PROPERTY MAINTENANCE
                                                                             ROOFING :: CARPENTRY :: PAINTING
                                                                        White Horse Cottage
                                                                        1 Westbury View                             Telephone:
                                                                        Standerwick                           01373 832749
                                                                        BA11 2PY                              07787 571200
                                                                                                   Barking Mad is an
                                                                                                   alternative to
                                                                                                   kennelling where
                                                                                                   dogs stay with a
                                                                                                   host family.
                                                                    To find out more about the
                                                                    service or to be a host call:
                                                                                   01373 454505
      Springmead School
      Nursery and Preparatory

   Maximum class size of 17 children
   A rich variety of academic, artistic,
  sporting and social experiences
    A happy and supportive environment
    Scholarships available
    Wrap around care, 8am - 6pm, 51 weeks a year
    10% discount for those using sustainable means of transport
    ‘Outstanding’ Ofsted inspection Summer 2007

      For more information telephone 01373 831555
      or visit our website
      Castle Corner, Beckington, Somerset BA11 6TA

                                    Need a Piano Teacher
                                         or Maths Tutor?
         FROM 3 YEARS
       T. 01373 474481                         Andy Burden               Tel: (01225) 766238       

Garden design – construction - planting

                                                            The Blue House, Frome
                                                       provides accommodation for 16 elderly
                                                      residents. From time to time bed-sits and
                                                           flats become available to rent.

 SUNNY HILL PREPARATORY                               If you are considering such a move in the
                                                        future, please telephone to arrange an
SCHOOL NURSERY & PRE-PREP                              appointment for an informal discussion:
        Girls and boys aged 2½ - 7 yrs
                                                      The House Manager - The Blue House,
          FREE Toddler Group                                  Market Place, Frome
  Wednesdays 10am – 12pm Term Time                              Tel. 01373 462577
                                                         or call in at one of our regular
  We look forward to seeing you                           Wednesday Coffee Mornings
  (01749) 814427 Bruton School for Girls

    The Waldron Partnership                                     Bed & Breakfast
 Chartered Certified Accountants
Accountants in Bath & Radstock                                   Eden Vale Farm
Local firm with offices in Bath and Radstock.                        Mill Lane
More than 25 years experience in providing                          Beckington
a cost effective, professional and personal                      Frome BA11 6SN
service to private and small business clients.
                                                           Beckington 01373 - 830371
 Accounts Preparation  Tax Return Service
 Company Secretarial  Bookkeeping                         Quiet riverside farmhouse
 Payroll                General Tax Advice                      Open all year
 Business Startup Packages ....and more!                       En suite facilities
For a free initial consultation call: 01225 319 371             Fishing available

                GARDEN CARE                                    CIRCUITS CLASS!
           LAWNS CUT                                             A 1hr Fitness class to help
          ROTAVATING                                               tone & strengthen the
         PATIO CLEANING                                             whole body, using a
                                                                    variety of exercises.
   HEDGES CUT, FENCE REPAIR,                              Great for upcoming Ski holidays!
     GENERAL MAINTENANCE                                      * Beckington Village Hall
  Paddock cutting with ride on mower                       * Every Monday 7pm. Costs £5
       Mobile: 0750 637 3335                              * All abilities welcome. 16yrs+
       Home: 01373 832613                                 07788 100629 /

                                                              Electrical contractors
                                                                  Martin Miller
                                                      ►   Fuseboard upgrades
                                                      ►   Security lights
                                                      ►   Underfloor heating
                                                      ►   Heating installation & repairs
                                                      ►   Telephone points
                                                      01373 466301/07771 543383
 Nashblend Limited trading as:

 West Country Tiling Company
           Pitched Roofing, Lead Work, Timber Treatment,             Tel: FROME
                                                                     (01373) 462224
           Conservation work is our speciality.

            S.A.M SCAFFOLD
           Safety And Maintenance Scaffold                           Tel: FROME
                                                                     (01373) 461511
           We can meet all your scaffold requirements.

                    JEREMY ALDERMAN
                                 BUILDING CONRACTOR

NEW BUILDS, RENOVATIONS                      TEL/FAX: 01373 834732
ALTERATIONS, EXTENSIONS                      MOBILE: 07850 285 874
ROOFING &                               ALL ASPECTS OF THE BUILDING TRADE

Do you need                                   SHARON’S HOME VISITING
                                                     FOOT CLINIC
a Plumber?                                  Sharon Twohig S.A.C Dip FHPT S.A.C Dip FHPP
                                             Do you suffer from…
                                             ♦Callus &/or cracked heels
                                             ♦Athlete’s foot
Paul Antell Plumbing                         ♦Fungal &/or Thickened nails
                                             ♦Ingrowing toe nails
     07890 366832                            ♦Difficulty in cutting your nails
     01373 467427                           For Professional treatment of all foot
                                            problems in the comfort of your own
Professional, Friendly, Reliable & Local    HOME contact ‘Sharon’ on                01373 836734 or 0772 8200402
                     THE FULL MOON
              Nr. Frome
              BA11 2QF
              (01373) 830936

   Cask Ales Traditional Food Accommodation
         16 en suite bedrooms Indoor pool
          Function Room seating up to 100
                Skittle alley available

1 mile off A36 follow sign for Rudge from Standerwick crossroads
               2 minutes drive from Frome Market

                           Ken’s Kabs Airport Shuttle Service Frome, Somerset
Ken’s Kabs                                                      Kenneth Weston (Proprietor)


Airports, Seaports, & All UK

                                                   Contact Tel: 07966-427225
Destinations                                         Website:

                                                  MAC ELECTRICAL SERVICES
                                                                      Mike Clarke
                                                              All types of electrical work
                                                              undertaken. Professional,
                                             Affordable, Reliable Service. Sockets,
                                             Lighting, Fuse board replacement, Rewires,
                                             Extensions, Outdoor & Security Lighting.
    It’s time to spring clean!               Part P Registered/PAT Testing/Landlord
          Housemaids can help                Certificates
        with a range of services             Tel 01373 859297 / 07793 722290
        Regular weekly cleaning                           email
               Blitz cleans
           Holiday let cleaning
             Builders cleans                               Antiques & Furnishings
          Commercial cleaning
 For more information please call Polly on                  CLARE MERRITT
            01373 474246                     Est 1973     Quality re-upholstery & loose

                                                                                              Est 1973
                                                          covers. Curtain make up, rails
                                                           & poles. Fabrics supplied.
                                                           Blinds made to measure,
                                                          Venetian, Roman, Roller etc.
                                                                Carpet work etc.
                                                              Tel 01373 464993

                                                        Painting, Decorating and
                                                           Plastering Services
the   corsley centre                                              Gary Holt
Equipped for meetings,
                                                Tel: 01373 814642
                                               Mobile: 078 913 12503
 training courses                                       8 Longfield, Mells, Frome
   A delightful venue with
stunning views, perfect for
                                                          Catering Limited
wedding receptions                                           OUTSIDE CATERING
                                                         for Lunches, Weddings, Christenings,
                                                        Birthdays, Funerals, Buffets & Canapés.
                                             A selection of homemade interesting Frozen
 Louise 01373 832 494                        Meals delivered weekly to your door in 1,2 and                      4ptn sizes please call now for a menu
                                                         07801 070222 or 01373 830426
                                               Anything is possible. Deliveries no problem.

   Newlands Tree Care                                                  P. B. KENISTON
                      Andy Brake                                     Carpet Fitting, Flooring
                   RFS Cert. ARB.                                               &
                  Qualified Tree Surgeon
                   ALL ASPECTS OF TREE                              Ceramic Tiling Specialist
                  SURGERY UNDERTAKEN
                                                               All floor coverings fitted 
        Pruning     Reducing     Full Insurance                 Floor and wall tiling 
  Felling     Planting          Debris Removed
       Hedging      Logs     Affordable Rates
          Quality and Reliable Service                         Tel: 01373 464180
           Phone/Fax: 01373 830429                             Mobile:07775 814125
            Mobile: 07970 665808

         DOES YOUR BODY NEED                              Country House Bed & Breakfast
                    BOWEN?                                        Jane & Anthony Slay
  Back/neck pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, tennis/
                                                                        Seymours Court
  golfer’s elbow, RSI or other joint or muscle pain?
                                                                       Beckington, Frome
   Sleep badly, acute/chronic fatigue, migraines,                     Somerset, BA11 6TT
      sinuses, asthma, ME, MS, IBS OR PMT?                             tel: 01373 830466
       Hay fever or other seasonal allergies?              Fifteenth century country house providing
The Bowen Technique could be the answer. A relaxing,
gentle, non-invasive, remedial therapy for all. Contact     bed and breakfast with private facilities.
         your local therapist to find out more:                              ALSO
      JULIE MCDOUGAL CertECBS VTCT MBTER                     Marquee based wedding receptions &
                RODE, NEAR FROME                           functions. Let us host your special day in
        01373 830071 or 07973 758106                       relaxed rural surroundings with a historic
       email:                         country house backdrop

        Nordic Walking
       Get on pole position

Exercise that tones the whole body!
        See how effective it is
For further details about a taster session
       T: 01373 836552 / 07801 496235

 Ant’s 4 Aerials & Satellites
  *   Aerial & Satellite Technicians
  *   Digital TV Specialist
  *   Installation & Repairs
  *   Signal Problems
  *   Free View & Free Sat
  *   Fast, Reliable, Local Service
  *   7 Days a Week
                Please Telephone
      01373836552 / 07877597927
                           SERVICES December 2011
               Weekdays                 12.00pm Midday Prayer at St. George’s
               Saturday         Dec 3   10.00am Carol singing at ASDA
               Friday          Dec 16    7.00pm Carol singing at Frome Flyer

St. George’s                    Dec 4   10.00am   BCP Matins
Beckington                               4.15pm   Sunday @ 4 + Sunday Club
                               Dec 11    8.00am   BCP said Holy Communion
                                         4.15pm   Children’s Carols
               Monday          Dec 12    7.00pm   Springmead School Carol Service
               Tuesday         Dec 13   10.00am   Springmead School Nativity
               Wednesday       Dec 14   10.00am   Springmead School Nativity
                               Dec 18   10.00am   Holy Communion & Sunday Club
                                         6.30pm   Carols by Candlelight
               Christmas Eve Dec 24      5.00pm   Crib Service at Baptist Church
                                        11.00pm   Midnight Holy Communion
               Christmas Day Dec 25     10.00am   All-age Holy Communion
                              Jan 1     10.00am   BCP Matins
                                         4.15pm   NO Family Gathering

St. Mary’s                      Dec 4    9.15am Holy Communion
               Tuesday        Dec 6      1.30pm Berkley School Christmas Play
               Wednesday      Dec 7      6.00pm Berkley School Christmas Play
               Thursday       Dec 8      1.10pm Berkley School Christmas Play
                             Dec 11     11.00am BCP Matins
               Monday        Dec 19      2.30pm Act of Worship
               Christmas Eve Dec 24      6.00pm Lessons & Carols
               Christmas Day Dec 25             NO Service
                              Jan 1      9.15am Holy Communion

All Saints                      Dec 4    6.30pm   BCP Evensong
Rodden                         Dec 11    6.30pm   BCP Holy Communion
                               Dec 18   11.00am   NO Service
                                         6.30pm   Lessons & Carols
               Christmas Day   Dec 25    9.15am   BCP Holy Communion
                                Jan 1    6.30pm   BCP Evensong

All Saints                    Dec 4     11.00am   BCP Holy Communion
Lullington                   Dec 18     11.00am   BCP Matins
               Christmas Eve Dec 24      6.00pm   Lessons & Carols
                              Jan 1     11.00am   BCP Holy Communion

St. Mary’s                   Dec 11     11.00am BCP Matins
Orchardleigh   Christmas Day Dec 25     11.00am BCP Holy Communion
                              Jan 8     11.00am BCP Matins
Baptist        Every Sunday              3.00pm Except 3 Sunday of the month
Church         Christmas Eve   Dec 24    5.00pm Crib Service
                 This month                          Jun 13   Beckington Memorial Hall
                                                               Committee 7.30pm Clifford Suite
Dec 1    1st Thursday at 30 Styles Hill from
           10.30am                                   Jun 23   Beckington Village Day
Dec 1    W.I. 7.30pm Flowers for Pleasure            Jul 11   Beckington Memorial Hall
          (Rode Village Hall)                                  Committee 7.30pm Clifford Suite
Dec 7    MU Advent/Christmas meeting, 2pm,           Aug 8    Beckington Memorial Hall
          Lahs Place                                           Committee 7.30pm Clifford Suite
Dec 10   Beckington Choir concert     A              Sep 12   Beckington Memorial Hall
          Winter Warmer 7.30pm Beckington                      Committee 7.30pm Clifford Suite
          Memorial Hall
                                                     Oct 10   Beckington Memorial Hall AGM
Dec 16   Carol singing round the tree at                       7.30pm Clifford Suite
          Beckington 6pm
                                                     Oct 14   Beckington Tennis 10K Run
Dec 19   Beckington Parish Council 7.30pm
          Clifford Suite                             Nov 14   Beckington Memorial Hall
                                                               Committee 7.30pm Clifford Suite
Dec 24   Carols on the Green, Styles Hill 6pm
Jan 11   MU AGM, 2pm, Lahs Place
Jan 11   Beckington Memorial Hall
          Committee 7.30pm Clifford Suite
Feb 8    Beckington Memorial Hall
          Committee 7.30pm Clifford Suite
Mar 1-3 Beckington Music Hall
Mar 7-10 Beckington Music Hall
                                                        We wish you all a Very
Mar 14   Beckington Memorial Hall
          Committee 7.30pm Clifford Suite
                                                        Happy Christmas and
                                                              New Year.
Mar 17   Beckington Pre-School host White
          Horse Opera performing The
          Beggars Opera                                   Do come and celebrate
                                                          Christmas at any of our
Mar 24   Beckington Pre-School Easter Egg
          Hunt                                         Church Services. You will find
Apr 11   Beckington Memorial Hall
                                                         a full list on the enclosed
          Committee 7.30pm Clifford Suite                 leaflet and on page 31.
May 9    Beckington Memorial Hall
          Committee 7.30pm Clifford Suite

Jun 9    Berkley Fete

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