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									                                                    Contact: Jennifer Jory                                         March 22 , 2011

                                                    Bulldog Equestrian
                                                     This Week
                                                     Texas A&M
                                                     Dates: March 26, 2011
                                                     Time: 9:00 a.m.

     2010-11 Bulldog Equestrian
         Schedule/Results                            Bulldogs Host Their Last Home Competition
          Opponent/Site                Time          The Fresno State equestrian team will host their last home competition
September                                            of the 2010-11 season this weekend. The Dogs will take on No.1 Texas
25        Alumni Scrimmage             9:00a.m.
          Fresno, Calif.
                                                     A&M at the Student Horse Center. The Aggies have only been defeated
October                                              once this season by Oklahoma State. Texas A&M defeated the Bulldogs
8         Delaware State             All Day (W)     11-8 in their last meeting in 2009 in Texas. The Dogs have won three of
          Auburn, Alabama
                                                     their five home competitions this season. Fresno State rode to victory in
9           Auburn                   All Day (L)     their last away competition in Martin, Tennassee with a final score of 10-9
            Auburn, Alabama                          and brought home two MVP honors. The team will promote the event on
23          New Mexico State        9:00a.m.(L)      Wednesday morning when they appear on the local “Great Day” morning
            Fresno, Calif.                           show on channel 26.
19       Georgia               All Day (L)
         Las Cruces, New Mexico                      Looking Ahead
                                                     After the head to head competition against Texas A&M, the Dogs will put
20          New Mexico State       All Day (L)
            Las Cruces, New Mexico                   all of their focus on the Varsity Equestrian National Championships. The
January                                              Dogs have been selected to travel to Waco, Texas for this event the last
29       Miami(Oh) & Ohio State 9:00a.m. (W)
          Fresno, Calif.                             four years and are looking for another top ten pick in the bracket this sea-
February                                             son. The English team has made it through the first round of elimination
11        WEF                    All Day (6th)
         Wellington, Florida                         each year in the past. The Championships will take place on April 14-16
                                                     and you can find live updates on www.gobulldogs.com.
12          SMU                     All Day (W)
            Dallas, Texas
                                                     Coaches Poll
13          TCU                     All Day (L)      The Fresno State equestrian team was voted ninth in the country in the
            Fort Worth, Texas
                                                     most recent national coaches poll. The collegiate coaches competing
26-27       Best in the West Invitational            under the Varsity Equestrian Championship umbrella initiated the national
            Fresno, Calif.            2/4
            (TCU, USC, Baylor)
                                                     poll. The poll will be released bi-monthly with the next announcement
March                                                scheduled for March 29, 2011.
12          Tennessee-Martin         All Day (W)
            Martin, Tennessee
                                                     Saddle Club
26          Texas A&M                  9:00a.m.      Fresno State’s Saddle Club is the booster program for the women’s eques-
            Fresno, Calif.
                                                     trian team. The Saddle Club is a fan based organization established to
14-16       Varsity Equestrian     6:30 a.m.         increase the enthusiasm for Fresno State equestrian and to enhance the
            National Championships                   student-athlete experience. For information on how to join the Saddle Club
            Waco, Texas
                                                     contact graduate assistant Brenda Donat at 559-278-4116.

                                                     Coach Scrivani and Coach Reeves Take The Reins
                                                     The 2010-11 season is full of exciting changes for the equestrian team.
Athletic Communcations
Equestrian Contact................Jennifer Jory
                                                     Previous head coach Dr. Becky Malmo resigned this year to pursue a
Office Phone ................... (559) 278-7202      career in the Department of Education. Former assistant coaches, Julia
Office Fax.........................(559) 278-4689    Scrivani and Stephanie Reeves, have taken over the team and will be
E-mail .......................jjory@csufresno.edu    co-coaching for this season. Scrivani will be in charge of the English side
Website ...................www.gobulldogs.com        of the team and Reeves will be handling the Western side of the team.
                                                  Captains Choice
     Fresno State Quick Facts                     The equestrian team voted in four new captains for the 2010-11 season. The two captains
                                                  from the English arena are junior Kimberly HewsonBudnik and senior Caitlin Marshall. The
Location             Fresno, Calif.               two captains from the Western arena are senior Madison Silver and Jillian Tebbe. These
Enrollment           19,000                       four strong riders have all had extensive experience in the show ring and will be leading the
Founded              1911                         Dogs through Fresno State’s Centennial season.
Nickname             Bulldogs
Colors               Bulldog Red and Blue
                                                  A Look Back
President            Dr. John D. Welty
                                                  Fresno State’s equestrian team spent the entire 2008-09 season ranked in the nation’s top
Athletics Director   Thomas Boeh
                                                  10 polls, peaking as high as No. 7 and finishing the regular season ranked No. 8. The team
                                                  spent the 2009-10 season ranked in the nation’s top 10 polls as well. Both the English and
Bulldog Equestrian Information                    Western teams advanced to the Varsity Equestrian National Championships for the fourth
                                                  straight year in a row.
Co-Coach             Stephanie Reeves
Alma Mater           Fresno State (‘01)
                                                  Tebbe Reins
                                                  Senior Jillian Tebbe is back for her fourth and final season of Reining competition for the
Co-Coach             Julia Scrivani
                                                  equestrian team. She has had a stellar career so far and is ready for her final season to be
Alma Mater           Fresno State (‘06)
                                                  her best one. Tebbe earned eight wins last season and MVP honors against University of
                                                  South Carolina. She competed for the third time at the Varsity Equestrian National Champi-
Graduate Asst.       Brenda Donat
                                                  onships and was voted to be team captain for the second year in a row.
Alma Mater           Fresno State (‘07)

Home Arena           Fresno State Student         Silver Shines
                     Horse Center                 Senior Madison Silver is entering her third year of Horsemanship competition for the ‘Dogs
Address              Barstow and Woodrow          and was also voted to be one of this season’s team captains. Last season she earned eight
                                                  wins and one tie as well as two MVP honors against University Tennesse-Martin and Sacred
                                                  Heart University. Silver maintained the team’s highest Horsemanship average competition
    2010-11 Bulldog Captains                      score of a 72 for the 2009-10 season. She received her career high score of a 77 in her
                                                  opening match against New Mexico state last fall.
English           Kimberly HewsonBudnik
                  Caitlin Marshall
                                                  Elsbernd Equitates
Western           Madison Silver                  Senior Holly Elsbernd is ready for her second year of competition with the Dogs and is a
                  Jillian Tebbe                   strong competitor in Equitation over Fences. Elsbernd competed in 11 matches last season
                                                  and earned seven wins and an MVP honor against Kansas State. She earned a high score
                                                  of 80 or above in four of her matches and competed in her first Varsity Equestrian National
                                                  Championship earning a win against TCU. Elsbernd maintained a high average score of 76
This is Bulldog Equestrian                        throughout the 2009-10 season.
The Bulldog Equestrian program is one of
the newest on the Fresno State campus,            Carr is in the Court
and has quickly grown into a nationally           Sophomore Lauren Carr is definitely one to watch this season. She has proven herself to
prominent program.                                be a strong competitior in the Equitation on the Flat. Durning her first season on the team
                                                  she won three of the five matches she competed in and earned MVP honors against No.2
The program was born in 1996-97, and re-          Auburn. Carr also traveled with the team to her first Varsity Equestrian National Champion-
mains the only varsity Equestrian program         ships and was the only Dog to win all three of her competition points.
on the west coast.
                                                  Beezley is Back
In it’s short history, the program has produced
                                                  Sophomore Christa Beezley will be back in the Horsemanship show arena this season. She
several national individual championship
                                                  received the Rookie of the Year award for her outstanding performance last year as a fresh-
student-athletes, and in the last four seasons
                                                  man with the Bulldogs. Beezley competed in 13 matches last season earning seven wins
both the English and Western teams were
                                                  and MVP honors against New Mexico State and UC Davis. In her first competition with the
among the Top 12 in the nation.
                                                  Dogs Beezley earned a high score of 79 and plans on opening this season the same way.
With approximately 40 members annually,
the popularity of the program is evident and      Coletti is Courageous
the team continues to be one of the largest       Sophomore Sydney Coletti has shown herself to be a steady competitor in the Reining event
in the nation.                                    this season with consistent rides everytime she enters the competition ring. She has scored
                                                  in the 70’s in each of her rides this semester, earned to MVP honors, and will definitely be
The Bulldog Equestrian program is also rec-       one to watch in the individual selection for the Varsity Equestrian National Championships.
ognized for the many outstanding scholars
it has graduated. More than 200 Bulldogs          Hewson Budnik is Hot
have been honored as Fresno State Scholar-        Junior captain Kimberly Hewson Budnik is having a phenomenal season this year. She has
Athletes at the annual Night of Champions         competed in both the Equitation on the Flat and Equitation Over Fences and has proven to
awards ceremony.                                  be a very versatile athlete for the Bulldogs. Hewson Budnik competed in the 2011 Winter
                                                  Equestrian Festival’s Equitation Challenge and she took sixth place. She is the first Bulldog
                                                  to ever compete in this event.
Competitions                        DU         AU       NMSU        UGA     NMSU      SMU      TCU      BU     TCU     USC        UTM
  Equitation Over Fences:
  Holly Elsbernd (Sr.)              86 (W) 78 (T)       76(W)       78(L)   72(L)     80(W) *78(W)      80(W) 77(W) 72(W)         65(L)
  Dayle Fischer (Fr.)               74 (W) 60 (L)       72(L)               0(L)                              *78(W)              60(L)
  Kimberly HewsonBudnik (Jr.)       78 (W) 84 (W)       85(L)       84(W)   77(W)     63(L)    78(W)
  Jessica Kissell (Jr.)             *79 (W) 84 (W)                                    75(T)    62(L)           67(W)
  Nicole Roworth                                                                      *81(W)           42(L)                      78(W)
  Chelsie Stone (So.)               81 (W)     74 (L)   79(L)       76(L)   78(L)     70(W)    67(W)                    79(W)     74(W)
  Hillary West (Fr.)                                                81(W)   69(L)     77(W)    77(W)   72(L)           *80(W)     45(L)

  Equitation On The Flat:
  Lisa Beach (So.)                  65 (T)              78(W)                         67(L)                             82(L)     77(W)
  Lauren Carr (So.)                 *80 (W)    72 (L)   70(W)       0(L)    72(W)     65(W) 75(L) 73(L)                           76(W)
  Caitlin Marshall (Sr.)            77 (W)     71 (L)               64(W)             69(W) 68(L) 67(L)                           *82(W)
  Nicole Roworth (Jr.)              67 (W)     78 (W)   72(L)               *78(W)           71(W)             69(L)    64(L)     75(L)
  Kimmie Steinbuch (Jr.)            78 (W)     74 (T)                                 72(L) *80(W)
  Kimberly HewsonBudnik (Jr.)       79 (L)              0(L)        76(L)
  Lanie Madrazo (So.)                                   *81(L)                        65(L) 67(L)      71(L)
  Marisa Mohn (So.)                                                 69(W)   59(L)     61(W)                    61(L)
  Hillary West                                                              68(L)
  Jessica Kissell                                                                                              0(T)               73(W)
  Hannah Flammang                                                                                                        61(L)

  Christa Beezley (So.)             *72.5 (W) 70 (L) 72(L)    72(L)         72.5(W)            69(L) 73(L)                        71(L)
  Kelsi Fischer (Sr.)                         71.5 (L) 70(W)  71(L)         71.5(L)            69.5(L)                  66.5(W)   69.5(L)
  Rio Haack (Fr.)                   68.5 (L) 72.5 (T)                       72.5(L)                                               71(W)
  Ally Warkentin (Jr.)              69.5 (T)                                69.5(L)
  Madison Silver (Sr.)              72 (W)    71 (L) *74(W)                                    71.5(W) 66(L) 71.5(W) 68(W)        75(W)
  Sammie Jo Stone (Jr.)             71 (L)   72.5 (W) 73.5(W) 71(L)         72.5(W)            72(L) 73.5(W) 67(L)                73(W)
  Shauna Woodward (Fr.)                                70(L)                                   71(L)         67(L)   66.5(L)

  Sydney Coletti (So.)              *73 (W)    70 (T)     71(W)     0(L)    63.5(L)            *72.5(W)       64.5(L)             69(T)
  Sonya Koch (Fr.)                  71.5 (W)   74 (L)     73.5(W)   69(L)   70.5(W)             74(W) 69.5(W) 63.5(W) 70(W)       71(L)
  Shawna McClurg (Jr.)              0 (L)      68 (L)     68.5(L)                               65(L) 66(L)           69.5(W)     67.5(L)
  Jill Tebbe (Sr.)                  71.5 (W)   73.5 (W)   71.5(L)   72(L)   66(L)               65.5(L)       66(W)               *64.5(W)
  Whitney Kittle (Fr.)              66 (L)     69 (L)     71(L)     64.5(L)                     70(L) 68.5(L)         63(L)
  Kellie Holcomb                                                            65.5(L)                                               0(L)

 *Earned MVP Honors
  Bold Indicates Home Competitons

Competition Squad
Equitation on the Flat                                  Horsemanship

Lisa Beach                                              Christa Beezley
Lauren Carr                                             Kelsey Fischer
Jessica Kissell                                         Rio Haack
Lanie Madrazo                                           Sammi Jo Stone
Nicole Roworth                                          Madison Silver

Equitation Over Fences                                  Reining

Holly Elsbernd                                          Whitney Kittle
Dayle Fischer                                           Kelley Holcomb
Kimmie Hewson Budnik                                    Sonja Koch
Chelsie Stone                                           Shawna McClurg
Hillary West                                            Jillian Tebbe

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