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					   Published by INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry

                                           News                   VOL. 11     ISSUE 2 SPRING 2010

                       Message from the
In This Issue          INDA President
INDA Members Fight
a Good Fight to
Oppose California      INDA Members Fight a Good Fight to Oppose California
Bill that Bans
Flushable Labeling     Bill that Bans Flushable Labeling
    Page 1
                                             In      February,      subcommittee of the Flushability Com-
Rayon Duty                                   2010,       Jared      mittee plus lobbyists from member
Suspension Bill                              Huffman, Cali-         companies. In weekly teleconferences
Delayed Yet Again –                          fornia Assembly-       and hundreds of emails, the group
This Time by House                           man, introduced        strategized and wrote opposition
Republican Earmark                           a bill that would      letters to Huffman and the California
                                             prohibit         a     Assembly Committee, Business, Profes-
    Page 2                                   manufacturer           sions and Consumer Protection, where
                                             from      labeling     the bill would be first considered. Our
President Obama                              any product as         opposition pointed out that the bill
Signs Health Care                                                   would not prevent problems at the
                             Rory Holmes,    flushable. The
Reform into Law
                            INDA President   bill was intro-        Wastewater       Treatment       Facilities
    Page 3                                   duced because          because, in our experience, these prob-
                       Wastewater Treatment facilities in Cali-     lems usually were caused by consumers
White House,           fornia are experiencing clogging prob-       flushing non-flushable items. Passage of
Lawmakers Push         lems.                                        the bill and prohibiting a flushable label
Home Energy
Efficiency Rebate
                                                                    on packaging would only further con-
Program                INDA had a special interest in this bill     fuse the consumer. We offered to send
    Page 3             because some members make flushable          a technical team to work with the
                       products and we spent many years             Wastewater Treatment Facilities to
                       developing Flushability Guidelines that      identify the problems and non-
EPA “Wiper Rule”
Moves One Step         include tests to evaluate the flushabil-     legislative solutions, e.g., consumer
Closer to the Finish   ity of a product.                            education.
    Page 4             Upon learning of the bill, INDA took         A week before the Business, Professions
                       immediate action by initiating dialogue      and Consumer Protection Committee
continued page 2       with Huffman’s office and organizing a       considered the bill, Huffman amended
                                                                                             Page 2

                                    the bill. In the amend-      Protection Committee. We stressed the
                      ment, he referenced the INDA Flush-        lack of certification and explained that
                      ability Guidelines and made a require-     the Federal Trade Commission already
                      ment that products labeled as flushable    requires substantiation of marketing
                      would meet the Guidelines and be cer-      claims. Thus, the bill was not neces-
                      tified by a third party. While at first    sary.
In This Issue         glance this may seem like good
continued             news…there is a definite problem-          Unfortunately, the Business, Profes-
IDEA10 Brought        there is no certification for flushable    sions, and Consumer Protection Com-
World of Engineered   products. So, effectively the bill would   mittee voted to approve the bill. But,
Fabrics to Miami      ban labeling flushable products.           this is round one in many rounds before
Beach                                                            it would reach the Governor’s desk. So,
    Page 4            On April 20, INDA staff together with      we are regrouping and strategizing for
                      INDA members testified before the          round two. Wish us luck.
Nominations Now       Business, Professions and Consumer
Being Accepted for
Two INDA Lifetime
    Page 6

WOW to Put the
                      Government Affairs
Spotlight on the
Business of Wipes     Rayon Duty Suspension Bill Delayed Yet Again – This Time
    Page 7            by House Republican Earmark Ban
Finalists Named for   A one-year moratorium on earmarks
Third Annual WOW
Innovation Award      recently adopted by House Republicans      House Republicans further complicated
                      has thrown yet another monkey-wrench       the process March 11 by announcing
    Page 8                                                       they had approved a unilateral ban on
                      into Congressional efforts to move
                      legislation that would reinstate expired   all earmarks, including tax and tariff
INDA Releases         duty benefits for hundreds of imports      legislation. The ban stands in contrast
Landmark Report on
China’s Nonwovens     not made in the U.S.                       to one recently adopted by House
Industry                                                         Democrats that only would eliminate
    Page 9            On January 1, INDA members watched         earmarks for private or for-profit enti-
                      the    re-imposition    of    previously   ties in the upcoming appropriations
                      suspended tariffs on imports of viscose    bills. 
Welcome New INDA
Members!              rayon staple fiber and hundreds of
   Page 10            other products after Congress failed to    House Ways and Means Chairman
                      pass a miscellaneous tariff bill (MTB)     Sander Levin (D-MI) said March 16 that
                      before the end of last year. Lawmakers     he was hopeful that an MTB can pro-
INDA Calendar of
Events                had planned to move legislation in early   ceed this year despite the GOP ear-
   Page 12            2010, but have been repeatedly way-        marks maneuvers. Levin said he is
                      laid by big-ticket policy issues like      working with Senate colleagues
                      health care reform and jobs creation       to     resolve

                                                                        VOL. 11    ISSUE 2    SPRING 2010
                                                                                             Page 3

                         differences and there        members to encourage House and Senate mem-
          appears to be bipartisan support in         bers to move an MTB with retroactive duty
both chambers to move a bill.                         suspensions for rayon and other expired products
                                                      as soon as possible. To request electronic copies
Although recent reports suggest lawmakers are         of these templates, please contact INDA Govern-
eyeing action on the MTB this spring, no timeline     ment Affairs Director Jessica Franken at 703-521-
has been confirmed. With this in mind, INDA has       0545 or
developed a package of template letters for its

President Obama Signs Health Care Reform into Law
After months of acrimonious debate and                accounts; a 2.3 percent excise tax on medical
setbacks, House Democrats March 21 passed an          devices starting in 2013; and a repeal of the
historic overhaul of the nation’s health care         employer subsidy deduction that provide pre-
system by a vote of 219-212. President Obama          scription drug coverage to workers.
signed it into law (P.L. No. 111-148) on March 23
and on March 30 also signed a reconciliation bill.    It also requires companies with more than 50
The reconciliation contained a number of "fixes",     employees to offer health coverage or face a
as well as an overhaul of the student loan pro-       $2,000 fine per worker.  Those with more than 200
gram and expansion of Pell Grants.                    workers must automatically enroll all new hires in
                                                      health plans.  Meanwhile, those with staffs of less
In order to pay for expanding medical care access     than 25 will qualify this year for new tax credits
to millions more Americans, the law contains          to help them provide coverage.  
numerous provisions that affect businesses.
Among them: an increase in the Medicare hospital      To learn about key provisions included in health
insurance tax; limits on flexible spending            care reform, visit:

White House, Lawmakers Push Home Energy Efficiency
Rebate Program
President Obama March 2 unveiled a $6 billion         that achieve 20 percent energy savings. Senate
rebate program to reward homeowners for               lawmakers followed his announcement by intro-
making residential energy efficiency improve-         ducing the Home Star Energy Retrofit Act of 2010
ments, which he said will provide needed con-         (S. 3177), which would authorize $6 billion worth
sumer savings and spur construction and manu-         of tax rebates for the installation of energy-
facturing jobs. Under the President’s “Home Star”     efficient products to implement the President’s
program, homeowners would be eligible for             proposals.
immediate rebates of $1500 when making energy
efficient upgrades such as installing new win-        A House Energy and Commerce subcommittee
dows, insulation, roofs and HVAC units, or up to      March 24 approved by voice vote
$3000 for whole home energy audits and retrofits      its draft version of

                                                                         VOL. 11   ISSUE 2    SPRING 2010
                                                                                            Page 4

                             the Home StarEnergy      Meanwhile, INDA recently joined the Home Star
             Retrofit Act of 2010, setting the bill   Coalition, a cooperative effort by more than
up for review by the full committee after law-        1,000 companies and organizations supporting the
makers return from their spring recess the week       measure.      For more information, visit:
of April 12.                                

EPA “Wiper Rule” Moves One Step Closer to the Finish Line
INDA helped the Environmental Protection Agency       addressing the management of solvent-
move the so-called “Wiper Rule” one step closer       contaminated disposable and laundered wipes.
to the finish line, joining the recycled textiles     To view the INDA submission in response to the
industry (SMART) in filing February 26 comments       EPA’s    revised    risk     analysis,   visit:
in response to the agency’s October 2009 revised, and enter keyword/ID:
risk assessment connected to its 2003 proposal        RCRA-2003-0004-0464.

Events, News & Notes
IDEA10 Brought World of Engineered Fabrics to Miami Beach
Record-setting IDEA10 International Engineered        attendees and more than one-third of them came
Fabrics Conference and Exposition featured            from countries outside the U.S.
strong international participation and a large
number of new exhibitors                              IDEA10 was one of the most successful IDEA shows
                                                      ever and the continued strong participation of
A strong showing of international visitors and        foreign exhibitors and attendees is proof of the
exhibitors, along with significant presence of        show’s importance within the international non-
first-time exhibitors, were among the many high-      wovens community,” says INDA president Rory
lights of the highly successful IDEA10 Interna-       Holmes. “IDEA10 was truly a global event.”
tional Engineered Fabrics Conference and Exposi-
tion, held April 27-29 in Miami Beach, Florida.       Of the 379 exhibiting companies, 143 were first-
                                                      time exhibitors. “These new exhibitors, com-
IDEA10, the triennial event sponsored by INDA,        bined with the continued growth of international
featured 379 exhibiting companies from 22 coun-       participation, speaks well of the continuing
tries, filling almost 400,000 gross square feet       vibrancy of the nonwovens industry here and
(37,000 square meters) of the Miami Beach Con-        abroad,” says Holmes.
vention Center. Exactly one half of the exhibitors
were from outside of the United States.               In addition to the thousands of attendees and
                                                      hundreds of exhibitors on the
In addition, there were approximately 5,500           show floor of the

                                                                        VOL. 11   ISSUE 2    SPRING 2010
                                                                                            Page 5

                             Miami Beach Conven-     • In a special moment during the IDEA10 Achieve-
             tion Center, many more were doing       ment Awards event, Holmes recognized the
business at the 40 meeting rooms utilized by         accomplishments of former INDA Technical Direc-
many of the leading companies in the industry to     tor Cos Camelio, who passed away in May, 2008,
facilitate their business discussions. The intense   shortly after retiring from the association. The
activity in this growing segment of the event        IDEA Lifetime Achievement Award had been pre-
enhanced the quantity and quality of business        sented posthumously to Cos Camelio’s wife, Phyl-
conducted during the three days of IDEA10.           lis, at a special event last year. Camelio has also
                                                     been inducted into the Nonwovens Industry Hall
Among the other highlights of IDEA10:                of Fame.

• The presentation of the IDEA10 Achievement         • IDEA10 also saw the utilization of two “new
Awards – sponsored by INDA and Nonwovens Indus-      media” formats during the course of the three-
try magazine – recognized companies in five cat-     day event. The new IDEA10 “crowdvine” social
egories for the best new products introduced         networking site and the debut of IDEA10 TV, pro-
since    IDEA07.    The     winners   of     the     duced in cooperation with INDA by Nonwovens
IDEA10 Achievement Awards were:                      Industry magazine, provided two significant steps
                                                     in improved networking and communications
 IDEA10 Machinery/Equipment Achievement              during the three days of IDEA10.
 ITW Dynatec: Vector™ Modular Metering Plat-         • In addition, the IDEA News show newspaper,
 form                                                published by World Textile Publications, high-
                                                     lighted events and companies at IDEA10.
 IDEA10 Fibers/Raw Materials Achievement
 Award:                                              • The well-attended IDEA10 Conference focused
 Bostik: Relyance™ Adhesive                          on Global Markets and presentations on each of
                                                     the three days provided attendees with insightful
 IDEA10 Roll Goods Achievement Award:                research into the engineered fabrics markets in
 PGI: Spinlace                                       North America, South America, Europe, Asia and
                                                     India. The sixth session focused on emerging
 IDEA10      Short-Life Converted     Product        technologies.
 Achievement Award:
 Henkel/Dial: Purex® Complete 3-in-1™ Laundry        IDEA2013, the next North American engineered
 Sheets                                              fabrics exhibition, will be held April 23-25, 2013
                                                     at the Miami Beach Convention Center in Miami
 IDEA10 Long-Life Converted Product Achieve-         Beach, Florida.
 ment Award:
 DuPont: Nomex® KD                                   For more information:

• An IDEA10 Entrepreneurial Achievement Award
was presented to Fi-Tech, which in 2009 took the
bold step of forming a joint venture company
with Uwe Gaedike, and successfully completed
the purchase of Oerlikon Enka Tecnica GmbH.

                                                                        VOL. 11   ISSUE 2    SPRING 2010
                                                                                            Page 6

Nominations Now Being Accepted for Two INDA Lifetime Awards

Nominations open until June 1 for INDA's Lifetime    have held a key role in planning and executing the
Technical Achievement Award           and      the   long-term success of at least one of INDA’s major
association’s Lifetime Service Award                 industry services or committees.

Nominations are now being accepted for two of        Basic Award qualifications include being an INDA
the most prestigious awards in the nonwovens         member of good standing (current/retired); at
industry technical community — the INDA Life-        least 20 years in nonwovens-related functions; an
time Service Award and the Lifetime Technical        uncompensated present or past active INDA part-
Achievement Award.                                   ner; and a significant contribution to the growth
                                                     of INDA events and the industry through his/her
Both of the awards will be presented at the RISE     activities.
Conference (Research Innovation, & Science for
Engineered Fabrics), Baltimore, MD, September        Lifetime Technical Achievement Award
20-23, 2010. RISE is organized by INDA, Associa-
tion of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry.               INDA’s Lifetime Technical Achievement Award is
                                                     given to individuals who have a long technical
The Lifetime Service Award is given to the indi-     career in the nonwovens industry. This profes-
vidual who has given his or her best both person-    sional will have had a long history of technical
ally and professionally to service both INDA and     innovation leading to the development of Intel-
the industry. INDA’s Lifetime Technical Achieve-     lectual Property resulting in new products and
ment Award is presented to individuals who have      processes.  These developments will have added
a long established technical career in the nonwo-    substantial value to one or more nonwoven com-
vens industry.                                       panies and/or the industry as a whole.

Nomination     forms     are    available    at      Basic Award qualifications include nonwovens-         related accomplishments and 20 years in nonwo-
and the deadline for submission of nominations       vens related position; an INDA member
for both of these prestigious awards is June 1,      (current/retired); and a significant contribution
2010.                                                to the technical advancement/commercial suc-
                                                     cess of the industry (research and development,
Lifetime Service Award                               products, equipment, processes) or a significant
                                                     contribution to the growth of the industry
Presented for the first time in 2007, the INDA       through      the     technical     training    of
Lifetime Service Award is given to individuals who   groups/individuals or authoring of technical
have an established record of service to INDA,       publications/papers.
specifically, and the nonwoven industry as a
whole. The award candidate should have main-         Nominations for both Awards must
tained an active partnership with INDA and would     be submitted by

                                                                       VOL. 11    ISSUE 2    SPRING 2010
                                                                                             Page 7

                             June 1, 2010 to          For more information, contact Steve Ogle, INDA
               Regina         Spitzer         at      Technical Director at (919) 233-1210, ext. 148 or INDA's Technical Advisory or Regina Spitzer, Education Asso-
Board (TAB) will make the final decision and the      ciate    at   (919)     233-1210,    ext.    128,
winner will be announced during RISE Conference
(Research Innovation, & Science for Engineered
Fabrics), Baltimore, MD, September 20-23, 2010.

WOW to Put the Spotlight on the Business of Wipes

Annual World of Wipes International Conference        Other highlights will include case studies on Dial
scheduled for June 21-23, 2010 in Chicago             Corporation’s Purex® 3-in-1 Complete™, the PGI’s
                                                      Global Reporting Initiative and           Seventh
A focus on real-life, actionable information for      Generation,s: Down-to-Earth Life Cycle Analysis.
the entire wipes value chain highlights the
recently announced agenda for the upcoming            Additional sessions will illuminate Recent Market
World of Wipes International Conference, set for      Trends, Materials: Ingredients and Packaging and
June 21-23, 2010 at the InterContinental Hotel in     Product Development: The Key Steps.
Chicago, Illinois.
                                                      A perennial favorite at WOW will once again be
The annual Conference will offer three days of        the presentation of the annual WOW Innovation
educational seminars, networking and the pre-         Award. Created to encourage innovative pro-
sentation of the prestigious WOW Innovation           cesses and products anywhere along the wipes’
Award that will recognize and reward industry         value chain, the WOW Innovation Award is open to
members who bring new and value-added pro-            all nonwoven fabric manufacturers, raw material
cesses and products to the wipes’ marketplace.        and packaging suppliers, converters and end-
                                                      product producers. Finalists will make presenta-
WOW is organized by INDA, Association of the          tions on their nominated product and then WOW
Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, and the agenda is put      attendees will vote on the recipient of the 2010
together by a group of industry professionals.        WOW Innovation Award.

Among the highlights of the 2010 WOW Interna-         To assist in the important networking at WOW,
tional Conference will be a session on Sustainabil-   two receptions/table-top displays will allow
ity. Presentations include an Industry Leaders        attendees to gather in an informal atmosphere,
Panel Discussion featuring top-level executives       while the INDA Hospitality Suite will provide a
from Ahlstrom, Michigan State University, PGI and     late-night gathering place for attendees.
Rockline Industries. Environmental Friendliness
continues with presentations on Sustainable Pack-     Full registration for INDA members is $995 ($1195
aging Materials will from Michigan State              after May 14) and $1395 for non-members ($1675
University’s Center for Packaging Innovation and      after May 14). Networking Registration,
the EPA’s Partnerships for Safer Chemistry.           which allows access to the
                                                      two evening

                                                                        VOL. 11    ISSUE 2    SPRING 2010
                                                                                            Page 8

                           receptions        and      For more information on the 2010 World of Wipes
            table-top displays, is $395 for INDA      International Conference:
members ($475 after May 14) and $550 for non-
members ($660 after May 14).                          Or    contact    INDA   at   919-233-1210    or

Finalists Named for Third Annual WOW Innovation Award
The recipient of industry award will be selected      chemistry is contained in a meltblown wipe with
at annual World of Wipes Conference in Chicago        a proprietary patent-pending treatment that
in June                                               keeps the actives stable for 18 months.

CARY, NC — April 22, 2010 — Four finalists have       • Nice-Pak ... Eco-Pak
been selected to compete for the third WOW            Eco-Pak is a portable, soft pack delivery system
Innovation Award competition being held as part       that holds high-efficacy surface disinfecting wet
of the annual World of Wipes (WOW) Conference,        wipes, which could previously only be packed in
set for June 21-23, 2010 at the InterContinental      canisters. This resealable new package has soft
Hotel in Chicago, Ill.                                sides, and yet is able to stand on one end, maxi-
                                                      mizing store shelf impact, and minimizing storage
The annual WOW Conference, organized by INDA,         space under a consumer’s kitchen sink. This new
Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry, is      package provides a more compact footprint than
devoted solely to wipes, with a concentration on      traditional canisters for more efficient storage
substrates, active ingredients, packaging, market     and transportation, as well as a more comfortable
metrics, industry challenges and market opportu-      fit in the consumer’s hand.
nities, particularly in Asia and Europe. The WOW
Innovation Award recognizes and rewards the           • RPM Technology ... PolyWipes
industry members who bring new and value-             The PolyWipes are an odorless aqueous nonwoven
added processes and products to the wipes             wipe designed to remove uncured silicone, poly-
market.                                               sulfide, urethane, epoxy, and virtually any
                                                      uncured system.
The four finalists, chosen from products nomi-
nated by the industry earlier this year, are:         • Seventh Generation ... Seventh Generation
                                                      Disinfecting Wipes
• Kimberly-Clark ... Kimtech One-Step Germi-          In January 2010 Seventh Generation introduced
cidal Wipe                                            EPA registered disinfecting wipes that kill germs
Kimtech One-Step Germicidal Wipe is a pre-            naturally using the active ingredient thymol as a
saturated hospital-grade surface disinfecting         component of thyme oil derived from the thyme
wipe with a Clostridium difficile spore kill claim.   plant. This product has combined thymol disin-
The wipe is powered by a unique chemistry that        fecting technology, green formulation chemistry,
combines hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid         and a total chlorine-free processed substrate to
and rapidly kills C. difficile spores and numerous    create a total solution for quick, easy cleaning
other bacteria, viruses and fungi on surfaces. The    and disinfection.

                                                                        VOL. 11   ISSUE 2    SPRING 2010
                                                                                             Page 9

                              The four finalists      ($1675 after May 14). Networking Registration,
               will give a 10-minute presentations    which allows access to the two evening recep-
during WOW and attendees will then vote on the        tions and table-top displays, is $395 for INDA
recipient of the 2010 WOW Innovation Award. The       members ($475 after May 14) and $550 for non-
Award will be presented during a session on the       members ($660 after May 14).
final morning of the Conference.
                                                      For more information on the 2010 World of Wipes
Full registration for the World of Wipes Interna-     International Conference:
tional Conference for INDA members is $995  
($1195 after May 14) and $1395 for non-members        Or call INDA at 919-233-1210.

INDA Releases Landmark Report on China’s Nonwovens Industry
Association’s Trends and Forecast Examines Chi-       try has been keeping pace with the Chinese
nese Market from 2003-2013                            national economy and the country’s nonwoven
                                                      industry over the past five years expanded an
Combining both an historical perspective on the       average of 17% per year between 2003-2008.”
market since 2003 and projections of its growth
through 2013, a groundbreaking report – “China        Among the highlights of the report’s findings:
Nonwoven Industry Outlook Trends and Forecast”
– is to be published by INDA, Association of the      • China consumed 10.4 billion square meters of
Nonwoven Fabrics Industry.                            nonwoven fabrics, of which nine billion were for
                                                      disposable end markets and 1.4 billion for durable
The 66-page report focuses on the Outlook for the     end-uses. The value of nonwoven fabrics con-
Disposable and Durable Nonwoven Markets, Sales        sumed in China during 2008 totaled, in constant
and Volume of Major Nonwoven Segments and             U.S. dollars, $2.32 billion. INDA expects China’s
Nonwovens Consumption in 2008 and Outlook by          nonwoven volume will increase 12% per year and
Technology.                                           will reach almost $3.88 billion by 2013.

Among the markets examined are Baby Diapers,          • Sales of the converted disposables markets
Baby Pads, Feminine Hygiene Pads and Tampons,         studied had sales of $11.87 billion in 2008. INDA
Adult Incontinence, Medical/Surgical Products         expects these markets will grow in constant
and Disposable Wipes. In Durable Products, mar-       dollars from current size to $18.46 billion during
kets include Geotextiles, Roofing, Automotive         the five-year period through 2013. This repre-
Interiors, Filter Media and Bedding Construction.     sents an average annual growth rate of 9.2% per
“Many nonwovens and related firms asked INDA
for assistance in understanding the high growth       • The medical market is unusual. While this is a
rate of the Chinese nonwoven industry and what        significantly sized market of over $2 billion in
is driving this nonwoven growth,” says the author,    2008, with the exception of some small products
Ian Butler, INDA’s Director of Market Research. “It   such as face masks, shoe
is really fairly simple — China’s nonwoven indus-     covers       and

                                                                        VOL. 11    ISSUE 2    SPRING 2010
                                                                                          Page 10

                             masks, most of the       667,600 tons. Volume in 2013 is expected to reach
              remaining surgical products of          1,113,600 tons for the markets INDA studied.
apparel and patient drapes are exported and not       The “China Nonwoven Industry Outlook Trends
consumed within China. About 60-70% of these          and Forecast” report is available in early May at a
disposable surgical products are shipped to the       cost of $2,200 for INDA Members and $3,000 for
U.S. market. Medical growth is expected to aver-      non-members.
age about 6.0% per year between 2008-2013.
                                                      For information:; or contact
• China’s domestic production of nonwoven mate-       Helena Lee, INDA 919-233-1210 ext. 120,
rial, including export volume, in 2008 reached

Welcome New INDA Members!
INDA would like to welcome the following new          Beijing United Chinese Business International
member companies:                                     Consulting Co., Ltd.
                                                      We are a service provider for Chinese nonwoven
AAF International                                     manufacturers and we are working for them to
Nonwovens media are used to enhance or create         promote their international trade and invest-
the performance of air filters for both particulate   ment. We organize national pavilions in major
and gas phase filtration. A variety of nonwoven       nonwoven and composite materials trade shows
technologies are used by our company depending        to present their products.
on end-application performance requirements or
costs.                                                Bright Technologies Corp. Inc.
                                                      Development of advanced technologies for the
Abbie Packaging, LLC                                  disposable absorbent products industries.
Abbie Packaging, LLC is a manufacturer’s repre-
sentative company specializing in various flexible    Converting Influence LLC
packaging applications. Abbie has strategic busi-     Converting Influence assists those in the convert-
ness partnerships to offer a broad portfolio of       ing industry, providing news and information, pro-
packaging materials. Primary focus is blown poly-     moting and consulting on converting issues. Non-
ethylene    film   applications,   three     layer    wovens converting is a key part of our consulting
co-extruded polymer films.                            services.

Arden Companies                                       Focke & Co., Inc.
Arden manufactures hi-loft airlaid polyester fiber    Focke & Co.’s General Packaging division provides
batting that is used in our patio cushions.           packaging machinery and line engineering solu-
                                                      tions in the following: Dry Foods, Paper/Hygiene
Avanti                                                and Consumer product sectors. The company is
Manufacturers of polypropylene spunbond nonwo-        one of the few globally which can produce and
ven fabric in roll form. STP Impianti (Italy) line.   provide complete lines for the nonwovens indus-
Fabric specifications to include color, UV additive   try by supplying equipment
and topical treatment.                                directly coupled

                                                                         VOL. 11   ISSUE 2    SPRING 2010
                                                                                     Page 11

                             to the outfeed of      Nehemiah Manufacturing Company
               converting equipment for stacking    Nehemiah manufactures toddler wipes        and
and bagging solutions with all speed range capa-    cleansing wipes.
bilities. New design and higher speeds and
reduced footprints, technology to implement cost    NICCA USA, Inc.
reductions of consumable materials, and reduced     NICCA USA is a supplier of chemical additives,
operator involvement. Case and tray packaging       coatings and specialty finishes for nonwovens.
solutions, as well as bundling, palletizing and
stretch wrapping solutions are available.           Pratrivero USA, Inc.
                                                    Pratrivero USA is a stitchbond nonwoven pro-
Innovatec Microfibre Technology GmbH & Co.          ducer. We are also a converter of spunbond and
KG                                                  needlepunch nonwovens. The majority of the
From insulation to filtration up to absorbers –     fibers used are polyester, polypropylene, para-
INNOVATEC Microfibre Technology GmbH & Co. KG       aramidic and viscose.
stands for high performance melt-blown innova-
tions. Our products are applied in numerous         Providencia USA, Inc.
fields.                                             We are a new nonwovens supplier to the North
                                                    American and global markets, utilizing the most
InnovationEdge LLC                                  recent Reicofil technology, with a focus on the
IE is a global management consulting firm with      hygiene and medical fabrics markets.
expertise in strategy, branding, R&D, and test
methodologies. IE provides solutions for CPG,       VitaFlex LLC
healthcare, and retail in many areas including      Latex-free elastic nonwovens and protective
developing new products based on nonwoven           hoods production.

Kellenberger Consulting Ltd.
Consulting services in the areas of absorbent
(theory, materials, processes and products), non-
woven, competitive intelligence, intellectual
property, reverse engineering and cost analysis,
Kleen Test Products
Kleen Test is one of the world’s largest contract
manufacturers and packagers of wet wipes, dryer
sheets, liquids, nonwovens and confectionery

                                                                     VOL. 11   ISSUE 2   SPRING 2010
                                                                                    Page 12

INDA Calendar of Events
INDA Nonwovens Course, June 15-17, INDA Head-     Filtration 2010, November 30-December 2, Penn-
quarters, Cary, North Carolina                    sylvania Convention Center, Philadelphia, Penn-
World of Wipes 2010, June 21-23, InterContinen-
tal Chicago, Chicago, Illinois                    VISION 2011, January 10-12, Four Seasons Aviara,
                                                  North San Diego, California
Elementary Nonwovens Training Course, July
20-21, INDA Headquarters, Cary, North Carolina    IDEA13, April 23-25, 2013, Miami Beach Conven-
                                                  tion Center, Miami Beach, Florida
Research, Innovation & Science for Engineered
Fabrics (RISE) 2010, September 20-23, Hilton
Baltimore, Baltimore, Maryland

                                                                   VOL. 11   ISSUE 2   SPRING 2010

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