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Simsbury Public Schools (PowerPoint)


									Simsbury Public Schools
      Budget Preview

                  January 25, 2011

Budget Context

Protecting the quality of the school system
 in difficult economic times
Simsbury’s attractiveness as a community
 is due in large part to the quality of the
 school system
  Schools are the #1 factor in quality of life in
   Simsbury (source: Survey of Simsbury

Consistently Strong Results
 #1 in % of students meeting goal on all 3 tests
  on CAPT
 Increasing numbers of students in the advanced
  band on math CMT
 30 % increase in students taking AP courses
  since 2005-06
 12 fold increase of students enrolled in
  engineering since 2004
 7% increase in students completing 4 years of
  art and music at SHS
What We Value
 Reasonable class size
 Rigorous curriculum focused on 21st century
  skills and global connections
 High quality staff who are focused on the
  continuous improvement of student learning
 Ready access to technology for students and
 A program that balances academic needs with
  social/ emotional needs, artistic expression and
  physical wellness
Financial Knowns (1/25/11)
 Contract settlements with two certified employee
  bargaining units
 Pension contribution for non-certified employees
 OPEB contribution
 Property and casualty insurance rates
 Dental, life and long term disability premiums
 Electricity
 8 certified staff retirements
 Enrollment projections

Financial Unknowns (1/25/11)

Bargaining unit contracts for three non-
 certified bargaining units
Medical insurance premiums
Fuel oil fixed pricing
State aid – Education Cost Sharing (ECS),
 Excess Cost, Transportation, and Adult
 Education Grants

Ongoing efforts to control costs and
limit operating budget increases

   Negotiated contracts at 0% general wage increase for teachers and administrators*

   Cooperative efforts- with the town and regionally with other Boards of Education - detailed
    listing in budget section of our website

   Strategic use of ARRA funding ($1.2 million dollars in restricted special education grant
    funding over a two year period 2009-10 and 2010-11)

   Strategic use of Federal Education Jobs Funding ($313,000) over two year period (August
    2010 to September 2012) - deferred to 2011-12 fiscal year

   District Management Council (DMC) Opportunities Review
        New delivery model for Simsbury Reading Intervention Program serving special education and regular
         education students in grades K-3

        Newly developed criteria for delivery of Speech and Language services, Resource Room services,
         paraprofessional services

        Establish behavior supports to address student needs prior to special education

       * Does not include the increment cost for teachers and administrators

The 2011-12 Budget Will
Meet BOE class size guidelines K-12
Incrementally restore a base of funding in
 textbooks, professional development,
 curriculum development
Incrementally restore the technology
 equipment funding that was significantly
 reduced over the last 2 years
Increases in staffing to achieve the 8
 period day at SHS
The 2011-12 Budget Will
Implement recommendations from the
 DMC Opportunities Review regarding
 staffing in key areas
  Establishes Certified Reading Teachers for K-3
   students (offset by reductions in other reading
   related positions)
  Establish standards of practice in key areas of
   special education
  Establish behavior supports to address
   student needs prior to special education
                      Board of Education
                       Budget Increases

          BOE Approved          $                %
 Year        Budget      Budget Increase   Budget Increase
2008-09    $60,114,565     $2,032,860          3.50%
2009-10    $60,868,434      $753,869           1.25%
2010-11    $61,842,329      $973,895           1.60%

         Superintendents Budget
           Range of Increase
Predict a range of 1.5% to 2.3 %

Depending on the financial “unknowns”

Consideration of the Board of Finance
 guidelines (-1%, 0%, and 1%)

What’s next in the budget development
 Simsbury High School and Special Education
  Program Reviews on February 1
 Presentation of projected certified and non-
  certified staffing on February 8
 Presentation of Superintendent’s Budget on
  February 15
 Budget refinement between February 15-
  February 28
 Projected Board of Education budget adoption –
  March 1 or March 8, 2011
Important Dates
 BOF Public Hearing on Capital Projects
  March 8, 7:30 p.m., SHS Auditorium
 BOE Presentation of 2011-12 Operating Budget
  to the BOF March 15, 6:00 p.m., Town Hall
  Meeting Room
 BOF Public Hearing on Operating Budgets
  April 5, 7:30 p.m., SHS Auditorium
 Annual Town Meeting
  May 3, 7:30 p.m., SHS Auditorium
 Budget Referendum
  May 17, 2011
Concluding Remarks
Preserve the quality of our school system
 in difficult economic times
Focus on our well defined strategic
Implement cost savings wherever
 possible, including recommendations from
 the DMC Opportunities Review
Ensure that “return on investment” is

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