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Re: Suspected "Barefoot Bandit" Colton
Harris−Moore Pleads Guilty


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      • Date: Tue, 13 Jul 2010 23:10:50 −0500

"Michael Snyder" <msnyder@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

        Colton Harris−Moore, the so called "barefoot bandit," has pleaded
        guilty in The Bahamas to a minor charge, and is expected to be
        deported to the United States.

        Harris−Moore appeared in court in Nassau to plead guilty to illegally
        entering the country. Now, instead of going through the extradition
        process, it's expected that he will simply be deported. He could
        arrive in the United States as early as Tuesday night.

        The 19 year old is accused of at least 70 burglaries in eight states
        over the past two years. He earned his nickname by going barefoot
        during some of the break−ins, sometimes even leaving chalk outlines of
        his feet behind, police say.

It makes me sick the way the media has "iconized" this loser piece of crap thief. He was involved in a town
about 70 miles from me, my dh's home town, in some burglary and broke into a hangar spending some time
on a flight simulator, among other things, possibly preparing for his trip to the Bahamas. They are stepping up
on their security "now" on the airport. With all the terrorist crap going on, it's a wonder that the terrorists don't
aim for these small town airports that don't have much, if any, security. I hope this is a wakeup call.



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