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									The Abolitionist
► What   is abolition?
     Definition: The end of slavery
     A movement that began in the 1830s

► Abolitionists argued that enslaved African
    Americans should be freed immediately

►    In the eyes of Abolitionists, slavery was an
    enormous evil of which the country needed
    to repent
David Walker & Walker’s Appeal
 David Walker & Walker’s Appeal
► The  first well-known
► A free African American
  from North Carolina
► Published Appeal to the
 Colored Citizens of the
► Advocated  violence and
 rebellion as the only way
 to end slavery
William Lloyd Garrison
William Lloyd Garrison
         ► Responsible  for rapid
           spread of abolitionist
         ► Founded Boston’s
           antislavery newspaper,
           The Liberator
         ► Believed  slavery was
           immoral and slaveholders
           were evil
         ► Only option = immediate
           emancipation, or freeing
           of all enslaved people
    Grimke Sisters

Sarah and Angelina Grimke
         The Grimke Sisters

► FromSouth Carolina (father was a plantation owner)
 ► Moved North to work openly against slavery
       ► Also fought for women’s rights
Frederick Douglass
              Frederick Douglass
► Escaped  slave from
► Published The North Star,
  an antislavery newspaper
► Published an
  autobiography, Narrative
  of the Life of Frederick
► One of the most
  prominent African
  American figures of the
Sojourner Truth
Sojourner Truth
        ► Gained   freedom in
        ► Gave well-spoken,
          joyous and deeply
          religious speeches that
          drew large crowds
        ► Engaged listeners with
          humor, personal
          stories, contagious
          singing and strong
          antislavery messages
Nat Turner
                  Nat Turner
► Southern   slave who led
  an uprising in 1831
► Killed over 50 Virginians
► Rebellion caused
  Southern slave owners
  to tighten control of
  blacks and demand the
  suppression of
  abolitionist material
  Reaction to Abolitionist Movement
  Northern Reaction        Southern Reaction
• Feared large migration  • Slave holders
  of African Americans to   defended slavery as
  the North                 vital to their
• Feared an upset of the    economic stability
  social system would     • Argued slaves
  lead to war with the      enjoyed a close,
  South                     friendly relationship
• Many Northerners          with their owners
  sympathized with        • Demanded
  slaves – did not want     suppression of
  to return them to slave   abolitionist material
           Practice Questions
All of the following were leaders in
    abolitionism EXCEPT
A) Frederick Douglass
B) The Grimké sisters
C) John C. Calhoun
D) William Lloyd Garrison
          Practice Questions
All of these methods were used during the
    abolitionist movement to spread the
    message EXCEPT
A) Speeches
B) Newspapers
C) Rebellions
D) Negotiations with Plantation owners

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