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					Google Earth
Presenters: Kacey Sensenich, Bobbie Combs

• Writing assignment- Exa. Where is the plane and why is it there?
• Planetarium- Same Navigation for Google Earth, move the Earth around
• nuke it- choose method of mass destruction to predict what will happen, you can show
• Live cam- Show students specific places around the world (etc. ground zero), give
  students money and they an plan a trip including gas...etc.
• Google Earth, Google map- side by side for comparison
• distance between cities and places on a map
• A more detailed version of constellations than Planetarium

•   Add ons available- located on the presenterʼs website
•   solar system in google earth- turns the Earth into the sun in comparison to planets
•   Planets- distance between planets and the comparison of size
•   planets time- lapse movie- Plays satellite pictures of different planets
•   ISS tracks- international space station tracker and where they are located, figure when
    the space station will be in your area
•   constellation boundaries- blocks off constellations to see where they overlap and how
    they distinguish
•   daylight hours- show how many hours of daylight a particular part of the Earth has a
    certain time (seasons, etc.), visual model
•   current lunar month- Shows the phase of the moon on different nights of the year, can
    show history
•   Earth 360- shows volcanoes and Earthquakes, etc. and where located, shows picture,
    provides information
•   Under gallery has many layers, can look at them in the temporarily or drag into your
    permanent files
•   KMZ files or KML- pegged places or built models
•   360- double click gives a 360 degree picture so that students can visualize the
•   Weird images on website are good for writing prompts

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