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                              Est Potomac HIgH scHool                                                                                                       Hooked on drugs: a growing trend

                                                                                    Thursday, January 20, 2011

Red Cross comes to                                                       Fighting for freedom on the Internet
West Potomac                                                              Norris Brooks & Tyler Arnold                                      Hutchison (R-TX) said, “The FCC is attempting to push
Anna Peck                                                                 News Editor & Reporter                                            excessive government regulation of the Internet through
Reporter                                                                                                                                    without congressional authority and these actions threaten
                                                                             “Give me Internet, or give me death!” This play on the         the very future of the technology.” The fight goes on.
                          Want some good karma? Join the club.            famous words of Patrick Henry expresses how strongly the               A second controversy involves a website called
                                      This year, West Potomac is          American people feel about the fight for Internet freedom:        WikiLeaks, which advertises itself as a “non-profit media
                                   welcoming a new community              unlimited access and uncensored content. Two controversies        organization dedicated to bringing important news and
                               service club that is going to bring        have arisen in recent months that may threaten this freedom.      information to the public.” Founded by Julian Assange, an
                                   out the advocate in everyone,           One is the vote taken in the final week of 2010 by the Federal   anti-war activist, the site provides a secure way for sources
                                  Club Red. “Club Red is a club           Communications Commission [FCC] to enact new rules to             around the world to leak information to the Internet. The
                                     that works side by side with         regulate “net neutrality.” Those in favor of the new                    documents published include secret and classified
                                         the American Red Cross           regulations feel that they are a breakthrough                                material, while the identities of the sources
                                               to help with service       for equal Internet access, because service                                      remain anonymous. The information that
                                             learning and provides        providers may no longer discriminate                                              is posted can be seen not only by U.S
                                                   age-appropriate        against websites using their networks.                                              citizens, but by any person in the world
                                                     and attainable       In other words, companies that bring                                                 as well. While the articles are informative,
                                                      activities with     the Internet into American homes                                                     they provide details the American
                                                        the school,”      cannot block certain websites while                                                  government may not want made public.
                                                           explained      favoring others. For example, Verizon                                                 The two posts that have created the most
                                                        junior Juliet     Wireless is not allowed to block Vonage                                             controversy are the Iraq and Afghanistan
                                                       Narine, club       web content; Comcast is not permitted                                             war logs. In December, WikiLeaks published
                                                      president and       to interfere with Netflix video streaming.                                     several of these classified documents
                Photo courtesy of Clare Palo
                                                             creator.       It sounds good. However, many Republicans                                 provided by a military insider. The logs contained
     Junior and club president Juliet                                     in Congress feel this is a power grab by Photo Courtesy of a full list of actions in detail with personal
                                                             “I was
     Narine helps wash dogs with Club                                     the government to control the Internet.                                       accounts of soldiers in these areas of war.
     Red members at a local rescue                   impressed by
                                                     the      variety     Some Internet providers fear the rules will restrict                    The reaction from the U.S. government was
                                                     of activities        investment. Others even think that Internet access is             outrage. was shut down, and Senator
that the club could do. I also felt that the club would have              something outside of the government’s jurisdiction                Joe Lieberman (D-CT) introduced a bill entitled
strong support for the local Red Cross chapter and that this              and that the new regulations will be challenged in court.         “Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act.” It
could help create more opportunities for students both in                    FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski defended the new               aims to give the President broad authority to censor
and outside of school,” said history teacher, Emily Millians,             regulations saying they “would ensure that the Internet           Internet content that is considered a threat to national
the sponsor of Club Red. The first meeting of the club was                remains a powerful platform for innovation and job                security. The Senator has even pressured other websites
Wednesday, January, 5, 2011. The plan is to have meetings                 creation.” Expressing the opposing view, Senator Kay Bailey       to take down content they have gotten from WikiLeaks.
every other Wednesday in Millian’s room. Clara Barton                                                                        Continued on page 3
founded the American Red Cross in 1881, and its primary
purpose is to help people. The current president is Gail
McGovern and its current location is in Washington D.C.
                                                                          UCM translators play Santa for the holidays
   The American Red Cross holds multiple events throughout                                                                                  and a board game.
the year like canned food drives, bingo nights, coin drives, and
                                                                          Lily Wiesblatt
                                                                                                                                              When parents came in to go shopping, some of them did
blood drives. Volunteers also take time out to read to elementary         Reporter
                                                                                                                                            not speak English. That is why many students from West
school students. These are all activities students can be involved            On Fordson Road, an unassuming building was Santa’s           Potomac were there as translators. There were students from
in at West Potomac. For more information on the club, you                 workshop for three days.                                          Spanish 2 to Advance Placement Spanish, walking around
can follow the club on Twitter and friend it on Facebook.                      Every year, the United Community Ministries [UCM]            the room with adults, talking with them and explaining
The club is still new and they are always open to new members.            holds a Christmas “sale” for underprivileged families.            what each child could have. These students were there as
Current members are already enjoying the club activities and              Each family signs up for a time slot and those who attend         volunteers, receiving nothing but community service and a
what the club can offer. “I was inspired by Juliet’s passion.             walk away with enough presents for each of their children.        feeling of good will towards man. Sophomore Katie Garay
I’m looking forward to the opportunity to help people and                     There were 6 long tables filling the main room at the         became a translator because, “I like to volunteer because it
save lives,” commented senior, Julia Carney, a club member.               UCM. The tables were chock-full of toys, organized by             makes you feel good about yourself, and you are helping
Besides the fact that the club provides community service                 gender and age. They were divided between boys and girls,         your community. My sister told me that this was an eye-
opportunities that students need to achieve during the year;              ages 0-12 months, 1-3, 4-9, and 10-15 years. The amount           opening experience so I wanted to try it. I think I’m going
it also has fun activities that people can do with their friends.         of presents a parent got for a child differed according to        to come back next year.”
     “It is usually hard to find stuff to do for community                age. Infants and toddlers received two items each, and all              Reasons for volunteering ranged from receiving
service and I always enjoy doing it with friends. This                    older boys and girls received two stocking stuffers, a larger     community service hours to accompanying parents while
club seems like a good opportunity for people to                          gift, and a smaller gift. All children got an age-appropriate     they volunteered. Some volunteers, like Garay and junior
get help with that,” junior Jennifer Rodgers said.                        book. There were dolls, jewelry, toy cars, and soccer balls       Monica Bell assisted because they wanted to spread the
   Working with the American Red Cross also looks great on                filling every empty space in the large room. Also, each child     Christmas cheer. Bell said, “I am really fortunate to have
college applications, which would be helpful in the long run for          aged 4-9 years got a stuffed animal, children under 4 got an      had more of an enriched life where I have received gifts
the majority of the students at West Potomac. The American                arts and crafts project, and each family got a ball, a puzzle,    every Christmas, and so to give back to those who are not
                       Continued on page 3                                                                                                                    Continued on page 3

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 out who he is.                              Wolverine Warrior?                      affect your attitude.                   Dark Twisted Fantasy.”                   on the back page!
N ews
Literacy levels plunge, and television may be to blame
Anna Dreyfuss                                                                                                                       a year, with middle school students reading the most. Some
Style Editor                                                                                                                        70% of middle school students read more than 10 books
                                                                                                                                    a year, compared with only 49% of high school students.
   Which would you rather: chat on Facebook or read a                                                                                 “America is ranked so low because we have more money.
book? Well, that’s a no-brainer. Unfortunately, most                                                                                Our society is more technology-based and people get lazy
teenagers choose the wrong answer to this question.                                                                                 and rather watch the internet or TV rather than read,” said
Since 1983, more than 10 million Americans reached                                                                                  senior Bonnie Morgan. It is no surprise that the internet
the 12th grade without having learned to read at a basic                                                                            is growing every day. Now that social networking eats
level, according to the Literacy Company. In that same                                                                              up twice as much of people’s online time than any other
period, more than six million Americans dropped out of                                                                              activity, reading is a distant memory. According to New
high school altogether. Reading levels of Americans have                                                                            Stats from Nielsen, Facebook and Twitter now account for
drastically dropped, especially among teenagers.                                                                                    22.7% of the time spent online. Schools are even investing
    Many people believe the main reason for the nation’s                                                                            in iPads for students that are claimed to have educational
below average reading levels are caused by immigrants that                                                                          value, according to the New York Times.
are not sufficient in English. It is true that America is a                                                                            Junior Noora Al-Saadawi said, “Most kids don’t like to
popular destination for immigrants, but in 2009, the Census                                  Photo Courtesy of Sonia Garakyaraghi   read because they are uninterested with the topics teachers
Bureau stated that only 12.5% of the nation’s population          Sophomores Allison McNulla and Kathleen Poulin
                                                                                                                                    assign.” It is almost impossible for teachers to motivate a
is immigrants. There is an obvious problem when nearly                                                                              student who has no interest and desire to read, so what
                                                                  enjoy silent reading time in their English class.
half of America’s adults are poor readers and cannot carry                                                                          should they do? “Like in the movie Freedom Writers, teachers
out simply tasks like balancing check books, reading drug         Mathewson said, “The only consistent trend is that if a kid       could pick books that really relate to us and it would be much
labels or writing essays for a job, according to The Literacy     does not read anything often, not just a book, then they will     more painless,” said Al-Saadawi. Of course, children learn
Company.                                                          struggle in school.”                                              from their parents. “Parents stop reading for fun or to their
    West Potomac created classes for students who need              Why else would American’s reading levels be so low? “I do       kids much too early. If a family treats reading like a social
to improve their reading skills. Developing Literacies is         blame TV and movies. When I was a kid and there was not           and entertainment event, way past the second grade and
for ninth graders, Expanding Literacies 1 and 2 for tenth         that much TV, reading was considered entertainment. Now           into middle school, kids won’t be reluctant to keep reading
and eleventh graders and an English 12/SOL Focus class            it is considered homework,” said Mathewson. According to          for fun. Kids won’t assume reading is a punishment or an
for twelfth graders, who did not pass the reading and/or          the New York Times, in an average US home the television          assignment,” said Mathewson. No matter how students get
writing SOL. When asked if there are certain trends found         is on for about seven hours. The Literacy Company states          motivated, America needs to find a way to lower the 40%
in students who are in the classes, English teacher Mary          that 56% of young people say they read more than 10 books         of high school students who read at a fourth grade level.

Students play the brain game Caught Red-Footed                             The team hopes to start off the New
Jade Toft                                                                                                                   Noor Javaid                          was trying to escape on a boat.
                                                                           Year by doing well in their upcoming                                                  The police shot at the boat and
Business Manager                                                           competition on January 22 at Edison High
                                                                                                                            Reporter                             immobilized it. They had to
      Most students would never                                            School.                                                                               coax him off because he put the
                                                                                                                                 “He said to me he intends       gun to his head and said he’d kill
consider putting the words                                                      The actual competition consists of           to change his life,” said           himself, according to ABC. He
“academic” and “fun” in the same                                           five different rounds. Round one is a             Colton Harris-Moore’s lawyer,       pleaded guilty in the Bahamian
sentence, but the West Potomac It’s                                        category round with eight questions               Monique Gomez. Harris-Moore         court and he was deported to
                                                                                                                             a.k.a. the Barefoot Bandit          Washington State. He is being
Academic team begs to differ.                                              related to a specific category such as “art”      said those words to his lawyer
    The team meets every Monday                                            or “history.” In round two, each team                                                 held for four of those five
                                                                                                                             while he was on trial. The 19       counts. Fox News said he will
after school in room 152 with its                                          is asked a total of five direct questions         year-old is charged “with five      be facing up to 10 years in jail.
sponsor, Mr. Hyman. This year’s                                            each worth twenty points. Round three             counts that includes interstate         Meanwhile, fans were upset
team is composed of ten students,                                          is a toss-up visual round in which eight          transportation of a stolen          that he was caught and posted
                                                                                                                             aircraft and being a fugitive       comments like “Sorry you got
led by junior Eric Dove. “We are                                           questions are asked to each team about a          in possession of a firearm,”
building this year and do not have                                         specific displayed image. Ten points are                                              caught man,” and “Wow, you’re
                                                                                                                             according to ABC news.              definitely a legend.” His victims
many people in our ‘club’ so there                                         awarded for a correct answer or deducted                Harris-Moore had been         on the other hand were told to
is not quite the enthusiasm or                                             for an incorrect answer. Round four               on the run from authorities         write their side of the story if
breadth of knowledge we would                                              opens with three different packets, each          for over two years, stealing        their house was burglarized. It
                                                                                                                             items across the country. His       didn’t even have to be a house.
like,” stated science teacher Eli                                          consisting of eight questions. The team           signature was a chalk-drawn
Hyman. The team is eager for                                               to the immediate left of the team that is                                             Scott Lancaster’s hardware store
                                                                                                                             picture of a foot and he did all    had been robbed and afterwards
new members and encourages                                                 supposed to answer chooses a packet for           these crimes barefoot, hence        when the police searched for
all interested students to join.            Photo Courtesy of the answering team.       Each question is        the name “barefoot bandit.”         clues and did not find anything,
Sophomore Rebecca Schlight West Potomac sharpen their skills worth twenty points with no penalties.                          Newsweek stated that he had         Lancaster installed an alarm
                                                                                                                             stolen an airplane form Idaho       system.
exclaimed, “I like being on the and compete against local high Finally, round five is nicknamed                              and crash landed it 300 miles
Academic team because I get to schools in the new It’s Academic! “the grab bag” which consists of a                                                                    According to 48 Hours
                                                                                                                             ahead. Then he stole another        Mystery, Harris-Moore told
learn and have fun at the same club.                                            random assortment of questions. For          airplane in Indiana and flew        his lawyer that he would not
time.”                                                        visual questions, thirty points are awarded for correct        about 1,200 miles and ended         have acted the way he did, if
  In a typical meeting, students split up into teams and answers but deducted for incorrect ones. When the                   up in the Bahamas. Newsweek         his childhood was different. He
                                                                                                                             also reported that he has no        grew up in poverty and his mom
grab a drink and some snacks provided by the team buzzer sounds, the competition is over and the winner                      pilot license, is diagnosed with
administrators. One of the favorite ways to split the is announced.                                                                                              was an alcoholic. It is rumored
                                                                                                                             ADHD, and is not a high school      she named him after the
team among members is boys versus girls. To prepare              The West Potomac It’s Academic team encourages              graduate.                           “Colt 45” malt liquor. He told
for upcoming competitions, the team simulates parts students to come try out the team. They all agree that                        He was captured on the         everyone he will change his life,
of an actual competition, assigning each person a it’s “more like hanging out and being forced to play                       waters of the Bahamas while he      but he may not have the chance.
buzzer and splitting the time into different rounds. trivia.”

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2   The Wire                                                                                                                                          Thursday, January 20, 2011
Tragedy in Tucson                                                                                 Internet, cont.                                    Red Cross, cont.
Camille DiFolco                                   “He         specifically     targeted     the
                                                  congresswoman. We have eyewitness                     Free speech advocates have protested,         Red Cross will be working with the club
Editor-in-Chief                                                                                   declaring that WikiLeaks breaks no laws and         in all of its activities throughout the year.
                                                  testimony and documents to prove
   Shots rang out, shattering the that.”                                                          that the actions by the government represent               The American Red Cross is the
buoyancy of a “meet and greet” public                 The shooting has spurred national           unlawful censorship. Furthermore, it is             nation’s number one emergency response
event held at a Safeway in Tuscon, AZ outrage and concern over whether                            unclear whether or not the U.S. government          organization and prides itself on aiding
on Saturday, January 8. The sharp heated political debate helped incite                           would even be successful in controlling             people who are victims of natural disasters.
report of a handgun marked the first the incident. Loughner has been                              Internet content. WikiLeaks has done a              Besides disaster recovery, the American Red
assassination attempt on a sitting charged with two counts of murder                              good job of securing their information by           Cross helps with supporting military families,
member of Congress in over two and three counts of attempted murder.                              using hundreds of mirror sites that contain         collection and distribution of lifesaving
decades. With 20 injured, six dead,                  After undergoing surgery, Giffords           all of the documents. These mirror sites            blood, teaching educational programs about
and Representative Gabrielle Giffords is reportedly more responsive and in                        are websites with different URLs and                safety and health, and of course community
(D-AZ) with a severe head wound, a stable condition. Doctors reported                             different IP addresses than the original            service opportunities. They help with local
America is in shock. The death                              that Giffords was able to   , but they contain the same            troubles as well as on a national and global
toll includes a federal judge                                  follow simple commands             information. It is like a backup system             scale. The American Red Cross has helped
and nine-year-old girl who                                       and retained simple motor        for all documents posted on WikiLeaks.              with Hurricane Katrina, raised awareness
was interested in politics                                       skills. Chief neurosurgeon       If one of these websites is shut down,              on flu vaccines during the H1N1 crisis, and
and attended the event                                           Michael Lemole said her          two more mirror sites pop up in response.           helps out with local homeless shelters. The
with a family friend.                                             brain has stopped swelling,       High school and college students comprise         American Red Cross is not a government
Giffords was shot in                                              according to The Telegraph.     one of the largest consumer groups of the           funded program, but relies on donations of
the left side of the head                                                Giffords’ husband,       Internet. Decisions made by the government          money, blood, and time in order to operate.
at point-blank range                                              astronaut Mike Kelly,           to control the Internet will have far reaching             The club can provide a lot of
and        remains                                                 released a statement to        implications for this user population. At           opportunities for people that will help
hospitalized.                                                         the public reading, “We     West Potomac, the Internet plays a vital role       them in the future. “I think that students
      On Sunday,                                                         want to extend our       in life. Junior Maggie Grady said, “I am on         could be surprised at all of the different
federal officials                                                          heartfelt gratitude    the Internet at least five hours a day. I use it    kinds of things that the Red Cross does and
filed      murder                                                            to the people        for everything: homework, shopping, social          the numerous different ways that it helps
charges against                                                               of      Arizona     networking, etc.” While the administration          people. Students who want to be involved
22-year-old                                                                     and        this   at West Potomac controls Internet access            and give back will find something they
Jared Loughner,                                                                 great nation      during school hours to protect students             can do through the Red Cross, and now it
according to The                                                                for       their   from distractions and inappropriate                 will be here in the building making it even
Washington Post.                                                                unbelievable      websites, no such restrictions exist on             easier for students to access,” said Millians.
It is suspected                                                                 outpouring of     the national level. Americans feel very
that the gunman                                                                support.”          strongly that the Internet must remain free.
became obsessed                                                                   On Monday,
with      Giffords                                                          January         10,
in the wake
of        declining
                                           Photo courtesy of President         Obama
                                                                          led a minute of         UCM, cont.
mental health.       Many community members attended a candlelight silence across the
                     vigil in honor of those who were killed.
                                                                                                  as fortunate is an amazing feeling.” Although many volunteers were high school students, there
Evidence has                                                              USA for Giffords        were a handful of adults there as well. It was not a requirement for volunteers to work as translators.
surfaced suggesting that the shooting and the other victims of the Tucson                         Many volunteers did not speak another language besides English, but still walked around with the
was premeditated. Authorities found shooting. The Capitol flags were at                           parents to help pick out toys.
a note with the message “I planned half-mast and politicians assembled                                 UCM’s mission statement is they are a community based social service agency whose
ahead” and “my assassination” along to honor the casualties. Well-wishers                         mission is to assist families and individuals to improve the quality of their lives. By
with Giffords’ name in a safe at gathered outside the University                                  providing presents for the families living in this area, they surely do just that. The students
Loughner’s parents’ home.                         Medical Center in Tuscon to leave               who worked at the Christmas sale did the school proud by helping parents to be Santa.
      Pima County Sheriff Clarence flowers and teddy bears at a makeshift
W. Dupnik told CNN on Monday, shrine honoring Giffords.

                                                                                                               w         ire staff

                                                                                                        Editors-in-Chief                     Style Editor                     Business Manager
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                                                                                                    body. The Wire will not print any material that is libelous or obscene, or that will in-
                                                                                                    vade any person’s right to privacy. The ideas expressed in unsigned editorials re-
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                                                                                                    Wire is an open forum for discussion which is printed by Silver Communications.

Thursday, January 20, 2011                                                                                                                                                          The Wire
s Ports                                             Wrestling team gets new coat of Armour
    Wolverine                                       Jacob Alexander
                                                    Opinions Editor                                    Grubbs said of the new coach, “Coach      The wrestling team this year has many

                                                                                                                                              talented and experienced returners and
                                                                                                    Armour will do a fine job this year. Transi-
                                                        Sometimes people have to decide what                                                  has a great shot at doing well. It is very
                                                                                                    tion is always hard, but he appears to have
                                                    is most important in their lives. This is the                                             possible that many wrestlers will have the
                                                                                                    a solid grasp of what is needed to continue
                                                    case with long time wrestling coach Casey       the program’s successes and build for the opportunity to compete in the state tour-
     Daryl “Scooter” Copeland                       Grubbs. Grubbs is stepping down from            future.” Armour has been stressing the    nament at the end of the year. Grubbs
Tommy Friederich                                    his coaching position on the wres-                                                                     predicts that “This team has the
Sports Editor                                       tling team this year, and taking his                                                                   makings for a district champi-
                                                    place is the new coach Matthew                                                                         onship in the next 2 years- so
    “Daryl Copeland is one                          Armour.                                                                                                long as they don’t all end up in
of the best athletes that                               Grubbs no longer has the time                                                                      the same weight classes.”
has walked the halls here                            to take on his usual coaching posi-                                                                         Grubbs will definitely be
at West Potomac. As far                                tion. “My little girls are growing                                                                  missed by the returning wres-
as two way athletes, I’ve                                up, and I felt like I needed to                                                                   tlers. “Grubbs always had a
seen a great football player                               spend more time with family.                                                                    great relationship with every-
be a good basketball                                        Plus, my wife returned back                                                                    body on the team. We felt like
player and vice                                             to work full-time. [I] had to                                                                  a family,” said junior Casey
versa. But Scooter                                        make a choice and the family                                                                     Hagan. Although most wres-
is      phenomenal                                       won this battle. You have got                                                                     tlers were very used to Grubbs
in both sports, he                                      to have priorities in life!” said                                                                  and his techniques, Armour and
can single-handedly                                    Grubbs. Grubbs had to make a                                                                        the rest of the staff are doing
take over a game in Photo by Sonia Garakyaraghi      choice between coaching and his                                                                       very well. “Mr. Grubbs was
both basketball and                                 family, two things he loves, and he                                                                    good, and Armour is a good re-
football,” commented head football coach Eric       chose family.                                                                                          placement. He’s never coached
Henderson. Everyone knows about the success             Grubbs also explained he plans                                                 Photo by Clare Palo before, so it takes some getting
Daryl “Scooter” Copeland has had on the             to return to coaching in the fu-                                                                       used to. He’s very dedicated
basketball court and the football field. Copeland   ture, and believes he will probably Coach Armour hopes to lead the wrestling team down to the team,” said sophomore
was First Team All District and First Team All-     return to full-time coaching when the right path this season.                                          Zach Prinz. “We’ve also got a
State in the 2010 West Potomac Football season.     his daughters are in school and                                                                        great team of JV and secondary
In basketball, Scooter is a third year varsity      have their own activities. He also com- fundamentals of the sport in his practices, coaches,” added Prinz.
player and also earned “First Team All District”    mented, “I will make a couple of cameo which, as Grubbs knows well, are very im-            Grubbs loves wrestling and coaching the
as a junior. In his senior basketball season, the   appearances in the wrestling room from portant in any sport. “Grubbs was a really team at our school, and he will definitely
5’8’’ 160IB speedster has scored double digits      time to time to workout with the guys, but good coach and we miss him, but Armour miss being the full-time head coach. It’s
in every game along with 23 three-pointers.         I just cannot commit to the daily activi- is doing a good job of getting the job just a sacrifice he had to make so he could
   Copeland has always had a knack for sports.      ties.”                                        done,” commented junior Louis Litchford.
                                                                                                                                              be with his family.

                                                      John Wall saves Washington
As an eighth grader at Carl Sandburg Middle

                                                                                                                                                       By The
School, Copeland made the rising freshman
team, which consists of players who have the
best chance of making the freshman team the
following year at West Potomac. For football,
Copeland played in the young leagues when he        Josh Belanger

                                                                                                    weeks to win 5 games and now he is taking
was younger, and shined as an amazing athlete.      Entertainment Editor
                                                                                                    a back seat to Rex Grossman. “The Wash-
In Copeland’s first year at West Potomac, he
                                                                                                    ington sports area in my mind has a bunch
played freshman football and junior varsity            Each city has its own conqueror. Tom
                                                                                                    of above average to average athletes and
basketball. Since the time he got to West           Brady in New England, Alex Rodriguez in
                                                                                                    that really needs a change. The city needs
Potomac he has been a star. “I loved playing        New York, and Kobe Bryant in Los Ange-
                                                                                                    a sports figure they can get behind,” said
sports for West Potomac with all my friends, I      les. They all have their cities where they

                                                                                                    sophomore Elliot Adams.
love winning,” commented Copeland. During           conquer their sport. However, who do
                                                                                                       So, who is Washington’s hero? I believe
his freshman year Copeland emerged as a star        we call our hometown hero? Washington
                                                                                                    it is John Wall. The Washington Wizards’
on the basketball court, he was quick and had       D.C. is the nation’s capital, where the most                                                         The number of
                                                                                                    number one draft pick and the talent they
an amazing three-point shot. During football        powerful men in the world work, and yet                                                              games won by the
                                                                                                    chose to build their franchise around. Wall
his freshman year, he had raw athletic ability      who is its conqueror?                                                                             boys’ varsity bas-
                                                                                                    played college ball at Kentucky where he
which led him to be one of the top players               Ryan Zimmerman has been a star in                                                            ketball team so far
                                                                                                    took his Wildcats to the Elite Eight, aver-
on the freshman team. During Copeland’s             baseball since his debut in 2005, but with                                                        this season.
                                                                                                    aging sixteen points a game along with six
sophomore year, he was a solid player for the       multiple injuries in his career and not one

                                                                                                                             assists. Since de-
varsity basketball team. “I was new to varsity      winning season, he
                                                                                                                             buting in the NBA
sports, it’s a lot quicker and pretty much better   falls short on the
                                                                                                                             with his flashy
players. I have to make up for my height with       list. Alex Ovech-
                                                                                                                             dance, Wall has         The number
speed and quickness to compete on the court,”       kin surely must be
                                                                                                                             established    him-     of points
said Copeland. In Copeland’s junior year as a       a hero, right? The
                                                                                                                             self as a fresh, tal-   scored by the girls’
football player he got an opportunity to take       Great 8 is a two-
                                                                                                                             ented player. Wall      swim team in their win
a starting position when 2010 senior Will           time MVP winner
                                                                                                                             became the third        over Lake Braddock.
Rosenkranz tore his ACL during a scrimmage.         and has brought
                                                                                                                             youngest player to
Scooter took full advantage of this opportunity,    the Caps to be
                                                                                                                             score a triple-dou-
and became one of the Wolverines’ most              the most success-

                                                                                                                             ble in NBA history
dangerous players. He was known for big             ful sports team in
                                                                                                                             and nearly averages
plays at big times. “Scooter always came up         Washington in his
                                                                                             Photo courtesy of a     double-double
with huge sparks of offense when we needed          short six year ca-                                                                                     Number of
                                                                                                                             with 16 points and
him to,” commented head football coach Eric         reer.     No doubt John Wall holds up his Wizards jersey                                               matches won by
                                                                                                                             8 assists per game.
Henderson.                                          Ovechkin      domi- after they took him with the number                                           the varsity wres-
                                                                                                                             The Wizards are
     “I have played with Scooter both on the        nates his sport, one pick in the NBA draft.                                                       tling team this sea-
                                                                                                                             building the future
football field and the basketball court and he      but hockey is not a                                                                               son.
                                                                                                                             around this kid
is a great teammate. He is Captain of our team      mainstream sport and with everything else
                                                                                                    and putting him in charge as the franchise
because he knows how to run our offense and         that happens in the winter, the NHL and
                                                                                                    player. “I watch a lot of Wizards games
defense when we’re on the floor,” said JAM          the Great 8 just don’t get mentioned that
                                                                                                    and honestly I think John Wall can turn            Total number of
Marinelli. Copeland is hoping to attend college     often. Also, Ovechkin has been struggling
                                                                                                    the Wizards around,” said junior Nick Cor-         points scored by the
for one of the two sports and has already been      this season, scoring just 14 goals half way

                                                                                                    done. “He has a lot of potential and he                girls’ JV bas-
offered a scholarship to play football next year.   through the season, when he usually has
                                                                                                    is exciting to watch. You never fall asleep            ketball team in
When asked about his choice between football        around 25-30 goals. Gilbert Areanas was
                                                                                                    watching the Wizards now.” I believe in a              their win over
and basketball in college, he said, “I would        on the way to the top. He was clutch, spec-
                                                                                                    few years, Wall will accomplish some great             Annandale.
rather play basketball because it is the first      tacular, and had a sweet nickname. But in-
                                                                                                    things and become our conqueror. Our
sport I played as a kid. I want to go to college    juries and poor choices led to him getting
                                                                                                    hometown hero whom we can tell our kids
somewhere that has a little distance from home.”    traded. Donovan McNabb was supposed
                                                                                                    that we saw play in his prime, and a player
Copeland will hold a great legacy here at West      to be the guy who would bring the Skins
                                                                                                    that we as Washington fans can call “ours”
Potomac as a great athlete, student, and person.    back to their winning ways. It took him 13
                                                                                                    for years to come.

4   The Wire                                                                                                                                           Thursday, January 20, 2011
Ice hockey is heating up                                                                                                                                  s Ports
Leigh Orleans
                                                                                Because this is the first year there has been an ice hockey team
                                                                            at West Potomac, there were no upper classmen to prepare
                                                                            the members for what it is like being on the team, to pass down
                                                                                                                                                       the sideline
  “It’s my life,” explained sophomore Alex Holm. “I grew up playing         traditions, or to pump up the team. “Sometimes it’s hard because           Boy’s Basketball
ice hockey and wanting to play for my high school. When I                                 we haven’t mastered being a team yet,” stated Holm.
got to West Potomac, I decided it was about time                                            “Not everyone knows each other yet so it is difficult to   West Potomac V.
we got one.”                                                                                   find the chemistry within our team.” This can put
  When deciding what sports to sign up for in                                                        pressures on teammates for fears of judgment      Lake Braddock: 75-71
high school, some of the first teams that come                                                          or criticism; however the boys learned to
to mind are athletics such as football, lacrosse,                                                        push through that. Team Captain, junior
soccer, basketball, and the other generic school                                                          Micah Dabao, said that in the end “it’s
sports teams found all over the country. Ice                                                               just another hockey game. You just          West Potomac V.
hockey, on the other hand, is not typically on                                                              gotta go out there, have fun, and play
the roster. Holm decided to change that.                                                                     your best.”                               Theodore Roosevelt:
Last year, he talked to the student activities                                                                  On the ice, Holm is an “enforcer,”
director, Aaron Helmick, found a sponsor,                                                                     or in other words, the player who        77-73
and got enough signatures from his peers to                                                                   responds to violence from the other
arrange an interest meeting.                                                                                 team by fighting or checking their
    West Potomac was on the verge of                                                                     offense. Dabao is a fantastic player and
starting its very first hockey team.                                                                    scores most of the points for their team.                    .
                                                                                                                                                       West Potomac V Glenelg
However, there were not enough people                                                                    He has been actively playing ice hockey
willing to play. That’s where Briar Woods,                                                                 since he was four years old and wants       Country School: 70-64
another local high school, came into play.                                                                 to continue playing throughout college.
The members combined to make a team large                                                                  His major role on and off the ice is to
enough to compete against other schools.                                  Photo by Bobby Soule
                                                                                                      assist in instructing and leading the team.
Currently there are eight members on the team from each school.                   Sophomore Chad Collins is co-captain. He is an important             West Potomac V.
    A big struggle the boys had to overcome in the process of               defenseman and is constantly keeping opposing players away from
assimilating the team was their lack of funding. Due to the limited         West Potomac’s goalie. He also is a strong leader and plays a major        Stonewall Jackson: 55-44
number of ice rinks in the Northern Virginia area, the price for ice        role in getting the team pumped up for their games.
time is very high. The cost for insurance is also very pricey and               “Getting to a game can take anywhere from 15 minutes to 2
there is a high risk of injury when playing ice hockey. Because of          hours… but no matter what, it’s always worth it.” His teammates
this, funding remains the sole responsibility of the student athletes.      agree that the distance traveled is worth getting to play hockey and       West Potomac V.
This meant that the boys had to pay $740 dues to play on the team.          going for the “W.”

Lights! Cameron! Action!                                                    nothing about his dad’s talks with Mississippi State,” said junior Joey
                                                                                                                                                       Robinson: 75-73

Jack King                                                                   Hemingway. Many fans around the nation find it difficult to believe        West Potomac V.
Sports Editor                                                               that Newton would not know anything about a possible exchange of
                                                                            money between his father and Mississippi State.                            Annandale: 55-80
Yes we Cam. When you watch Cam Newton play football, it almost                Newton’s previous run-ins with the law only aid the argument that
looks scripted. The 6’6’’, 250 pound Auburn quarterback has proved          he was involved in the negotiations of money. However some do
to be the most electrifying player in college football. Last December,      not agree that Newton should be punished for his father’s wrong-
Newton won the coveted Heisman Trophy award in a landslide                  doing. “He shouldn’t be punished for something that his dad did. His       Girls’ Basketball
vote, beating out exceptional candidates like Stanford’s quarterback        father’s actions shouldn’t affect him when it comes to something this
Andrew Luck by over 1,000 points. Some people such as former                big,” said junior Noah Feinstein. Others also believe that because         West Potomac V.
Georgia Head Coach Vince Dooley have described Newton as “the               Newton himself hasn’t been proven of any crimes, he should not be
best college player I’ve ever seen.” However, for what seems to be          punished on the field. “Why are you going to try to ruin someone           Centerville: 42-64
a Hollywood scripted season for Newton, has now been shadowed               like Cam Newton’s name and reputation when he hasn’t even done
by the off the field events. Despite being one of the greatest college      anything wrong on the field or anything that’s been proven off the
football players ever, it seems that his legacy may be permanently          field?” said junior Todd Ferri.
tarnished.                                                                     It seems like the debate over Newton will never end. There is                         .
                                                                                                                                                       West Potomac V Lake
  Newton’s journey was not quick and easy. When Newton was a                very little that he can now do on or off the field to really change
freshman, he had signed with the University of Florida and played           the nation’s mind. Regardless, no one can argue that Newton is a           Braddock: 19-41
as the backup quarterback to former college football legend Tim             once-in-a-lifetime phenomenon on the field, but it seems his off
Tebow. While at Florida, Newton ran into legal problems. Newton             the field critics will never truly believe that he didn’t know. Junior
stole a laptop from the university which authorities later found in his     Niko Knoblauch put it perfectly when he stated, “I mean, you are
dorm room. Newton was initially arrested, however, the charges were         innocent until proven guilty.”                                             West Potomac V.
later dropped. After Tim Tebow announced that he would return for
his senior season at Florida, Newton decided to transfer to Blinn                                                                                      Robinson: 37-55
Junior College in Texas to get playing time, and in an effort to start
over. While at Blinn College, Newton won a junior college national
championship. After his year at Blinn College, Newton started to be
recruited by major Division 1 schools like Auburn University and                                                                                       Swim and Dive
Mississippi State. After much debate, Newton signed with Auburn to
start what would eventually be his road to becoming the best college                                                                                                 .
                                                                                                                                                       West Potomac V Lake
football player in the nation.
  Unfortunately, it was not the picture perfect journey that Newton                                                                                                 186
                                                                                                                                                       Braddock: 128-
or the nation had expected. In the week prior to Auburn playing
the University of Georgia in a big rivalry game, allegations came up
involving Newton asking for money from Mississippi State prior to
committing to Auburn. More allegations arose of Newton cheating                                                                                        West Potomac V.
academically while at Florida including putting his name on another
student’s paper. However, those allegations quickly dissipated.                                                                                        Annadale: 113-201
   What has been of most controversy throughout the “Scam”
Newton saga has been the NCAA ruling Newton eligible to
play. After the NCAA in association with the FBI under went an
investigation, they came out with evidence which involved Newton’s                                                                                     Wrestling
father, Ciecel Newton, asking for money from Mississippi State for
his son to go play there, even though there was never any actual                                                                                       Lions Invitational: 4th
exchange of money. However, neither the NCAA, nor the FBI
found any sufficient evidence that Cam knew anything about the                                                                                         Place
possible exchange of money or was involved in any negotiations of
money with his father and Mississippi State.                                                                                                           West Potomac V.
  Although Newton has not been proven of any wrongdoing, and                                        Photo courtesy of
is yet to be punished for anything, the scrutiny of Newton remains                  Heisman Trophy winner Cameron Newton shows                                      18
                                                                                                                                                       Wakefield: 60-
high and critical. “I find it very hard to believe that Newton knew                 that is one of the most mobile quarterbacks col-

                                                                                    lege football has seen in a while.

Thursday, January 20, 2011                                                                                                                                         The Wire
                                                                                            “The basic thing nobody as

                                                                   Emily Woods
                                                                                            sort? Why do we have these
                                                                             Focus Editor

                                                                                  Startling Student
                                                                  Out of a representative sample of 200 WP students:

                                                                                                                                                             Think ag
                                                                  83% know somebody who owns a fake I.D.
 Photos courtesy of MontanaMeth.Org,, MADD.
 org,,, hollywoodgrind.
 com,,,, wallpam-,,,,

                                                                  71% confessed to having tried illegal drugs or alcohol,, Larry Clark, David Hoffman.

                                                                  at least once.
                                                                  67% know somebody who has been hospitalized for
                                                                  drug or alcohol abuse.
                                                                  52% have lied to their parents about their use or
                                                                  drugs or alcohol.
                                                                  25% are presented with the opportunity to do drugs
                                                                  or alcohol on a DAILY basis.
                                                                                                                             So what?
                                                                                                                       4 in 10 people who begin drinking before age 15
                                                                                                                     eventually become alcoholics. Cocaine can kill yo
                                                                                                                     first time you use it. Young people who use marij
                                                                                                                     weekly have double the risk of depression later in
                                                                                                                     These facts are a just a few of many illustrating th

                                                                                                                     drugs and alcohol take on teenagers. Beginning to
                                                                                                                     drugs and alcohol at this point in one’s life will le
                                                                                                                     an addiction in adult years. Teenagers’ brains and
                                                                                                                     are not fully developed at this point, and substanc
                                                                                                                     will hinder this process of growth. Alcohol and d
                                                                                                                     are directly correlated with failure in school and l
                                                                                                                     interest in hobbies. But above all, drugs kill. Teen
                                                                                                                     drink or use drugs double their changes of becom
                                                                                                                     involved in accidents, violence, unplanned and un
                                                                                                                     sex, and suicide. Listen to the facts and statistics; d
                                                                                                                     become one of them.
                     The lack of pink and red coloring in the picture of the heavy male
                     drinker’s brain indicates poor brain activity during a memory task.
 sks is why do people take drugs of any
e accessories to normal living to live?”
                                                                                                                 -John Lennon

                                                                                                                 IN THE NEWS
                                                                                                                Numerous drug prevention programs spe-
                                                                                                             cifically target teenagers. Organizations such
                                                                                                             as D.A.R.E. and AboveTheInfluence strive to
                                                                                                             educate young adults about the dangers of
                                                                                                             abusing drugs and alcohol. One of the most
gain.                                                                                                        effective prevention programs, Montana
                                                                                                             Meth Project, has resulted in a 63% decrease
                                                                                                             in Teen Meth Use in the state.

                                                                                                              u sts
                REAL STUDENTS.
                 REAL STORIES.                                                                                  In December 2010, five Columbia Univer-
                                                                                                             sity students were busted in the undercover
             “My sister went to a party one night at her college with a boy who was visiting her. They got
             trashed and on the way back to her dorm the police spotted them and started to approach.
                                                                                                             drug case, “Operation Ivy League.” The stu-
             The boy tried to get away, and so the police chased them and tackled them to the ground.        dents were for arrested for sale of LSD, Co-
                                                                                                             caine, and Ecstasy and face serious charges.
             They spent the night in jail.   My sister was charged with three criminal                       Cases like this occur frequently with high
             offenses. She may even be asked to leave her school. It gave her a reality check.”              school and college students and put severe
  5                                                                                                          limitations on their future. C
 ou the      “I was addicted to painkillers. I got them at first from a friend who took them                                                 ele
             for his back pain. He let me try a few and I loved what they did to me. I stole them from                                            brit
             him and then bought them from other people. I even lied to get my doctor to prescribe                                                     ies
 n life.
             some to me. I couldn’t go through a single day without them. I was unable to sleep and
he toll                                                                                                                    Celebrities in the news for their
             threw up all the time. I was also a jerk to everyone. I didn’t care about anything in my
 o abuse     life other than painkillers. It was probably the worst few months of my life.”
                                                                                                                         drug use are a growing problem
ead to                                                                                                                   because they encourage their
d bodies     “During my brother’s senior year, he became involved with marijuana. It caused serious                      fans to emulate their abusive
  ce abuse   distress in my family. He would smoke constantly, and it made him extremely irritable.                      behaviors. Some of the most fa-
drug use     At one point, he punched a hole in the wall.   It was almost impossible to have                             mous incidents include rapper
  loss of    a real conversation with him.             Weed impacted the decisions he made. He                           Lil Wayne’s addiction to cough
ns who       started skipping class, and at one point ran off to the mountains for a couple of days                      syrup and his arrest for cocaine,
ming         without letting anyone in the family know. No one knew if he was coming back . It was                       marijuana, and Ecstasy, as well as
  nsafe      one of the most traumatic experiences I have ever been through. I knew that it was not                      Miley Cyrus’ bong video where
  don’t      my brother making these choices, but the drugs he had become involved with. I was so                        she is allegedly smoking salvia.
             relieved when he sought help.”
 Mood of your food Fair Trade fights for rights
 Jade Toft                                        Junior Julia Warren explained, “When I               Camille DiFolco                                     store. A founding member of the World Fair
 Business Manager                                 eat sugary foods or don’t eat at all it makes                                                            Trade Organization (WFTO), the company
                                                  me feel angry. I turn to healthier foods                                                                 establishes sustainable markets for handmade
                                                  to concentrate at school and perform my                “Greed is good.”                                  products of Asia, Africa, Latin America,
   Everyone has a comfort food that they
                                                  best.” Nutritionists suggest foods which                 This immortal phrase was coined by the and the Middle East to be sold in North
go to when they are feeling down, but did
                                                  contain vitamins C and B, which are known            ruthless Wall Street investor, Gordon Gekko, America. Product sales help fund education,
you know that most comfort foods can
                                                  to improve memory and concentration.                 played by Michael Douglas, in the 1987 food, healthcare, and housing for artisans in
actually make you feel worse?
                                                         Foods that contain soluble fiber such         blockbuster, Wall Street. However, it seems these regions. Products include jewelry, home
   “Bodies are like chemistry sets,” stated
                                                        as strawberries help to slow down the          to apply to today’s global economy even décor, art, textiles, and dinnerware. There is a
dietician and clinical nutritionist Samantha
                                                          digestion process. By slowing down           more aptly. In a world where profits rule, shop located at 914 King Street in Old Town-
Heller. “Everything you put in your body
                                                    digestion, soluble fibers keep blood sugar         small-scale producers are often exploited or Alexandria.
has a chemical effect, which is why food
                                                   levels stable which helps people feel even-         undercut. Advocates of fair trade are fighting           Senior Margaret Corum admitted, “I love
can affect your mood. It gets broken down
                                                      tempered and less irritable. In addition,        this trend.                                            fair trade. Being able to support small-scale
into elements that can raise your blood
                                                  most fruits contain antioxidants which are             Fair trade is a social movement that strives             producers is important, and the fact that
sugar or drop it rapidly.”
                                                                             critical for a healthy    to help producers in                                                             it’s environmentally-
  One of the most
                                                                                    working brain.     developing countries                                                              beneficial is a plus.”
relied-upon sources of
                                                                                Similar to soluble     by actively promoting                                                                  Caffeine addicts
energy is caffeine. In
                                                                                fibers, sources of     sustainable                                                                      may want to rethink
moderate amounts,
                                                                                   protein such as     production methods                                                             their coffee providers.
caffeine can enhance
                                                                              yogurt, lean meats,      and better trade                                                               Instead of supporting
both physical and
                                                                              eggs, and tofu help      conditions. Focusing                                                              a large corporation,
mental performance.
                                                                              sustain one’s mood       on exports from                                                                      consider visiting a
However, most dietary
                                                                            by slowing down the        developing countries                                                            local fair trade coffee
specialists suggest
                                                                               rate of absorption      into developed                                                                     shop. The Big Bear
staying away from
                                                                             of carbohydrates in       countries, the                                                                  Café, located at 1700
caffeine and getting
                                                                                 the bloodstream.      movement allows for                                                                   1st Street, NW in
energy from other
                                                                                    Clinical studies   the trade of products                                                                Washington D.C.,
foods instead. Protein
                                      Photo courtesy of Sonia Garakyaraghi             show that a     such as coffee, cocoa,                Photo courtesy of           sells exclusively
foods such as fish,
                           Junior Laura-Paige Mertins enjoys                          deficiency of    sugar, tea, bananas,      Fair Trade helps producers in developing                 fair trade products.
chicken, and eggs          an apple. High in fiber, naturally                   folic acid leads to    honey, cotton, wine,      countries by supporting environmental-                   With coffee grown
contain an amino           sweet, and with the added cos-
acid called tyrosine
                                                                                   increased levels    fresh fruit, chocolate, ly-sustainable production methods and in Africa, Asia, and
                           metic benefit of naturally whiten-                        of depression                               safe working conditions.
which increases                                                                                        flower, gold and                                                                    The Americas and
                           ing your teeth, apples will always because they lower
the production             put you in a good mood.                                                     handicrafts. Non-profit organizations, such                 roasted locally, even the most particular
                                                                                    the amount of      as Fair Trade USA, promote fair prices and             coffee drinkers will find something to their
of dopamine,
                                                                             serotonin, or mood        fair labor conditions. According to their               taste. Another local shop is the Java Shack
norepinephrine, and epinephrine. These
                                                       stabilizers, in the brain. Foods that are       website, “democratically organized farmers              at 2507 North Franklin Road in Arlington.
three neurotransmitters are known to
                                                           rich with folic acid include spinach,       receive a guaranteed minimum floor price              Having earned the 2008 Stewardship Award
increase alertness and energy levels.
                                                          sunflower seeds, oatmeal, and green          and an additional premium for certified                      for being “Green,” the Java Shack uses
     In contrast, specialists suggest milk
                                                                                        vegetables.    organic products,” while Fair Trade USA                100% biodegradable cups, only sells locally
and carbohydrates like pasta to help one
                                                      In order to balance blood sugar levels           farm workers “enjoy freedom of association,             roasted organic fair trade coffee, uses CFL
fall asleep at night. The tryptophan in
                                                  and one’s mood, it is important to                   safe working conditions, and living wages.”          light bulbs, and saves all coffee and espresso
milk is known to make people sleepy as
                                                  consume complex carbohydrates such as                They also combat child labor.                        grounds for high-energy fire log production.
well as the exorphins, a type of sedative,
                                                  sweet potatoes. Complex carbohydrates                    TransFair USA attaches the “Fair Trade              Combine this with the fact that Java Shack
found in most carbohydrates. Trytophan
                                                  are more nutritional than the sugars from            Certified” label to reputable organizations was dubbed the “Cheers Coffeehouse” by the
is also found in meat sources, the most
                                                  cookies, soda, and candy, and they stay in           in compliance with fair trade principles,                Arlington Courier newspaper, a testament
being in turkey. In addition to sleepiness,
                                                  one’s blood stream longer. This means                including that all workers receive fair to its strong community feel, and it is a must
trytophan is known to calm one down.
                                                  that one will feel better for a longer               wages, are free from abusive or exploitative                                        for coffee fanatics.
Studies show that dairy products such as
                                                  amount of time.                                      labor practices, and use environmentally-                As fair trade stores grow in popularity
milk which contain whey proteins can also
                                                      Everyone has comfort foods that they             sustainable methods of production. By and availability, the fate of producers in
help reduce physical responses to stress,
                                                  like to eat when they are feeling down               shopping at fair trade stores and markets developing countries can only brighten.
improve mood, and enhance memory.
                                                  but before pulling out the potato chips              whenever possible, one can help the citizens Shopping at fair trade stores is an easy step
    Interestingly, foods and drinks which
                                                  and chocolate, try eating some lean meat             of developing countries from home.                  towards a better and fairer global economy.
are high in sugar are not good to consume
                                                  or drinking some milk. Nutritionists are                Ten Thousand Villages is a local fair trade
when trying to remember something.
                                                  confident they will make a difference.

  Double the distance, double the trouble
   Karley Zdebski
       Attention: For couples experiencing difficult decisions concerning long-                          ships often come with troubles and hardships because of the long distance.
  distance relationships, your relationship is not doomed. In many situations,                           However, there are solutions and strategies to avoid broken hearts and mend
  couples see the impossibilities of keeping a relationship when one partner is                          difficulties that drag along with the desirable, picture perfect relationship.
  still in high school and one has graduated from high school. These relation-

                                                                                                                                                     Establishing Trust:
     Even with relationships at home, partners like to ‘always’
  know where and what their partner is doing. Couples tend to                                                                    Trust is an important relationship factor in any situation. It is
  request time apart from each other where they can enjoy time                                                                 more crucial in a long-distance relationship because one part-
  apart . This is an important part to maintain a high school-                                                                 ner often fears that the other will cheat on them and simply lie
  college relationship. Taking the time to find space can elimi-                                                               about it. It is a better chance that partners who build trust be-
  nate many unwanted arguments, trust issues, etc. Never ending                                                                fore traveling miles apart will be happier and last longer. Being
  text messages, calls, tweets and skype sessions can be very te-                                                              prompt and keeping in touch (still leaving space) can lead to
  dious. Working the spacing issue out can alleviate a lot of is-                                                              a healthier understanding and interpretation of one’s actions.
  sues, but remember, space does not mean forgotten communi-                                                                   Junior, Jackie Rhoads remarked, “It is important to commu-
  cation. A junior at West Potomac said, “Having a relationship                                                                nicate with your boyfriend or girlfriend to make sure that you
  with someone in college has its benefits and downfalls. One                                                                  are talking about everything that people might say and to just
  thing that is nice about it is that you are away from the person                                                             work through your problems instead of holding things back.”
  more often, so it limits the amount of fights and arguments.”

                                                                                                        Photo by Sonia Garakyaraghi

 8         The Wire                                                                                                                                                  Thursday, January 20, 2011
After 40 years, The Beatles join iTunes Kanye West is back
The Beatles become electronic after settling dispute with Apple Inc.
Sada Khan                                                       two companies should not to be confused, as they are
                                                                                                                                             with a new Fantasy
                                                                separate entities. Apple Corps is a widely known multimedia
                                                                                                                                             Tommy Friederich
                                                                company owned by The Beatles that was founded in January                     Sports Editor
    For nine years, the major online music distributor iTunes 1968. Apple Inc is a company that designs and markets                             “Taylor, Taylor! I’m happy for you and I am gonna
 was missing something crucial: music from the famous rock computer electronicis, computer software and personal                             let you finish, but Beyonce has the best video of the
 ‘n’ roll band, The Beatles. On November 16, 2010 The computers. The two companies had legal conflicts over                                  year!” That was the last thing we heard from Kanye
 Beatles finally made their music digital and allowed iTunes trademarks rights. The case was later decided in the High                       West, when he rudely interrupted Taylor Swift at the
 to sell their songs.                                           Court of Justice on May 8, 2006 which ruled in favor of                      2009 Video Music Awards [VMA]. After that moment,
   Now in a world full of technology and digital music players, Apple Inc.                                                                   the Internet exploded, every Facebook status in the
 such as the iPod and MP3 players, The Beatles are still          The day before the widely known band was added onto                        world had something to do with how much they hate
 selling records and albums                                                                             iTunes, Apple placed                 West and how much they love Swift. It is safe to say
in stores. Many fans were                                                                               a banner on their site               that with West’s fifth studio album, he resurrected
curious as to why the band’s                                                                            quoting,      “Tomorrow              himself as a loved music figure again. My Beautiful
music was unavailable                                                                                   is just another day that             Dark Twisted Fantasy is hands down the best album of
online. Some speculated                                                                                 you’ll never forget.”                any genre in this decade. The album puts West among
that The Beatles wanted                                                                                 Fans suspected that their            the top MCs of all time.
to make more money by                                                                                   favorite singers were                  West took a long hiatus from the media and recorded
selling their records rather                                                                            about to go digital and              the album in Ohau, Hawaii after the 2009 VMAs. The
than allowing people to                                                                                 later that day, Billboard            album features many of West’s artists who signed to
buy individual songs. Junior                                                                            and Wall Street Journal              the record label G.O.O.D. Music. Among these artists
Elizabeth Yemane said, “I                                                                               confirmed it was finally             is the loved KiD CuDi who was featured in the song
was really mad when they                                                                                about      to    happen.             “Gorgeous” where he sings a soft hook which is a good
did not have any Beatles                                                                                Junior Cady Davis said,              compliment to West’s unique flow. Along with CuDi,
songs on iTunes. I mean                                                                                 “Now that they are                   newly signed rapper Pusha T makes an appearance
they pretty much shaped                                                                                 on iTunes, people will               in “Runaway” which was played at the 2010 VMA’s.
the modern music we listen                                                                              have an opportunity                  “Runaway” was a single released from the album and
to and are the creators of                                                                              to experience the Fab                is partnered with an intriguing music video which is 30
the most classic songs out                                                                              Four all over again, and             minutes long. Other singles include a heart pumping
there.”                                                                                                 remember what a super                song in tilted “Power” where West used his odd but
     This band was created                                                                              band they are.” Their                                                           good       singing
in Liverpool, England in                                                 Photo by
                                                                                                        individual songs on                                                             ability and less
the 1960s. It consisted of From left to right: John, Ringo, Paul and George wrote iTunes are selling for                                                                                rapping.
four group members John over a thousand songs in during their reign on the music $1.29 each while the                                                                                      Do not think
                               world.                                                                                                                                                   West has lost his
Lennon (rhythm guitar and                                                                               massive Beatles box
vocals), Paul McCartney                                                                                 is selling for $150.00.                                                         majestic flow, on
(bass guitar and vocals), George Harrison (lead guitar and Yemane continued, “I have not bought any albums since                                                                        the song “Dark
vocals), and Ringo Starr (drums and vocals). Out of the four they have been on iTunes. But if I do I would probably buy                                                                 Fantasy” he tells
famous rock stars only two are still alive today. John Lennon the Yellow Submarine album., and probably a vast majority                                                                 the story of
was shot outside his home in December of 1980 and George of their songs. Compared to artists today, I would probably                                                                    himself growing
Harrison suffered from cancer and died in 2001. Still after have their songs dominantly in my iTunes.” According to                                                                     up in Chicago.
two deceased members, the albums have sold consistently, The Beatles sold two million singles in the                                                                     He uses clever
and remain to be popular with each generation, according to first week their album was put on iTunes.                                                            Photo by rhymes    in the John Lennon, individually, has sold more than         All around the world, The Beatles have consistently had                                                               song which will
14 million albums in the United States alone.                   devoted fans, who looked forward to this day for years. Now                  be caught in the listeners head for days. The album also
   As it turned out, The Beatles’ music was unavailable due that The Beatles are on iTunes their fans can legally enjoy                      features many mainstream artists as well such as Nicki
to a dispute between Apple Corporation [Corps] and Apple them online and digitally.                                                          Minaj, Jay-Z and Rick Ross on the track “Monster”
Incorporation [Inc], lasting from 1978 through 2006. The                                                                                     with a scary staccato string beat. West has challenged
                                                                                                                                             all music listeners to want more. He went past of the
                                                                                                                                             rules of hip-hop in this album and even created some
Will eBooks be the end of bookstores as we know it?                                                                                          new ones. This album receives a perfect 10-10 for the
                                                                                                                                             mastery that West captured in every song. Because he
Camille DiFolco                                                          connect more readers in a single forum. There is speculation        produced the new music fans have been craving.
 Editor-in-Chief                                                         that this new Kindle capability could lead to a decline in book
                                                                         sales, both in electronic and solid form. However, as blogger
   The cassette and CD stores declined first, with video rental Mike Masnick points out on the TechDirt website, “libraries
shops closing not long after. Will bookstores be next?                   did not kill book sales,” and file-sharing on Kindles probably
    As the number of available online audio and video files will not either.
                                                                                                                                                   Ocean City,
continues to grow, it is no surprise that online literary files (also         “I have an iPad,” said senior Marissa Moody, “and I read
known as eBooks) have increased, too. There are numerous books on it sometimes, but it gets kind of exhausting for my
ways to download and read such files, with the Apple iPad and eyes…But it’s definitely a lot more convenient than going to
the Amazon Kindle top contenders.
    As convenient as some readers have found these
                                                                                        the library or a bookstore all the time.”
                                                                                                Many eReaders have found that eBooks                              High School
new devices, there are still many wrinkles to be ironed                                     are more portable and more convenient                                 Senior
out before eBooks challenge public libraries. Many
online publishers have found it difficult to create
                                                                                            than traditional books. The Amazon Kindle
                                                                                            does not require Wi-Fi in order to connect
                                                                                                                                                                  Beach Week
literary files whose formats are compatible with all                                          with the online bookstore, and eReaders
or most “eReaders,” according to the CMSWire,                                                   can download new books directly to the                     Buckingham Hotel
an online magazine. It is also difficult for                                                     device in just a few minutes. Despite the   14th and Balitmore Ave 1/2 Block from
publishers to predict the return on investment                                                    many advantages to eBooks, there are a                   beach and
(ROI) provided by a given eBooks, despite                                                          few drawbacks. The fact remains that                    boardwalk,
growth within the market. CMSWire                                                                   purchasing books, whether online or              Rooms Effiencies and
reported that of the 64% of publishers                                                              at a bookstore, is more expensive than
producing eBooks only 14% report a better                                                          borrowing books from a public library.
ROI on digital books than print.                                                                   Online “lending clubs” do not ensure                  Madison Beach Motel
     “I think they’re a great invention,” said                                                     that eReaders can borrow any and             At 1st street Outdoor Pool, 2 and 4
junior Colleen O’Hara, “because I read a lot,                                                       every book on their lists, and many                    person rooms
so I would be able to carry multiple books with                                                     must still purchase novels they wish             
me and choose whatever I want to read when I want
                                                         Photo courtesy of
                                                                                              to read. Another issue is that depending        Apartments and Private homes with
to.”                                                                     on the source, some eBooks are difficult to read. Especially                      pool.
    Perhaps a more pressing issue is the potential effect that when obtained from websites offering free eBooks, the pages
eBooks could have on the value of actual books. One fear is may have been poorly scanned into the computer, resulting in
that with books converted to electronic files, increased piracy missing pages or cut off lines.                                         1-800-787-6246
could occur. Amazon recently introduced a limited “lending”                 The fact remains that despite a growing amount of eBooks
feature allowing Kindle users to borrow books rather than users, actual books remain more popular. It is unlikely that
buy them, while Facebook “lending clubs” have formed to they will be undermined by the new trend.

Thursday, January 20, 2011                                                                                                                                                       The Wire         9
Is skipping school for lunch worth the risk?
Laraib Ilyas                                                          Besides, eating lunch at school is better than eating with
                                                                                                                                          You know what

     “Let’s skip school lunch and go to some
                                                                  a bunch of strangers at McDonalds. After all, the people at
                                                                             school are fellow schoolmates.
                                                                                      Being on school grounds ensures a safe
                                                                                                                                          really grinds my
restaurant,” is what goes through the
minds of many high school students
                                                                                            environment for students. Numerous
                                                                                            safety issues can arise when students are          gears?
when it is lunch time at school. Well, are                                                           going out to eat during school
they really going to go to a restaurant?                                                             lunches.
Or are they just planning to do something                                                                Some students believe that
else?                                                                                                  lunch at school guarantees
    Off campus lunch has been an issue                                                                them to get to class on time.
for many high schools and across the                                                                 On the other hand, off campus
country. It has been banned from West                                                               lunch always has the possibility
Potomac since the 1990’s and banned                                                               of making students tardy. For
from all Fairfax County Public Schools                                                            example, they could get stuck
once and for all soon after. This is because                                                     in traffic jams and long lines at a
the school faculty is afraid that students                                                      restaurant.
going out to eat will result in the student                                                            “School lunches are not as
not coming back to school at all. At West                                                      horrible as some people might
Potomac, if a student is caught leaving                                                       think. There are many positive sides
school at any of the lunch times, they will                                                   concerning on campus lunch than off
face several consequences.                                                                   campus lunch,” said freshman Masha
  “What could happen if you are caught is                                                    Dubograeva.
that you could get searched by security, lose                                                  It all comes down to education at        Jacob Alexander
your parking permit for two weeks up until                                                 the end. As some instances in the past,
                                                                                                                                        Opinions Editor
a month, and can get Saturday school,” said            Photo courtesy of students have been tardy to classes

history teacher Aaron Engly.                  Students often skip school to get because of this issue. Once off school                     Whenever interims come out, many students are
   Is school lunch that bad that one has to fast food for lunch. However, it is grounds, students think they have the                   trying to think of ways to hide them from their
go out to eat? There are only twenty five usually not worth all the trouble just right to do whatever and go wherever                   parents. At that point in the quarter, there is still
minutes for lunch. The time to go out for a quick meal.                                    they want. This leads to many other off      a lot of work to get done in many classes, and the
somewhere, wait in line, actually enjoy the                                                campus activities while school is still in   current grades of many of the students are not the
lunch in peace, and then go back to school would take way session. What is the need to pay for fast food when it is half                quality that most parents expect. However, interim
more than one lunch period. If the restaurant was a block the price at school?                                                          grades are not final quarter grades. The question
away from the school then it would make sense to eat out, but         Overall, off campus lunches lead to many dilemmas and             is then asked, “How much do interim grades really
there are not really any restaurants a block away from West should be banned from all schools across the United States.                 reflect what quarter grades will be?”
Potomac.                                                                                                                                    Many parents seem to believe that interims are
                                                                                                                                        a direct reflection of students’ academic ability
                                                                                                                                        and achievement for the quarter. However, this is

    PROJECT SAFE                                                                                     Rants and Raves                    untrue. When interims come out, many students
                                                                                                                                        have make up work that they still have to complete.
                                                                                                                                        Since the interim just shows a letter grade, parents
                                                                                                                                        are likely to freak out because it tends to show a
    Strategies Aimed at Family Empowerment                                                              A Rave for the

                                                                                                                                        bad grade. What they do not know is that their
                                                                                                        Capitals winning                child is perfectly capable of bringing that grade
    Group, Family, and Individual Counseling                                                            the Winter Classic.             up as soon as they have the chance to complete all
                                                                                                                                        missing work, and that punishment at this point will
                                                                                                                                        accomplish nothing.
                                                                                                        A Rant for the                     Interims do not reflect what quarter grades will
                                                                                                        Redskins having                 be, and they do not reflect student’s academic
                                                                                                        another bad season.             achievements. Quarter grades do. Interims let
                                                                                                                                        students know how they are doing in the class and

                                                                                                                                        how much work they have to get done in order to do
                                                                                                                                        well that quarter. In the second half of the quarter,
                                                                                                         A Rave for the                 students are able to finish most of their work, and
                                                                                                         upcoming 4 day                 their grades are much better than they were when
                                                                                                         weekend.                       interims came out. However, at this point many
                                                                                                                                        students have already gone through punishment for
                                                                                                                                        having bad grades when interims came out. Even
                                                                                                        A Rant for lack                 though they proved that it is not that difficult to
                                                                                                        of snow.                        raise their grades before the end of the quarter,
                                                                                                                                        parents still often make a big deal about interims.
                                                                                                                                          It is more helpful to parents to actually see a grade
                                                                                                                                        report that shows all of the assignments for the
                                                                                                        A Rave for all the              quarter. With these students can explain that all of
                                                                                                        seniors who got                 those missing assignments that are affecting their
                                                                                                                                        letter grade can be turned it for full credit before
                                                                                                        early acceptance.               the end of the quarter, and the quarter grade will be
                                                                                                                                        much higher. Many teachers do this already and it
                                                                                                                                        does help parents see exactly why students have the
                                                                                                        A Rant for wait-                grade they have and how they will be able to raise it.
                                                                                                        ing until April for             Then the parent can fairly determine whether or not
                                                                                                        regular decision                punishment is necessary. With interims, parents just
    GAYLE ALEXANDER, LPC, M.A., N.C.C.                                                                  notification.
                                                                                                                                        see the letter grade, and even though many teachers
                                                                                                                                        do send out progress reports, parents think that
    STEPHEN MACZYNSKI, LPC, M.A., N.C.C.                                                                                                interims mean the grade will be difficult to improve.
                                                                                                                                           Overall, interims tend to simply cause problems
                                                                                                        A Rave for New
    675 South Washington Street                                                                         Year’s Resolutions.             because they do not tell parents what they need
                                                                                                                                        to know. When students try to explain things, the
    Old Town Alexandria, VA 22314                                                                                                       parent usually thinks they are just making it up to
    703-505-0440                                                                                                                        get out of trouble. Parents have the right to know
                                                                                                        A Rant for end of               how their child is doing in school, just like students                                                                               the quarter scram-              should be able to show their parent that grades at
                                                                                                                                        interim time are not what they will be when report                                                                               bling.                          cards come out.

10          The Wire                                                                                                                                    Thursday, January 20, 2011
                                                                                                      S tudent Life
Ask Laura and Leigh...                                                     Dear Crushing in Fear,
 Dear L and L,                                                                    The male gender should not be stereotyped by the
          I never expected to start liking my friend “Jaime” a year        actions of a single boy. “Jaime” is not the same guy your
 after I've broken up with my ex. Ever since what happened be-             ex was and the way they react will be different. If you wait
 tween my ex and I, I wasn't sure if I was ready to move on. Then,
                                                                           until the best time (after he and his girlfriend break up)
 “Jaime” stepped into the picture. In him I see honesty, loyalty,
 and he makes me feel whole again. However, there's a problem-
                                                                           you and “Jaime” may end up together. However, if “Jaime”
 -he's in a relationship and there's an age difference between the         does not feel the same way, and he really is an honest and
 both of us. I wasn't planning on telling him that I like him until I      loyal friend, he will still treat you with respect.
 thought that it was the right time, and I'm afraid that he might                     - Laura and Leigh
 run away like my ex did. What should I do?
                      -Crushing in Fear

                                                                                     Dear Lonely Lady,
Dear L and L,                                                                                No matter what, not losing who you are in the chaos is
        My life is going haywire. My family and I had to move to take care of        the most important thing. There are a lot of things going on
my grandmother, my dad had surgery recently, and my older sibling wants              in your life and you should try your best to stay collected and
to leave to be with who she claims to be her "One True Love"--leaving me             find hobbies to take your mind off of the stressful things. If
and my family behind. And to top it off, my grandfather is getting sick. This        you approach your friends the right way, I’m sure they would
is my last year of high school, and everything that means so much to me              be happy to listen. Having someone to talk to is always im-
is fading away. I was hoping that my senior year would be different. After           portant and even though they may not be able to relate to
everything that's happening, all of my plans for senior year have suddenly           your current situation, they can still show compassion. As for
changed. It’s hard for me to tell my friends, because they wouldn't under-            your family, changes are always difficult. However, if you re-
stand how painful this time is for me. People say that I think that the world         main focused and optimistic, things will get easier. In return,
is out to get me, when in reality, I'm losing myself to my family, loved ones         you will be able to look back at your senior year proud of your
and friends that are around me. How should I cope?                                    accomplishments and less concerned about the hard parts.
                                -Lonely Lady                                                         -Laura and Leigh

Student Shoutouts
                                     Happy 17th Birthday
                                                                        Flying into the future in 2011                        and a child-like form. Nowadays, engineers
   Everyone please                                                      Zainab Mujahid                                        have been striving to make a full bodied robot,
                                     Anna D.!                           Reporter
     donate socks                                                                                                             with human-like characteristics. Students have
                                     Love Anna P “the                   “Look up in the sky! Is it a bird? Is it a plane?     mixed feelings about this robot. Freshman Sin-
      and shoes
                                     cooler one”                        No, it is a flying car!” This is one of the many      nah Bangura said, “[the robot] sounds creepy,
     to the N.H.S.                                                      ingenious inventions coming our way. Every            but it seems helpful.” Despite their rather
    Socks in a Box                                                      year, businesses and corporations introduce new       frightening description, the robots are designed
                                                                        gizmos and gadgets to the public. Some are im-        to help people. Specifically, the robots are cre-
         drive!                                                         provements on an older version, like the iPhone       ated to help autistic children. The intent for the
                                            Ramsha- 10                  4, while other inventions include what people         robots is to help kids with autism better interact
                                                                        never thought was possible.                           and socialize with their peers. The childlike form
      Welcome back Ms. Livelli!
      Hope you continue to have a
                                            more weeks                     Just last month, students from the Depart-         of the robot is designed to assist children with
      speedy recovery!                      until you hit               ment of Aeronautics and Astronautics success-         interacting with kids their age, thus improving
                                                                        fully flight tested the prototype of a winged car.    their social skills.
                                             the roads!                 People can purchase this “mini airplane” for a          The last great invention is recyclable houses.
                                                                        mere 194,000 dollars. This 430 pound “mini            These houses are on the list for 2011’s most in-
                                                                        airplane” flew for a total 37 seconds. Even           novative invention. Students at the University
    Ay yo Callie. I like             Good luck to the Dance Team on     though airplanes have been invented, to most          of Maryland have been designing houses that
                                     their upcoming competitions!
    the way you move.                                                   consumers flying cars still seemed out of our         run on wind, rain, and sun instead of electrical
                                     Love, your biggest fan             reach. Freshman Zanasha Findely was shocked           power. The houses will be composed of gar-
     Happy birthday!
                                                                        beyond words and said, “That is like, wow, just       bage and other biodegradable materials. West
      Loving you -JJ                                                    wow.” On the other hand, freshman Vivian              Potomac students thought these ‘recyclable’
                                                                        Owusu, who seemed indifferent, explained, “[I         houses were “Trashy! You could not pay me
                                                                        do not care] as long as [the car] is eco-friendly.”   to live in it!” exclaimed junior Alphe Peabody.
                                             Here’s to my “fake”        Students have conflicting points of view about        While Bangura thought, “that is cool, I would
   Anyone want to see their shout
  out in the newspaper? Submit to
                                                    sista!              what they think of this invention. One point          totally live in it.” The houses are supposed to be
  room 418. All shoutouts cost $1.          You are “hotter than        that cannot be argued is how this invention will      comfortable and affordable and will be revealed
                                             room temperature           revolutionize travel.                                 at the National Mall in D.C.
                                                                          Robots have deemed qualities that should only         These are just a few of many great inventions
          Need Advice? Email                      always!”              exist in science fiction movies, like Star Wars.      coming our way. If these are our inventions of
                                                                        They have been described to have artificial skin      the near future, what is going to come next?

Thursday, January 20, 2011                                                                                                                             The Wire
                                                                                                          S enior Corner
                     gela Robinson and Connor Chilto
                   An           QUESTIONS:          n
 What has been your greatest achievement?                                         What gives you the creeps?                   If you were deserted on an island,
                                                                                  What is your dream school?                   what five items would you bring?
What advice would you give to freshmen?
                                                                                If you could work with any famous            What is a goal you hope to achieve?
 What designer are you most inspired by?
                                                                                      singer, who would it be?                 What do you do on the weekend?
I have had a lot of interesting opportunities in my life, like being a barrel racer, go-
ing to 18th century balls, having a fashion show, doing costumes for theatre, but                       Probably when my band and I
I still can't rank it yet.                                                                             played at the 9:30 club last year.
                              Ladybugs and daddy-long-legs.                                              It was a lot of fun, and it was
                                 1. Teepee   2. Hammock 3. Horse 4. My library 5. Art supplies         great to play at a venue like that.
                                        Be aware of all the choices you make, will make, and           Heights. They scare me like nobody's
                                        have made. In one way or another you are account-                           business.
                                        able for everything that you do. But also, be happy,
                                           enjoy the education you have the chance to get,              I would bring a guitar, a tent, a
                                            the friends you will make, and the fun you can              surfboard, a pocketknife, and a
                                            have. And always smile, because eventually you                   radio to call for help.
                                            will make it to senior year!
                                                                                                       Just be quiet. Chances are, you are
                                             My dream school is Brigham Young University be-
                                             cause I can pursue Theatrical Costuming, German,           Probably James Madison Univer-
                                             and Ballroom Dance.                                        sity. The campus is chill and their
                                                                                                                 food is amazing.
                                          I'm by inspired by Marie Antoinette. I love art, pre
                                          19th century, and history. But emotion, people, and          I hope to become a professional
                                          obscurities always find a way into my designs.                 musician or actor, just so I will
                                                                                                        be able to entertain people for
                                              On Friday, I visit the thrift store. Go to dinner with
                                                                                                                     a job.
                                              some friends, then watch a film, focus on my art,
                                              or work on a project (refinishing furniture, quilts,      I would work with either Bruce
                                              knitting, wool stockings, etc.). On Saturday I love      Springsteen or John Mayer, since
                                              to get up early and watch the sunrise over the Po-           they are my musical idols
                                              tomac. Sometimes I go canoeing or pick up trash
                                                                                                        Cannot say that I am into any
                                              on the shoreline. Then volunteer at Mount Ver-
                                                                                                        one designer. If I think it looks
                                              non for a few hours, and hang out with friends in
                                                                                                             good, I will wear it.
                                              the evening. Or attend a ball, at Gadsby's Tavern
                                              (I am an English Country Dancer).
                                                                                                                                              Photo courtesy of Clare Palo
         Photo courtesy of Clare Palo

                                                                                          New Years Resolutions:
                                                                                          • Get a six pack- of anything
                                                                                          • Catch up on Gossip Girl
                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo courtesy of Clipart

                                                                                          • Understand Inception
                                                                                          • Get highest score on Angry Birds
                                                                                          • GTL

                                                                                          Did you know...
                                                                                          • Hippo milk is pink
                                                                                          • Your head is 1/8 of your height
                                                                                          • Fortune cookies were invented in America
                                                                                          • A portion of the water you drink has already been drunk
                                                                                                                                                                              Facts courtesy of

                                                                                          by someone else
                                                                                          • The majority of suicides occur on a Monday
                                                                                          • Women have a better sense of smell than men
                                                                                          • When you take a step, you are using up to 200 muscles

                                                           Facts courtesy of

Thursday, January 20, 2011                                                                                                                                  The Wire

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