Deltic Timber

Wildlife                                                                          Journal

Spring 2008                                                                                                         Vol. 9 No. 1

                                       Going Above and Beyond
              uring the summer of 2007, I received a phone             and Mike Cranford, the local president of the Buckmasters

 D            call from the Cedar Hill Hunting Club. They
              were calling to inform us they were planning to
              host a youth hunt for a young handicapped
              hunter during the upcoming modern gun deer
                                                                       American Deer Foundation (BADF) chapter at Foreman,
                                                                       Arkansas, to their camp for a late season bow hunt in 2006
                                                                       in order to talk more about it.
                                                                            During that day of hunting, Mike Cranford was impressed
season. The club wanted to ensure it was permissible by                with the habitat and other characteristics of the Deltic land
Deltic for them to host this hunt, as well as to invite any            the club was hunting. Encouraged by the fact that the lease
company representatives to attend it if they so desired.               had a fantastic all-weather road system built and maintained
   Cedar Hill Hunting Club has 1,120 acres leased from                 by Deltic and also the fact the club had numerous food plots
Deltic and is located in                                                                               established along these roads,
Hempstead County just                                                                                  he felt it would be a perfect
northeast of the historic town                                                                         place for a handicapped hunt.
of Washington, Arkansas. Like                                                                          These two factors help to
most industrial timberlands,                                                                           ensure that handicapped
the habitat is primarily pine                                                                          hunters can be easily
stands of various ages with                                                                            transported to and from stand
mixed pine and hardwood                                                                                locations – a significant
corridors along major streams.                                                                         concern for many of them.
This lease also has the unique                                                                             At one of the normal club
attribute of having a                                                                                  meetings in early 2007, the
significant amount of the land                                                                         potential for hosting a hunt
lying on blackland prairie soils                                                                       was officially brought to the
that are incapable of growing                                                                          table for club discussion. By
pine. The blackland habitat                                                                            the end of that meeting, the
supports unique flowering                                                                              club basically came to this
plants, tall native grasses, and                                                                       conclusion: We’re all fortunate
also contains a significant                                                                            and blessed to have good
cedar component, hence the                                                                             health, to have a good place
club’s name.                                                                                           to hunt, and to have good
                                                                                                       friendships. We want to share
GENESIS OF THE IDEA                  Due to the generosity of the Cedar Hill Hunting Club and         our good fortunes with those
   Club member Butch Miller          Buckmasters, young Timothy Glasgow (far right) was able to       who are less fortunate. With
and his friend Mike McKee            travel all the way from Williamsport, TN to Washington, AR and that, they committed to
were talking one day at work.        harvest his first.                                               hosting a handicapped hunt.
Mike happens to be a member                                                                           The only decision left to make
of the local Buckmasters chapter in Foreman, Arkansas, and             was whether or not they would prefer a youth hunter or an
has participated in many of the Buckmasters handicapped                older hunter. After a small amount of discussion, the club
hunts that have taken place in and around the area. He was             decided to host a youth hunter.
excited about being associated with those hunts and
apparently that excitement rubbed off on Butch. Butch then HOW THE PROCESS WORKS
took the idea to some of the club members, and this resulted                Armed with a commitment from the club that they were
in the Cedar Hill Hunting Club deciding to check into the              willing to host a hunt, Mike Cranford simply had to get on
process a little closer. Cedar Hill then invited Mike McKee            the phone and call the national director of the BADF to see if
he could line up a hunter for them. Fortunately for the club, conditions were a little tough. It was fairly windy that day
a new hunter’s application had just arrived and was laying on and they didn’t see any animals until around 4 p.m. that
the director’s desk. It was from a young man named                     afternoon. At that time, two gobblers walked out into the
Timothy Glasgow in Williamsport, Tennessee.                            road about 300 yards away. Timothy was able to watch
     Timothy is 10 years old and suffers from spina bifida.            them for a while though his scope before they eased on
Spina bifida is a birth defect where the bones of the spine            out of view. Later, right at dark, 4 deer walked out from
(vertebrae) do not form properly around                                                     the same location as the gobblers did.
the spinal cord. This defect can occur          “We’re all fortunate With the distance involved and the
anywhere along the course of the spine.                                                     intensity of the wind, a shot at them
In Timothy’s specific case, it forces him       and blessed to have was out of the question.
to wear a body brace to help support his        good health, to have the The next activity level dwindled from
                                                                                                             morning they went back to
weight on his legs.                                                                               lift. The
    Mike then updated the health                a good place to                             the evening before, with the only animal
information about Timothy to the club                                                       seen being a fairly decent buck that was
to see if they would be interested in           hunt, and to have                           also a long way off. After being asked if
bringing him in, or if they would prefer        good friendships.                           he felt he could make the shot, much to
to find a different hunter. The club                                                        young Timothy’s credit he stated that he
immediately felt like they had the              We want to share                            didn’t feel like he could. Consequently,
facilities and set-up to accommodate                                                        no other opportunity presented itself that
Timothy perfectly. He would be a great
                                                our good fortunes                           Thursday morning.
hunter for them to host.                        with those who are                                Other hunters on the lease were
    Mike Cranford then called                                                               seeing deer these first two hunts. From
Timothy’s parents to talk to them               less fortunate.”                            one tower stand in particular, there were
about his physical condition and                                                            tons of deer being seen. So a plan was
needs, and also to see if he and his family would be                   devised to set up a ground blind about 40-50 yards from
interested in travelling all the way to southwest Arkansas             where most of these deer crossings were taking place. Tim
to hunt deer. After a few minutes of discussion, he family             Conner and other members
accepted the club’s invitation and the hunt was officially             erected the blind and cut several
set up for the 14th, 15th, and 16th of November 2007.                  limbs to camouflage it before
It was a relatively easy process.                                      the Thursday afternoon hunt.
    For clubs that aren’t fortunate enough to have a local                Just after lunch back at the
Buckmasters chapter to help organize hunts as Mike was able Cedar Hill camp, more new
to do, the process is a little different. Handicapped hunters          acquaintances were being
submit their applications to the BADF. In like manner,                 made. Several new camp
potential hosts also submit their requests to the BADF. The            members arrived to meet
BADF then primarily serves as the facilitator to link hunters          Timothy and his family, as well
and hosts via various methods of communication including               as Mike Cranford and his friend
list servers, phone calls, and/or emails.                              Dearil Jackson with the Ark-La-
    In Timothy’s particular situation, the SW Arkansas chapter         Tex Sportsman Outdoor Show.
of Buckmasters paid the bill for the gas needed to get him             Dearil and Mike had been busy
and his family from Tennessee to Arkansas. The money to                trying to film several of the 11
fund this is collected at annual conservation banquets, not            different handicapped hunts              “Mike Cranford with BADF
unlike those banquets many sportsmen attend by the NWTF                that were taking place around            poses with Tim and Timothy
or DU. Last year, the BADF banquet in Foreman generated                the area due to the focused              Glasgow. Timothy is
$43,000.00 in donations. From the total funds collected,               efforts of the Foreman BADF              holding a custom built bois
half of the money is returned to the local chapter to be               chapter. They were hoping                d’arc box call that was
utilized for local benevolence (gas/lodging/meals for hunters, they could get some footage                      given to him during his
donations to AR Children’s Hospital, purchase of wheelchairs           from this hunt too. After some           stay.”
for individuals, etc.).                                                great camaraderie there at
                                                                                             camp, during which Timothy was given
LET’S GO HUNTING                                                                             several gifts from the Foreman BADF
    Timothy Glasgow made it to                                                               chapter, it became time to leave for the
Hempstead County a little after lunch on                                                     afternoon hunt in the ground blind.
Wednesday with excitement coursing                                                                    That afternoon, Timothy, his dad,
through his veins. Accompanying him on                                                       Tim Conner, and Dearil Jackson were all
the trip were his mother, Heather, his                                                       sitting in the ground blind looking down
father, Tim, and his two younger brothers.                                                   the road and adjacent foot plot. Back
After touring the camp, they then                                                            150 yards or so from them, myself and
decided to check the zero of Timothy’s                                                       two other club members were in the
gun. Club member Tim Conner helped                                                           large tower stand which allowed us to
Timothy get his rifle, a scoped H & R                                                        view any deer that might come out in
single shot .243, sighted in and                                                             front of the ground blind. More
accompanied Timothy and his father on           Club members Tim Conner & Donny              importantly, we could also see two
every hunt they went on.                        Hughes along with Timothy Glasgow          additional food plots along the road that
    Wednesday afternoon they sat in an          before the first afternoon’s hunt in the
AGFC provided Bud-Lift stand and the            AGFC’s Bud Lift.                                                       Continued on page 6
                  Featured Species – Feral Hogs (sus scrofa)

              erhaps no other species in the South stirs up            correlated with the arrival of spring.
              such a wide variety of emotions among                        The physical attributes of feral hogs are of great variety.
              hunters, landowners, and biologists as the wild          Coloration may be solid or combinations of black, brown,
              hog – and no, I’m not talking about an offensive red, white, and/or gray. The physical size also varies widely.
formation the Arkansas Razorback football team utilized last           Adult hogs may reach heights of 36" at the shoulder and
year. From love to hate to everywhere in between, feral                weigh up to 400lbs, though some exceptional individuals
hogs mean many things to many people.                                                       may surpass this.
    A true hog hunter absolutely loves to                                                       Perhaps the greatest area of concern
hunt them – sometimes with a bow,                                                           regarding feral hogs is the potential for
sometimes with a gun, and sometimes                                                         parasite and disease transmission to
with a pack of dogs. Landowners and                                                         domestic swine as well as to humans
farmers hate their existence – rooting up                                                   handling or ingesting contaminated
pastures and potentially being the vectors                                                  meat. All swine (as well as bears,
for numerous diseases is unacceptable.                                 photo courtesy of
                                                                                            raccoons, foxes, rats, and birds) are
Biologists fully realize their negative                                     Randy Kelley    capable of carrying the parasitic
attributes regarding direct competition                                                     nematode (worm) that causes trichinosis
with other game species and predation on         Trapping hogs is an enjoyable sport         in humans. The parasite itself is not
the nests of ground nesting birds, but are       several clubs engage in. However, live      harmful to swine. Additionally, swine
also aware they can provide additional           hogs should never be moved onto or          may also be carriers of brucellosis and
recreational opportunities for numerous          taken off of Deltic timberlands.            pseudorabies. Proper cooking of pork (at
sportsmen.                                                                                   least 170 degrees) is recommended in
    Before getting into their specific                                                      order to destroy the parasite.
biology, a few things need to be                                                            Consequently, it is of utmost importance
understood. For starters, there are no pig-                                                 to keep feral pigs away from domestic
like species native to the southeastern                                                     hog farms.
portion of the United States. The closest                                                          It is imperative that all Deltic Timber
related animals native to North America                                                     Corporation lease customers understand
are the peccaries, which are located in the                                                 our company stance regarding feral hogs.
southwestern United States and Mexico.                                                      That policy is that the no pigs
All pigs now found in the New World                                    photo courtesy of    should ever be released onto
                                                                             Randy Kelley
arrived here on the ships of early                                                          company lands, and the relocation
European explorers.                                                                         of live animals obtained from our
    Once here, expansion of the species was due primarily to           property is strictly forbidden! To put it bluntly, if a
their propensity to reproduce coupled with the free-ranging            hog leaves a leased premise, it better be dead.
activities that many early rural Americans engaged in.                 Stocking hogs onto unoccupied land increases the potential
Depending upon habitat quality, piglets can reach puberty at for disease transmission, damages pastures and other lands,
6 to 10 months of age. Once bred, the gestational period is            can increase erosion of topsoil, and introduces competition
approximately 115 days. Litter size averages from 4 to 8,              to deer and turkeys for food resources.
but can sometimes exceed 13. When you add these two                        If your lease has feral hogs on it already, then please take
reproductive characteristics to the fact that the same sow can advantage of the opportunity to harvest as many as you can.
potentially breed twice per year, you begin to understand              Ask any number of people that have harvested them…they
just how prolific they are. Litters can be born at any time of         certainly make fine table fare.
the year, but there is a slight tendency for some to be

  Over 100 sold in 6 states; easily transportable
  One person operation & guaranteed to catch!
  Contact Randy Kelley 870-574-1824 or 870-807-1348

                                                    Turn In Poachers*
    Cingular and Alltel cellular phone users in Arkansas have a direct line to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s
TIP program. A special phone number in the Cingular and Alltel wireless system can be used to turn in poachers.
Cingular customers can dial #TIP (#847) or Alltel customers can use *TIP (*847) for turning in poachers. The number is
an acronym for “Turn In Poachers.” Alltel minutes used on the hotline will not be charged against the user’s cell phone
minutes. Cingular customers will have minutes charged against their cell phone usage.
    The calls will be routed into the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s radio room. The TIP line will be answered 24
hours a day, 365 days of the year and all calls are kept confidential.
                   Cingular Customers Dial #TIP (#847)                •     Alltel Customers Dial *TIP (*847)
                                                                                                      *Info. from AGFC web site
                                                                                        Wil Cheatham
                                                                                        killed this 9 point
                                                                                        buck in Columbia
                                                                                        County buck last
                                                                                        year. He and his
                                                                                        friend Mitch
                                                                                        rattled him up
                                                                                        into shooting
                                                                                        range. Wil’s dad
                                                                                        Clint commented,
                                                                                        “Two teenagers
                                               rattling horns in the same stand. What the heck was that
                                               deer thinking?”

Bradley County has always been good
to Bill Hickman. After passing 3
smaller 3.5 and 4.5 year old bucks on                                                Ten year old Lindsey
opening weekend, he made a 240                                                       Martin shot her very
yard shot on this beautiful 7 point                                                  first buck, a 7 point,
with his 300 Win. mag.                                                               on November 22
                                                                                     while hunting on the
                                                                                     L & D Hunting Club
                                                                                     in Union County,
                                                                                     Arkansas last fall.

                                         Van Buren County also
                                        yielded a bruin to David
                                           Wilson of Vilonia. On
                                            October 4th, his 27-
                                          yard shot took out this
3rd grader Landon Smith of El                180 lb bear. It was
Dorado got another good buck                David’s first bear kill.
during the 2007 season. After
passing numerous smaller bucks, a
perfect shot sent this 7 pointer into
the Union County dirt.
                                                                                            Jeremy Schoff
                                                                                            harvested this
                                                                                            nice buck in
                                                                                            Clark county last
                                                                                            year. This buck
                                                                                            had a 17 3/8”
                                                                                            inside spread
                                                                                            and a 4 6/8”
                                                                                            brow tine.

Grant Kaldem has a Pope & Young
whitetail for his living room. This Union
County 8 point buck netted 132” after his
successful 32 yard shot last fall.

                              Harry Snowden
                              of Mayflower
                              shot this
                              chocolate colored
                              bear on a Deltic
                              Timber Lease in
                              Van Buren
                              County on
                              October 2.
                              Harry’s crossbow
                              bolt found its
                              mark from 18
                              yards and his
                              bear weighed in
                              at 155 lbs.

                                      Jerry Snowden      Rick Waller and his
                                      of Greenbirar         grandson Colton
                                      killed this bear        Waller, both of
                                      October 1 on          Emerson, tagged
                                      a Deltic Timber     out on their Deltic
                                      lease in Van        lease in Columbia
                                      Buren County.      County last spring.
                                      The bear was            Rick’s bird was
                                      killed with a        23lbs, had an 11
                                      Matthew              3/8” beard, and 1” spurs. Colton's gobbler was
                                      Switchback                 21lbs, had an 11" beard, and 7/8" spurs.
                                      bow at 18
                                      yards and
                                      240 lbs.
Continued from page 2                                                 around and in position, they made too much noise and she
                                                                      bolted off. Timothy, as any hunter would be, was getting
the guys in the ground blind could not see. We were both              somewhat frustrated with his misfortune.
equipped with two-way radios, so any deer we might see we                 But just as it seemed like the darkest hour was at hand,
could tell them about.                                                a little sunlight beamed through. At 8:20, Timothy saw a
    As it got closer to dark that afternoon no deer were being        deer standing near the
seen. Then those of us in the tower stand saw three does              feeder in front of them
come out into a food plot behind us and not visible from the          about 65 yards away. He
ground blind. We quickly radioed the ground blind and                 quickly told the other guys
informed them that we had 3 deer out in the food plot                 in the stand about her.
behind us. Since they had seen nothing from the ground                They all waited patiently
blind all afternoon, they unzipped and began heading up               for her to walk in closer to
the road toward us. Dearil was out of camera light by this            the feeder and give him a
time, so he just remained in the road right beside the                clear shot. It seemed like
ground blind. Timothy climbed onto his dad’s back and                 this took forever, as every
they headed up the road to the base of our tower stand.               time she would move, one Butch Miller, who brought the
The intention was that they could peak around the base of             of the feeder legs would          original idea to the club, rides
the stand and get a close shot at a nice big doe that was             prevent a clean shot.             out with Timothy and his deer.
feeding less than 100 yards away.                                         After waiting for several
    After they made it to the base of the stand, their view was       minutes, she finally cleared every obstruction and provided
still slightly obstructed by several young pines growing there.       an open shot. At the crack of the rifle, she bucked, ran
Consequently, the hunters had to crawl out into the road in           right at them, and then vanished into the woods. Twenty
order to see the three deer that were feeding nearby.                 minutes slowly passed and by this time, Timothy just HAD
                                     Unfortunately, as they were      to know if he hit her. Tim Connor climbed down to go
                                     attempting to get stabilized     look for blood. After a brief search for evidence, Tim
                                     for the shot, every deer         climbed back up in the stand and had to tell Timothy that
                                     spooked and dashed back          he did not find any blood or hair where she was standing
                                     into the woods. To add           at the time of the shot.
                                     insult to the day’s events, as       After 30 more minutes in the stand, they had to leave to
                                     Timothy was attempting to        go attend a meeting being held at Grandview Prairie. Once
                                     get a shot on those does,        Timothy and his dad left, Tim Conner went back to the
                                     another doe came out and         feeder to look around a little more. He really felt that deer
                                     slowly crossed the road and      had been hit. After circling and walking trails for a little
Donny Hughes presents several food plot not 40 yards from
gifts donated by local merchants the ground blind and Dearil-         while, he finally found some blood. He immediately left the
after the evening meal at camp. who was still standing there          site, returned to camp, and called Timothy to tell him about
                                                                      it. About an hour passed before they made it back to camp
                                    in the middle of the road!        to begin the tracking job. Timothy’s mother had her
Day two also ended with no shots fired.                               camcorder charged and ready so that she could hopefully
    That evening back at camp, a fine meal of spaghetti and           film the recovery of her son’s first deer. Timothy was allowed
salad had been prepared. After the meal, Timothy was                  to be at the lead of the party that was attempting to find his
presented with some gifts that had been donated by local              deer. After slowly making their way through thick, briar-
merchants in Hope. Scott and Diane Townsend of                        infested woods, Timothy was the one to spot his first deer!
Townsend Outdoors donated some camouflage clothing to                 He had officially joined the ranks of successful deer hunters
Timothy and the Columbia Sewing Outlet Store also                     and nobody was more excited about that than him!
donated clothing to him. More good camp fellowship                        With the pressure now off, they decided to try one more
continued until the Glasgows headed back to the Arkansas              hunt that Friday afternoon. It was pretty uneventful. The
Game and Fish owned Grandview Prairie Wildlife                        only live critters they laid eyes on were a big solid white
Management Area to spend the night.                                   housecat and one opossum.
    Friday would be the last day of hunting opportunity               Nonetheless, his trip from
Timothy would have. That morning, he would climb up into              Tennessee to the piney
the tower stand and hope for things to work out. Despite              woods of southwest
his significant physical impairment, Timothy was able to              Arkansas was a big success.
climb, by himself, up into the box stand he was underneath
the evening before.                                                   GOING FORWARD
    Shortly after shooting light, a nice 15-inch 8 point buck            For the 2008 season, club
stood in the road about 40 yards from where the ground                member Steve Burke and his
blind was set up. Since Timothy was now sitting in the                family were so touched by
tower stand, this buck was close to 200 yards away.                   Timothy’s perseverance and       “Heather & Tim Glasgow visit
    Despite his best efforts to try to steady himself for the         attitude that they invited       with the Steve Burke Family and
shot, he couldn’t get the crosshairs steadied on him and the          him back down to hunt            Butch Miller during supper. The
buck eventually eased into the woods. After this occurrence,          with them on the lease.          Burke family invited the Glasgow
Tim Connor sat Timothy in his lap so that he could more               Steve also committed to          family to return in 2008 for
easily look over the high walls of the tower stand.                   paying the gas for the           another few days of hunting.”
    About 25 minutes later, a doe came out from behind the
stand. As the group was trying to get Timothy turned                                                             Continued on page 7
Continued from page 6                                            Members sacrificed deer stands. Members sweated while
                                                                 putting up blinds, planting food plots, and trimming
family on that trip and also to house them in his own home.      shooting lanes. Members spent time calling, organizing,
   Relationships were formed and lives were changed by a         and working out lots of logistical challenges. But I can
few simple things. A simple conversation between friends at      assure you that every single one of them wouldn’t change a
work to germinate an idea. A simple effort to make time in       thing. The fact that they had never done anything like this
order to sit in a blind or stand and observe nature with         before didn’t intimidate them.
someone. And finally, the simple fellowshipping and                 If you or your club has been inspired by this event, you
swapping of stories back at camp after a meal all led to         may want to consider hosting a hunt like this. Give it some
memorable experiences for everyone involved.                     thought. If not, then perhaps you might consider taking a
   However, there was nothing simple about the efforts the       kid hunting for the first time. There’s no doubt about it, all
club put into hosting the hunt. Countless sacrifices were        the individuals involved in an activity like this will tell you
made by members of the Cedar Hill Hunting Club.                  they have been changed for the better.
Members used vacation time to guide a young hunter.

                              Deltic Offers Select Land Sales
            eltic Timber Corporations is continuing to offer         Current leaseholders will be notified of tracts for sale

 D          select tracts of hardwood timberland for sale.
            The properties identified are generally
            hardwood bottomlands suitable for the timber
            investor or recreational user. Tract sizes will
                                                                 that may be in their lease agreement. Should a sale occur
                                                                 to a buyer other than the leaseholder, the lease fees will
                                                                 be prorated as of the sale’s closing date and returned to
                                                                 the lease customer.
vary, providing an opportunity for prospective buyers to             Lands for sale can be viewed on our website
find a property suitable for their particular use.               ( From the Deltic Home Page, go to
    The properties will be marketed through a number of          “Products and Services” and click on the link to
methods including bid sales, negotiated sales, and land          “Timberland Sales.” A variety of maps and aerial photos
trades. Although Deltic welcomes real estate broker              should be available for all of the listings.
participation in these transactions, fees will not be paid for
brokerage services.

                                                  Lease Rates
            or the 2008 season and assuming our                  • For customers leasing in our Waldo Region, a 4.60%

  F         insurance costs remain at the level they were
            in 2007, Deltic Timber Corporation is
            instituting the following changes to our
            hunting lease rates:
                                                                   increase to $4.55/acre will be applied to your lease
                                                                   renewal in June.
                                                                 • For customers leasing in our Ola Region, a 3.90%
                                                                   increase to $4.00/acre will be applied to your lease
                                                                   renewal in June.

Thanks Deltic                                                      Leah Bohannan (18) proudly
                                                                         displays her first deer, a
Hello Mr. Humphreys,
                                                                       mature doe that she had
   I wanted to send this and let you know that we really enjoyed       made into jerky and then
the land that we leased from Deltic. For a first year lease, we did  graciously sent to American
really well. We killed 6 bucks and 5 does, I believe. Three of the                 troops in Iraq.
does were killed by two first-time hunters who were women.
Prior to this year, they had never fired a rifle and now both of
them own one.
   The attached picture that has my 18 year old daughter Leah with her first deer (a doe) has a heart warming ending to it.
Leah was so excited about bagging her first deer and was on cloud nine and wanted her whole deer made into jerky so she could
eat on it all year long. My sister-in-law knew of a woman who she worked with at the hospital that had a son who had been sent
to Iraq. He was an avid hunter who missed getting to hunt and enjoyed deer jerky. After Leah found out about the woman who
wanted to send some jerky to her son in Iraq, she donated her whole deer to the woman. To sum the story up, the soldiers in Iraq
had a bunch of deer jerky to enjoy as well as a picture of Leah proudly displaying her first deer.
   I thought that you might like to hear about this and know that the leasing opportunities your company provides had a helping
hand in making this happen. We really appreciate the way that Deltic has worked with us on this lease and are looking forward
to many years working together.
PS - We had a family Thanksgiving at deer camp and everyone thought that it was the most enjoyable Thanksgiving that they
could remember. If there is any more land that may be coming up for lease near the 560 acres that we have leased, please let me
know because we would love to have it too.
Billy Bohannan
Circle F Hunting Club
              210 East Elm Street          U.S. POSTAGE
              P.O. Box 7200                  PAID
              El Dorado, AR 71731-7200       PERMIT 196
                                          LITTLE ROCK, AR

   This magazine is
 published for all the
  sportsmen enjoying
    Deltic’s land in
 Arkansas, Louisiana
and east Texas. Please
 exercise good hunter
 safety and etiquette
 and respect the land
    for the sake of
  future generations.

 Please send all comments,
 suggestions and photos to
     the address above.

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