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                   INSIGHTS  White’s of Westport
                             Bittersweet Farm
                             Rachel’s Lakeside
                             Hampton Inn Hotels
                             Comfort Inn & Suites
                                                                                               ty Companies Spring 2006
                                                                          nce H
                                                 e                  Lafra
                                            of th
  ewslette                     and f riends
           r for the employees
RICHARD & MURIEL IN ROME                                                                        A MESSAGE FROM RITA
                                                                                                                                    As our 50th anniversary
                                                                                                                                    celebration comes to a
                                                                                                                                    close – officially Easter
                                                                                                                                    Sunday, April 16th - my
                                                                                                                                    family and I look back
                                                                                                                                    in wonder at all that has
                                                                                                                                    brought us here. We
                                     Last month Richard and Muriel Lafrance had the                                                 are grateful to Aime’s
                                     privilege to participate in the consistory of then
                                                                                                                                    dream, and the ability
                                     Archbishop Sean O’Malley at the Vatican. The couple
                                     traveled to Rome with the American Association of
                                                                                                                                    to build on that dream
                                     the Knight’s of Malta, of which Richard is a member.                                           with talented family
                                     Arriving on Wednesday, March 22nd, there was some                     Rita Lafrance          members who serve in
                                     free time for sightseeing and adjusting to the time       leadership positions throughout our company. We are also
                                     change. On Thursday morning they attended mass            grateful to have gathered exceptional employees, who have
                                     in a crypt below St. Peter’s Basilica. Friday was the     worked hard helping to build our Lafrance Hospitality
                                     consistory where Cardinal Sean, along with 14 other       Family. And, we sincerely appreciate the wonderful support
                                     new cardinals, received his red hat. Saturday, Pope       of our guests. We never lose sight of the fact that without
                                     Benedict XVI again presided over the congregation
                                                                                               our guests, we are nothing. I look forward to seeing you at
                                     and presented the new cardinals with their rings at a
papal mass held outside in St Peter’s Square attended by thousands. On Sunday, Cardinal
                                                                                               White’s on your next visit.
Sean celebrated his first mass as a Cardinal at the North American College and later
joined the group for a reception in his honor. Richard and Muriel are truly grateful for the
opportunity to share in this special event. Their memories will last a lifetime. The Diocese
is planning a reception for Cardinal Sean here at White’s on April 18th.

CHRISTIAN’S CATERING-                                                                          YOU CAN TAKE IT WITH YOU…
FROM OUR PLACE TO YOURS                                                                                                  On March 1, 2006, the Alcoholic
                                                       Christian’s has been                                              Beverages Control Commission
                                                       catering fine events for                                          passed a new regulation allowing
                                                       some time, with this                                              restaurant patrons to take home
                                                       past year experiencing                                            their partially consumed bottle of
                                                       an increase in the                                                wine. The new regulation applies
                                                       number and types of                                               to restaurant situations, only, not
                                                       catered events. From                                              banquets. There are a number of
                                                                                                                         strict procedures to follow: only one
                                                       weddings in Newport
                                                                                                                         bottle of partially consumed wine
                                                       and someone’s back
                                                                                                per adult guest, the bottle must be sealed and then sealed,
                                                       yard, to off-site meetings               again, in a tamper proof, one time use transparent bag.
 and banquets – Christian’s does it all. In so many ways, it’s very rewarding to                The meal receipt must then be affixed to the bag. Lafrance
 have the catering arm of Lafrance Hospitality gain greater prominence as our                   Hospitality supports this new procedure. We are happy
 business began in catering fifty years ago.                                                    to assist our guests in this way.

                             Phone: 508-676-7888 • • Fax: 508-679-9324
                                                                                         EMPLOYEE NEWS
                                                                                         We are delighted to congratulate Mr. Mario Ferreira,
                                                                                         who has won the hand of our own Shelly Perry! A winter
                                                                                         wedding is planned and we could not be happier! We
                                                                                         understand that Mario works for an airline – so between
                                                                                         them, they will know all the ins and outs of the travel
                                                                                         Dave Macedo, former waiter at White’s of Westport, and
                                                                                         Maureen Macedo’s son, has been named Old Dominion
                                                                                         Athletic Conference 2006 Coach of the Year. Dave has been
                                                                                         head coach since 2000 and was honored by his peers after
                                                                                         leading the Marlins to a 22-3 regular season record. (We’re
                                                                                         also proud that White’s of Westport was the venue for Dave
2006 RACHEL’S LAKESIDE BRIDAL FAIRE                                                      and Christine’s wedding reception in August 2005!)
The reviews are in for the recent bridal faire, held at Rachel’s Lakeside. The day was
                                                                                         We are extremely proud to tell you that Marc Landry, who
glorious and the brides were all beautiful! The brides and their assistants were able
                                                                                         has done such a great job as Vice President, Hotel Division,
to speak with vendors for all of their wedding needs. And from the vendors…“you
                                                                                         has decided to strike out on his own. Marc has formed his
and your crew did an outstanding job. Rachel’s was, by far, the best show that I
                                                                                         own development company and is
have done.” As for us, we had so much fun, we can’t wait until next year!
                                                                                         currently hard at work on a project
                                                                                         that abuts the brand new Hampton
                                                                                         Inn & Suites of Plymouth. Marc
                                                                                         has made an incredible contribution
                                                                                         to the growth and development of
                                                                                         Lafrance Hospitality and we plan to
                                                                                         collaborate whenever and wherever
                                                                                         we can. Marc has been a star player,
                                                                                         right from the beginning, with              Marc Landry
                                                                                         experience in the restaurant and then
                                                                                         the hotels. Marc has been with us for the development
                                                                                         of each hotel property, including our current Plymouth
                                                                                         Hampton. You could certainly say that Marc has learned
                                                                                         the business ‘from the ground up.’ Best wishes, Marc, for
Everything is “A Go” to open our newest hotel in late                                    every continued success!
June. Our confidence level for the hotel is at an all
time high, as Shelly Perry, currently Corporate Director                                 EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT
of Sales, will be going over as General Manager of our
newest property. After opening the other four hotels,
                                                                                         Steven Gordon,
                                                                                         Regional Operations Manager/Hotel Division
Shelly has gotten the urge to see the project all the way                                The spotlight shines on
through to day-to-day operational management. Simon                                      Steve Gordon, who is the
Rodrigues will be joining Shelly, as the Director of Sales                               new Regional Operations
of the new Plymouth Hampton Inn & Suites. Simon                                          Manager for the Lafrance
brings solid experience in hotel sales developed at both                                 Hospitality Hotel Division.
the Fairfield Inn by Marriott, and Holiday Inn Express            Shelly Perry           Steve joins us with more
Hotel & Suites. Best wishes for every success to both                                    than ten years in direct
Simon and Shelly. For individual or group reservations,                                  and indirect management.
please contact Shelly at the Westport Sales office                                       His background includes
                                                                                         Marriott Management
at 508-675-7500.
                                                                                         Certification, in addition
  LATEST NEWS                                                                            to attending Bridgewater                Steven Gordon
                                                                                         State College. In his new
  Last week we were awarded a Hampton Inn                                                position with LHC, he is responsible for the day to day
  franchise for Dover, New Hampshire, located next                                       oversight of all of our hotel properties. Steve lives in
  to our Comfort Inn & Suites. Groundbreaking                                            Mansfield, with his wife, Eileen, and their children.
  will be in the fall.
                                                                Simon Rodrigues

                          Phone: 508-676-7888 • • Fax: 508-679-9324
JOB SHADOW DAY                                      Students from New Bedford High           ERIC THE TRAVELER!
                                                    School recently spent a day at
                                                    White’s with Chris Lafrance and
                                                    members of our restaurant staff. Af-
                                                    ter touring the facility, the students
                                                    received an overview of how a busy
                                                    banquet facility operates, learning
                                                    about all of the different jobs that
                                                    make it happen for every guest,
                                                    every day.

Mahalo nui loa! (Thank you very much!)
was the theme for the 2006 VIP/INN
Club gathering recently held at White’s
of Westport. Each arriving guest was
greeted appropriately and a lei was draped
around his or her neck. The menu and the
entertainment were appropriately themed
as well. Such delicacies as Volcanic Rice,                                                   Eric Lafrance realized his life’s dream a few months ago
Huli Huli Chicken, and Macadamian Nut                                                        when he traveled cross country on his motorcycle. Here
Crusted Mahi Mahi were served to our                                                         he is at Hoover Dam. His trip took him all the way
valued guests. The festivities culminated in
                                                                                             down to Mexico’s Copper Canyon and Mazatlan. Eric
hula lessons. Yes, it helps to be a good sport          Rachel Fellows & Guest -             visited many friends along his 3,000 mile journey.
in the hospitality business!                          Both born on Friday the 13th.

                                                                                 LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION
STAR EMPLOYEES                                                                   Bittersweet Farm Restaurant & Tavern recently was used as a location
Bittersweet Farm                                                                 for an infomercial for the Invision Products - Fresh Stations.
Jonathan Farias                                                                  This is an exciting new product that we are sure you will hear more
Tim Koska                                                                        of in the future. Invision Products is located in Fall River and
                                                                                 Lafrance Hospitality has invested in this startup company.
Comfort Inn & Suites
Brenda Hurrinus
                                                 PRESENTING THE HALL OF FAME CLASS OF 2005
Fairhaven Hampton Inn Hotel                      The Grand Employee Reunion/Hall of Fame Dinner proved
Monica Bizarro
                                                 to be one of the most popular social events of our 50th
Jennifer Halvorsen
                                                 Anniversary year. Employees past and present gathered
                                                 together to celebrate the occasion and to recognize our nine
Franklin Hampton Inn Hotel
                                                 new inductees into “The Aime and Rita Lafrance Hall of
Andras Korencsik
Moe Pineault                                     Fame.” Congratulations to Marge Allen, Cocktail Waitress;
The Housekeeping Staff                           Irene Costa, Breakfast Hostess; Olavo Cunha, Cook; Manny
                                                 Peixoto, LHC Grounds; Maria Peixoto, White’s Pantry/
Rachel’s Lakeside                                Pastry Chef; Roger Plante, Sr. (in memoriam) White’s
Katie Amaral                                     Bartender; and Dennis Velozo, White’s Banquet Manager.
                                                 Honorary members inducted were Dave Nadien (deceased)                 Rita Lafrance with
                                                                                                                  Conrad and Gibby Desmarais.
Westport Hampton Inn Hotel                       Entertainer Extraordinaire,
Maria Borges                                     and Edward ‘Ted’ Pettine,
Patricia Valcourt                                White’s Accountant from
                                                 opening day.
White’s of Westport                              It was an incredible evening,
Helen Abren
                                                 with the 2005 STAR
Denise Andrade
Mike Gosselin                                    Employees recognized
Donna Souza-Lord                                 and many service awards
                                                 presented as well.

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       Lafrance Hospitality - Entertainment Calendar
     JOEY & MARIA’S COMEDY                                                                                      Nick & Zita’s
        ITALIAN WEDDING                              The Soprano’s Last Supper                          Funny Fat Greek Wedding
       Be Joey & Maria’s guests and enjoy the         Join us for an unforgettable evening with
    fun and food of a traditional Italian wedding.   Boston’s own notorious “Baritone Family”.           Your presence is requested for Nick &
 It’s an evening of mystery, mayhem and great fun!   You’ll enjoy some illegal gambling, dinner,        Zita’s big day. As a guest, you will enjoy
                                                         dancing and good old mobster fun!               the fun, food and mayhem of a not so
    Friday, June 9 • $35.95 per person
                                                            SATURDAY, JULY 15                            traditional Greek wedding. Dancing,
           trooper dan                                        $35.95 per person                         music and old Greek customs are part of

                                                                                    
         AT RACHEL’S LAKESIDE                                                                                    what’s in store for you!
  Daniel M. Clark “The Singing Trooper” along                                                                  Friday, August 18
    with his wife, soprano Mary Calarusso and
                                                                  Join us this                                   $35.95 per person
 accompanied by Raymond Cavicchio. This show
     will make you proud to be an American!
              Friday, May 5
                                                     Mother’s Day
                                                      Brunch or Dinner
                                                                                                             JIMMY & JENNY’S
                                                                                                           Wacky Western Wedding!
              $35.95 per person                       White’s or Bittersweet Farm                                FRIDAY, JUNE 30
                                                                                                          Line dancing, rodeo riding, and good
                                                                                                            old-fashioned southern barbecue!
 THE LEGENDARY VOICES                                                                                             $35.95 per person
   Featuring the King…Elvis!                         THE	BLUSHING	BRIDES
              Saturday, June 17                      Rolling	Stones	Tribute	Experience                BEANTOWN COMEDY NIGHTS
  Enjoy the sounds of Cher, Neil Diamond,                     FRIDAY,	MAY	26                             Boston’s top Comics Live!
 Connie Francis, Johnny Rivers and Sinatra              Can’t make it on the world tour?              Michael Pettit Saturday, April 22
               to name a few.                            Come see the next best thing!                 Dick Doherty Saturday, May 6
              $35.95 per person                           $15 per person (show only)                          $15 per person (show only)


                                                                                                   P.O. Box 248, Westport, MA 02790
                                                                                                   Partners In Hospitality
PERMIT NO. 22                                                               Bittersweet Farm
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     PAID                                                                                          LAKESIDE
U.S. POSTAGE                                                                                       RACHEL’S

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