The Causes of the War of 1812 - KILBY by huanghengdong


									                             War of 1812: The Causes

Part A: Match the terms with the definition (You can do this by drawing lines)

   1.    Impressment                                 1.  A refusal to trade with another country
   2.    Embargo                                     2.  Friends
   3.    Unprepared                                  3.  To take control of
   4.    Capture                                     4.  A place where ships stop
   5.    Outnumbered                                 5.  Forcing sailors to work on another ship
   6.    Blockade                                    6.  Not read
   7.    Port                                        7.  To enter with force
   8.    Invade                                      8.  Closing off an area with ships
   9.    Allies                                      9.  When the other side has more
   10.   Allegiance                                      soldiers/people than you do
   11.   Immediate causes                            10. Causes that happen just before an event
   12.   Napoleonic Wars                             11. Loyalty
   13.   Jingoism                                    12. Aggressive talk and opinions that favour

Part B: Causes of the War of 1812
Read pages 111-113 of your textbook and create a Mind MAP which indicates the main LONG-
TERM and IMMEDIATE causes of the war.

When you have finished this task rank in order from most important to least important the
causes that you believed led to the war of 1812.
Using Google Earth or an online atlas please find and place the following on the blank map
below. Detroit, Beaver Dams (Thorold), Queenston Heights (near Niagara falls) Lundy’s Lane
(between Niagara falls and St. Catherines), York (Toronto), Stoney Creek (Near Hamilton),
Crysler’s Farm (Near Morrisburg), Washington, Baltimore.

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