THE ECHO
                                                                                          January/February 2006
       The Lord does not take away from your span of life, the time you spend at the K of C
PHONE (519)893-1504       FAX (519)893-6210                    WEBSITE KOFC1504.COM E-MAIL kofc1504@hotmail.com

  2006 got off with a spiritual bang! After too many years without, the rosary has returned to radio in this area.
  Every Sunday morning, (it commenced on New Year’s Day) the rosary is being prayed at 9:00 a.m. on YOUR
  FM, 98.5 on your dial.

  One of the major sponsors of this half hour of prayer is District 35 of the Knights of Columbus, of which
  Council 1504 is the major participant. I am sure that Our Blessed Mother will pour forth many graces upon
  our council, and the District, for supporting those who have spearheaded this endeavour.

  In some ways, 2005 was a difficult year. Some of our fund raising efforts did not achieve their prior
  performance. A notable exception to this general rule was our annual craft sale. I personally want to thank
  Fernando Melo and Gerry Kelly for their significant efforts in making this a wonderful success.

  The annual feather party under the very capable leadership of Whit Husk involved a large number of Brother
  Knights who worked very hard. However, the crowd was much smaller. Despite this major difficulty, the
  event made a decent buck. Thank you, Whit! I’m sure Whit agrees with me that we need YOUR input to put
  more “sizzle” into this event. This is also true of our auction.

  Thanks also to Joe Lembo and Ennio for a great spaghetti dinner, Reinhart Schreiter for the well-attended
  Memorial Mass, the First Degree Team for leading 7 of our own through their first step to Knighthood, and to
  Don Leyes for a wonderful Children’s Christmas Party.

  The bottom line is our income is falling, and the demand for charity increasing. We have to turn this around in
  2006 and, with God’s help based on our prayers, we will.


   1       Grand Knights Message                          2     Chaplain’s/Deputy Grand Knights Messages

   3       Grand Knight’s Message Cont’d/Help Wanted      4     Feather Party/Alarm for Life Review

   5       Craft Sale Review/Corporation Agenda           6     Trip of the Month/Seniors Club Report

   7       Trip Committee/Bowling Reports                 8     Anniversaries/Misc
                        CHRISTMAS SEASON                                                practical and it’s sustainable. Most of all, it’s a “win-win-win”
Chaplain’s Message
By Reverend W.L. Lobsinger, P.P.
Dear Brother Knights,                                                                             Win: the resolution affords an opportunity to assist the clergy
                                                                                                  and support their efforts to unite the parish in the spirit.
As Christmas fast approaches, it is important that we reflect on what this holy season is         Win: the dedication provides an opportunity to assist the less
all about.                                                                                        fortunate and build a cohesive force in our community
Christmas, for many Canadians has become simply a winter holiday. We say; season’s                Win: the activity provides instant and sustained personal
greetings and happy holidays to those we meet. Finding religious ornaments and                    gratification in taking an active role by “making a difference”
Christmas cards becomes harder and harder every year. However, we know that this is
not what Christmas is all about. If it weren’t for Christ, there would be no Christmas.
Non-Christians may wish to celebrate the winter holiday, but we must never allow Within the ranks of Council 1504, we carry close to 500 members on
Christmas in our homes to be reduced to this.                                             our roster. At present, less than 100 (or about 20%) take an active role
                                                                                        in volunteering to lead or assist in support of the many Council
The word Christmas comes from “Christ’s Mass”. It is the day on which we celebrate      activities.
God becoming human in order to save us from our sin; the Word becoming flesh to
show us the love of God. We must never permit ourselves, family and friends to forget
what God has done for us.
                                                                                        Stepping up with your New Year’s resolution can be as simple as
WITHOUT CHRIST THERE IS NO CHRISTMAS. WITHOUT CHRIST                                    budgeting 3 hours a month (compared to an average 15 hours spent on
THERE IS NO HOPE, NO PEACE NO ETERNAL SALVATION.                                        coffee breaks over the course of the month) to attend the monthly
                                                                                        general meeting, lasting 60-90 minutes. Another 60-90 minutes, on
As Catholic Christian men, it is our serious obligation to keep Christ in Christmas. We average, can be directed to volunteer time; in support of the Knights of
must help our family and friends to remember and celebrate the true meaning of this Columbus charities or community service programs.
great and glorious day. If we as Catholic men will not keep Christ in Christmas, who
will? May our homes, our relationships and our very lives proclaim – “the Word If you’re a Knight and you have a pulse, you’re qualified! If you’re not
become flesh and dwelt among us” and “Christ is the reason for the season”.
                                                                                  yet a Knight, but are a practicing catholic, 18 – 108 years old with a
This Christmas, may you and your families know the joy and peace that only Christ desire to “make a difference” then you too are qualified.
can bring. May Christmas Day find you loved by many and surrounded by those you
love. I wish each and every Knight and his family a very holy and blessed Christmas We have requirements for:
and joy and peace for the New Year.                                                 -A computer savvy individual to maintain our web site
                                                                                        -Additional assistance on the St Mary’s Hospital committee
Jesus was born in a stable 2,005 years ago. This Christmas may he be born in our -Support Basket Ball Free Throw program on Jan 21
                                                                                        -Car draw sales people at malls and events
God bless you all.                                                                      -A host of upcoming council events

                                                                                        Interested? Give us a call; write, e-mail (kofc1504@hotmail.com);
                                                                                        contact, by any available means, any of our executive team, or simply
Reverend Wayne L. Lobsinger, P.P.
                                                                                        come to the general meeting (3rd Tuesday of each month – 7:00 PM).
                                                                                        Applications (form 100) to join the K of C are available any time at the
                        Worthy Resolutions
                                                                                        entrance to the lounge or through any of our active members.

                                                                                        On behalf of our Executive Team, I wish you all a blessed and
Deputy Grand Knight’s Message                                                           prosperous 2006 and look forward to your presence through the coming
By Owen Hennessy DGK                                                                    year.
By now you will have you will have consumed the last of the turkey, frozen
what’s left of the cranberries (or lost it in the back of the fridge) and put    Fraternally,
together your annual list of “must do’s” to carry you into the New Year.         Owen Hennessey, DGK
It’s always an interesting and introspective exercise putting together our list
of resolutions; get fit, loose weight, stop smoking, etc. At the risk of stating
the obvious, however, most of our listed items quickly fall by the way-side as
“more” pressing matters take hold. Essentially, it’s our lack of true
commitment and dedication to the cause that drags us down the slippery
slope to a pool of guilt. Maybe, just maybe, selecting one cause only, that we
can really commit to, would be an instrumental way to sustainable success.

How about a commitment to church and community? It’s “worthy”; it’s

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   Bus: 743-6820         Res: 744-9685                744-9332                                                                           February 15, 2006
             Jim Goodyear

                                                                                                                     HELP WANTED
                             GRAND KNIGHT’S MESSAGE
                                                                                      Men who enjoy meeting people and talking about the joy and privileges of being a
                                                                                      member of the Knights of Columbus are needed to help the Recruiting Team. You are
                             by Roger Cann                                            obliged to go to mass anyway, so why not join the team!
                             Grand Knight                                             Call Manny Santos at 749-0163.
                             (Continued from page 1)                                  Men who would like to assist in attending visitation for recently deceased Brothers, and
                                                                                      for setting up for masses, would be appreciated. This is truly an honour and a privilege.
                                                                                      Call Reinhart Schreiter at 745-8154.

We have two new events scheduled. On February 28th, Shrove Tuesday, we                Men who like to act have the opportunity to get involved with the First-Degree Team
                                                                                      and display their talents.
are having an elimination draw. There will be 400 tickets printed, and first          Call Whit Husk at 743-6647.
prize will be $2,000. There will be subsidiary prizes as well. The tickets will
cost $40 each. Prizes and expenses will be in the area of $8,000, leaving             Salesmen are required to sell Trip of the Month tickets to their friends and colleagues.
approximately another $8,000 for charity. There will be a cash bar, and               Call George Burchatski at 742-0058.
perhaps I can persuade Conestoga Catering to have desserts available for              Men are required to assist with our Bingo.
purchase.                                                                             Call Joe Sutherland at 576-9465.

                                                                                      Like basketball and kids? Both men and women can assist with our Basketball Free
On April 30th, we are having a fund raising dinner. Conestoga Catering will           Throw Competition. This Year on January 21st and/or January 28th.
cater it, so the meal will be marvelous. Again, due to the limitations of the         Call Ted Jasica at 576-2004.
hall, we will be selling 400 tickets. We plan on making around $10,000, with
tickets being $50 per plate.                                                          Both men and women are required to assist with our Annual Auction. Lots of help
                                                                                      Call Gerry Kelly at 742-0908.
That’s not all. May 27th has been set aside for a minor fund raising event in
the lounge, and October 29th has been set-aside for a major fundraiser in the         Men and women are required to assist in selling Car Draw Tickets in malls. Call
                                                                                      Owen Hennessy at 894-6360.
hall. What are we doing? That’s up to YOU!
                                                                                      Help with organizing the Golf Tournament.
I’m taking the bull by the horns. I need YOUR help! I need YOU to sell                Contact Donny Leyes at 880-8297.
tickets! I need YOU to give me ideas about the “sizzle”. I need YOU to come
                                                                                      A Webmaster is required. Experience is a must.
up with ideas for other fundraising events.                                           Call Roger Cann at 896-6908.
Who is the most important member of Council 1504? YOU!
                                                                                      Men and women are needed to sell tickets for our Elimination Raffle and Fundraising
I need YOU to sponsor a new member!                                                   Call Roger Cann at 896-6908.

We need YOU to pray for council 1504!                                                 Men and women are required to come up with new ideas for both family and charitable
                                                                                      events, and to make them work.
                                                                                      Call Roger Cann at 896-6908.

                                                                                      Every Brother Knight who is not a senior citizen should assist in three events, and
                     ASSISTANCE REQUIRED                                              attend three meetings. That’s a total time commitment of about 15-16 hours a year, or
  Due to new privacy legislation hospitals no longer give out information on          on average 1 1/3 hour per month.
  who is in their care. If you know of any brother Knight who is sick or in
  need of assistance please contact our council to ensure them of our                 WE NEED YOU!
  council’s prayers and support in troubled times.
  You may contact Roger Cann 896-6908 or Dan Dineen 747-3094.
  Or send an e-mail to kofc1504@hotmail.com

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                                                2005 “Feather Party” a Success
On Tuesday evening Dec 6, 2005, we held our annual feather party. Again this year it was a great success. A net profit of $2804.00 was raised for our Knights of
Columbus charity fund. Many who attended went home with their Christmas turkey, ham, hamper, wine basket, summer sausage, gift certificates or many other great
prizes. For those who didn’t, it’s your turn next year. Thanks to all for coming out to our Columbus Center and supporting one of our main charity fund-raisers.
On our prize table this year were much appreciated gifts donated by Lorne Kuntz, Bill Jackson, Schreider Sandrock, Sobey’s, Playcon Recreation, Finest Meats, The
Wine Rack and Conestoga Catering.
 A special thank you to our brother knights and members (there were many of them) who volunteered their time in any way at our “Feather
                                                          Party” to make this again a successful event.

                                                             Let me please introduce our team:

Mike Ryan for organizing the sellers, handing out the tickets and collecting returns along with PGK Reinhart Schreiter. The ticket sellers who raced around the
floor…. PGK Gerry Kelly, Jeff Thompson, Brian Garnier, PGK Mario Peretti, Bernie Logel, John LeBlanc, DD and PGK Dale Stuebing, Stephen Menard and
Fernando Melo. Looking after the prize table and Christmas Dinner table were GK Roger Cann, Patrick Cann and Robert Trembley. On stage, spinning the wheel was
PGK Tom Angel our MC for the night and insuring all received their winnings were PGK Tom Brooks and Jim Hause. Converting your cash to casino chips were Jim
Hibbs, Norm Brown and PGK Joe Sutherland. Finally, Ron Solomon for serving the late night sandwich; and George Burchatzki for looking after our Sobey’s order.

  During intermission that night we were privileged to watch our charity funds in action. Our Grand Knight Roger Cann presented Charlie
  Sellers of St Vincent De Paul with a cheque of $20,000 and PGK Gerry Kelly presented St Mary’s Hospital with a cheque of $16,000. (This
                                            completes our charity pledge of $75,000 to St Mary’s)

    This my brother knight, members and friends is what fundraising is all about. You made it happen………Thank You.

Fraternally Yours,
Whit Husk, PGK
Feather Party Chairman

                                                                    Alarm for Life
    As a follow up to the last Echo, I would like to thank the following member who volunteered time to inspect, and install smoke detectors, replace butteries in
    smoke detectors, also confirm if a detector was operating properly. Whit Husk, Ted Jasica, Michael Delenardo, Len Solomon, David Grzesiak and Ed Schmitt.
    The final number is over 320 units, every one should be proud of there involvement. But I cannot stop just at the Knights of Columbus members. Volunteers
    from Raise Home support and Meals on Wheels who are in contact with our seniors every day combined the list of homes to install the alarms in, thank you
    Emilie Brown from RAISE and Joanne Klausnitzer from Meals on Wheels. This community project could not have taken place without the support, supplies,
    education and training provided by John Coish of Kitchener Fire Department.

    Gerry Kelly P G K

                                                        ELIMINATION RAFFLE
                                                            TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 28TH, 2006
                                                               TICKETS ARE ONLY $40.00 EACH
                                                            HURRY! ONLY 400 TICKETS AVAILABLE
     First Prize $1,999.99                    Call 896-6908 for Tickets or acquire them at the lounge.                         Sixth Prize          $250.00
     Second Prize            $700.00                                                                                           Ten Prizes of        $100.00
                                              This will be one of YOUR council’s largest money makers.
     Third Prize             $600.00                                                                                           40 prizes of           $40.00
                                              All Net Proceeds will be contributed to registered charities.
                                              HELP – URGENTLY NEEDED to Buy and Sell Tickets
     Fourth Prize            $500.00                                                                                           56 Total Chances of winning
     Fifth Prize             $300.00                                                                                           Odds of winning 1 in 8

                                                  Finest Memorials
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                                                                                                                                      on-demand printing

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                         Craft Sale                                            Columbus Kitchener Inc
On Sunday 27 November, the St Mary’s Hospital Committee                            Annual Meeting
held the 7th annual Craft Sale. With over 75 venders this was a
great success, thanks to the generosity of the 680 people who             Tuesday, March 7, 2006 at 7:30 PM
came through the door.

The door donation was divided between the St Johns Soup             Agenda for Meeting:
Kitchen and Mearillac Place each receiving $ 403 dollars. I
would like to thank the volunteers who worked at the BBQ
Penny Raffle, Christmas card sales and Bake table from your
affords $ 2000 went to St Mary’s Charities Foundation. This         Treasurer’s Report
event is volunteer and Labour intensive as the hall has to be set   Chairman’s Report
up starting at 6:00 am. I must thank the chairman of this event     Nominations and Elections for Directors
Fernando Melo, and all who volunteered to make this year a
great success.
                                                                    Light lunch following meeting

Gerry Kelly PGK
                                                                Directors for 2005
*        *        *        *         *        *        *
                                                                   · Chair                                 Reinhart Schreiter
On Behalf of the Grand Knight Roger Caan, I would like to          · Vice Chair                            Norm Brown
thank you for all your help with the Craft & Bake Sale event on    · Treasurer                             Eldon Kilen
November 27.                                                       · Secretary                             Mike Ryan
                                                                   · Building &Grounds
It was another successful event and your help was greatly
                                                                                                           Jim Hibbs
                                                                   · Council Liaison
appreciated. I would also like to take this opportunity to wish
you and yours Merry Christmas and Happy New Year                                                           Jack Nolan
                                                                   · Sports Liaison                        Bernie Logel
Fernando Melo, Craft Sale Chairman                                 · Director                              Whit Husk
Appreciation goes out to the following individuals and everyone    · Director                              Dale Stuebing
else who made this event a success. Carol Husk; Cathy
Stuebing; Nicole Stuebing; Crystal; Sue Killen; Barbara Weiner;
Catherine Weiner; Elizabeth Weiner; Caroline Weiner; Debbie
Tremblay; Zach Tremblay; Quinton Tremblay; Bev; Joan
Godfrey; Bill Buvley; Albert Moore; Kevin Schmalz; Dale
Kean. Thank You!

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                                                                              Kitchener, ON
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                                    Serving the trades since 1932       email: info@total-relocation.com

                                      Jim, Terry, Don Greguol
                                                              Trip of the Month Lottery
   November 2005          December 2005                                                        December 2005                                UPCOMING DRAWS
 Edmonton – $1,629.00 Los Angeles – $1,800.00                                                England – $1,800.00                           ***************
        Winner: Bill Jackson                      Winner: Eileen Blewitt                                                                     January 17th , 2006
                                                                                                                                            Las Vegas – $1,899.00
        Sold by Bill Jackson                        Sold by Carol Husk                           Winners: Bonnie Nichol
   $50.00 Winner: Nisha Sharma               $50.00 Winner: Mary McKelvie                    Sold by Lawrence Kubishewsky
     Sold by George Burchatzki                  Sold by George Buchatzki                                                                   ***************
     $50.00 Winner: Phil Plain                $50.00 Winner: Sherrie Borho
     Sold by George Burchatzki                      Sold by Bob Borho
                                                                                          Christmas Special $50.00 Winner:
                                                                                                                                             February 21st,2006
                                                                                                                                             Orlando – $1,628.00
                                                                                                     Eva Evans
  $50.00 Winner: Laverne Steffler            $50.00 Winner: George Kramer                  Sold by Lawrence Kubishewsky
        Sold by Reg Duguay                         Sold by Tom Schmalz

                         DO YOU LIKE TO TRAVEL?                                                                               In The Lounge
                                                                                                                                   CONESTOGA CATERING
                              Join the Kitchener Knights of Columbus
                                                                                                                                 OFFERING SPECIAL RATES TO MEMBERS &
             2005          June 2005                                                                                             IMMEDIATE FAMILY, FOR ALL YOUR

     Cuba – $1,850.00  Cruise – $2,250.00
                                                                                                                                 RECEPTION, BIRTHDAY PARTIES, FUNERAL
                                                                                                                                 SERVICES ETC. CALL BILL OR RON TODAY
        Winner: Doug Bannon                   Winner: Jeff Warner
        Sold by Doug Bannon         55 CHANCES TO WIN
                                              Sold by Len Warner
    $50.00 Winner: Paul Sanford      13 FABULOUS TRIPS Osier
                                          $50.00 Winner: Tony
         Sold by Grant Bettke          42 CASH PRIZES Killen
                                               Sold by Sue                                                                        LUNCH TIME EXPRESS HOURS
   $50.00 Winner: Robert Laurie ONLY$50.00 Winner: Bonnie Nichol
                                         400 TICKETS SOLD                                                                            WILL BE TUESDAY TO FRIDAY
          Sold by Pat St John            Sold by Lawrence Kubisewsky                                                                       11:30am till 2:00pm
     $50.00 Winner: Ruth Fach                                                                                                    We will be offering cafeteria style, pre-made soup &
                              Proceeds to$50.00 Winner: Lyla Mavin
                                          support local charities                                                                sandwich specials, Chilli & Bread, as well as a variety
          Sold by Pat St John              Sold by Reinhardt Schreiter
                                                                                                                                 of foods from the fryer.
                                For additional information and to reserve your ticket                                            Also we will be offering .35 Chicken Wings till
         Please contact any member of the executive, or George Burchatzki at 742-0058 Bill Hess at 894-5033                      6:00pm. Tuesday till Friday (Eat In Only)

           Knights of Columbus Seniors Club                                                 -       Wilbert & Therese Sommers, our trip committee
                                                                                            -       Bob Adams who looks after our phone committee
               2005 Year End Message                                                        -       Joan Fackoury our 50/50 draw ticket seller

Well here we are. The last General Meeting of the year celebrates                     Thank you to the following assistants:
Christmas Dinner and fellowship.
                                                                                      Mildred Fisher, Rosemary Traplin, Alma Borys, Rita Hehn, Betty Hoffarth and Janet
I hope you have all enjoyed this year and also took part in our other main            Anstett.
                                                                                      I apologize if I missed anyone.
- St Patrick’s Day Pot-Luck Supper
- Mass at the Carmelites, followed by supper at the club                              The Executive would like to than Ron Soloman and His staff for their co-operation and
- Our June Picnic                                                                     assistance at our meetings.
- Our ever popular Oktoberfest day in October
                                                                                      I would like to thank all our members for their attendance making our meetings
The Sudden loss in October of Ron Kelly was a shock to all of us. Our                 successful.
sincere sympathy goes out to Theresa and the family.
                                                                                      Also I would like to encourage you to invite any member of the Knights of Columbus
As Co-Chairman it has been a pleasure working with our Executive                      you know who would be eligible, to join our Seniors Members Club.
                                                                                      On behalf of all the Executive and myself I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas
     -      Lorraine Kuchma, who has done a wonderful job as secretary                and continued good health and happiness in the future.
            for the last three years.                                                 May God be with you
     -      Tony Fackoury as Treasurer
     -      Father Harry Schmuck our Chaplain                                         Sincerely
     -      Jack Traplin/Membership, with his enjoyable and humorous
            stories.                                                                  Ralph Fritz, Co-Chairman
     -      Tome White always doing a terrific job lining up programs for
            our meetings – Special thanks to Tom for the excellent work
            he did on the financial success of the Goddie Basket raffle

                                                                                                                                              FEEDBACK WELCOME
   133 Weber St. N., Waterloo                                                                                                                   Please feel free to comment on, make
                                                                                                              Home or Office Pickup
886-8140 · 800-265-4523
                                                                                                                                               suggestions, and point out errors in this
                                                                                                                & Delivery Service                       issue of the ECHO.

         All your travel needs                300 Weber St. N., Waterloo ON N2J 3H6
                                                 T 519-884-9000 · F 519-884-8246
         Barb Roche, Mgr.                                                                       Main Plant: 135 Ottawa St. S., Kitchener                      Please e-mail
          June Lumchick
                                                                                                  Bro. Bill Renaud
             Bill Hess                                                                                                                                  kofcecho@hotmail.com
                                               Bowling Report                   by George Kramer

Next week on the 21st we bowl for glass turkeys; one per team. The              pancreas cancer. Joan his wife wants to thank the people for their
best total score for the 1st 2 games wins. This score includes their            prayers for Gerry’s speedy recovery. Brother “Dutch” Casselli is under
handicap which ranges from 0 to 115. It puts everyone on equal                  the weather and retired from bowling a few weeks ago.
                                                                                Here at the midway point or 15 nights are the standings on December
In spite of the fact that one can bowl ahead occasionally, a team has to        15th
go with a 190 for an absentee bowler most nights all teams register 5
                                                                                    Captain Team               Pts       Pts       Stdg
Speaking to Albert Martin from Elmira before he rolled his 360 high
                                                                                1   John Conrad      Treasurers          295       98         5
single I remarked that the previous week the wheels had fallen off his
score. He said no “I made it home in the snow OK”, and then he
                                                                                2   Mauri Vallee     Grands              275       130        1
                                                                                3   George Kramer    Deputies            273       103        4
laughed, when he realized what I meant.                                         4   Harold Schmitt   Wardens             272       114        2
                                                                                5   Hank Baur        Guards              228       108        3
The high averages are 240 for Ken Sine and Craig Carlson. Mike                  6   Will Sommers     Lecturers           209       97         6
George’s 211 is next followed by Mike Psutka with 207.                          7   Mike George      Chancellors         208       56         9
                                                                                8   Flynn Reaume     Trustees            189       60         8
                                                                                9   Pete Rederer     Knights             188       88         7
Will Sommer’s high triple 883 still stands but Craig Carlson’s 851 and
Ken Sine’s 829 high triple are not very close. Every night at least one
                                                                                Merry Christmas and Happy healthy and prosperous New Year to you
bowler manages a 300 score. Last night Mike Williams had a 332
followed by 300. Mark Lawson had a 301. His dad Bob rolled a 308.
                                                                                George Kramer
Tom Brooks is relieving Mauri Vallee who is off due to a pinched nerve
problem. This team has 3 new members on it. Bros Mike Breman
bowls hot and cold with a 52 handicap. Bros Mark Arruda has a
beautiful delivery but it doesn’t always go the right place so he
struggles like most of us. Bros Matthew Bott, Mauri’s nephew is also
struggling on his team.

Bros Gerry Ferraccoli is recovering very well after his operation for

                                      Trip Committee Report by Wilbert Sommers

  Once the Christmas season activities are behind us we will be                     Featuring the spectacular Casino Du Lac Leamy, the 5 star
  planning a program for the next 3 or 4 months. This will be fully                 accommodations at the Hilton Hotel and a great sightseeing tour of
  reported in the next Echo, but until then I will report on the                    Ottawa.
  balance of our present program which is as follows.
                                                                                    Cost includes 2 full breakfast buffets at the Hotel - A Lavish buffet
                                                                                    meal at the casino - $20.00 in coin Bonuses - $15.00 voucher for use in
                                                                                    any bar or restaurant in the casino – 2 nights deluxe hotel rooms at the
  Casino Rama Orillia
                                                                                    Hilton – Guided Tour of Ottawa – All Tax
  Cost $3.50

  Jan 10, 2006           Feb 28, 2006                                               Pre-Trip Cancellation and Medical Insurance are available.
  Includes Luxury Motor coach transportation; and a complimentary                   To book any of these trips please call Therese at 742-6217 or meet with
  buffet.                                                                           her at our senior members meetings. But inorder not to be disappointed
  Departs                                                                           sign up early.
  8:00 am Knights of Columbus Manitou Dr Kitchener
  8:15 am Forest Hill Plaza Kitchener
  8:30 am Tim Hortons Bridgeport Rd and Weber St Waterloo
  Returning approximately 7:30 pm

  Casino Du Lac Leamy and Ottawa
  Cost $325.00 twin

  A great 3 day experience, we did this trip last year for the first time and
  were so pleased we decided to repeat it.
                                    Y Wedding Anniversary Celebrants Y
                                 If your name does not appear and your anniversary is for the particular month or is incorrect,
                                              please advise the editor so the correction or addition can be made.
                                                     We extend many happy wishes on your special day!
2   Marcel J & Marilyn Duclos                            February
13 Harry D & Joan Kozak                                  1   Ronald & Barbara Bernardo
15 Lino & Angela Santarossa                              16 Harold & Jean Uhrig
19 Bruce & Rosemarie Bowman                              19 Gerald & Jean-Marie Dietrich
    Bernard & Sheila Schell                                  George & Jean McCarroll
24 Paul & Sandra Brandt                                  20 Gerard & Joan Stockie
30 Gerald & Marjorie Schell, PGK                         28 Sthephen & Jean Constant

    Council 1504 value each of its members and wants to ensure that all members in good standing continue to receive their monthly mailings and
    council updates. Please help us to maintain our records as accurately as possible. It is important that you notify us immediately if your address
    has changed. Contact Jack Nolan, Financial Secretary at 893-5263. Or send an e-mail to kofc1504@hotmail.com.

                                                       E-MAIL ADDRESSES
We are pleased to report that we now have 77 of our members’ e-mail addresses. I know some, if not most,
of the remaining members have e-mail, and we would really appreciate it if you would e-mail me at
kofc1504 @ hotmail.com so we can add YOUR e-mail to our roster.

Several e-mails were sent to our members since the last edition of “The Echo”, informing them of the death
of our members, reminders of coming events, etc. so it is important for YOU to give us your e-mail address.

PLEASE do it now. Thank you. Roger Cann, Grand Knight

                                           WELCOME BROTHER KNIGHTS
The following Gentlemen joined us as First Degree Knights in October and November. Welcome:

Dale Melchin, Dale Kean, Kevin Schmalz, Jack Fonseca, William Burely, Albert Moore, Dean Brombal, Tom Cieslak



                      A Silent Candlelight Prayer Vigil will be held on Saturday, January 28th,
                      2006 from 7-8 pm in front of the K-W Health Care Centre. (K-W Hospital)
                         Join all the Churches of the area to pray against the evil of abortion.


                     Euthanasia – Information & Discussion Night c-407 – January 10th, 2006
                          at St. Teresa Parish Hall 44 Leonard St. Kit. After 7:00 pm Mass.
                    Refreshments at 7:30 pm followed by presentation by Jane Richard K-W RTL
                                  (Call K-W Right to Life for information. 746-LIFE)

Lost, but not forgotten…

Council 1504 values each of its members, and wants to ensure that all members in good standing continue to receive their mailings
and council updates.
Please help us maintain our records as accurately as possible. If you are on the list below, or know the whereabouts of a Brother
Knight on this list, kindly contact Jack Nolan, Financial Secretary – 893-1504 or 893-5263

Walter Cook Edwin O’Sullivan                       Edward Pallot                     Ramon Sanchez                    Robert (Bob) Straus

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