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The Rising Trend of Do-It-Yourself

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This article summarizes the rising trend in America regarding people
becoming "do-it-yourselfers" when it comes to improving or completing
projects in their own homes. While contractors are still being hired,
many people have decided to tackle their own minor repair tasks.

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Within the last few years, America has become a do-it-yourself type of
country. From television to books to magazines, the people in the U.S.
have decided to help themselves with the projects that need to be done at
home instead of hiring someone to do it for them. The reasons for
becoming a "do-it-yourselfer" are many and people have found that DIY is
the answer to many issues. Taking on a project at home yourself can be
very advantageous. Many people do DIY to save money by tackling household
projects. Some "do-it yourselfers" are such because it helps them to be
able to flip houses, a popular way to make money, without hiring a
contractor. Others are "do-it-yourselfers" in order to make money as a
handyman, doing projects for people who can’t do it on their own. One
more reason "diyers" do what they do is to improve the value of their own

Some people are "do-it-yourselfers" because it saves them a great deal of
money. Generally, contractors can be expensive when fixing something that
you, for the price of materials, could accomplish. Paying someone
materials plus labor tends to put a giant whole in one’s check book. By
doing small projects around your house as things need doing, two things
can occur. One, you can put away the money you might spend needlessly on
professionals and save it for something that you really need or want. The
money can even go toward making upgrades to your house that you would not
be able to afford otherwise. For example, a "do-it-yourselfer" can
install a tile floor for the cost of having a professional install a
vinyl floor. This would be an upgrade. Two, if you learn to do something
on your own, the knowledge will most likely come in handy again if the
problem arises at another time in the future.

Another reason "do-it-yourself" has become popular over time is because
of the popular rise of people flipping houses. With the recently strong
real estate market, many people have picked up the task of buying houses
that need fixing up, fixing them, and selling them for a sizeable profit.
A way that doing projects themselves comes in is that people can save
money so that their profit margin is much larger. Using a contractor on
only large jobs that are dangerous or require training to execute is a
smart way to make money and in many cases, helps the flipper to take more
pride in a project.

Sometimes, a person’s reason for becoming a "do-it-yourselfer" is to make
money being a handyman and helping someone else. Many times, people can
not afford to hire a professional contractor and can not do the work
themselves. In this case, they will call a handyman to be able to do what
ever work is needed around the house. Many people make good money off of
being the local neighborhood handyman. When work is done to a
satisfactory degree, word of mouth will generally fill up the calendar of
the handyman who has done the work.

One more advantage to becoming a person with "DIY" experience is the fact
that tackling projects at home can definitely add value to your house and
property. Texturing the rooms in your house or removing dated popcorn
ceilings, for example can drastically change the look and value of your
house, no matter how old it is.

Whatever the reason for the changing wave of "DIY", it has definitely
become a trend. Stores like Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Ace Hardware have
seen a marked rise in customers coming in to take on bigger and more
difficult projects. Whatever the motivation, "DIY" is very advantageous
in many ways.

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