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Access  The ability to gain admittance to a computer system to retrieve and/or update

Account  A record of a type of obligation or fee due and payments applied. A variety of
account types such as current support, arrears, fee(s), and recoupment are maintained
in $TARS. One or more accounts must exist for $TARS to process any funds.
Automatic distribution is based upon case types and sub-types and account priorities
established in the distribution matrix.

ADA  Assistant District Attorney.

Adjudicated Arrears  An amount of arrears cited in a court order issued subsequent to
an original order to pay support (the arrears are said to be "reduced to a judgment" by
the subsequent court order).

Administrative Process  When an Order is obtained through a hearing process rather
than a judicial process. An Administrative Order can be filed in a Superior court for

AFDC (obsolete term)  Aid to Families with Dependent Children. From 1938 until
1997, AFDC was the Public Assistance (welfare) program administered by the states
under Title IV-A of the Social Security Act. See TANF.

AF - an Alleged Father, a male who has been named as the biological father of a child
but paternity has not been legally established. See PF - Putative Father.

AP (obsolete term)  An Absent Parent, ie:, a parent who does not reside in the home
of his/her child(ren). See NCP.

APID  An Absent Parent Identification Number in $TARS, unique to each NCP.

APO  Adult Probation Office.

Arrears (Arrs)  An amount of unpaid child support.

Assignment of support  One requirement for receiving public assistance (welfare) is
that every applicant/recipient must assign any right to child support to the state. This
includes arrearage which accumulates during any period in which the applicant/recipient
receives welfare.

Assistance Unit (AU)  DFCS terminology for a client or group of clients
participating in a public assistance program; TANF, MAO or Food Stamps.

Authorized User  A person authorized to access various functions of $TARS
depending on their assigned security level.
Batch  A collection of child support receipts or payments from NCP's.

CA  Cooperative Agreement. GA CSE offices staffed by personnel employed by local
District Attorney's. See CASS and Private Vendor.

CAL  Case Action Log. Documentation entered automatically by $TARS or manually
by a user recording activity on an individual child support case.
See Enforcement Manual, Procedure 540.

Case  A $TARS term that specifies an NCP, a CP/CU and a child or children.
If the NCP is unknown, the case will consist of the CP/CU and child(ren).

Case Number  A nine (9) character number assigned by $TARS during the case
registration/intake function.

Case Type - There are 3 "types" of CS cases:

      IV-A: The CP/CU is currently receiving public assistance for the
      child(ren) in the CSE case.
      IV-D: The CP/CU has either never received public assistance for the
      child(ren) in the CSE case, or, they formerly received public
      assistance for the child(ren) but there is no debt to the state owed         by the
NCP for those public assistance funds the CP/CU received.
      N4D: Non-IV-D cases involve only the receipt and distribution of child
      support monies by the FSR. CSE does not enforce these cases.

Case Worker (obsolete term) - Under the AFDC program, a DFCS employee
responsible for a IV-A case: Public Assistance (welfare - a monthly direct money
payment), Medical Assistance or Foster Care. See FICM.

CASS  Cooperative Agreement State Staff - these CSE offices are staffed by personnel
employed by the state.

CCC  Central Computer Center (DOAS).

CCPA  Consumer Credit Protection Act. This Act defines the maximum percentages
that can be deducted from a workers pay by an employer.
See Procedure 724.2

CEJ  Continuing Exclusive Jurisdiction. In interstate cases, CEJ determines which
state has the authority to modify a child support order. See Procedure 950.

Child Support - In any court order, the dollar amount one parent is ordered to pay for the
support of his or her (minor) child when that parent does not live with the child. The
amount to be paid is based on guidelines which consider the incomes of both parents,
the needs of the child, whether or not there are other dependents and other extraordinary
circumstances. See Procedure 330.

CICS  Customer Information Control System (an IBM data base).

Client  A case or a person who contacts CSE for services or information.

Client ID (IRN)  A unique 9 character numeric identifier assigned by CRS for each
person registered therein. See CRS.

Complaint/Petition  A legal document outlining issues to be brought before a court.

Compliance Balance - An arrearage amount which, when paid, will bring an NCP into
"compliance" with the terms of a particular support order.

Consent  When an NCP voluntarily "consents" and agrees to the terms of an order
without having to go to court. See Procedure 210.

CP/CU  A Custodial Parent or a Custodian with whom a child or children live.

CRS  Client Registration System. A database containing information about individuals
who currently participate in (or have formerly participated in) any of DHR's services 
TANF, MAO, CSE and others. Each person registered is assigned a Client ID Number
and information maintained in CRS includes their name, SSN, DOB, gender, race, and a
county of residence code.

C/S (CS)  Child Support. A court ordered dollar amount to be paid for the support of a

CSCA  Child Support Central Accounting.

CSE  Child Support Enforcement; the state office. See OCSE.

CSENet  Child Support Enforcement Network. A nationwide computer system set up
and run by OCSE which allows states to communicate and share information.

Current Support  The total of any Support Ordered Amounts (SOA) for all active
current support accounts on an NCP.

Custodial Parent (CP)  The person with whom a child or children live. Generally a
parent but may be a relative or even someone else. See CP/CU, Legal Custody and
Physical Custody.

Custody  Legal establishment of the person with whom a child shall live.

CW  Welfare caseworker. See Case Worker and FICM.

DA  District Attorney.

Defendent/Respondant - In legal terms, the person defending themselves against a
charge of paternity or failure to pay child support, an NCP.

Delinquent  A case is considered delinquent when the compliance balance of all of the
obligated accounts becomes equal to or greater than the monthly SOA.

DFCS  Division of Family and Children Services.

DHR  Department of Human Resources.

Distribution Matrix  An arrangement of accounts by payment source, case type and
subtype, which $TARS uses to determine in what order a payment is to be distributed to

DJJ  Department of Juvenile Justice (formerly Division of Youth Services).

DMA  Department of Medical Assistance (responsible for Medicaid cases).

DNA  Deoxyribonucleic Acid. Genetic material used in testing to establish a probability
of paternity or disprove an allegation of paternity. See Genetic Testing.

DOAS  Department of Administrative Services.

DOB  Date of Birth.

DOC-GEN  The process of document generation (forms, letters, and notices) by
capturing specific case information through $TARS and merging this information with
standard documents using MS Word or WordPerfect.

DOL  Department of Labor.

DPH  Department of Public Health.

DPS  Department of Public Safety (issues Drivers Licenses and has a database which
is available on-line).

EDI  Electronic Data Interchange.

EFT  Electronic Funds Transfer.

Enforcement  Use of the legal system to obtain payment of a child support or medical
support order.

EPLN  Electronic Parent Locate Network. A network of member states (mainly Middle
Atlantic and Southeastern) that share data regarding NCP's.

Escrow  A temporary holding account within $TARS where funds are held for

EW00  W-4 New Hire screens. This employment information is updated much more
frequently than information available from DOL.

Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement - See OCSE.
Federal Parent Locator Service - See FPLS.

FEIN  Federal Employer Identification Number.

FFCCSOA  Full Faith and Credit for Child Support Orders Act. A precursor to UIFSA in
the recognition of orders across state and/or county lines and enforcing foreign orders.

FFY  Federal Fiscal Year (October 1 of any year to September 30 of the next).

FHU (obsolete term)  Fair Hearing Unit. Now the Office of State Administrative
Hearings. See OSAH.

FICM - Family Independence Case Manager. Under the TANF program, the DFCS
employee responsible for a IV-A case: TANF (welfare - a monthly direct money
payment), Medical Assistance or Foster Care. See Caseworker.

FIPS  Federal Information Processing Standard. A seven digit numeric code
established by the federal government which uniquely identifies each state and county
jurisdiction in the nation.

Foreign Order  An order which originated outside of the State of Georgia.

FPLS  Federal Parent Locator Service. A service operated by OCSE to assist states in
locating NCP's. FPLS obtains employer and home address information from federal
agencies and other data sources.

FSR  Family Support Registry. The central office for processing and distributing all
child support payments in Georgia.

FTAX  Federal Tax.

FTI  Federal Tax Intercept.

FY  Fiscal Year.

GAP  The difference between DFCS's "standard of need" amount and "maximum
grant" amount, paid to a CP/CU, if child support was paid in a particular month..

Garnishment  A legal proceeding whereby a portion of a persons wages or other
assets is withheld and applied to payment of a debt.

Genetic Testing  The analysis of measurable DNA segments which a child has
inherited from its' biological mother and an alleged (or putative) father which will either
exclude that particular male as the biological father of that child or will indicate a
probability (generally, greater than 99%) that he is the biological father of that child.

Guidelines  A standardized methodology for calculating child support obligations.
Consideration may be allowed for specific factors dictated by law.
IDO / Income Deduction Order - an administrative or judicial order requiring an
employer to make a deduction from an NCP's earned income to meet a specific child
support obligation.

Immediate Wage Withholding  A deduction from an NCP's earned income (withheld
by their employer) which begins immediately upon the execution of a consent order or
the issuance of an administrative or court order. An IDO.

IRN  Individual Registration Number (same as a Client ID).

IRS  Internal Revenue Service.

IV-A  Title IV-A of the Social Security Act (formerly AFDC, now TANF).

IV-B - Title IV-B of the Social Security Act (one type of Foster care).

IV-D  Title IV-D of the Social Security Act (Child Support Enforcement).

IV-E  Title IV-E of the Social Security Act (another type of Foster Care).

Judicial Process  The establishment and enforcement of child support obligations
using the Superior court system.

Juris  an abbreviation for Jurisdiction.

Jurisdiction  The legal authority of a court to exercise power over a person or a type of
case in a defined geographical area. A court must have jurisdiction over a defendant
and the subject matter of the action. All Georgia courts have jurisdiction over all Georgia
residents, but generally not over residents of other states. Superior courts have
jurisdiction over divorce cases, State courts do not.

LAN  Local Area Network for a grouping of computers.

Legal Custody  Custody granted by a court order. It is possible to have legal but not
physical custody and vice versa. The difference can affect CSEs ability to assist an
applicant for services.

Lien  A claim upon property to prevent sale or transfer until a debt is satisfied.

Log(ing) Off  Process by which a user disconnects his/her access to $TARS and exits
the system.

Log(ing) On  Process by which a user accesses $TARS by supplying a User ID and a

Long-Arm Statute  A law which permits a state to claim personal jurisdiction over a
person who lives in another state. "Long-Arm" is often used in cases where paternity is
an issue.
MAO  Medical Assistance Only (considered non-welfare), the Medicaid program
administered through DFCS.

Medicaid Program  the Federally funded medical support program for low income

Medical Support  The legal provision for payment of medical and dental expenses of a
child linked to an NCPs access to medical insurance.

Merge (or Merge Print)  Word-processing feature that combines primary or shell
documents with information from the $TARS database. This feature is used in
generating documents.

Newborn Medicaid  12 months coverage for a newborn living with their mother who is
eligible for and receiving Medicaid when the child is born.

NON-AFDC (obsolete term)  A case in which the CP/CU was considered a
non-welfare client. The CP/CU may be on Medicaid. See: NON-TANF.

Non-Consent  A defendant/respondent will not voluntarily consent to the terms of a
proposed order and the issue must be decided using either the administrative process or
the judicial process. (Both consent and non-consent orders are equal in force).

Non-Custodial Parent or NCP  A parent who does not have custody of a child and
does not live with the child but who does have a responsibility for the financial support of
the child.

Non-IV-D (N4D) - A "collection and distribution only" child support case handled by the

Non-TANF  A CSE client who is not receiving public assistance.

Obligated Account  Any account that has a court-ordered SOA.

Obligation  An amount of money to be paid as support by a responsible party and the
manner by which it is to be paid.

OCSE  Office of Child Support Enforcement. The federal agency with responsibility for
setting policy and overseeing program administration within the 50 states, all territories
and possessions. The OCSE Region IV office is located in Atlanta.

OCSR (obsolete term)  Office of Child Support Recovery. The former name of the
state Child Support Enforcement office (CSE).

Office Code  A unique three-digit code assigned to each CSE office within GA.

Offset  The process of intercepting money from an NCPs state or federal tax refund,
lottery winnings and Unemployment Compensation Benefits to satisfy a child support
On-Line  A situation in which a computer system allows instantaneous data transfer
between components. In $TARS, a desktop PC and the DOAS mainframe are capable
of live conversation because $TARS is "on-line".

OSAH  Office of State Administrative Hearings. The state agency which uses the
administrative process to establish and enforce child support obligations as well as
conducting hearings regarding many types of child support issues.

OSS (obsolete term)  Operation Support Section. Now the Policy Development Unit

Overnight  Another term for batch processing (grouped together processes) used to
execute large tasks that cannot be performed in an on-line situation, such as some
compiled reports.

Overwrite  A term that applies to word processing programs and appears in the
following question when generating documents: Do you wish to overwrite? When you
respond yes to the question, new data replaces existing data in a file.

PA  Public Assistance.

PARIS (obsolete term)  Public Assistance Reporting and Information System, the
former automated IV-A system in Georgia. See: Success

Password  A user-defined word which when used in conjunction with an assigned
Logon ID allows access to $TARS (a typical computer system standard practice).

Paternity Adjudication  Legal determination of biological fatherhood.

PDU  Policy Development Unit.

PeachCare  Medical insurance program available through DHR/DFCS to low-income
families who do not qualify for Medicaid.

Petitioner/Plaintiff  A person or an entity initiating a civil proceeding. CSE acts as the
petitioner on behalf of children in our cases.

PF  Putative Father - a male who has been named as the biological father of a child but
paternity has not been legally established. See AF - Alleged Father..

PHOENIX  A mainframe software program used to develop computer-based training

Physical Custody  What occurs when a person does not lave legal custody but
exercises care and control over a child living in their home. See: Legal Custody.

Prompt  A message generated either by $TARS or CSE staff informing an Agent or
other CSE staff that a specific case needs some particular attention.
Proration  The automated process in $TARS which distributes child support payments
proportionally according to a distribution matrix. This can also be initiated as a manual

Protected Fields  Fields on $TARS screens which contain information that cannot be
changed. Also know as "Display Fields".

Public Assistance  The TANF program which provides a monthly money grant to a
needy person or family for living expenses.

RACF  Resource Access Control Facility (database security).

Receipt  A child support payment received from an NCP. Receipts are batched and
posted to $TARS using the receipt processing option on the financial management

Recoupment  A procedure used to recover money that was distributed in error to a
case or account.

Referral  An NCP case referred to CSE by DFCS, a Non-TANF CP applicant, or
another state.

Respondent - In legal terms, the person responding to a charge of paternity or failure to
pay child support, an NCP.

RSDI - Retirement, Survivors and Disability Insurance. A benefits program administered
by the SSA. See "Social Security benefits and Child Support", beginning at page V-184
in the Appendix of the Agent Manual. These benefits are subject to CSE enforcement

RSM (Right from the start Medicaid)  A medical assistance for pregnant mothers that
continues after the birth of the child.

SAAG  A Special Assistant Attorney General.

SDU (obsolete term)  State Distribution Unit, now the Family Support Registry.

Service of Process  The legal definition of the method of notifying an NCP
(defendant/respondent) of a pending legal action against them.

SFY - State Fiscal Year; July 1 of any year until June 30 of the next year.

SOA  Support Ordered Amount. The amount an NCP has been ordered to pay at a
regular frequency.

SPLS  State Parent Locator Service. A service of each state CSE to locate NCP's in
their state.

SSA  Social Security Administration.
SSN (or SSAN)  Social Security (Account) Number.

SSI - Supplemental Security Income, a "federal welfare" program administered by the
SSA. See "Social Security benefits and Child Support", beginning at page V-184 in the
Appendix of the Agent Manual. These benefits are not subject to CSE enforcement

$TARS  Support Tracking, Accounting and Reporting System.

STAX  State Tax.

STI  State Tax Intercept.

Subpoena  A writ issued under the authority of a court to compel the appearance of a
witness or to produce documents at a judicial proceeding; the disobedience of which is
punishable as a contempt of court.

SUCCESS  An acronym for the DFCS computer system which replaced PARIS.

Support Order Number  An identifying number assigned by local jurisdiction when a
support order is established.

TANF  Temporary Assistance to Needy Families. The monthly direct money payment
public assistance program which replaced AFDC under welfare reform.

Transitional Medicaid Assistance (TMA)  Medical coverage for a family which is
ineligible for TANF due to earned income.

UCB  Unemployment Compensation Benefits (also known as UIB - Unemployment
Insurance Benefits).

UIFSA  The Uniform Interstate Family Support Act. Replaced URESA in GA on
January 1, 1998. Used to establish a support order when the parties in a case reside in
different states; makes possible the enforcement of foreign orders in any state and
provides the framework for modification and other child support actions between states.

UPA  Unreimbursed Public Assistance. A debt to the state for any period of time when
an NCPs children received AFDC/TANF and the NCP was not supporting their children
as directed by an administrative or court order for support.

URESA (obsolete term)  The Uniform Reciprocal Enforcement of Support Act.
A federal law which provided a mechanism for establishing and enforcing support
obligations when a CP and child lived in one state and the NCP lived in another state. In
GA, replaced by UIFSA on January 1, 1998.

USER ID  Unique identifier assigned to each $TARS user.

VA  Veterans Administration.
Venue  The required place (county) for the trial of a lawsuit. Generally, initial venue for
a lawsuit is the county where the defendant resides. Once established, venue normally
remains constant in enforcement, even if the respondent moves out of county.

WC (Workers Compensation)  Benefits paid to an employee who has been injured on
the job. These benefits are subject to CSE enforcement actions.


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