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Advantages of an Online Site Builder

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There are numerous choices when it comes to building web sites. One of
the first choices you will have to make is whether to use an online or
offline site builder.

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There are numerous choices when it comes to building web sites. One of
the first choices you will have to make is whether to use an online or
offline site builder.

Site Builders

Site builders can be divided into two categories, online and offline. An
online site builder creates a web site with web forms over the Internet.
With an online site builder, there is no need to install any special
software. You only need an Internet browser.

An offline site builder is a program that you install on a computer from
a disc or a download. This type of site builder requires that a site is
first built on the computer with the software, then uploaded, often with
a separate piece of software.

Location, Location, Location

A good online site builder has several advantages over an offline site
builder. For starters, and online site builder is always there regardless
of where you are accessing the Internet. You can easily work with it from
home, the office or on the road. With an offline builder, you need to be
on the Internet, have the builder software installed and usually have a
separate FTP program installed. From this perspective, an online site
builder is clearly the better choice.

Users – Get Off My Cloud

In selecting a builder, one should keep in mind the number of people who
will be working on the site. If there are more than two, chaos can ensue
with an offline builder. Building a site requires some tedious work.
Nothing is more frustrating than uploading changes only to discover you
were updating a version of the page that subsequently has been updated by
others working on the site. Many a new cussword has been created in such
An online site builder almost always allows for multiple users and, by
definition, always contains the updated version of pages. This simple
aspect limits confusion and helps avoid duplication of work. Admittedly,
it cuts down on the creation of new cusswords, but we must all sacrifice

Other Advantages:

1. Online site builders often use databases to store web site information
rather than separate files for every page. This makes web sites much more
scalable in the long run and allows for different sorting techniques.

2. Good online site builders will also be backed-up on a daily basis, so
your work is always double protected. Not all online site builders
provide backups, so make sure the site builder you choose does.

3. Online site builders also generally offer a selection of templates to
use that make it a lot easier to build sites.

Instead of having to create the entire site, many online site builders
allow you to focus solely on the content of your site and do not require
you to learn HTML.

Online site builder are usually easy to use, don't require much computer
experience, are portable and can save you time. Before you build a site,
it is worth your time to consider your online site builder options.

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