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									                                                                            Volume 4 Number 48      December 30, 2009

         NEXT WEEK                      Gary Marsh, Board Chair Will Resign December 31
Monday          January 03
 5:00 pm        Real Faith/Real Life    Gary Marsh, Board Chair since July 2008, has notified the board that he will resign
                                        effective December 31. His letter to the board is reproduced below.
Tuesday         January 04
12:00 pm        Prayer & Communion
 7:00 pm        Orchestra
                                        “Gary has been an excellent board chair and has worked tirelessly on behalf of the
Wednesday       January 06              congregation in hundreds of quiet, invisible ways to keep the church functioning
 9:00 am        New Beginnings
 1:30 pm        Cabinet Meeting         smoothly. His leadership has taken the congregation through a key transition period,
 4:30 pm        Hand Bell
 6:00 pm        Choir                   and his constant presence will be missed. I would like to thank Gary on behalf of
 6:30 pm        CYF & ChiRho            the congregation and the board for his efforts this past two and a half years,” said
Thursday        January 07              Tom Wiltshire, Vice Chair.
 9:00 am        Painting Group
 9:00 am        Prayer Group
 9:45 am        Women’s Bible Study     The board will meet Thursday, January 7, to select a new chairman.
10:00 am        Chancel Ringers
12:00 pm        Prayer & Communion

Friday          January 08              TO: LOCC BOARD, TOM WILTSHIRE, VICE-CHAIR
11:00 am        Blood Drive             DATE: December 15, 2009
                                        It has been my privilege to have served as the Chair of the Board for the past 18
   TUESDAY LUNCH BUNCH                  months as well as the Vice-Chair for the preceding 12 months. At this time the
         January 5                      needs of the church and my ability to be there when issues come up and meetings
            Pasta House                 are held has become a problem. As you know Lougene and I have purchased a
                                        home in Overland Park, Kansas and I am living there now. Therefore, as we have
                                        discussed I am tendering my resignation as Chair effective December 31st. If there
                                        are matters that need attention until then you may feel free to handle them as I will
                                        not be back to the lake until after the first of the year.
    WEDNESDAY NITE LIVE                 I wish you and the church my best wishes. Lougene and I will continue to attend
         January 6                      and be involved in the activities when we are at the lake.
        Turkey Breast
    Mashed Potatoes & Gravy             Happy Holidays
       Mixed Vegetables
          Applesauce                    Gary Marsh

  Rev. Dr. James K. Pohl                    P.O. Box 194                Tel. 573-365-3366           Worship Service 8:15 a.m.
  Office M - F 8:30 - 4:30             1560 Bagnell Dam Blvd.           Fax 573-365-7011             Sunday School 9:30 a.m.            Lake Ozark, MO 65049   Worship Service 10:30 a.m.
                                Choir Presents Cantata

                                The Lake Ozark Chamber Choir under the direction of Dr. Janis Gallamore
                                presented a cantata The Mystery and the Majesty to an audience of about 275
                                people Sunday, December 20. Carol Cummings accompanied the choir.
                                                                      Narration between numbers was done
                                                                      by Cindy Stephens and Reagan Page.
                                                                      The program was enthusiastically
                                                                      received by the audience and a
     JANUARY                                                          reception for the choir, hosted by the
                                                                      Fellowship Committee, was held after
Susan Rader        January 3
                                                                      the program in the multipurpose room.
Carole Young       January 3
Betty Ballantyne   January 4
                                Reagan Page and Cindy Stephens narrate between selections.
Amy Michels        January 4
Jan Hoven          January 5
Carl Lake          January 5
Cindy Page         January 7
Herb Parsons       January 8
Joe Krainz         January 10
Lew Bridges        January 11
Spencer Thomas     January 13
Sandra Biggum      January 14
Mal Dickerson      January 14
Ron Ferguson       January 15   Lake Ozark Chamber Choir directed by Dr. Janis Gallamore
DJ Keith           January 16
Maggie Fliniau     January 17   Outreach Wrap-Up for 2009
Charlie Divine     January 18
Cline Cooper       January 20   The Christmas Wrap-Up (literally) was a huge success. Lake Ozark Christian
Anita Fleis        January 20   Church individuals donated $1621.50, CWF donated $200, and we had $270
LeRoy Long         January 20   in our account left from Thanksgiving. This allowed the Outreach Committee
                                to give food vouchers to 21 families ranging from $50 for a single person to
Donna Prestien     January 21
                                $115 for a family of six. Thank you to those generous persons who gave of
Tom Robinson       January 22
                                their personal resources to support this program. In addition we had Christmas
Ella Jean Cline    January 23
                                presents for 44 children. Those generous persons who bought and wrapped
Terry Divine       January 23
                                gifts from their own personal resources also deserve a big thank you. The
Linda Johnson      January 23   recipients were very grateful according to Judi Fairhurst and Bob Taylor who
Mary McCoy         January 25   distributed the vouchers and gifts Saturday morning at church while other
Bill Fleis         January 28   members of the committee were practicing the cantata. (Did you realize we
Ken Arnold         January 30   had 4 different activities going on in our church Saturday morning all at the
Ann Junker         January 30   same time? Our new facility allows this to happen without interfering with one
Barb Loughlin      January 30   another. WOW!) Thanks again from the Outreach Committee to all who
                                donated at Thanksgiving and Christmas to help neighbors and members in
                                need at this special time of year.

SURVEY RESULTS FOR NEW STUDIES                                                                        PRAYER REQUEST

                                                                                         Please call the church office or fill out a form
                                                                                         in the pew if you know of someone who needs
The LOCC, Christian Education Committee has tallied the results of the survey            prayers or the minister's attention. As a
which determined the first new studies that will begin at LOCC. Interestingly            church family, please keep these people in
                                                                                 your prayers and send cards and make phone calls
enough, most persons want to meet at the church between services on Sundays.     when possible. Names will be taken off the list after one
                                                                                 month but you are always welcome to request that the
Much interest was shown in offering something that relates to the Sisterhood     name be added again.
of Women. After much research and discussion, it was determined that our
first study would be revolved around Anita Diamant’s book, The Red Tent.           Attaberry, Sherry -Link Family
We expect some wonderful dialog, interaction and connecting as we together         Baker, Karen
                                                                                   Barnes Family
share the story of Dinah.
                                                                                   Brinkman, Sylvia
                                                                                   Carol - Holcomb Family
Who: All ladies interested in a great book talk about Dinah, daughter              Dugan, Richard -Worthy Family
                of Jacob, and the historical fiction created around her life       Freeland, Ken -Hyten Family
What: The Red Tent by Anita Diamant                                                Fry, Harvey -Sonnenberg Family
When: Sunday, January 17, 2010, 9:00-10:00 AM and every Sunday                     Fox, Annett -Sonnenberg Friend
                January through February and possibly into March                   Gabbert, Connie -Kramer Friend
Where: LOCC, The Meditation Room                                                   Gent, Bill -Miller Family
                                                                                   Goans, Richard -Fults Family
Another topic of significant interest at LOCC is Money Matters, Economics.         Gullett, Barb -Wade Family
After investigation, it was decided to begin the study with amazing insight        Hejna, Emily -Hatfield Family
                                                                                   Henderson, Danny -Johnson Family
coming from the DVD, The Secret. Again, after much research, it was
                                                                                   Hodge, Jim & Annalee-Latshaw Friend
determined that the group will then move into a study based on Robert              Hudspeth, Janet -Holcomb Friend
Kiyosaki’s book, Rich Dad Poor Dad.                                                Hyten, Carla & Ty -Hyten Family
                                                                                   Jarrett, Smokey - Jim Elkin
Who: All couples and singles interested in living a life of happiness              Johnson, Bob -Robinson Family
                and prosperity                                                     Kinney, John
What: The Secret                                                                   Krainz, Keith -Krainz Family
Leaders: Larry Gallamore & Heidi Gibbs                                             Kramer, John -Wade Friend
When: Sundays, January 17th, 24th, and 31st, 2010, Noon until 2:00 PM              Kuffel, Dylan -Kuffel Family
OR                                                                                 Lattin, Rick -Long Friend
When: Tuesdays, January 19 , 26th, and February 2 , 2010,nd                        Lee, Richard - Lee Family
                                                                                   Lund, Nola - Julie Long
                6:00 PM through 8:00 PM
                                                                                   Miller, Judy-Miller Family
Where: LOCC, The Multipurpose Room                                                 Odhe, Joyce -Cross Friend
AND                                                                                Reichert, Bud -Gibbs Family
Who: All couples and singles interested in living a life of happiness              Robinett, Jordan - Miller Family
                and prosperity                                                     Roemerman, JoAnn
What: Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki                                         Schutz Devi -Worthy Family
Leaders: Larry Gallamore & Heidi Gibbs                                             Simakoff, Donald -Milligan Family
                             th                                                    Sostak,Carl -Robinson Family
When: Sunday, February 7 and all Sundays throughout February
                and into March from 9:00 until 10:00 AM                            Smith,Charlene -Kramer Family
OR                                                                                 Strong, Jason -Westphal Family
When: Tuesday, February 9 and all Tuesdays throughout February                     Swatek, Karen
                                                                                   Treadway, Debbie
                and into March, 6:00 PM until 8:00 PM
                                                                                   Turner, Tom - Hamacher Family
Where: LOCC, The Multipurpose Room                                                 Vanosdoll, John
                                                                                   Vaeth, Juanita
Sign up for a study today. Sign-up Sheets are located on the counter at the office Wherley, Tom -Rankin Family
area of LOCC. Look for additional information about the studies in the coming Whittle, Gene & Lolly - Ferguson
weeks in “The Lake Chimes.”                                                        Family
                                                                                   Wicker, Jerry
The Christian Education Committee: Heidi Gibbs, Amy Miller, Todd Miller,           Williams Family-Keith Friend
Cindy Page, Scott Page, Nancy Poage, Karen Swatek, Debbie Ferguson                 Wise, Kathy

                                           Kitchen News
       If you are missing a bowl or a casserole dish it just might be in the kitchen on the newly acquired
       shelves behind the door     PLEASE CHECK!

       A long white tablecloth is missing. Could you have taken it home to launder and forgotten you have it?
       Please Check!

                                           The Fellowship Committee

                                                                                                 NON PROFIT
              P.O. Box 194                                                                            ORG
          Lake Ozark, MO 65049                                                                   U.S. POSTAGE



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