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					                        SRCC Sound Team
   Purpose – To go unnoticed as we create clear, balanced, and uninterrupted
  sound that communicates God’s truth through songs, messages, dramas, and

Once a month. Thursday night 7:00-8:30pm for a ½ hour devotion (with the
Worship and Video Teams) and to lead the Worship Team through a sound
check then on Sunday at 7:30am to rehearse for the service. If you are running
late or can’t make one of the two practice times because of some unforeseeable
conflict please contact Ben Stapley (908-328-4320) immediately. Also plan to
come Sunday 7am to prep before the Worship Team arrives and sound check on
the fly.

Turning On Audio Equipment
1 Get key set from inside left shelf
2 Turn on soundboard in this order cabinet, top key (digital eq, crossover, etc.
unit behind stage), bottom key (amplifier relays behind stage). Reverse this
order when turning off.
3 Turn on any wireless mics and their receivers


- Vocalist set up microphones. We take them down.
- Setup wireless microphones
- Install batteries (always verify battery strength – at least 4 bars)
- Distribute microphones by 8:15am and perform real location test at 8:30am for
pastors, actors, and anyone else.
- Teaching Pastors will leave them on the sets at the front on the right. Drama
Team will bring them back.

Sound Board
- Set mutes on mixer until all instruments are connected
- Foyer system off during practice (70v system)
- Cue up CD player for pre-service music
- Cue up CD recorder to record message
- Install 2 blank CD’s properly labeled
- Cue up other source equipment (if required)

- Start pre-service music 15 minutes prior to service. Unless the service has a
solemn feel to keep the music upbeat with a healthy presence.
- Turn up 70v system
- Watch for cue from Worship leader to fade music out
- Watch to un-mute those give announcements and sermons
- Record all of both services with the right side of the Denon by pressing
“Display Select” “Rec” then “Play”. Make sure you ride the levels as the
worship is much louder than the preaching.
- Stop and finalize the recording by pressing “Stop” “Finalize” then “Enter”
(Multi Jog)
- Give Message CD’s to Ben
- Watch for cue at end of service
- Cue up CD player for post-service music. Keep this music level lower, which
will allow people to talk and pray with the Prayer Team up front. Loud music
after a service rushes them out the doors.
- Remove and store all microphones and shut down in reverse order
- Place protective cover over mixing console - return keys

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