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									Phoenix Optoelectronics Limited
Phoenix Electronics & Toys Co Ltd

Company Profile
Phoenix Optoelectronics Limited and Phoenix Electronics & Toys Co Ltd specialize in design,
development, manufacture and supply of quality LED products and electronic modules. Our
products include LED lamps, LED displays and custom design electronic modules for local toy
manufacturers of worldwide popular brands.

Our Objectives and Experience
Our Management is committed to realize and maintain our corporate environmental protection
objectives: “Use resources properly, prevent pollution & protect the environment”. To achieve
these objectives, we have implemented an integrated management system of ISO9001:2000 –
Quality Management System and ISO14001:2004 – Environmental Management System in 2005
and have attained the certificates for our head office in Hong Kong and the manufacturing facilities
in Dongguan, PRC in October 2006.

We would like to share that proper identification of significant environmental aspects of our
business activities and effective training of our staff at all levels to enhance their awareness and
consciousness have been most important. We have integrated the system requirements, our
corporate environmental management policies and quantifiable management programmes into our
daily working procedures and got our colleagues actively involved.

To contribute more in realizing “prevent pollution & protect the environment”, we have decided to
restrict the use of hazardous substances in our products to minimize potential environmental hazard.
We have thus established the management system to meet the requirements of Council Directive
2002/95/EC (commonly known as RoHS) in 2005 and our products have been certified in February
2006 to be in compliance with the directive requirements. To add value to our existing integrated
management system, we have further implemented the QC080000 (IECQ HSPM) Hazardous
Substance Process Management System since June 2007.

ISO14001 EMS certification has enhanced our company’s image to our customers and the public to
a great extent thus also further improved our competitiveness.

Our Commitment and Future Role
Environmental protection is a long term process and its success depends on positive collective effort.
We are working to call upon our suppliers to consider implementing environmental management
system in their operations. We are also taking steps to add environmental performance to the list
of assessment criteria of their overall performance. We are committed to control and reduce the
hazardous substances identified in our business activities in Hong Kong and PRC to achieve
Hazardous Substance Free operations which in turn will contribute towards improving the
environment of Hong Kong and the world as a whole. Our ultimate goal for future development is
to design, manufacture and sell Green products.

Notes:   (1) IECQ: International Electrotechnical Commission
                Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components
         (2) HSPM: Electrical and Electronic Components and Products
                Hazardous Substance Process Management System Requirements

Phoenix Optoelectronics Limited
Phoenix Electronics & Toys Co., Ltd.

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