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									                                            AGM PROXY VOTING FORM

The BUCS articles of association permit each Member institution to appoint two Primary Member
Representatives of BUCS. A Member institution is permitted to appoint an Alternative Member Representative
if a Primary Member Representative is not available. This is deemed a proxy vote. A voting delegate may only
cast the vote of one member institution. A Member Representative of an institution may not vote on behalf of
another institution. A voting delegate may not be appointed as a proxy vote for an absent primary member of his
or her member institution. Postal voting is not permitted.

An Alternative named Member Representative of a member institution may exercise that institution’s vote at
the Annual General Meeting on behalf of the Primary Member Representative who is unable to attend. The
resolutions of the AGM can only be passed in the presence of a quorum of the member representatives. A
quorum is deemed to be one third of the members entitled to vote.

Should your institution wish to take up the option of Proxy Voting for the forthcoming AGM, please complete the
form at the bottom of the page and send with the relevant Alternative Named Member Representative to the
AGM registration desk.

                      The form MUST be signed by the BUCS Primary Member Representative.

Karen Rothery
Chief Executive Officer

                                   AGM - STUDENT VOTING ALTERNATE FORM


Nominated Alternative Member Representative of BUCS:

Signature of Alternative Member Representative of BUCS:

On behalf of the named institution, I agree to the vote of this institution being exercised at the BUCS AGM on
Thursday 14th July 2011 by the above named member of this institution’s student:

Name of Official Member Representative: _________________________________________________

Signature of Official Member Representative:______________________________________________

                                      Patron: Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal, Chief Executive: Karen Rothery
                                      BUCS is a registered charity No. 1126863 VAT registration No. GB 392 4650 36

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