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Farm Bureau News (PDF)


									                     Los angeLes
                     county                                  Farm Bureau News
    Volume 6 Issue 11
   Volume 6 Issue 11                                                                                            November/December 2006
                                                                                                           November/December 2006

CFBF November 2006
 Voter Guide
      in this issue!!!
                                               CFAITC + Teamwork =                                        A+ in Ag Education
                                               The California Foundation for
                                             Agriculture in the Classroom
                                             (CFAITC) invited educators to its
                                             2006 Conference in Los Angeles
                                             County in October. Nearly 300
                                             educators traveled to the annual
      Calendar Highlights                    conference from urban, suburban
                                             and rural California (and a few
Full Moon                        Nov 5       from Utah) to seek a better
Election Day                     Nov 7       understanding of agriculture and
Veterans Day Observed            Nov 10      how agriculture produces the food
                                             we eat, the fiber we wear, and
Veterans Day                     Nov 11
                                             the products that provide us with
Annual LACFB Dinner              Nov 11      shelter, beauty, and jobs.
New Moon                         Nov 20
                                               The Conference offered a variety of tours, speakers, and learning
Thanksgiving Day                 Nov 23
                                             sessions. The pre-conference tour included visits to the Antelope Valley,
CFBF Annual Meeting              Dec 2-6     with the first stop being Lombardi Farms. Like many Antelope Valley
Full Moon                        Dec 4       farmers, Mr. and Mrs. Lombardi are passionate about educating the
New Moon                         Dec 20      community about the importance of agriculture. Teachers got a first-hand
                                             look at the Lombardi Farms garden, animals, and fruits and vegetables.
Christmas Day                    Dec 25
                                             The next stop was the Antelope Valley Fairgrounds, where Grimway Farms
New Year’s Eve                   Dec 31      General Manager David Rizzo addressed the crowd with a presentation
                                             on carrot production. Then, AV College professor Neil Weisenberger gave
                                             an informative talk about school gardens and their benefits to students.
   November/December 2006                    Before heading back to the Conference, teachers toured Calandri Farms
      Meeting Calendar                       to learn about onion production.
Exec Bd Mtg        Nov 14   6:00 p.m.
                                               The 2006 Conference theme, Agriculture’s Lasting Connections, allowed
Board Meeting      Nov 16   6:00 p.m.        presenters and Angelenos to share the rich 60-year history Los Angeles
Exec Bd Mtg        Dec 14   6:00 p.m.        has experienced as one of the most prolific agricultural areas in California
Board Meeting      Dec      DARK
                                             and the world. While Los Angeles is the birthplace and marketplace
                                             of the entertainment industry, it is also rich in agricultural history
                                             and agricultural production. The 2006 CFAITC conference encouraged
                                             educators to return to their classrooms to share with their students the

            In This
                                             importance of agriculture in their everyday lives.

CFAITC + Teamwork = A+ Ag Ed             1
LACFB Directors, Staff, Resources        2
President’s Message                      2
New Admin Assistant joins LACFB          2
Grant Poole’s Farewell Message           3
L.A. County 2005 Crop Report             3
Legislative News                         3                                          Los Angeles County Farm Bureau                Non Profit Org

CFBF Voter Guide                         3
                                             Member-Get-a-Member                    41128 12th Street West, Suite A           U.S. Postage PAID
                                                                                                                            Lancaster, CA 93534
                                                                                    Palmdale, CA 93551-1400
Kurt Floren on High-Risk Pests           4    Recruitment Drive                                                                     Permit #129
NRCS News Release                        5
Member-Get-a-Member Form                 5
Insurance News                           6                     ?
Turkey Dot-to-Dot                        6
LACFB News of Yester Year                6
Advertising Arena                        7
                                                 Membership Application
LACFB Member Business Directory          8             inside!!!
Page 2            November/December 2006             • (661) 274-9709                      Los Angeles County Farm Bureau News

                                             CALIFORNIA FARM BUREAU
                                                DISTRICT DIRECTOR
                                                                                                     President’s Message
     FARM BUREAU                              L.A. & ORANGE COUNTIES                                                      I would like to thank everyone involved in
                                                                                                                      LACFB for the opportunity to serve as your
                                                            Norm Groot                                                county Farm Bureau President. The last
      EXECUTIVE BOARD                             Los Angeles County                                                  two years have been full of excitement and
                                                      Farm Bureau                                                     changes for our membership. Our biggest
President                    Terry Munz
                                                                                                                      changes have been the replacement of our
                                                   Directors’ Meeting
1st Vice President       Ray McCormick                                                                                office staff. We now have a new Executive
                                                   Attendance 2006                                                    Director, Laura Blank, who has successfully
2nd Vice President      Dennis Kilcoyne
                                               DIRECTOR          JULY    AUG   SEPT                                   transitioned into the position and made
Secretary/Treasurer      Ralph Bozigian                                                                               many improvements in the operations. At
                                             Casey Alesso         *       *      E                                    the same time, we acquired a new Executive
Director-at-Large            Jess Baker
                                                                                                                      Assistant, Victoria Gerginis, who began her
                                             Gloria Alesso        *       *      P
Past President              David Rizzo                                                                               first week assisting CFBF and CFAITC with
                                             Jess Baker           *       *      P                                    agricultural projects throughout the state.
                                             Bill Barnes          *       *      E                                    We are looking forward to their innovative
                                                                                                                      ideas in 2007 and 2008.
            Laura E. Blank                   Ralph Bozigian       *       *      P
           (661) 274-9709                    John Calandri        *       *      E        We are also continuing our work to promote agricultural awareness with
        E-mail:                                                         AgDayLA (, California School Garden Network -CSGN
                                             Steve Godde          *       *      P
                                                                                       (, providing college Scholarships, and attending many
                                             John Goit            *       *      P     county fairs. We are also still in the process of trying to improve
                                             Dennis Groven        *       *      P     membership to meet our overall annual budget.
         Los Angeles County
                                             Scott Harter         *       *      E
      Agricultural Commissioner                                                            The Los Angeles County Farm Bureau is always looking for individuals
      12300 Lower Azusa Road                 Dennis Kilcoyne      *       *      P     to join our Board of Directors. If you are interested, please call our office
      Arcadia, CA 91006-5872                                                           at (661) 274-9709 for details. For days and times of LACFB meetings
           (626) 575-5451                    Ray McCormick        *       *      P
                                                                                       and events, please see our website at
                                             Richard Miner        *       *      P
           Antelope Valley
   Resource Conservation District            Terry Munz           *       *      P
   44811 N. Date Avenue, Suite G             Roy Pursche          *       *      P
        Lancaster, CA 93534
      (661) 945-2604 ext. 107                David Rizzo          *       *      P

    U.S. Department of Agriculture
                                             Steve Rodrigues
                                             Sonny Shetler
                                                                                         NEW LACFB VOTING MEMBERS
         Farm Service Agency                 Jeff Siebert         *       *      P
    44811 N. Date Avenue, Suite B                                                              September 2006                            October 2006
         Lancaster, CA 93534                 Craig Van Dam        *       *      P
           (661) 942-9549                                                                  Averydale Mutual Water Co.              Carmi Flavor and Fragrance
                                                                                                  CH food, Inc.                            HDEC, Inc.
   U.S. Department of Agriculture              KEY:
                                               P = Present                                     Jing San Food, Inc.                         Glenn Kuhn
         Natural Resources
        Conservation Service                   S = Scheduled                                       Karen Scott                             Barry Munz
   44811 N. Date Avenue, Suite G               E = Excused Absence                             White Fence Farms                          Robert Wood
        Lancaster, CA 93534                    X = Unexcused Absence
       (661) 945-2604 ext. 3                   * = No Meeting/Dark

                                                                                              New Administrative Assistant
                                                                                                joins Farm Bureau team
                                                                                         Meet our new administrative
                                                                                       assistant, Victoria Gerginis.
Vol. 6 Issue 11           Los angeLes county                          nov./Dec. 2006   She comes to us from Rohnert
                        Farm Bureau News                                               Park, California (about an hour’s
                                                                                       drive from San Francisco).
FARM BUREAU NEWS (ISSN number pending) is a bimonthly newsletter published             Her undergraduate educational
by the LOS ANGELES COUNTY FARM BUREAU, 41228 12th Street West, Suite A,                background is in art and
Palmdale, California 93551-1400, (661) 274-9709. Periodicals postage paid at           computer graphics. Victoria
Lancaster, California.                                                                 graduated with a master ’s
                                                                                       degree in education in May
                                                                                       2006. This field of study included
                         Telephone: (661) 274-9709
                         FAX: (661) 274-0637
                                                                                       a concentrated curriculum in
                         E-mail:                                        teaching, learning, as well as
                                                                                       an emphasis in educational
                              CONTRIBUTING WRITERS                                     technology. Victoria just created
             Kurt E. Floren - Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner             an interactive multimedia DVD to
                    Grant Poole - UC Davis Extension Farm Advisor                      educate museum patrons about
                                                                                       the artifacts and culture
                      POSTMASTER: Send address changes to
                                                                                       presented at the Hellenic
                         Los Angeles County Farm Bureau
                         41228 12th Street West, Suite A
                                                                                       Heritage Museum in San Jose,
                            Palmdale, CA 93551-1400                                    California.

Please Note: The Los Angeles County Farm Bureau does not assume                          In her spare time, Victoria dances with a Greek folk dance troupe
                                                                                       — the Minoans — based in Marin. She has also assisted with research,
responsibility for statements by advertisers for products advertised in Farm
                                                                                       choreography, art projects, and teaching sessions through this group.
Bureau News, nor does the Farm Bureau assume responsibility for statements             Although she now lives in Lancaster, she continues to perform with them
or expressions of opinion other than those expressed in editorials or articles         in competitions and performances that take place in Southern California.
showing authorship by an officer, director, or employee of the Los Angeles             Victoria is excited to be a part of the Los Angeles County Farm Bureau and
County Farm Bureau or its affiliates.                                                     welcomes the opportunity to work in this important position.
Los Angeles County Farm Bureau News                            • (661) 274-9709                                    November/December 2006                                                Page 3

Thank you to the Agricultural                                                                                 Highlights of Los Angeles County’s
Community and Industry in the AV                                                                               2005 Crop and Livestock Report
by   Grant Poole                                                                                              In 2005, a total gross value of $277,844,000 in agricultural crops and
                                                                                                          commodities was produced in Los Angeles County, a slight decrease of
                                                                                                          1.4 percent from last year’s revised total of $281,917,000. Offsetting
Agriculture and Environmental Issues Advisor,                                                             production losses created by a 6.4 percent reduction in nursery production
UC Extension                                                                                              values were significant gains of 22 percent in fruit and nut crops, 37 percent
                                                                                                          in field crops, and 297 percent in apiary products, driven in some instances by
   I would like to take this time to thank everyone in the agricultural community                         stronger market values and, elsewhere, by a combination of value increases
in the Antelope Valley for their cooperation and support over the last five seasons                       and growth in harvested acreage.
that I have been here. I have recently decided to take a new direction in life.
I have accepted a position for a PhD program at Washington State University                                  Nursery products remain the number one crop produced in Los Angeles
with an emphasis in international wheat breeding research. I have thoroughly                              County, constituting 64.9 percent of the total overall production value this
enjoyed my time here in Lancaster and all of the support from the industry and                            year. Increasing land values, escalating production costs, and shipping
community has been appreciated.                                                                           restrictions due to quarantines addressing Sudden Oak Death and Glass-Winged
                                                                                                          Sharpshooter present continuing challenges to future ornamental nursery
  Since coming to Lancaster in 2002 I have enjoyed doing applied field research                           product production, but the industry remains strong and resilient.
and getting to know the local growers. In that first season I began to get excited
about a vision for international agricultural development. By God’s grace I had                               Los Angeles County Agricultural Commissioner Kurt Floren expresses sincere
the opportunity to travel to Mexico, Thailand, Nicaragua, China, and Columbia and                         appreciation to each of the producers and individuals who provided information
help with agricultural projects during my time here in Lancaster. The opportunity                         for this report. Thanks are also extended to the skilled and dedicated staff of
presented itself within the last year at Washington State University, and I look                          the Los Angeles County Department of Agricultural Commissioner Weights and
forward to serving abroad as an agricultural missionary in the coming years.                              Measures who continue to do an excellent job in compiling these important
                                                                                                          statistics. Visit for more information.
  Thanks again to everyone and I hope the best for all the growers and
                                                                                                                                              Million Dollar List
agricultural community in the Antelope Valley.
                                                                                                                         Ornamental Trees and Shrubs                           $ 107,866,000

Legislative News                                                                                                         Bedding Plants
                                                                                                                         Dry Onions
                                                                                                                         Root Vegetables
      Governor’s Action on Key                                                                                           Orchard Fruit                                            17,455,000
         Legislation Affecting
                                                                                                                         Alfalfa Hay                                               8,858,000
     Family Farms and Ranches
                                                                                                                         Dairy & Livestock                                         7,319,000
Governor Schwarzenegger has taken
action on all 1,172 bills sent to him by
                                                                                                                         Ground Cover                                              6,731,000
the Legislature. He signed 910 measures                                                                                  Indoor Plants, Flowering                                  5,283,000
into law and vetoed 262. Updates on                                                                                      Indoor Plants, Foliage                                    4,331,000
some of the Governors final actions                                                                                      Strawberries                                              3,303,000
affecting California family farmers and                                                                                  Herbs                                                     2,432,000
ranchers are listed below. For a complete                                                                                Rangeland                                                 2,400,000
review of how legislators voted on bills                                                                                 Vine Crops                                                1,504,000
impacting family farmers and ranchers                                                                                    Grain Hay                                                 1,243,000
see the Family Farms Scorecard in the                                                                                    Apiary                                                    1,223,000
October 18 issue of Ag Alert.
                                                                                                                         Total Gross Value 2005                                $277,844,000
AB 1835 (Lieber, D-Mountain View)
Minimum Wage Increase
The minimum wage will increase
by 75 cents on January 1, 2007 and
50 cents on January 1, 2008. By 2008
California’s minimum wage will be $8.00
an hour. The Governor negotiated with
the authors so that it would not include
indexing the wage each year to the rate
of inflation. CFBF opposes this bill. The
Governor signed AB 1835.
                                                   Proposition 1A - Transportation Funding Protection.

SB 1578 (Lowenthal, D-Long Beach)                                                                                                Proposition 87 - Oil Taxes. Imposes new taxes on oil
                                                   Prohibits use of the state sales tax on motor vehicle fuel

Dog Tethering                                                                                                                    pumped in California, discouraging production here,
                                                   for purposes other than transportation improvements.                          increasing dependence on foreign oil and driving up
Wo u l d h ave i m p e d e d p r o d u c t i o n                                                                                 energy prices.
practices by banning the tethering of              Proposition 1B - Highway, Road, Air Quality, Port
                                                   Bonds. Authorizes bonds to pay for highway, road,               NEUTRAL       Proposition 88 - Property Tax for Education Funding.
dogs for more than three hours, causing
difficulty for farmers and ranchers who
                                                   bridge, public transit and port-security projects.
                                                   Proposition 1C - Housing and Emergency Shelter.
                                                                                                                                 Creates new, statewide property tax; farmers and ranch-
                                                                                                                                 ers could face multiple charges per parcel.                                          X
use working dogs as a part of their
                                                   Provides additional investment in affordable housing,                         Proposition 89 - Public Funding of Political
operations. In its final days, the bill

                                                   including farmworker housing.                                                 Campaigns. Increases taxes to pay for public funding
was amended to exempt dogs used                                                                                                  of campaigns; restricts ability of businesses and organi-
in agriculture and hunting from the                Proposition 1D - Public Education Bonds. Authorizes

                                                                                                                                 zations to participate in the political process.
                                                   bonds for school and higher-education facilities, includ-
restrictions in the bill. CFBF removed its
                                                   ing vocational and technical facilities such as agricultural                  Proposition 90 - Government Acquisition of Property.
opposition and was neutral on the bill,
                                                   education.                                                                    Initiative to change eminent-domain laws would under-
which passed out of both houses. The                                                                                             mine agricultural zoning and “right-to-farm” laws, creat-
                                                   Proposition 1E - Disaster Preparedness and Flood

Governor signed SB 1578.                                                                                                         ing more problems than it solves.
                                                   Prevention Bonds. Adds new investment to repair vul-
                                                   nerable levees that protect farms, homes and critical
SB 1640 (Kuehl, D-Santa Monica)                    water-supply facilities.
Groundwater Monitoring                                                                                                             Farm Bureau SUPPORTS Farm-Friendly Candidates
                                                   Proposition 83 - Sex Offender Penalties. Increases
Increases the cost of doing business by            penalties for violent and habitual sex offenders; prohibits
establishing a statewide requirement for                                                                                         The California Farm Bureau Federation Board of Directors endorses the
                                                   them from living within 2,000 feet of schools and parks.
local groundwater elevation monitoring.                                                                                          following candidates for election to statewide offices:
                                                   Proposition 84 -Water Quality, Flood Control,
If a local entity does not perform                                                                                               Governor...................................................... Arnold Schwarzenegger
                                                   Habitat, Parks Bonds. Authorizes bonds for local water-
monitoring, then the Department                    related projects, wildlife-habitat acquisition, parks and       NEUTRAL
                                                                                                                                 Lieutenant Governor ..................................................Tom McClintock
of Water Resources would perform                   recreation projects.
                                                                                                                                 Attorney General.................................................... Chuck Poochigian
monitoring and establish an assessment
                                                   Proposition 85 - Waiting Period, Pregnancy                                    Secretary of State ...................................................Bruce McPherson
district to charge well owners within the          Termination. Adds waiting period and notification re-          NO POSITION
groundwater basin. After much debate,              quirements before a minor could obtain an abortion.                           U.S. Senator..............................................................Dianne Feinstein
SB 1640 passed out of both houses
                                                   Proposition 86 - Cigarette Taxes. Imposes additional

and went to the Governor’s desk. CFBF                                                                                            For a list of Farm Bureau endorsed candidates in legislative races, see
                                                   taxes on cigarettes and other tobacco products; creates                       the CFBF Web site at
opposes this bill. The Governor vetoed             new state spending mandates.
SB 1640.
Page 4         November/December 2006             • (661) 274-9709                         Los Angeles County Farm Bureau News

                                        Going High-Tech                                                                         From the desk of
                                                                                                                           Agricultural Commissioner

                                            Against                                                                       Kurt E. Floren
                                                                                                                     Director of Weights and Measures
                                                                                                                     Los Angeles County Department of

                                        High-Risk Pests                                                                  Agricultural Commissioner
                                                                                                                                 Weights and Measures

   The Los Angeles County Department                                                     ACWM’s reference collection of
of Agricultural Commissioner/Weights                                                  over 30,000 pinned specimens,
and Measures (ACWM) maintains                                                         8,000 microscope slides, and 4,000
and routinely services over 25,000                                                    samples in alcohol vials has been
insect pest traps throughout the                                                      used as a basis for pest identification.
county to detect the introduction                                                     We maintain a library comprising
of exotic pests that threaten crops                                                   over 4,000 reprints and books, as
and native plants. Additionally, our                                                  well as different pest identification
Pest Exclusion program inspects                                                       software, as an essential means of
a multitude of plant and produce                                                      aiding our entomologist in identifying
shipments entering our distribution                                                   specimens.
routes through truck, airfreight, and
parcel delivery operations to quickly                                                    To improve our ability to provide
detect introductions of invasive                                                      rapid and accurate identification of
                                               Japanese beetle, adult                 agricultural and other pests, ACWM
weeds, exotic insects, and pathogens
that pose similar threats to agriculture and the environment. Concerned               has now installed high resolution
growers, nursery operators, and homeowners provide additional resources               digital microscope cameras and
to detect the presence of new or unusual pests.                                       a digital imaging program that
                                                                                      allow us to take multiple images
   Expanding globalization of trade and travel, coupled with the remarkable           of a pest and, then, combine them
capacity of many agricultural pests to adapt to different environments,               into one perfectly focused image
                                                                                                                                       Diaprepes root weevil, pupa
have created a high risk of pest dissemination. An average of seven new               with additional three-dimensional
species of exotic pests are introduced and established in California each             modeling and measurement features.
year. Recent examples include Diaprepes root weevil, Myoporum thrips,                 Examples are pictured on this page.
Brown Marmorated Stink Bug, and Bougainvillea looper.                                 The newly created images are stored
                                                                                      in our database as a reference
   The protection of our local and statewide agricultural industry from the           source in the identification of future
devastating effects that would result from the establishment of such pests            samples.
within our environment is dependent upon quick responses to control and
                                                                                         Accurate identification of
eradicate them following identification. If identifications are inaccurate or
                                                                                      invertebrates is essential when
unreasonably delayed, a minimal population of an exotic pest can quickly
                                                                                      assessing potential pest risk, providing
                                     expand and become disseminated,
                                                                                      timely and important information on
                                     through natural migration or
                                                                                      their biology, and developing survey
                                     mechanical means (plant and
                                                                                      strategies and control measures. The
                                     produce distribution by individual citizens
                                                                                      use of latest available technology
                                     or commercial enterprises), creating
                                                                                      to achieve accuracy and speed             Diaprepes root weevil, adult
                                     an established population that may
                                                                                      in    such identifications
                                     become so widespread that eradication
                                                                                      will aid immeasurably in our continuing efforts to
                                     is impossible.        Re s u l t i n g c r o p
                                                                                      sustain our valuable local and statewide agricultural enterprises. In a
                                     losses and the inability to market
                                                                                      cooperative dual effort to ensure accuracy, all pest identifications are
                                     affected agricultural products, due
                                                                                      confirmed by the California Department of Food and Agriculture Pest
                                     to quarantines established to protect
                                                                                      Diagnostics Laboratory.
                                     domestic and foreign trading partners,
                                     can very quickly amount to tens or
           Neriid fly, adult         hundreds of millions of dollars of
                                     impact to our agricultural industry.

   From five to six thousand
samples of different insects,
snails, slugs, mites, ticks, spiders,
scorpions and other invertebrate
pests from different parts
of the world and other states
are submitted each year to the
ACWM entomology laboratory
for identification. These include
pests submitted by nurseries,
farmers, pest control companies,
government agencies, and the
public. This tremendous volume
and diversity of pest groups, from
widely varying locations of origin,
makes accurate determination                   Mediterranean fruit fly, adult
extremely challenging.
                                                                                                          Desk setup for digital macro photography

    For the latest updates on Los Angeles County Farm Bureau Activities and Meetings, visit
Los Angeles County Farm Bureau News                      • (661) 274-9709                                            November/December 2006                                         Page 5

     California NRCS
   Announces Sign Ups
  for Conservation Cost
                                                                                Recruitment Drive
     Share Programs                                  Encourage your family and friends to join the Los Angeles County Farm
   DAVIS, CA, Oct. 13, 2006 – Conservation           Bureau. LACFB Members are eligible for the following member services:
cost share applications are being accepted
now through Dec. 1, 2006 at USDA Natural               • Free Value Guide                                              • Residential Mortgage Discounts
                                                       • Insurance Programs                                            • Labor/Employment Services
Resources Conservation Service offices
throughout California. Two cost share
programs are available to assist those
interested in making voluntary improvements            • Vehicle Discounts                                             • Prescription and Eye Care Discounts
to natural resources.
                                                       • Industrial Supply Discounts                                   • Travel and Entertainment Discounts
   The Environmental Quality Incentives
Program (EQIP) and The Wildlife Habitat                • Other benefits
Incentives Program (WHIP) are popular
conservation programs offering technical and
financial assistance to those who wish to make                                   See the Membership form below
environmental enhancements on land they
own or manage.

   “These programs offer financial assistance
to complement conservation planning and
technical assistance,” says NRCS State
Conservationist Ed Burton. “NRCS and
                                                                                     LOS ANGELES COUNTY FARM BUREAU
its partners use these programs to help                                                                APPLICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP
landowners plan and implement stewardship
to achieve long-term improvements in                 Membership Number: (New Members To Be Assigned)               County Farm Bureau:             Date of Birth      Total Amount Enclosed: $
productivity and sustainability of the land                                                                        Los Angeles County              (Month – Day)
while complying with or getting ahead of             Applicant’s Name:                                                                                                Spouse’s Name
                                                     Mailing or Business Address:                                  City                            ST                 Zip
   The Environmental Quality Incentives
Program (EQIP) is a broad-ranging program
that typically pays 50 percent of the cost related   Home Address:                                                 City                            ST                 Zip
to improvements in soil, water, air, range
and wildlife habitat on farms and ranches.           Post Office Box                                               City                            ST                 Zip
It can share the cost of water conservation,
integrated pest management, nutrient                 Membership Types & Dues Amount:                               Send Mail To:                   Phone Numbers:
management, air quality improvements,
                                                     Individual (Sustaining)                       $65.00          Mailing/Business                Business Phone (            )               -
rangeland management, manure management
and more. Assistance can be in the form of           Voting                                        $90.00                                          Business Fax        (       )               -
structures and conservation “hardware” such          Business                                      $150.00         Home                            Home Phone          (       )               -
as irrigation or manure management facilities
as well as incentives payments for proper            *(Voluntary Donation)                                         PO Box                          Work Phone          (       )               -
management to achieve environmental                  *Protect Farm Family Fund                     $25.00                                          Email ____________________________________
benefits. In 2006 California granted 1700
                                                     List your major commodities:
EQIP contracts for almost $48 million.

   The Wildlife Habitat Incentives Program           Occupation:                                                   Ag-Related Business
(WHIP) is open to agricultural and non-                                                                            (Please Specify):
agricultural landowners and managers.                Non-Ag Business (Please Specify):
Eligible lands include private, Tribal, and          Issues of Interest:                       Ag Education                     Young Farmers & Ranchers                       Other:
limited state and local government lands.            Taxes                                     Environment                      Land Use                                       __________________
WHIP offers 5-10 year contracts for 75% cost         Water                                     Labor                            Commodity Issues
share on environmental improvements on               Energy/Public Utilities                   State Legislation                                                               __________________
land that supplies habitat for upland wildlife,
wetland wildlife, threatened and endangered
species, fish, and other types of wildlife. An
emphasis is given to habitat for declining or             _________________________________                                                    ________________________________
important native species and for improving                                          Signature                                                                           Date
wildlife habitat degraded by invasive species.
In 2006 California allocated $865,000 in               Contributions or gifts to Farm Bureau are not tax deductible as charitable contributions for federal income tax purposes. Farm Bureau dues may be deductible
WHIP funds.                                            by members as an ordinary and necessary business expense. If accepted by the county Farm Bureau above, your annual membership will begin on the first
                                                       day of the month that your application was signed.
   Applications are ranked based on scores                                                                    Return this application to:
                                                                                Los Angeles County Farm Bureau, 41228 12th Street West, Suite A, Palmdale, CA 93551-1400
reflecting their environmental benefit to
                                                                                 Phone Number (661) 274-9709 Fax (661) 274-0637. Checkout our website:
national, statewide and locally identified
resource priorities as well as a cost efficiency
calculation. A more detailed explanation
of local goals and ranking process can be                 Check (Please make checks payable to Los Angeles County Farm Bureau)                            Check #___________________________
found at
All eligibility forms must be submitted with               Visa                                                                                            /          ________________________
the application to be considered complete.                                   Card Number                                                          Expiration Date                  Signature
Necessary forms include an application,
appendix, power of attorney if applicable,                 MC                                                                                             /           ________________________
HEL-wetland certification and others listed                                  Card Number                                                          Expiration Date                  Signature
on the site referenced above. Applicants
are encouraged to begin the process early              ____________________________________________                       ______________________________________________________________
to avoid unforeseen delays and assure their            Name (As It Appears On the Card)                                   Card Holders Address on Card
application can be considered for funding
this year.                                                                                                                _______________________________ ______ (______)_______-_________
                                                                                                                          City                            State  Phone Number
   Contact NRCS District Conservationist
Jae Lee at (661) 945-2604 ext. 3 for more
Page 6          November/December 2006            • (661) 274-9709                Los Angeles County Farm Bureau News

                 By John Valentine
                 Director, Sponsor Relations
                 Nationwide Insurance                                                               Turkey Dot to Dot

       Preventing                               Protect Your Car
   Chemical Spray Drift                      As Well As Your Wallet

Chemical spray drift can damage            Sadly, some cars are stolen more often
neighboring crops, yards, gardens, and/    than others and you could face higher
or the landscaping of rural residents.     insurance premiums if you drive a car
Fortunately, crop damage or yard damage    that’s considered an at-risk model. So
                                           before you buy or lease your next car,
caused by drifting spray is preventable.
                                           ask your agent which cars top the most-
Please consider the following tips when
                                           stolen list.
spraying crops this season:
                                           It’s not always the make and model of
• Check wind speed and direction.          the car. The options you choose may
  Wind causes spray droplets to move       make your car more enticing to criminals.
  off target.                              Thieves look for expensive add-on
                                           equipment like hubcaps, hood ornaments
• Make certain wind conditions are         and sophisticated sound systems.
  acceptable for spraying.
                                           Older cars aren’t necessarily immune,
                                           either. Thieves target vehicles that can
• Always read the product label and        be quickly resold or stripped for parts,
  use all drift-prevention measures        because parts can be worth two to three
  listed.                                  times the value of the whole car.

• Use high-volume, low-pressure            To be extra safe, park your car in a well-
  nozzles. Larger droplets drift less      lit place and protect it by making sure
  than smaller droplets. Make sure         windows and doors are completely closed
  nozzles are designed for the product     and locked—even in your own driveway.
  being applied.                           Always pocket your keys, too, and if you
                                           must use valet service, lock your glove
                                           box and trunk, and leave an ignition-only
• Keep your spray boon positioned as       key. For more protection, purchase theft-
  low as possible.                         deterrent devices like a steering wheel
                                           club, immobilizer, or accessory locks and
Remember that you are responsible for      other security devices. If you use such a
what you spray, and waiting to spray       device, check with your insurance agent
can cost less than spraying the wrong      about premium discounts you may be               Find more fun agriculture games and
things.                                    eligible for.                                information at

                                                                      LACFB NEWS OF
                                                                       YESTER YEAR
 Top 20 Agencies
                                                     NEARLY 50 YEARS AGO
  In L.A. County                                     An advertisement in the 1957 LACFB newsletter offers
                                                     a Delicious Chuck Wagon Dinner at a farmer’s meet for
 Right Source Insurance Agency                       one dollar and seventy five cents.
 DP Insurance Agency Inc
 Prolinks Insurance Services                         Another advertisement offers agricultural land in
 The Corinth Company                                 Riverside County for $600 per acre. Also advertised
 Ping Hua Insurance Svcs Inc                         was “unlimited gravity canal water at $6.25 per acre,
 Ben Miller Insurance Agency                         per year.”
 James P Saurer Insurance Agcy
 Secure Insurance Services Inc                       28 YEARS AGO
 Steve Brooks Insurance Service                      Got milk? Los Angeles County’s milk production is down
 Robert Edward Griffin                               but the demand for milk is up.
 E James Anderson Ins Agcy Inc
 Jose R. Armenta Agency
 Nahai Insurance Services Inc
                                                     12 YEARS AGO
                                                     Peachland Farms comes to the Antelope Valley.
 R B P Insurance Services Inc
 Best Deal Insurance
                                                     Sterling Marlin, Farm Bureau member in Tennessee’s
 Calabasas-tri County Insurance
                                                     Maury County (near Columbia, Tenn.) becomes the 1994
 Ana Insurance Brokerage Inc
                                                     Daytona 500 champion.
 Isu Stephen B Marvin Ins Agcy
 Nis Insurance Agency
 Isu Uni Insurance Services
Los Angeles County Farm Bureau News                  • (661) 274-9709                                                November/December 2006                            Page 7

                                      Advertising Arena
   Apparel & Accessories                                               Financial Services                                                            Marketing / Media

                                                                     Insurance Services                                                              Mortgage Services
              Automotive                                                 Have you spoken to your broker lately?
                                                                 If you aren’t really happy with your broker or just can’t remember
                                                           their name, give me a call and let’s talk about the level of service you need.

                                                                    Colleen King Insurance Agency
                                                            Life • Health • Annuities • Long Term Care
                                                           Working with Individuals and Businesses to make your choices easier.

                                                           Colleen King
                                                           (818) 326-3777
                                                           CA Lic. 0E01184
                                                                             Authorized Nationwide Health Plan Agent

Employment Opportunities                                                            Livestock                                                                          Tools
    Senior Weed Abatement Worker                                           Das Acres                                                                  CHARLIE’S MOBILE TOOLS
           Position Available
the county of Los angeles is seeking individuals
                                                                       Nubian Dairy Goats                                                                    Wholesale & Retail
with six months experience in clearing weeds or                                                                                                               Olympia Tools
supervision of manual laborers. Prepare reports,                                                                                               Cell (818) 929-2460                            Services
schedule daily work for crew, work under extreme                                                                                               Office (818) 949-4424                 Cat Skid Steers
weather conditions, operate various manual and
                                                                                                                                               FAX (818) 949-4414                         Bobtail Dump
power equipment. supervise equipment and hand-
work vendors. salary starts at $2,415/month.               Kathleen Minor                   Telephone: (661) 728-0150                          Pager (888) 520-1972

     Call 626-575-5464 for job application.                Amanda Whipple                   FAX: (661) 728-0150                                   
                                        Posted 6/06/2006
                                                           Lancaster, CA          

   Entertainment Industry                                                                                                                                            Tractor

          CASTING CALL
                                                                    J and J Farms
 A major reality production company is currently
  searching for young, attractive, energetic male
   farmers for an exciting new reality TV show.
           If you live or work on a farm,
      call or e-mail our casting department
              to schedule an audition.                       Show Pigs & Butcher Pigs
           (310) 806-4859                                        (661) 943-4558

                              Call (661) 274-9709 to advertise on this page!!!
Page 8        November/December 2006  • (661) 274-9709                               Los Angeles County Farm Bureau News

 Farmers Wholesale Meats                                                                      PUTTING “REAL” FOOD ...
                                                                                                           ... BACK ON THE TABLE
       “State Qualified For Cleanliness”                                                                     OPENING NOVEMBER 2006
                       CUSTOM SLAUGHTERING
                        SMOKING AND CURING

                         (661) 832-5941
                 3018 Taft Highway, Bakersfield
  MONDAY - FRIDAY 8 to 5                       SATURDAY 8 to NOON
  Ron Howell, L.M.I., Owner                      Charlie Herrera, Curing

               AUTO                     FARMS / RANCHES                                    FLORIST                         SUPPLY COMPANIES

AV Battery Specialists          Alesso Farms                                 Palmdale-Lancaster Florist             Distribution Supply Tech
1134 W. Avenue I                P.O. Box 398                                 44761 10th Street West                 4820 Lanier Road
Lancaster, CA 93534             Rosamond, CA 93560                           Lancaster, CA 93534                    Chino, CA 91710
(800) 475-5431                  (661) 256-0933                               (661) 723-7673                         (909) 627-3638

The Tire Store                  Bench Ranch                                        GROCERY SUPPLIERS
                                Michael Bench                                                                               WATER AGENCIES
43923 N. Sierra Hwy
Lancaster, CA 93534             7200 West Ave H                              Antelope Valley Produce
                                Lancaster, CA 93536                                                                 Antelope Valley East Kern
(661) 945-1833                                                               206 West Nugent                        Water Agency
                                (661) 949-9999                               Lancaster, CA 93534                    6500 West Avenue N
                                                                             (661) 942-5939                         Palmdale, CA 93551
                                Billet Barn & Corral
            BREEDERS            48430 85th Street West                                                              (661) 943-3201
                                Lancaster, CA 93536                               INSURANCE SERVICES                E-mail:
J and J Farms                   (661) 945-1249                                                                      General Meetings - 2nd and 4th
Post Office Box 3427            E-mail:                  Robert E. Griffin Insurance            Tuesdays of the month
Lancaster, CA 93586                                                          44741 10th Street West
(661) 943-4558                  Forrest Godde                                Lancaster, CA 93534-2318               Littlerock Creek Irrigation
E-mail:   P.O. Box 1152                                (661) 948-0712                         District
                                Lancaster, CA 93584                          E-mail:           35141 N. 87th Street East
                                (661) 940-3190                                                                      Littlerock, CA 93543
      CONVENTION CENTER                                                                  MACHINERY                  (661) 944-2015
                                Bennie E. Moore                                                                     E-mail:
Calamigos Ranch                 48141 3 Points Road                          South Kern Machinery, Inc.             General Meeting - 4th Wednesday
327 S. Latigo Canyon            Lake Hughes, CA 93532                        520 S. Mt. Vernon Avenue               of the month
Malibu, CA 90265                (661) 724-1014                               Bakersfield, CA 93307
(800) 821-2097                                                               (661) 833-9900                         Palmdale Water District
(818) 879-8130 FAX                                                           1-800-244-6424                         2029 East Avenue Q                           FEED & TACK                      (661) 833-9911                         Palmdale CA 93550
                                                                             E-mail:         (661) 947-4111
                                Hemme Hay & Feed                                         E-mail:
         DODGE DEALERS          43719 N. Sierra Hwy                                                       
                                Lancaster, CA 93534                              OTHER ORGANIZATIONS                General Meetings - 2nd and 4th
H.W. Hunter, Inc.               (661) 942-7880                                                                      Wednesdays of the month
1130 Auto Mall Drive                                                         50th District Agricultural
Lancaster, CA 93534                                                          Association                            Quartz Hill Water District
(661) 948-8411                                                               2511 West Avenue H                     42141 50th Street West
                                                                             Lancaster, CA 93536                    Quartz Hill, CA 93536
                                                                             (661) 948-6060                         (661) 943-3170
                                Gordon Elder, CFP ®
          ENGINEERING           Certified Financial Planner Professional
                                                                             Antelope Valley Air Quality  
                                44345 Lowtree Ave
                                                                             Management District                    General Meeting -2nd Thursday
HDEC, Inc                       Lancaster, CA 93534
                                                                             43301 Division Street, #206            of the month
44111 Division St.              (661) 940-7977
Lancaster, CA 93535                             Lancaster, CA 93535
(661) 951-0554                                                               (661) 723-8070                                  WELLS & PUMPS                    Coldwell Banker Commercial Hartwig
                                Robert Greer                                 White Fence Farms                      Rottman Drilling
Barry Munz                      P.O. Box 2752                                41901 20th Street West                 46471 N. Division Street
129 West Pondera St.            Lancaster, CA 93539                          Palmdale, CA 93551                     Lancaster, CA 93535
Lancaster, CA 93534             (661) 948-8424                               (661) 943-3316                         (661) 942-6125
(661) 948-0805                  E-mail:   E-mail:                   E-mail:

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