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Fairy Tales - Guess Who


									              Can you guess who these fairy tale
                       characters are?

I have a grandmother. I wear a red cloak and I don’t like wolves.
Who am I?

Once I had a cow but not anymore. I have a very tall plant
growing in my garden. I like climbing. Who am I?

I have very long hair and a strange name. I don’t like to be
locked up in towers. Who am I?

I like to swim and to fly. I am rather beautiful now but once I
thought I was ugly.
Who am I?

We are quite fat and have curly tails. We know how to build
houses. Who are we?

I have seven little friends and I like to visit their house in the
forest. Who am I?

I taste yummy. I have little legs but I can run very fast and
no-one can catch me. Who am I?

I have golden hair. I love porridge and I sometimes forget my
manners. Who am I?
Write a WHO AM I? riddle about one of the characters in
             the fairy tales you have read.
   Read the example below then write one of your own.

                                I am a little girl.
                               I wear a red cloak.
                         I am visiting my Grandmother.
                           I walk through the woods.
                                      I am…
                          Little Red Riding Hood

                        Now you can write your own.
You could cut a small piece of paper and make a flap to put over the answer
       if you want to see whether your friends can guess who it is.






                             Who am I?

    Unscramble these words. They all have something to do
                      with fairy tales.
1. leiv ___________________________________

2. nsrpices ___________________________________

3. ueqne ____________________________________

4. astlec ____________________________________

5. odarng ____________________________________

6. inprce ____________________________________

7. odog ____________________________________

8. ngki ____________________________________

9. tcwhi ____________________________________

10. lef ____________________________________

11. agcim ____________________________________

12. ftreso ____________________________________

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