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									Drunk Dutch tourist gets sharp lesson

Monpellier: A Dutch tourist who drunkenly tried to pet a circus lion in its cage in
southern France was nursing a wounded hand and neck on Tuesday after being
scratched in return, police said. The unnamed 21- year-old woman was lucky to be
only slightly injured in the incident, which occurred late Sunday after she and her
friends went up to the cage following an evening of drinking in a campsite in the
town of Vacquires, officers said. She had stuck her hand in the enclosure in an
attempt to touch the three-year old lion when the animal sprung around and
slashed at her with its claws. The tourist was taken to hospital in Monpellier.

“He‟s a she” spares Thai drug sealer
Singapore: a sex change operation spared a Thai drug dealer a caning but not six
years in a Singapore jail, news reports said Friday. Prostitute Mongkor Pusuwan,
37, was charged with drug trafficking last month, an offence carrying a caning
punishment for males. The problem, according to The Straits Times, was
Mongkon looked every inch like a woman. Mongkon‟s passport however
identified her as a male. Thai law does not recognize a sex change, which
Mongkon underwent 10 year ago. A doctor in Singapore confirmed her demale
gender. District judge Bala Reddy sentenced Mongkon to the jail term after she
pleaded quilty to trafficking in 1.52 grams of of cocaine and 25 tables containing
2.5 grams ketamine-DPA

Arranging time
Traveling to all corners of the world gets easier and easier. We live in a global
village, but how well do we know and understand each other? Here is a simple
         Imagine you have arranged a meeting at four o‟clock. What time should
you expect your foreign business colleagues to arrive? If they are Germans, they
will be bang on time. If they are American, they‟ll probably 15 minutes earlier. If
they are British, they‟ll be 15 minutes late, and you should allow up to an hour for
the Italians!
         When the European Community began to increase in size, several
guidebooks appeared giving advice on international etiquette. At first many
people thought this was a joke, especially the British, who seemed to assume that
the widespread understanding of their language means a corresponding
understanding of English customs.

Enjoy this. Read the following tall tale. Then, answer the questions.
        Once there was an Indian who had a pet fish named Tommy, which he
kept in a barrel.
        But the fish got pretty big and the Indian had to change the water a good
deal to keep him alive. He was too lazy to do that, so he thought he would teach
the fish to live out of water.
        He began by taking Tommy out of the barrel for a few minutes at a time,
pretty often, and then he took him out more often and kept him out longer. After
sometime Tommy could stay out a good while if he was in some wet grass.
        Then the Indian found he could leave him in the wet grass all night and
pretty soon that fish could live in the shade whether the grass was wet or not. By
that time he had got pretty tame, too and he used to follow the Indian around a
good deal. When the Indian went out to dig worms to eat, Tommy went along too
and got some for himself. The Indian thought of everything for that fish, until
Tommy didn‟t need any water at all. He could go anywhere down a dusty-road
and stay all day out in the hot sun.
        So, people wanted to buy Tommy, but the Indian said he wouldn‟t sell a
fish like that for any amount of money. You‟d see him coming to town with
Tommy following along the road behind, just like a dog, only of course he
traveled a good deal like a snake, and almost as fast.
        Well, it was really sad the way that Indian lost his fish and it was unusual,
too. He went to town one day with Tommy coming along behind, as usual. There
was a bridge in the road and the Indian came to it. He saw there was a hole in it,
but he went over it without thinking. A little later he looked around for Tommy
but he couldn‟t find him. He went back away and called, but he still couldn‟t see
any sign of his pet.
        Finally he came to the bridge and saw the hole, and he thought right away
that maybe his fish had fallen in there. So he went to the hole and looked down,
and sure enough, there was Tommy, floating on the water, bottom-side up. He‟d
fallen through that hole into the river and drowned.

First challenge. Read this myth. Then answer the questions.
        Well, my friends, I have a very interesting. The story is about „Batara
Kala‟, a myth form Java. Have you heard about it? No? never? Please be quite and
listen carefully.
        You know, Batara kala was an evil giant. He always killed people,
especially children. His hair was made from fire. Everybody was frightened of
        One day, Batara Guru, the chief god invited all the gods and goddesses to
drink sacred water in paradise. The water was called Tirta amertasari. It means
“The water of immortality”. You know why? Because anyone who drinks this
water, he or she will live forever. He or she will never die.
        You know what? Batara Kala was not invited because he was evil. Then,
secretly, he flew into paradise and stole some of the water. Batara surya, the god
of sun and Batari Chandra, the goddess of Moon knew what he did, immediately
both of them reported to Batara Vishnu, the keeper god of the universe.
        Then Batara Vishnu took his fatal weapon, Cakra and shot it at Batara
        While Batar Kala was drinking the water, the Cakra hit him on the neck.
Batara kala‟s body was separated from the head at once. But, since he had drunk
the sacred water, his head was alive. He was very forius with Batara Surya and
Bataru Chandra and swore to take revenge on them.
        He chases Batara Surya and Batara Chandra, caught them both and
swallowed them up.
        Fortunately Batara Surya and Batari Chandra could escape from Batara
Kala‟s throat because he no longer had a body. So, Batari Chandra and Batara
Surya were safe every time Batara Kala swallowed them up.
        That‟s why when there is a solar eclipse or lunar eclipse; Javanese people
believe that Batara kala is swallowing Batara Surya or Batara Chandra. It‟s
interesting, isn‟t it?

The Story of Paul Bunyan
Well, babe got so big that when he and Paul walked around Minnesota, they
formed ten thousand lakes with their footprints. Minnesota has been known ever
since as the land of Ten Thousand lakes.
When Paul Bunyan grew up, he decided to become a lumberjack, because he
could cut an entire forest with one swing of his axe. The other lumberjacks were
glad for his help, since he made their work so much easier. They did have to feed
him an awful lot, though. Paul Bunyan loved to eat, especially pancakes. One day,
a woman came into the logging camp kitchen and asked the cook. “Why are these
logs over there piled up to the ceiling?”
“Those aren‟t logs”, the cook replied. “Those are the sausages for Paul Bunyan.”
Paul Bunyan was the biggest baby ever born to the world! He was too big to fit
inside the house, so his father built him a cradle to put in the water. As baby Paul
slept in the water cradle, his father followed alongside it in a boat so he could
keep an eye on him. When baby Paul began to snore, his father thought the noise
was coming from an approaching thunderstorm!
One day, during a heavy snowstorm, Paul Bunyan was out walking and bumped
into a mountain. When he looked down, he saw two blue ears sticking out of the
snow. He yanked on the ears and pulled up a baby blue ox. He decided to keep the
ox and took it home with him. The next day, the snow had melted and Paul
Bunyan saw the baby ox had eaten three entire fields of hay! This was going to be
one big ox, for sure. Paul Bunyan called the ox “Babe” and both of them became
best friends.

                               Deadalus and Icarus

         Deadalus was a skilled Athenian craftsman and investor. Deadalus took
his nephew Perdix (Talos) who was a brilliant craftsman with Deadalus to Crete.
         Minos, the king of Crete, hired Deadalus who created many ingenious
inventions while in the ruler‟s service. His work included the Labyrinth, a
mazelike building, which imprisoned a monster called the Minotaur (half man,
half bull).
         Deadalus helped Mino‟s daughter, Ariadne escape with Theseus, the
slayer of Minotaur. As punishment fot the crime, Minos imprisoned Deadalus and
his young son, Icarus, in the Labyrinth.

           There was once a woman who wanted a small child but didn‟t know
where to get one. So she went to a witch for help.
           “A little child?” said the witch, “That‟s easy. Here‟s a magic seed. Plant
it in a flower pot and see what happens!” The woman thanked the witch, paid her
with a piece of silver, and went home to plant the magic seed. As soon as it
touched the soil, the seed grew into a tulip, whose flower opened with a pop. In
the middle of the flower sat a tiny girl.
           “Why, the pretty little thing is hardly as big as my thumb!” cried the
woman. “I am going to call her Thumbelina.”
           The woman made Thumbelina a bed from a walnut shell. Instead of
going out, Thumbelina played on the kitchen table. Her favorite game was sailing
across a bowl of water in a boat made from a tulip leaf. As she sailed, she sang in
a high, sweet voice.
           One night, an old toad got in through an open window and hopped down
onto the kitchen table. “just the wife for my son!” the toad declared when it saw
Thumbelina sleeping in her tiny bed. The toad picked up the walnut shell and
hopped out through the window into the garden. At the bottom of the garden,
there was a stream with muddy banks, and that was where the old toad lived with
her son. He was even damper and uglier than his mother. When he saw the pretty
little girl asleep in the walnut shell, all could say was, “Ribbik! Ribbiks!”. “Not so
loud!” whispered the old toad. “If you wake her up, she‟ll run away. We‟ll put her
on a water-lily leaf in the middle of the stream so she won‟t be able to escape.
Then we clear out the best room for the wedding.”
           In the morning, when she woke up, Thumbelina was startled to find
herself on a big green leaf in the middle of a stream.

                                   A Greedy Dog

         A dog was feeling very proud of himself. He had found a big, juicy bone
at the market. He quickly carried it in his mount and ran off to find a place to eat
         He came to a stream which had very clear water. He started to walk
across it, taking his won sweet time. He was thinking what a wonderful time he
would have when he could eat the whole juicy bone all by himself.
         Suddenly he stopped and looked down into the water. He saw a dog there
looking back at him, also with a bone in his mount. He did not know he was
looking at himself.
         He said to himself, “that dog‟s bone looks bigger than mine. I‟ll grab his
bone and run away as fast as I can!”

                               The Fly and The Bull

        There was once a little fly who thought he was very important. He felt
proud of himself. One sunny morning, he flew around looking for someone to talk
to. He saw a bull grazing in a field. He decided to fly down to talk to him.
        The little fly flew down and bussed around the bull‟s head. The bull did
not bother him. He went on chewing grass.
        The fly then buzzed right inside the bull‟s car. The bull continued chewing
grass. The fly thought, “What a stupid animal!”
        Now the fly decided to land on one of the bull‟s horns to make the bull
notice him. He waited for the bull to say something, but the bull kept quiet.
        The fly then shouted angrily, “Oh, bull, if find that I am too heavy for you,
let me know and I‟ll fly away!?
        The bull laughed and said, “little fly, I don‟t care if you stay or leave. You
are so tiny that your weight does not make any difference to me, so please be quite
and leave me alone.”

                    Bandung Bondowoso and Roro Jonggrang
                       (the legend of Prambanan temple)

         Once, there was a beautiful Javanese princess whose name was Roro
Jonggrang, Roro Jonggrang whose beauty was very famous in the land was the
daughter of Prabu Baka, an evil king.
         One day, a handsome young man with super natural power, named
Bandung Bondowoso, defeated and killed Prabu Baka. On seeing princess Roro
Jonggrang‟s beauty, Bandung Bondowoso fell in love and wanted to marry her.
         Meanwhile, princess Roto Jonggrang felt sad due to the death of her
father. She did not want to marry Bandung because he had killed her father. But
she was also afraid to Bandung. So to refuse politely, she made a condition, “I
will marry you but you have to build one thousand temples in one night as a
wedding gift.” Requested Roro Jonggrang Bandung agreed with this condition.
         Helped by the spirits of demons Bandung Bondowoso started building he
temples. Approaching midnight, the work was nearly done. Roro Jonggrang knew
and thought, “What shall I do? Bandung is smarter than me. I will lose against
         Suddenly she got an idea. She woke up all the women in the palace and
ordered them to make the noisy sounds of grinding rice so that the roosters would
think it had already dawn.
         Bandung Bondowoso got frustrated because he failed to complete the
thousandth temple. “The princess has deceived me!” following his anger, he
cursed Roro Jonggrang, “you have cheated me. Now, the thousandth temple is
         At once, the princess turned into a statue. Knowing this, Bandung
Bondowoso regretted this and he went away into a far land. From then, people
called the temple Prambanan temple and the princess statue, Roro Jonggrang

                                    TEA TIME

        All around the world, people drink tea. But tea does not mean the same
thing to everyone. In different countries, people have very different ideas about
drinking tea. In China, for example, tea is always served when people get
together. The Chinese drink it at any time of day, at home, or in a tea house. They
prefer their tea plain, with nothing else in it.
        Tea is also important in Japan. The Japanese have a special way of serving
tea, called a tea ceremony. There is even a special room for it in Japanese
afternoon is „tea time‟. Almost everyone has a cup of tea then. The English
usually make tea in a teapot and drink it with cream and sugar. They also eat
cakes, cookies and little sandwiches at tea time.
        In the United Stated people drink tea mostly for breakfast or after meals.
Americans usually have tea in teapots. In the summer, many Americans drink cold
tea-called „iced tea‟. They sometimes drink iced tea from cans, like soda.

                                THE HOLE GAME

         Two players, one marble per person, a hole in ground, aline (distance) to
start from.
    1. You must dub (click marbles together)
    2. You must check that the marbles are in good condition and are nearly
         worth the same value
    3. Dig a hole in the ground and draw a line, a fair distance away from the
    4. The first player carefully throws his or her marble towards the hole
    5. Then the second player tries to throw his or her marble closer to the hole
         than his or her opponent
    6. The player whose marble is closest to the hole tries to flick his/her marble
         into the hole. If successful, this player tries to flick his or her opponent‟s
         marble into the hole. The person flicking the last marble into the hole wins
         and gets to keep both marbles.

                    HOW TO CROSS THE STREET SAFETY

        There‟s more to pedestrian safety than looking both ways these guidelines
follow the recommendations of the national highway traffic safety administration
choose a corner where cars tend to slow down the most when crossing the street
look to your left to your right and to your left again before crossing the street
continues looking to the side as you proceed once you have determined that you
can cross the street safety understand and obey crossing signals do not start to
cross until the walk sign appears but if you have already started to cross the street
get to the other side as quickly as possible remain alert to drivers lights engine
noises and other indications of oncoming cars both before and as you cross the

                       I DID NOT MEAN TO HURT YOU

        “Hello…Yustita!” Lucy‟s voice surprised me. Why? She never comes so
early like this morning. She usually comes a few minutes before the bell rings.
“Hi! What‟s wrong? You don‟t look yourself today. Why did you come so early
“My father gave me a lift. By the way, have you heard anything about Elsa?”
“What is the matter with her?” I asked.
“Haven‟t you heard? Everyone at school has.” She replied.
“What is it? Would you tell me, please?” I begged her.
“Ok. She is falling in love with Iwan. Don‟t you know? She is your classmate,
isn‟t she?”
“You are kidding! I can‟t believe is true. As far as I know, she a calm girl. But
…how about iwan‟s response?” I asked her.
“Wow …I don‟t know. Please ask him yourself. Iwan and you belong to the same
volleyball club, don‟t you? But I think he pays no special attention to her.
Since….he loves somebody else, “ she replied.
“Who is she?” I asked.
“Well ….you‟d better ask him yourself. The bell will be ringing soon, “ she
answered hurriedly and ran to her classroom.
Lucy is not my classmate. She is the IPA (science) department while I am in the
language department.
The break finally ended. One by one, my friends entered the classroom. It was
very noisy in the classroom. The teacher was absent and there was no special
“Iwan, have you answered Elsa‟s letter I give you a few days ago?”
“Sorry,…..I have had no time to write it . pd rather say…I don‟t love her, but I do
love someone else,” he replied.
“May I know who?”
“Well, you will know everything soon. Sorry,….
I must be off now. Give my best regards to your parents. See you tomorrow”.
“Yes, I will. See you”.
When I was studying that evening, I found a letter in the book which Iwan
returned. Was really, very surprised when I read it….
“Tita…..Are you going to play volleyball this afternoon?” Elsa asked.
“Yes, what can I do for you?”
“ I want to give this letter to Iwan. Will you help me give it to him?‟ Elsa begged
“Yes, I will. Believe me. I am as good as Mr. Postman,‟ I said with smile.
“Thanks a lot for your help.‟
“No problem.”
In the afternoon, I met Iwan in the volleyball court. He was smiling when I
approached him.
“Iwan….”, I called.
“Yes, what is wrong?‟ he came to me with a smile.
“Here is a letter for you.‟ I said while handing it to him.
“Who is it from?” Iwan requested.
“Please read it yourself.” I said.
“Well, is it from your close friend?”
“ Right,” I replied shortly.
Iwan was smiling when he looked at me. I was a bit annoyed by his smile.
A week had passed when Elsa came to me and asked about her letter.
“How about the letter?” I wonder why he hasn‟t answered it yet.
“I‟m afraid I don‟t know. I haven‟t met him for a week. But I promise that I will
ask about it as soon as I meet him.”
“Don‟t forget it, Tita.”
One evening Iwan dropped by my house to return a book which he borrowed a
few days before.
Oh my good! What should I do? Do I like him?
Maybe, but how about Elsa? She is my classmate
And my good friend. It hurts to know this. Oh, no…I will not do it. And tomorrow
I will tell him. I must find time to say it.
Iwan …..I don‟t mean to hurt you. I can‟t love you. Please don‟t hate me. Let‟s be
friends till the end of time, but don‟t love me.
I can‟t do that, you know, Oh, God, help me explain it to him. I really don‟t know
what I will do if I meet Elsa tomorrow.

                                   THE GIFT
                                     By O‟Henry
         Well, here is the story. Della and Jim Young are a poor newly married
couple. Jim‟s wage was enough to rent only a very small apartment. But there
where two things of which each were extremely proud: Della had the longest and
most beautiful hair in all of New York, and Jim possessed a magnificent gold
pocked watch, given to him by his father.
New Year‟s Day was drawing near, and Jim and Della began to drink what
present they could afford to give each other. Della always noticed sadly when Jim
looked at his watch. It was fixed to button-hole of his coat by a common old
leather strap. He really needed a gold chain for his watch. And Jim often thought,
as he looked at Della combing her long hair”. How nice it would if only he could
buy her a jeweled hair comb for her hair.” But a gold watch-chain and a jeweled
hair-comb would have cost far more money than they could afford.
Then suddenly Dell had a wonderful idea! Quickly she ran down the street to the
shop with the notice „Hair Bought.‟ She went in and an hour later walked out of
the shop with $15 in her hand, but with short-cut hair! On the way home she
stopped at a watchmaker‟s shop and found exactly the right chain for Jim‟s watch.
Returning home, Della wrapped the precious gift in a piece of colored paper, then
she curled her short hair. When Jim arrived home and saw her hair, hew was
“Oh, Jim, don‟t look at me like that!” said Della. “It will grow again, sure it will,”
She handed a parcel to Jim. “ You see, I had to sell it to get some money for your
present. Happy New Year, Jim darling.‟
Jim opened the parcel. He dropped into a chair and laughed until tears came out of
his eyes, “ I think we‟d better put this present away for a while. “ he said, gently at
last. “ You see. ”he continued, taking a small package from his pocket. ”I sold my
watch to buy this comb for your hair! Isn‟t that funny?”
Nodding, as the tears rose in her eyes too Della gave Jim a brave smile and said, “
Our present are the best present are the best present in the world, you know.”

                                    THE NECKLACE
   1. Mathilda Loise was one of those pretty and charming girl who seemed to
        have been born through some mistakes of fortune into the wrong family.
        She let herself get married to a lowly-paid clerk, Frau Loisel, who worked
        at the Department of Education in Paris. She was unhappy because of the
        poor apartment in which they lived, with its shabby furniture. All day long
        she would think of beautiful houses of wealthy people.
   2. Mathilda Loise had to live in a dreadful life more than they did before. She
        had to work hard. Her husband had extra work at night to play for the
        18.00 francs debt. Mathilda looked old now and dressed untidily.
   3. So the day of the party arrived. Mathilda was a great success. She looked
        pretty and charming. Every man in the party admired him and every
        woman in the party was jealous of her beauty. She felt very satisfied with
        her appearance.
   4. They day of the party was getting near, but Mathilda seemed sad, worried
        and nervous. “What‟s the matter with you?” asked her husband. “I‟m
        annoyed because I haven‟t any jewellery to wear with my dress. I will look
        shabby. I‟d rather not go to the party”, complained Mathilda.
   5. Now, the problem was how to return the diamond to Mrs. Forester. The
        diamond cost 36.000 francs. Frau had to get 18.000 francs his father left
        for him and borrowed another 18.000 francs. At last they got the money
        and the first problem was overcome.
   6. One Sunday, as she was walking on the road to get fresh air, she met Mrs.
        Forester; Mrs. Forester hardly recognized her. Mathilda told her about the
        lost diamond. Mrs. Forester, terribly upset, took her friend‟s hands in her
        own. “Oh, my poor Mathilda! My diamond necklace was imitation! It was
        worth 500 francs at the most!‟
   7. One evening, her husband came back from the office and proudly gave an
        invitation to a magnificent ball. She quickly opened and read the
        invitation. Instead of being delighted, she threw the invitation angrily on
        the table, and said with an angry look, “What use is this to me? What do
        you expect me to wear if I go to a party of this kind?‟
   8. Returning home tiredly, she took off her coat and stood in front of the
        mirror. Suddenly she gave a cry. The diamond necklace was no longer
        there. They looked for it everywhere but the diamond was lost.
   9. Frau was very upset and said, “Look, Mathilda. How much would a nice
        dress cost?” She thought for a moment, then replied. “Guess I could get
        one for 400 francs. All right. I‟ll give you 400 francs. But try to get a
        really nice dress,” Frau said.
   10. “Go and see Mrs. Forester, your friend and ask her to lend you some
        jewelry,” said Frau at last. “What a good ideal!” cried Martilda.
        Among pets, I like dogs the best because they are tame animals and they
can be trained as a man‟s friend. I have a wonderful dog. I named him Volvo.
You know, Volvo is a male dog. He is a Pomeranian dog and is about ….uhm.
two years old. That‟s right, two year old.
My dog is great. He has grayish-white fur, small ears, and a cone shaped mouth.
His paws are strong.
        Well, my dear Volvo is a clever dog. He always barks loudly and noisily
when there is a stranger coming to my house. You know what? He also can do
many things such as sitting down quietly, bringing the newspaper to me, standing
on his two hind feet, and shaking my hand.
I always take him to a grooming salon twice a month to have him bathed and to
trim his fur neatly. Volvo eats dog‟s food, fresh meal and uhm…drinks fresh milk.
I don‟t let him eat bones because they are not good for him.

                       NEW CHEF AT SHANG PALACE

         The award-winning Shang Palace restaurant has appointed Liu Ching Hai
as its new executive Chinese chef.
         Named by Jakarta Kilni magazine as the most popular Chinese restaurant
in town, Shang Palace promises that Liu will bring a fresh and new spirit to the
         Shang Palace is also famous for its sumptuous Dim Sum.
Starting his career at the age of 15, Liu has more than 20 years of culinary
         Liu won the “Best Culinary Skill Award” competition organized by the
Hong Kong Tourism Association in 1989.

                             MOVING FORWARD

        Debby Putri is a model from Surabaya. Now she is a student of State
Senior High School 71 Surabaya. Debby is the first daughter of Mr. Fajar Putri
and Mrs. Ana Karaeng. Debby became a famous model when she won the
competition of Teenage Model 2005 and YTV Jrang – Jreng 2004.
        Debby is brown-skinned. She is tall and slender. She is 17 years old.
Debby has wavy, short, black hair, a pointed nose and rather big ears. Her face is
oval and her checks are cheeks are dimpled when she smiles.
        Debby is an attractive girl in her blue jeans. She likes wearing a cotton
jacket and a T-shirt. She always wants to feel relaxed. She is neat and well-
        Debby is a cheerful and friendly girl. Everybody likes her because she is a
humorous and creative girl. She gets on well with other people and she never
forces her opinions on others. But sometimes Debby is short- tempered when she
loses her personal things.
        Her hobbies are cooking Japanese food, shopping and singing. Debby has
a beautiful voice and her favorite singer is Kris Dayanti.
                              GETTING STARTED
                               JAKARTA CITY

         Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia. It is centrally located within the
country on the northwest coast of Java Island at the month of the Ciliwung River.
Jakarta dominates Indonesian‟s administrative economy. Cultural activities and is
a major commercial and transportation hub within Asia. With a population of
about 9 million, Jakarta has more people than any other cities in Indonesia. The
climate is hot and humid year –round. Rainfall occurs throughout the year,
although it is the heavies from November to May. The average annual
precipitation in Jakarta is 1.790 mm. The city lies on a flat, low plain and is prone
to flooding during periods of heavy rainfall.
         Kota is the city‟s oldest commercial area. It is locate south of the old
Sunda Kelapa harbor. Glodok, the south of Kota is a banking, retail and
residential neighborhood with a large Chinese population. Merdeka square with
Monas (The National Monument) dominates the city central district. Surrounding
the square are Istana Merdeka, the presidential palace, the National Museum, and
the Istiqlal Mosque.
Adapted from: Microsoft Encarta

                                   Moving forward
                                The Borobudur Temple
        Borobudur is a Hindhu-Buddhist temple built in the 9th century under the
Syailendra dynasty of Java. It is locate near Magelang, on the island of Java,
        Abandoned in the 11th century and partially excavated by archaeologists in
the early 20th century, Borobudur temple is well-known all over the world.
        Influenced by the Gupta architecture of India, the temple is constructed on
a hill 46 m (150 ft) high and consists of eight-step like stone terraces, one on top
of the other.
        The first five terraces are square and surrounded by walls adorned with
Buddhist sculpture in bas-relief; the upper three are circular, each with a circle of
bell-shaped stupas (Buddhist-shrines).
        The entire edifice in crowned by a large stupa at the center of the top
circle. The way to the summit extends through some 4.8 km of passages and
        The design of Borobudur, a temple-mountain symbolizing the structure of
the universe, is similar to the temples built at Angkor, Cambodia.
        The Borobudur Temple, rededicated as an Indonesian national monument
in 1983, is a valuable treasure for Indonesian people.

       Purna Bhakti Pertiwi Museum is a place to preserve the historical evidence
of Mr.Soeharto‟s struggle and service the country and nation from early
independence up to the era of national development.
       As a tourist object, this museum also houses a number of friends as well as
colleagues from all corners of the world.
       Through this booklet, one will have a glimpse at Purna Bhakti Pertiwi. It
covers the meaning and material of the existing collections, consisting of various
kinds and forms of the works of art, which makes this museum appealing to ivsit.
       (Taken from booklet Purna Bhakti Museum)

                           Twenty-one killed in road accident
        SAUDI ARABIA: twenty-one people were killed when two vehicles
collided on highway near the Red See port city of Jeddah, a newspaper reported
on Saturday.
        Al-Riyadh newspaper said the accident occurred on Friday when a vehicle
carrying 14 Yemenis and two Saudis tried to avoid a police checkpoint by going
around it, and rammed into an incoming car carrying five passenger from Saudi
Arabia, Egypt and Sudan.
        Around 4,000 people die each year in road accident in Saudi Arabia
mainly due to recklessness Reuters.

                                 He‟s a she spares Thai drug dealer
        SINGAPORE. A sex change operation spared a Thai drug dealer a caning
but six years in a Singapore jail, news reports said Friday.
        Prostitute Mongkon Pusuwan, 37, was charged with drug trafficking last
month, an offense carrying a canning punishment for males. The problem,
according to The Straits Times, was Mongkon looked every inch like a women.
        Mongkon‟s passport identified her as a male. Thai law does not recognize
a sex change, which Mongkon underwent 10 years ago.
        A doctor in Singapore confirmed her female gender.
        Distric jugde Bala Reddy sentenced Mongkon to the jail term after she
pleaded guilty to trafficking in 1.52 grams of cocaine and 25 tablets containing 2.5
grams of ketamine-DPA.

                        THE NEWSPAPER HEADLINES

        Headlines are the sort of „titles above a newspaper articles. The headlines
in English language newspaper can be sometimes very difficult to understand.
One reason for this is that newspaper headlines are often written in special style,
which is very different from ordinary English. In this style, words are used in
unusual ways, and there are some specials rules of grammar.
        Short words save space, and so they are very common in newspaper
headlines. Some of thhe short words in headlines sre unusual in ordinary English
(e.g.curb meaning restriction), but they are very common in newspaper headlines.
Some are used in special aenses which they do not often have in ordinary
language (e.g. bid maening „attempt‟). Other words are chosen because they
sound dramatic (e.g. blaze, meaning „fire‟).
       Newspaper headlines often follow rather different gramatical rules from
other kinds of writing . for examples, headlines are not always complete.
Sentences and they often contain three, four, or more nouns.

                      MOVING FORWARD
  FIRST CHALLENGE. Listen to the news. While listening, fill in the blanks.

       Hello, listener, you‟re still with me Mike Tjokro from 007 FM Archid, the
one and only radio station for all. Thanks for joining with us again. The latest
news for today comes from Kendari, Southeast Sulawesi. It is about the Kendari
SAR team that have found three more victims. Here is the news in detail.


        TOKYO (Reuters) – A slight eartquake jolted the Japanese capital last
night but autorities said there were no immediate reports of casualties or damage.
        A spokesman for the Japan meteorogical agency said, “An earth tremor
was registered in Tokyo but there are no reports of casualties or damage.
        The earth tremor struck shortly after midnight Tokyo time. Residents of
cebtral Tokyo said the tremor was the strongest in several months in the capital.
         (taken from: Bangkok Post, 2004)

                      ADVEBS OF MANNER IN PASSIVE
      Try this . change the sentences into the passive sentences. Use the adverbs
of manner after „to be‟ (was, were, is, are). See the examples:
             The men were badly injured during the blast
             The hause were completery demolished by the workers
             The bungalow is beautifully furnished
                    1. A terrible tornado damaged the village severely
                    2. The historians observed the statue carefully
                    3. The tsunami completely swept away the whole town
                    4. Itang Yunaz will design wedding gown beautifully
                    5. The husband abused his wife brutally

                      TRY THIS. Do you still remember” Action Jerba” and “
                    Saying Verbs‟? Undeline the “Action Verbs” in the following
                                text and circle the “Saying Verbs”

                               Brain diseases kills 325
         NEW DELHI (Reuter)- An enchephalitis outbreak has claimed 325 lives
in the past month, a Sate Health Departement spokesmas said yesterday.
Encephalitis a viral brain disease apread by mosquitoes, killed 325 people in
India last year, according to cfficial statities.
        TRY THIS. Place comma where they‟re needed. See the examples.

       e.g. since jack wrecked his car, he has had no way to get work.
       Muhammad is going to go back to his country after he finishes this
Now practice with your partner
   1. even though he desperately wanted to the little boy didn;t take the
   2. while sara was geting ready for bed she heard someone fire a gun
   3. because budi is only seven years old he cannot vote yet
   4. unless the company sells more next year it is going to go broke
   5. although he had good grades and several recommendation ben did not get
       acceptes by the university.


        SINGAPORE: A supervisor was jailed for two months for repeatedly
striking his |Indonesian maid on the head and back with a televition remote
control news report said on Thursday.
        Muhamad Shafiq Woon Abdullah adminitted in a Singapore court he
physically abused the woman on several occaions between June and October
2002, The Strait Times said.
        The magistrate‟s court hear that Shafiq, 31, began striking Winarti, 22
about a month after she started working for him.
        He hit her on the head with teh TV set‟s remote control because he was
unhappy with her work. On one occasion, he punched her on the back after
accusing her of daydreaming.
        s.S. Dhillon, Shafiq‟s lawyer said his client lost his „better senses‟ when he
saw his daughter‟s face covered as she lay in bed.
        He said his client though the maid put the child in danger.-DPA

                 S‟PORE TO DOUBLE ARTS, MEDIA BY 2012

        SINGAPORE: the singapore goverment wants to double the size of the
country‟s media, design and art industries to six percent of teh economy by 2012,
a minister said on Saturday.
        The target came as official said tey want the country to move away from
its struffy, rule-bound image and embrace more creativity as it seeks ways to
sustain its economic growth.
       “the creative industries are poisedto play a significant role in transforming
our economy and society, “ Lee Boon Yang , Minister for Information,
Communication and the Arts, told a graduation ceremony for arts students.
       Singapore‟s goverment has set aside more than S$200 million (US$116
million) over the next five years to invest in the arts sector, Lee said, without
giving details-AP


       TANGERANG: Residents of Pondok Kacang Barat plan to hold a rally in
Tigaraksa on Monday to protest the regent‟s failure to address the problem of the
poor roads.

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