Glen Helen Turns 80 by huanghengdong


									    Summer 2009

Glen Helen Turns 80
                                             In the Glen                   News and Activities of the Glen Helen Ecology Institute, Antioch University

We’ve	all	heard	the	story:	In	929,	Hugh	
Taylor	Birch	donated	hundreds	of	acres	to	
Antioch	College	to	forever	preserve	the	land	
as	“Glen	Helen.”
    Now,	on	the	80th	anniversary	of	its		
creation,	the	story	of	how	Glen	Helen	came	
to	be	deserves	retelling.	
    Our	story	starts	in	853	when	Horace	
Mann	became	the	president	of	a	brand	new	
college	in	the	resort	town	of	Yellow	Springs,	
Ohio.	To	take	the	post,	Mann	left	behind	
his	position	as	a	Whig	in	the	U.S.	Congress.	
He	represented	the	storied	8th	district	of	
Massachusetts,	serving	immediately	after	
former	U.S.	President	John	Quincy	Adams,	
and	about	a	hundred	years	before	longtime	
Speaker	of	the	House	Tip	O’Neill.	However,	
Horace	Mann	is	best	known	not	for	his	work	
in	Congress,	but	for	his	tenure	as	Secretary	of	
the	Massachusetts	Department	of	Education.	
A	reformer	who	believed	that	an	education	
was	the	right	of	all	Americans,	he	worked	to	
ensure	that	quality,	non-sectarian	schooling	
was	available	to	all,	with	public	support.	For	
his	work,	Mann	is	widely	considered	to	be	the	
“Father	of	American	Public	Education.”
    Mann’s	quest	to	bring	his	vision	for	
progressive	education	to	Antioch	College	
attracted	the	attention	of	Erastus	Birch,	an	
                                                   Helen Birch Bartlett as a young woman
Indiana	lawyer	who	followed	and	respected	
Mann’s	work.	Birch,	an	early	trustee	of	An-        diversions	was	baseball	–	he	was	a	talented	       neither	an	undergraduate	nor	a	law	degree.	
tioch	College,	eventually	decided	to	move	         athlete,	and	the	Antioch	College	baseball	         Whichever	it	was,	he	passed	the	Illinois	Bar	
his	family	to	Yellow	Springs	to	be	closer	to	      team	needed	him.	His	other	distraction	from	       Exam,	and	went	on	to	a	highly	successful	
its	vibrant	intellectual	atmosphere.	So	it	was	    his	studies	was	his	passion	for	nature.	He	        career	as	an	attorney.	He	married	Maria		
that	his	young	son	Hugh,	around	the	age	of	        spent	many	hours	walking	through	the	glen,	        Root	in	876,	and	together	they	had	three	
ten,	came	to	discover	the	wooded	glen	with	        enjoying	its	beauty,	and	teaching	himself	         children	–	son	Hugh	Taylor,	Jr.,	son	Carlton,	
the	iron-rich	yellow	spring.	                      natural	history.                                   and	daughter	Helen.	
    Hugh	Taylor	Birch	enrolled	at	Antioch	Col-         In	869,	one	credit	short	of	his	gradu-            Although	Birch	enjoyed	great	success	
lege	in	866	–	just	one	year	after	the	end	of	     ation	requirements,	Hugh	Taylor	Birch	left	        and	the	wealth	that	accompanied	it,	he	also	
the	Civil	War.	A	highly	ambitious	young	man,	      Yellow	Springs	for	Chicago,	with	plans	of	         confronted	profound	family	tragedy.	His	son	
he	sought	to	complete	his	degree	in	just	          practicing	law.	Perhaps	it’s	a	testament	to	       Carlton	died	in	infancy.	Son	Hugh,	Jr.,	died		
three	years.	He	might	have	succeeded	in	this	      a	simpler	time	–	when	diplomas	were	less	          in	907,	and	his	wife	Maria	passed	away		
quest,	had	he	not	become	deeply	involved	          important,	or	perhaps	his	drive	and	intellect	     in	93.	
in	two	extra-curricular	efforts.	One	of	these	     outweighed	the	fact	that	he	was	armed	with	                                     continued	on	page	4

	                                                                                           In	the	Glen	|	Summer	2009	|	Glen	Helen	Ecology	Institute	
Director’s Report                                      lime.	The	lime	is	sold	at	fifty-five	dollars	per	
                                                       car	load.”
                                                                                                           simple,	but	a	quarter	at	a	time,	it	adds	up	to	
                                                                                                           meaningful	support	for	local	nonprofits.	
                          Recently,	someone	               Many	visitors	to	the	Glen	are	familiar	with	        We	are	thrilled	to	announce	that	Glen	
                          shared	with	me	the	text	     the	quarries	along	Corry	St,	but	few	realize	       Helen	is	one	of	the	organizations	that	will	
                          of	an	old	study,	entitled	   that	wood	–	lots	of	wood	–	was	used	in	the	         benefit	from	this	fund	in	2009.	Every	time	
                          Report of the Geologi-       associated	lime	kilns.	By	my	calculation,	Mr.	      someone	feeds	a	parking	meter	at	The	Greene	
                          cal Survey of Ohio.	It’s	    Sroufe	was	using	600	cords	of	wood	per	             from	now	through	the	end	of	June,	those	
                          more	interesting	that	       year.	(A	“cord”	represents	a	volume	of	wood	        funds	directly	support	the	Glen.	
                          it	sounds.	Honestly.	        measuring	four	feet	by	four	feet	by	eight	              The	more	people	that	park	at	The	Greene	
                          The	book,	published	         feet.	Also,	a	bushel	equals	eight	gallons.)	We	     during	May	and	June,	the	more	Glen	Helen	
Nick Boutis               in	874	by	the	Ohio	         don’t	know	whether	all	the	limestone	or	all	        will	earn	–	so	spread	the	word!
Geological	Board,	surveyed	every	county	in	            the	timber	was	coming	from	the	Glen,	but	
Ohio.	I	include	mention	of	it	here	because	the	        we	can	be	sure	that	the	forest	we	see	today	is	     Glen Helen Comes to Facebook and
report’s	treatment	of	Greene	County	provides	          profoundly	different	because	of	this	industry	      MySpace
us	with	a	window	to	what	Glen	Helen	was	like	          25	years	ago.	More	to	the	point,	the	fact	         Friends	of	the	Glen	can	now	learn	about	Glen	
before	it	was	Glen	Helen.	                             that	extractive	industry	was	flourishing	here	      Helen	events	and	activities,	share	pictures	or	
    Here	is	what	the	text	had	to	say	about	the	        serves	to	remind	us	that	the	Glen	exists	today	     video,	or	connect	with	other	fans	of	the	Glen.		
Yellow	Spring:                                         as	a	refuge	only	because	Hugh	Taylor	Birch	         It’s	a	great	way	to	keep	up	on	what’s	happen-
    “According	to	measurements	made	twenty	            had	the	vision	to	save	it.	                         ing	in	the	Glen.	Hundreds	of	others	already	
years	ago	under	the	direction	of	William	C.	           –	Nick	Boutis	(               signed	up	–	what	are	you	waiting	for!
Mills,	its	volume	of	water	is	one	hundred	and	                                                                  On	MySpace,	find	us	at	www.myspace.
seven	and	one-half	gallons	per	minute.	So	
generous	a	fountain	could	never	fail	to	attract	
                                                       Announcements                                       com/glenhelennaturepreserve
                                                                                                                On	Facebook,	find	us	at	www.facebook.
to	itself	the	human	occupants	of	the	country.	         New Hours for Trailside Museum                      com/pages/Glen-Helen/692330698,	or	
     For	the	last	forty	years	the	spring	has	been	     and the Raptor Center                               simply	search	for	“Glen	Helen.”
the	most	notable	place	of	summer	resort	in	            So	many	people	enjoyed	visiting	Trailside	
south-western	Ohio,	and	justly	so,	for	there	          Museum	last	summer	when	it	was	open	seven	          Atrium Makeover
is	no	other	location	within	this	region	that	          days	a	week,	we’ve	decided	to	institute	longer	     The	atrium	of	the	Glen	Helen	Building	is	
unites	so	many	attractions	and	advantages	as	          hours	once	again	this	summer.		Between	             glowing	from	its	new	“face-lift.”	Our	art	ex-
this	immediate	neighborhood.	A	large	hotel,	           Memorial	Day	and	Labor	Day,	Trailside	will	         hibit	panels	were	recovered	and	painted	a	
capable	of	accommodating	several	hundred	              be	open:	                                           neutral	color	to	blend	with	the	stone	walls.	
summer	guests,	now	occupies	the	grounds	               Monday-Thursday:	0	am	to	7	pm                      Lots	of	desk	clutter	was	removed	and	a	hand-
adjacent	to	it,	and	its	waters	seem	certain	to	                                                            some	vintage	craft	table	replaced	an	ordinary	
                                                       Friday:	0	am	to	8	pm
dispense	health	and	happiness	in	an	increas-                                                               table.	Plants	were	rearranged	to	free	up	the	
ing	ratio	for	the	years	to	come.”	                     Saturday-Sunday:	9	am	to	8	pm                       extraordinary	window	views.	And	the	final	
    Today	we	may	view	the	old	resort	as	                   Stop	in	anytime	during	open	hours!		A	          touch	was	to	wash	all	the	windows	inside	and	
ancient	history,	but	it	was	going	strong	dur-          volunteer	or	Glen	Helen	interpretive	staffper-      out	and	clean	light	fixtures.	
ing	Mr.	Birch’s	years	as	a	student	at	Antioch.	        son	will	be	on	hand	to	answer	your	questions.	         Debbie	Henderson	and	Jon	Hudson	
Other	sections	of	the	report	allude	to	farming	        Check	out	our	resident	snake	and	turtle,	           donated	all	materials,	vintage	table,	lots	of	
and	various	social	and	wellness	experiments.	          the	Baldwin	Artifact	Collection	of	Native	          expertise	and	three	days	of	labor.	Naysan		
Glen	Helen	would	likely	be	unrecognizable	             American	stone	hand	tools,	our	display	on	          McIlhargey	of	Miami	Valley	Pottery	respond-
today	had	these	past	practices	continued.	             the	mammals	of	Ohio,	or	any	of	the	other	           ed	to	our	call	for	community	potters	to	help	
Just	consider	what	the	book	reports	about	             exhibits.		                                         with	planters	by	donating	four	new	planter	
perhaps	the	most	intensive	industry	to	visit	              New	hours	for	the	Raptor	Center,	to	afford	     pots	for	the	large	open	terrarium.		
the	Glen:                                              the	maximum	possible	viewing	opportunities	            Other	volunteers	were:	Evelyn	Sikes,		
    “Lime	is	now	burned	in	quantity	at	but	            for	visitors	are:                                   Patsy	Perry,	Mary	Lamborg,	Tom	and	Evelyn	
two	points	in	Greene	County,	Yellow	Springs	           Spring	and	Fall:	9	am	to	6	pm                       LaMers,	Jennie	Lebold,	Bette	Kelly,	Rick		
and	Cedarville.	The	business	at	the	two	               Summer	9	am	to	7	pm                                 Donahoe,	Linda	Parsons,	Brian	Maughan,	
points	named	has	attained	quite	important	                                                                 John	Klyce,	Bob	Ellis,	and	Suzanne	Patterson.		
                                                       Winter:	9	am	to	5	pm	
proportions,	and	is	the	source	of	a	consider-                                                                 Nature-themed	art	exhibitions	are		
able	income.	                                          Visit The Greene, help the Glen                     displayed	in	the	Atrium	throughout	the		
    At	Yellow	Springs	the	business	of	lime-                                                                year.	Information	can	be	found	at	www.
                                                       Most	Dayton	area	residents	are	familiar	with	
burning	is	extensively	carried	on	by	W.	Sroufe,	                                                 
                                                       The	Greene	–	the	town	center	development	
Esq.	He	gives	the	amount	of	lime	produced	at	
                                                       off	I-675	in	Beavercreek.	However,	many	            Volunteers Save the Day
his	kilns	during	874	as	thirty	thousand	bush-         people	may	not	be	aware	of	their	“Change	for	
els.	The	cost	of	wood	averages	three	dollars	          Charity”	program.	Each	year,	six	area	chari-        Most	volunteering	comes	with	very	little	fan-
and	twenty-five	cents	per	cord,	and	one	cord	          ties	are	selected	to	receive	the	proceeds	from	     fare	mostly	because	it	is	a	personal,	family-		
is	required	for	the	burning	of	fifty	bushels	of	       the	parking	meters	at	The	Greene.	It	sounds	        type	commitment	but	on	a	wider	scale.	Often	

2	In	the	Glen	|	Summer	2009	|	Glen	Helen	Ecology	Institute
the	connection	between	a	person’s	desire	to	
help	and	a	job	that	needs	to	be	done	happens	
in	a	casual	way.	A	friend	may	be	involved	
                                                        Summer at a Glance – Upcoming Events
or	you	may	read	of	a	volunteer	story	in	a	
                                                        June 2009                                              Owl Program and Release (Wednesday, July 8)
newspaper	or	see	something	first-hand	that	                                                                    A	program	on	owls	of	the	area	featuring	the	
catches	your	attention.		                               Art in the Atrium: Sarah Strong (May 1-June 30)        release	of	young	screech-owls.	8	pm,	at	C.J.	Brown	
    The	Glen	has	the	largest	volunteer	orga-            Human	Nature:	an	interactive	print	&	paper	show	       Reservoir	Visitor	Center	in	Springfield	(937-325-
nization	in	Yellow	Springs.	Picture	the	Glen	as	        on	human	responses	to	nature.                          24	for	directions).
your	backyard,	which	in	many	ways	it	is.	Then,	         Glen	Building	Atrium
                                                                                                               Owl Program and Release (Thursday, July 9)
add	a	few	thousand	friends	who	are	con-                 Daily	Open	Hours:	Mon-Fri	9:30	am	-	4:30	pm	&	
                                                                                                               A	program	on	owls	of	the	area	featuring	the	
stantly	coming	over	every	day	from	sunrise	to	          Sat-Sun	0	am	-	4	pm.
                                                                                                               release	of	young	screech-owls.
sundown	–	throw	in	a	renown	environmental	              Full Moon Hike (Friday, June 5)                        8	pm	in	the	Glen	Helen	School	Forest	on	Bryan	
educational	facility,	a	rehabilitation	facility	        Experience	the	Glen	during	our	only	nighttime	         Park	Road	near	John	Bryan	State	Park.	Parking	is	
for	raptors,	a	small	natural	history	museum,	a	         excursion!	Departs	from	the	Yellow	Spring	park-        available	in	the	meadow	across	the	road.	Bring	a	
nature	shop,	25	miles	of	trails,	35	buildings.	         ing	lot	off	SR	343	at	9	pm.                            blanket	or	lawn	chair.
You	are	probably	getting	the	picture.	Volun-            Bird Walk (Saturday, June 6)                           Wildflower Walk (Saturday, July 11)
teers	are	involved	with	every	aspect	of	the	            Join	Glen	Helen	director	Nick	Boutis	as	we	search	     Join	our	Glen	Guide	as	we	look	for	buds	and	
Glen’s	operation.	Our	volunteers	are	essential	         Glen	Helen	for	breeding	birds.	Departs	from	
                                                                                                               blooms.	Departs	from	Trailside	Museum	at	0	am.
                                                        Trailside	Museum,	8	am.
–	critical	to	the	Glen’s	existence.		                                                                          Everything Edible & Useful Plant Walk (Satur-
    Want	to	learn	more?	We	hope	you	are	                Plants that Attract Wildlife Hike (Saturday,
                                                                                                               day, July 18)
inspired	to	contact	us,	to	explore	ways	that	           June 6)
                                                                                                               Join	Glen	plant	expert	Dave	Jansen	for	an	infor-
you	can	help	and	give	us	a	try.	You	can	help	           Join	Dave	Jansen	for	an	informative	botanical	
                                                                                                               mative	botanical	stroll!	Departs	from	Trailside	
                                                        stroll!.	Departs	from	Trailside	Museum	at	6	pm.
enhance	your	environment	for	yourselves,	for	                                                                  Museum	at	6	pm.
others,	and	for	future	generations.	Satisfac-           Wildflower Walk (Saturday, June 13)
                                                        Join	our	Glen	Guide	as	we	look	for	buds	and	           Wildflower Walk (Sunday, July 19)
tion	guaranteed!!                                                                                              Join	our	Glen	Guide	as	we	look	for	buds	and	
                                                        blooms.	Departs	from	Trailside	Museum	at	0	am.
Suzanne	Patterson	(                                                                          blooms.	Departs	from	Trailside	Museum	at	0	am.
                                                        Raptor Camp Program (Thursday, June 18)
                                                        Tour	the	Raptor	Center	with	summer	Raptor	             Reptile Feeding (Saturday, July 25)
    GHEI Mission Statement                              Campers	serving	as	your	guides.	Bring	a	blanket	       An	interactive	program	with	our	resident	reptiles.
    The	Glen	Helen	Ecology	Institute	exists	to	pro-     or	lawn	chair	–	we	may	be	able	to	release	reha-        Trailside	Museum,		am.
    tect	the	Glen	for	present	and	future	generations	   bilitated	kestrels.	:30	pm	at	the	Raptor	Center,	
    by	engaging	in	land	stewardship,	education,	        075	State	Route	343.                                  August 2009
    community	outreach	and	service,	and	research.       Everything Edible & Useful Plant Walk (Satur-          Full Moon Hike (Tuesday, August 4)
    Glen Helen Advisory Board                           day, June 20)                                          Experience	the	Glen	during	our	only	nighttime	ex-
    Connie	Crockett,	Suzanne	Fest,	Mel	Fine,		          Join	Glen	plant	expert	Dave	Jansen	for	an	infor-       cursion!	Departs	from	Trailside	Museum	at	9	pm.
    Barbara	Forster,	Dan	Halm,	Bryan	Hawkins,		         mative	botanical	stroll!	Departs	from	Trailside	
    Bill	Kent,	Michael	Krug,	Ron	Lewis,	Mark	           Museum	at	6	pm.                                        Wildflower Walk (Saturday, August 8)
    Nielsen,	Virginia	Paget,	Bob	Parker,	Bob	Scott,	                                                           Join	our	Glen	Guide	as	we	look	for	buds	and	
                                                        Wildflower Walk (Sunday, June 21)                      blooms.	Departs	from	Trailside	Museum	at	0	am.
    Kathy	Scheltens,	Jerry	Sutton,	Kathryn	Van	der	
                                                        Join	our	Glen	Guide	as	we	look	for	buds	and	
    Heiden,	Willie	Washington,	Sam	Young                                                                       Wildflower Walk (Sunday, August 16)
                                                        blooms.	Departs	from	Trailside	Museum	at	0	am.
    Glen Helen Ecology Institute Staff                                                                         Join	our	Glen	Guide	for	an	informative	botanical	
                                                        Reptile Feeding (Saturday, June 27)
    Nick	Boutis,	Executive	Director;	George	Bieri,	                                                            stroll!	Departs	from	Trailside	Museum	at	0	am.
                                                        An	interactive	program	with	our	resident	reptiles.
    Property	Manager;	Adrienne	Chesire,	Marketing	
                                                        Trailside	Museum,		am.                               Reptile Feeding (Saturday, August 22)
    and	Development	Coordinator;	Ed	Harphant,	
                                                                                                               An	interactive	program	with	our	resident	reptiles.
    Glen	Helen	Crew	Leader;	Beth	Krisko,	Direc-
    tor,	Outdoor	Education	Center;	Geno	Luketic,	
                                                        July 2009                                              Trailside	Museum,		am.
    Marketing	and	Education	Associate,	Rebecca	                                                                Everything Edible & Useful Plant Walk
                                                        Art in the Atrium: John Pyles (July 1-August 31)
    Jaramillo,	Outdoor	Education	Center	Assistant	                                                             (Saturday, August 22)
                                                        Area	natural	and	rural	landscape	photographs	by	
    Director;	Whitney	Reinhard,	Office	Manager,	                                                               Join	Glen	plant	expert	Dave	Jansen	for	an	infor-
                                                        John	Pyles.
    Outdoor	Education	Center;	Jeff	Robertson,	                                                                 mative	botanical	stroll!	Departs	from	Trailside	
                                                        Glen	Building	Atrium
    Volunteer	Coordinator;	Betty	Ross,	Director,	                                                              Museum	at	6	pm.
                                                        Daily	Open	Hours:	Mon-Fri	(9:30-4:30)	&	Sat-Sun	
    Raptor	Center;	Ann	Shaw,	Assistant	Director	of	
    Administration;	Brian	Upchurch,	Housekeeper;	       (0-4).                                                Bird Walk (Sunday, August 23)
    Randy	Zischler,	Cook                                Bird Walk (Sunday, July 5)                             Join	Glen	Helen	director	Nick	Boutis	as	we	search	
                                                        Join	Glen	Helen	director	Nick	Boutis	as	we	search	     Glen	Helen	for	early	fall	migrants.	Departs	from	
    Glen Helen Association Board
                                                        Glen	Helen	for	summer	resident	birds.	Departs	         Trailside	Museum,	8	am.
    Eileen	Boccara,	Kendra	Cipollini,	Mark		
    Cummings,	Scott	Geisel,	Karen	Gorden,	Dan	          from	Trailside	Museum,	8	am.
    Halm,	Richard	Heil,	Mary	Lamborg,	Tucker	           Full Moon Hike (Sunday, July 5)                        Check for the latest information!
    Malishenko,	Suzanne	Patterson,	Patricia	Perry,	     Enjoy	the	Glen	during	our	only	nighttime	excur-
    Alice	Robrish,	Ann	Taylor,	Sherraid	Scott           sion!	Departs	from	the	Yellow	Spring	parking	lot	
                                                        off	SR	343	at	9	pm.

	                                                                                                     In	the	Glen	|	Summer	2009	|	Glen	Helen	Ecology	Institute	3
                                                       Glen Helen Is 80 (continued	from	page	)
   Appreciation                                            Birch	was	particularly	close	to	his	daugh-
                                                       ter	Helen.	She	was	a	constant	companion	to	
                                                                                                        River.	Some	were	native	woodlands,	others	
                                                                                                        were	actively	being	farmed	or	grazed.	In	the	
                                                       him,	and	she	shared	his	love	of	nature.	When	    northern	section,	a	pond	remained	from	a	
                                                       she	died	in	925	at	the	age	of	42,	Birch	was	    9th	century	resort;	along	the	river,	a	hun-
                                                       obviously	devastated.	He	retreated	to	Florida	   dred	year	old	mill	continued	to	grind	grains;	
Gifts to the Glen                                      where	he	owned	land	in	what	was	growing	         old	homesteads	were	scattered	throughout	
We	are	profoundly	grateful	to	every	mem-               to	become	the	city	of	Fort	Lauderdale.	          the	parcels.	Birch	saw	them	as	one	coherent	
ber	and	contributor.	To	conserve	resources,	               Meanwhile	back	in	Yellow	Springs,	a	new	     whole.	He	purchased	these	lands,	grouped	
only	donors	who	contributed	$00	or	more	              president	had	taken	over	Antioch	College.	       them	into	one	deed,	and,	on	May	0,	929,	
between	January		and	March	3,	2009	are	              Arthur	Morgan	was	a	civil	engineer	who	had	      Antioch	College	graciously	accepted	this	gift,	
listed	below.	We	have	made	every	effort	to	            come	to	Ohio	to	direct	the	re-plumbing	of	       and	committed	to	preserving	the	land	into	
ensure	the	accuracy	of	this	list.	Please	bring	        Dayton-area	rivers	in	the	aftermath	of	dev-      perpetuity.
any	errors	or	omissions	to	our	attention.		            astating	floods	in	93.	Morgan,	like	Horace	        The	next	time	that	you	walk	in	Glen	
	 Thank	you	for	your	continued	support	of	             Mann	decades	before	him,	was	a	visionary	        Helen,	take	a	moment	to	consider	that	its	
Glen	Helen.                                            who	believed	that	Antioch	College	could	         full	name,	as	established	80	years	ago,	is	
                                                       be	a	laboratory	for	experimenting	with	new	      actually	the	“Glen	Helen	Memorial.”	Find	the	
Lucy and Arthur             Marvin	&	Mary		            approaches	to	education.	
Morgan Society              	 Lamborg                                                                   dedication	boulder	beneath	the	great	white	
Robert	Brandt               Rebecca	Liebman	&		 	          So	it	was	that	Arthur	and	his	wife	Lucy	     oak,	not	far	from	the	Cascades	on	what	now	
Sylvia	Carter	Denny	&		     	 Charles	Stephens         reconnected	with	Hugh	Taylor	Birch,	who	         call	Birch	Creek.	You’ll	see	one	of	Helen’s	
	 Byron	Dann                Michelle	Migliore          was	now	in	his	eighties.	Meeting	the	Mor-        poems	excerpted	there.	It	begins	“the	earth	
Tom	&	Betty	Finke           Oscar	Peters	&		           gans	and	learning	the	new	vision	for	Antioch	    smells	old	and	warm	and	mellow,	and	all	
Linda	Griffith	&	Scott			   	 Gertrude	Chasens         rekindled	Birch’s	feelings	toward	the	college	
	 Kellogg                   John	&	Helen		                                                              things	lie	at	peace…”
                                                       and	the	wooded	glen	on	its	eastern	border.	
John	&	Bari	Hart            	 Rossmiller                                                                    As	we	celebrate	the	“birthday”	of	this	
Amy	Munich                  Milton	Simmons             He	determined	that	preservation	of	the	glen	
                                                                                                        special	place,	let	us	remember	that	it	is	not	
Jerry	Sutton	&	Sandra		     Marianne	Stephan           would	be	a	fitting	memorial	to	his	beloved	
                                                                                                        just	a	place	for	education	and	recreation.	It	is	
	 McHugh                    Julia	Summers              daughter.	
Kate	&	John	Vassallo        Yellow	Springs	Friends		                                                    also	a	sanctuary	–	a	living	memorial	to	Helen	
                                                           Skilled	in	real	estate	transactions	from	
                            	 Meeting                                                                   Birch	Bartlett,	donated	by	her	loving	father.
Benefactor                                             his	experiences	in	Chicago	and	Florida,	Birch	
Nancy	Meeker                Yellow	Springs	Village		
                            	 School	District
                                                       set	about	acquiring	individual	parcels	along	    –	Nick	Boutis	(
Security	National		 	                                  the	Yellow	Springs	Creek	and	Little	Miami	
	 Bank                      Debra	Zendlovitz	&		 	
State	Farm	Insurance        	 Cheryl	Meyer
Laura	Drey                  Glen	Helen	Association
Roy	&	Heidi	Eastman         Yellow	Springs	Com-	 	
Judy	McGregor               	 munity	Foundation
Marcia	Ridgley              Donations of Materials
Lori	Riley                  & Gifts-in-Kind
Betty	Ross                  Ron	Austing
                            Bob	Bingenheimer
Contributor                 Tom	Ernst
Douglas	Bailey              Pam	Geisel
Ruth	&	Tony	Bent            Raptor	Center	food		 	
Nick	&	Kathleen		    	      	 donors
	 Boutis                    Suburban	Veterinary			
Daniel	Brustein	&	Joan		    	 Clinic,	Dr.	Michael		
	 Trey                      	 Brown,	Dr.	Brian		 	
Richard	&	Yvonne		 	        	 Lokai,	and	Staff
	 Burry                     WYSO
Leslie	Cowperthwaite        Robin	Zimmerman
Carter	de	Werd
Dawn	Falleur
James	&	Marilyn		 	
Wayne	Gulden	&	Bette		

                                                       Lucy and Arthur Morgan with Hugh Taylor Birch, circa 1929, at the Glen Helen Memorial plaque.

4	In	the	Glen	|	Summer	2009	|	Glen	Helen	Ecology	Institute
    Outdoor Education

Self-discovery at the
Glen Helen Outdoor
Education Center
Each	Tuesday,	a	school	bus	or	two	brings	an-
other	group	of	children	down	our	long	path	
to	the	Outdoor	Education	Center.	As	the	bus	
slows	to	a	stop	outside	our	Lodge,	we	can	see	
the	faces	of	children	excitedly	clamoring	to	

                                                  Ecocampers mount the Glen Helen climbing wall

                                                  negative	about	hiking	and	sleeping	in	cabins	
                                                  when	he	got	off	the	bus	turned	into	one	of	
                                                                                                     Ecocamps Coming Up...
Ecocampers trying to untie a human knot           our	best	nature	detectives	by	the	week’s	end.	     Are You Registered?
                                                  A	student	who	barely	speaks	in	class	is	filled	    Glen	Helen	Outdoor	Education	Center’s	Eco-
get	out.	We	haven’t	met	them,	and	don’t	yet	      with	questions	for	his	Glen	Helen	Naturalist.	     camp	is	truly	a	one-of-a-kind	summer	camp	
know	their	names,	but	we	have	high	ambi-          A	girl	who	was	squeamish	at	the	thought	of	        experience	for	five	to	fifteen	year	olds.	At	
tions	for	how	we	hope	the	next	week	will	         touching	a	worm	now	has	confidence	to	hold	        Ecocamp,	children	have	fun	in	nature,	while	
change	their	lives.	                              a	snake.	A	couple	girls	who	acted	“too	cool	       learning	about	the	natural	world.	Explora-
    One	great	hope	for	Glen	Helen	School-         for	school”	emerge	as	leaders	in	their	group	      tion	and	discovery	are	the	focus	as	campers	
camp	is	that	students	walk	away	from	their	       as	they	gently	encourage	others	to	not	waste	      hike	Glen	Helen	trails,	visit	the	famous	Yellow	
experience	with	a	new	or	renewed	respect	for	     the	food	on	their	plates.                          Spring,	explore	the	Pine	Forest,	and	discover	
the	natural	world	and	a	willingness	to	help	          Time	and	time	again,	teachers	are	sur-         the	wildness	and	joy	of	nature.	
in	preserving	the	planet	for	future	genera-       prised	at	how	some	of	their	students	trans-            A	variety	of	camps	are	offered	each	sum-
tions.	We	also	hope	that	students	discover	       form	from	introvert	to	extrovert,	from	bully	to	   mer	by	our	qualified	Naturalist	staff.	From	
new	skills,	new	passions	or	interests,	and	       teammate,	from	disinterested	to	enlightened.	      Aqua	Explorers	to	Ecoart	to	Frontier	Ohio,	
make	new	friends.	Teachers	who	have	visited	      We	attribute	these	changes	to	the	often	           Ecocamps	covers	a	wide	variety	of	topics	and	
Schoolcamp	know	that	a	week	at	Glen	Helen	        once-in-a-lifetime	outdoor	immersion	expe-         offer	a	diversity	of	experiences.	One	of	our	
Outdoor	Education	Center	is	not	only	about	       rience	created	exclusively	for	them.	When	         most	popular	camps	is	Night	Camp,	where	
discovering	nature	and	learning	science,	it	is	   students	are	removed	from	their	normal	            children	explore	and	hike	through	the	noctur-
also	about	students	discovering	and	learning	     lives,	abandoning	TV,	cell	phone,	problems	at	     nal	world	and	sleep	during	the	day…	just	like	
about	themselves.	                                school	or	home,	they	are	afforded	the	oppor-       the	owls.	Visit	to	learn	
    Week	after	week,	we	are	excited	to	see	       tunity	to	show	their	true,	authentic	selves.	A	    more	or	to	register.
changes	in	students:	One	student	who	was	         week	immersed	in	nature,	in	a	safe,	friendly,	
afraid	to	leave	his	mom	to	come	to	camp	dis-                                                         Beth	Krisko	(
                                                  and	supportive	environment	provides	fertile	
covers	independence.	At	the	end	of	the	week	      ground	for	each	student	to	shine	in	his	or	her	
he	exclaims	to	his	Naturalist	that	he	does	       own	way.
not	want	to	leave.	Another	student	who	was	

	                                                                                           In	the	Glen	|	Summer	2009	|	Glen	Helen	Ecology	Institute	5
  The Raptor Center

The Ups and Downs of
Wildlife Rehabilitation
Sometimes	when	a	bird	comes	in,	it’s	obvious	
that	we	won’t	be	able	to	rehabilitate	it,	and	
can	help	it	only	by	ending	its	suffering.	(We	
recall	the	sad	occasion	when	a	man	brought	
us	a	great	horned	owl	in	a	box,	with	the	wing	
in	a	separate	bag.)	Other	times	bones	heal	
out	of	alignment	and	the	bird	can’t	stand	
or	extend	a	wing	to	fly.	However,	we	give	
any	bird	a	chance,	if	it	has	even	the	slightest	
possibility	of	recovery	and	release,	because	
sometimes	they	surprise	us.
     We	had	four	such	surprises	this	year.		
Late	last	fall,	we	took	in	a	turkey	vulture	and	
three	red-tailed	hawks	which	were	was	badly	
injured.	It	was	doubtful	any	of	them	would	
recover,	so	we	were	very	excited	that	they	
made	it.	The	vulture,	with	healed	multiple	
fractures	of	its	leg	and	wing,	was	fortunate	
that	it	does	not	need	strong	feet	to	feed.	If	it	
had	been	a	hawk	needing	to	catch	prey	with	
its	talons,	it	could	not	have	been	released,	
since	one	leg	was	crooked	at	the	ankle.		
Vultures	are	scavengers,	however,	so	we	
didn’t	think	a	limp	would	hinder	it.	                Our first youngster of the season, a great horned owl, before it returned to its owl family.
    The	vulture	had	shared	our	large	flight	
                                                     This	was	the	case	with	a	red-shouldered	            trouble	since	then.	One	screech-owl	was	in	a	
cage	with	the	red-tails.	Two	of	them	were	hit	
                                                     hawk	with	an	eye	injury	and	badly	swollen	          tree	when	it	was	cut	down,	one	was	caught	
by	cars,	suffering	head	and	spinal	injuries.	
                                                     leg	and	foot.	Her	eye	opened	after	several	         in	netting,	and	one	was	trapped	in	a	barn.
Neither	was	able	to	stand	or	use	its	legs	or	
                                                     days,	and	with	soaking	and	massaging,	the	              We	have	been	able	to	release	seven	birds	
feet.	Care	for	birds	in	this	condition	is	very	
                                                     swelling	went	down	in	her	leg,	but	she	still	       so	far	this	year:	two	red-tails,	two	kestrels,	
labor-intensive,	but	some	of	them	do	recover	
                                                     couldn’t	use	her	foot.	After	two	weeks,	she	        one	Cooper’s	hawk,	one	barred	owl,	and	one	
when	they	have	supportive	care,	good	food,	
                                                     moved	her	toes	and	stood	more	steadily.	We	         screech-owl,	with	five	others	soon	to	go.	
a	safe	environment,	and	plenty	of	time.	Both	
                                                     were	thrilled	with	her	progress.	Then	she	              Spring	and	summer	is	“baby	season.”	Our	
birds	returned	to	their	territories	in	time	for	
                                                     suddenly	stopped	eating,	and	her	breathing	         first	youngster	of	the	season	was	a	great	
the	breeding	season.
                                                     became	labored.	In	spite	of	another	vet	visit	      horned	owl,	which	is	not	surprising,	since	
     The	fourth	red-tail	went	back	to	its	mate	
                                                     and	antibiotics,	she	went	downhill	quickly.	        they	are	the	first	to	lay	eggs	each	year.	Owls	
with	a	slight	head	tilt	after	hitting	the	side	of	
                                                     Nothing	showed	up	to	indicate	the	cause	of	         don’t	build	nests,	and	often	choose	old	hawk	
a	house	and	suffering	head	trauma.	He	had	
                                                     her	death,	so	we	will	never	know	what	hap-          nests,	tree	cavities,	or	snags	to	use.	The	snag	
a	healed	wing	fracture	from	an	earlier	ac-
                                                     pened.                                              this	owl	family	chose	only	had	room	for	one	
cident,	with	one	wing	shorter	than	the	other,	
                                                         She	was	one	of	thirty-four	birds	admit-         youngster,	and	this	one	fell	out.	We	hope	to	
but	his	weight	was	good,	so	his	mate	prob-
                                                     ted	so	far	this	year.	Most	of	the	birds	were	       find	a	foster	nest	for	it,	or	raise	it	until	it	is	old	
ably	fed	him	until	the	wing	healed	and	he	
                                                     hit	by	cars	and	too	badly	injured	to	save.	         enough	to	climb	and	perch,	then	return	it	to	
regained	flight.	Although	his	head	remained	
                                                     Besides	collision	injuries,	one	red-tail	came	      that	site	or	another	one	with	an	active	family.	
tilted,	he	flew	straight	and	landed	perfectly,	
                                                     in	with	burns	on	its	feet,	one	was	blinded	         Great	horned	owls	take	a	long	time	to	be-
so	we	sent	him	to	rejoin	his	loyal	mate.
                                                     by	gunshot,	and	one	died	of	wounds	from	            come	proficient	hunters,	so	it	is	best	for	them	
     We	also	have	our	share	of	disappoint-
                                                     another	hawk,	probably	in	a	territorial	battle.	    to	have	parents	to	feed	them	through	the	
ments;	the	worst	being	when	recuperation	
                                                     A	barred	owl	was	caught	raiding	a	chicken	          summer	until	they	can	catch	enough	food	on	
is	going	well,	then	the	bird	deteriorates.	
                                                     coop,	but	appears	to	have	stayed	out	of	            their	own.

6	In	the	Glen	|	Summer	2009	|	Glen	Helen	Ecology	Institute
   In	other	news,	all	is	going	well	for	Dayton’s	                                                            have	made	small	but	important	changes.	
peregrine	falcons,	Daniel	and	Dayton,	who	                 GHA Notes                                         For	example,	Ruth	Bent	has	narrowed	
are	tending	four	eggs	in	a	box	on	the	Liberty	                                                               the	focus	of	book	purchases	at	the	same	
Tower.	You	can	check	out	the	FalconCam	fixed	                                                                time	expanding	the	number	of	new	titles.	
camera	or	streaming	video	on	the	Raptor	                                                                     Field	guides	to	seashells	and	cacti	are	gone,	
Center	page	at	                                                                           but	the	overall	result	is	the	best	collection	
   About	0	miles	away	from	Glen	Helen,	                                                                     of	Eastern	woodland	and	Ohio	nature	
bald	eagles	have	built	a	nest	near	Eastwood	
Metropark.	This	is	the	first	eagle’s	nest	in	the	        The Three Managers                                  books	in	the	Dayton	area.	Elaine,	on	the	
                                                                                                             other	hand,	has	widened	the	selection	of	
area	in	many	years,	and	a	potent	sign	that	              The	Glen	Helen	Nature	Shop	was	not	always	          Folkmanis	puppets.	Originally,	the	focus	was	
our	efforts	to	restore	wildlife	populations	can	         the	bright,	inviting	store	we	have	today.	Years	    on	animals	of	the	eastern	United	States,	but	
succeed.                                                 ago,	the	space	was	partly	used	by	former	           then	penguins	“marched”	in	and	polar	bears	
–	Betty	Ross	(                       Glen	Helen	Director	Ralph	Ramey	and	other	          arrived.	For	his	part,	Marv	started	a	successful	
                                                         photography	enthusiasts	as	a	darkroom	              search	for	a	more	diverse	array	of	bird	feeders	
                                                         --	with	just	a	section	of	the	space	reserved	for	   and	supplies,	and	occasionally	moved	his	
Our Adoption Program                                     a	small,	dimly	lit	shop.	Fifteen	years	ago,	we	     focus	away	from	birds	to	include	items	like	
The	adoption	fee	is	$00	per	year;	a	photo	and	          finally	had	a	chance	to	give	the	Nature	Shop	       hand-carved	walking	sticks.
certificate	will	be	sent,	and	a	sign	will	be	placed	     a	major	face-lift.	All	merchandise	was	moved	           All	three	say	they	still	find	working	in	the	
at	the	bird’s	cage.	You	may	also	request	a	visit	        out	into	the	atrium,	and	workers	enlarged	          Nature	Shop	interesting	and	fun.	They	enjoy	
with	your	bird	to	a	school,	scout	pack,	club,	office,	   the	retail	space,	covered	the	walls	with	white	     working	with	local	artists	and	craftsmen	to	
or	home.	The	funds	from	your	annual	adoption	            shelving	panels,	and	installed	adequate	            develop	new	products,	they	like	talking	to	
help	support	not	only	the	adopted	bird,	but	all	
                                                         lighting.	                                          old	friends	and	new	arrivals	in	town,	helping	
birds	that	come	into	the	Raptor	Center	needing	
help.	An	adoption	is	a	wonderful	way	for	a	group	            Rita	Colbert	was	the	sole	manager	              them	choose	the	right	hummingbird	feeder	
to	help	the	Raptor	Center,	or	mark	an	anniversary,	      at	the	time	of	this	renovation,	but	about	          or	the	perfect	Charley	Harper	card,	and	
birthday,	holiday,	or	memorial	gift	for	someone	         seven	years	ago,	she	began	to	hand	over	            above	all,	they	enjoy	helping	to	support	the	
special.                                                 responsibility	to	three	of	her	volunteers,	         Glen	and	our	environment.	Elaine,	Marv	and	
Thank you for these renewals:                            Elaine	Brown,	Marv	Lamborg	and	Ruth	                Ruth	grew	up	with	the	timeless	belief	that	
Rod	Barnes                                               Bent.	By	the	time	Rita	left,	Elaine	was	the	        volunteering	was	important	work.	For	them,	
Joan	Barton                                              purchaser	of	Charley	Harper	work,	the	              for	all	of	us,	it	is	hard	to	imagine	a	more	
Brecha/Seidl	Family                                      Folkmanis	puppets,	plus	toys	and	note	cards.	       pleasant	and	rewarding	way	to	contribute	to	
In	memory	of	Elizabeth,	Jessie,	and	Grayce               Marv	was	in	charge	of	bird	supplies,	seed,	         our	community	than	by	heading	down	the	
Licking	Heights	North	(5	birds)
                                                         feeders,	houses,	etc.	and	running	the	annual	       stone	steps	and	into	the	Glen	to	purchase	
Elizabeth	Ross	Family
Watts	Middle	School
                                                         Seed	Sale,	and	Ruth	Bent,	a	professional	           a	gift	in	the	Nature	Shop	or	perhaps,	to	
Brad	and	Kat	Whaley                                      librarian,	was	in	her	element	ordering	books.	      volunteer.
Pete	and	Emily	Whitby                                    She	also	took	on	the	purchase	of	clothing.          –	Mary	Lamborg
                                                             In	the	years	since,	these	three	managers	

Upcoming Events
Raptor Camp Program and Possible Falcon
Thursday,	June	8,	:30	pm	at	the	Raptor	Center
There	will	be	a	short	program	with	our	birds	on	
the	lawn	for	kids	attending	our	summer	Ecocamps.	
You	are	invited	to	join	us	to	tour	the	Center	with	
Raptor	Campers	as	your	guides.	We	hope	to	
release	rehabilitated	American	kestrels.	Please	
bring	a	blanket	or	lawn	chair	and	meet	at	the	
Outdoor	Education	Center	meadow,	075	State	
Route	343.	Check	for	updates.
Owl Programs and Releases
Two	programs	on	owls	of	the	area	will	feature		
the	release	of	young	screech-owls:	Wednesday,	
July	8,	8pm,	Corps	of	Engineers	Visitor	Center	at	
C.J.	Brown	Reservoir	and	Dam	near	Springfield	
(937-325-24	for	directions),	and	Thursday,	July	
9,	8	pm	across	from	the	Horace	Mann	Meadow	
on	Bryan	Park	Road	near	John	Bryan	State	Park.	
Parking	is	available	in	the	meadow;	bring	a		
blanket	or	lawn	chair.                                   Elaine, Marv, and Ruth at home in the Nature Shop

	                                                                                                   In	the	Glen	|	Summer	2009	|	Glen	Helen	Ecology	Institute	7
                                                                                                                                                  Nonprofit	Organization
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                                                                                                                                                  P	A	I	D
                                                                                                                                                  Yellow	Springs,	OH
                                                                                                                                                  Permit	#260

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Yellow	Springs,	Ohio	45387-895
Phone	937.769.902
Fax	937.769.90

Our Wish List                                                   A Special Thanks to The Lucy and                  Glen Helen Nature Preserve	
                                                                                                                  Trails	are	open	daily,	sunrise	to	sunset.	All	wildlife,	
We	are	seeking	items	in	good	condition	for	edu-                 Arthur Morgan Society                             vegetation,	and	natural	features	are	protected.	
cational	programs	and	staff	houses.	We	currently	               Every	little	bit	of	support	helps	us	better	      For	general	information:	937-769-902
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                                                                grams.	And,	larger	contributions	help	a	little	   Located	in	the	Glen	Helen	Building	
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 		 Drill	with	bits                                             joined	or	renewed	membership	in	the	Lucy	         Trailside Science Museum	
 		 Fresh	batteries	(all	sizes)                                                                                   505	Corry	Street,	Yellow	Springs	
                                                                and	Arthur	Morgan	Society	during	January-         Summer	hours:	Mon-Thu	0-7;	Fri	0-8;	Sat-Sun	0-8	
 		 Petsmart	gift	card                                          March	2009:	                                      937-767-7648
 		 Home	Depot	or	Lowe’s	gift	card
                                                                Dr.	Robert	L	Brandt,	Jr.                          Outdoor Education Center	
 		 Paraffin	wax
                                                                                                                  Residential	environmental	education	center		
 		 Refrigerator                                                Sylvia	Carter	Denny	and	Byron	Dann                for	school	groups	and	summer	Ecocamps.	
 		 Joann	Fabrics	gift	card	                                                                                      075	State	Route	343,	Yellow	Springs		
 		 Photo	printing	paper                                        Tom	and	Betty	Finke                               937-767-7648
 		 VCR		                                                       Linda	Griffith	and	Scott	Kellogg                  Raptor Center	
 		 Free-standing	water	hose	holder                                                                               Raptor	education	and	rehabilitation	center	
                                                                John	and	Bari	Hart                                Visitors	are	welcome	to	visit	the	center	and	see		
Please	call	or	e-mail	Beth	Krisko	(,	                                                        the	resident	birds.	Summer	hours:	9-7.	
                                                                Amy	Munich
937-767-7648)	to	arrange	a	time	for	pick	up	or	drop	off.                                                          075	State	Route	343,	Yellow	Springs		
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In the Glen                                                     Kate	and	John	Vassallo                            Glen Helen Nature Shop
is	published	quarterly	for	Glen	Helen	Association	members	                                                        Located	in	the	Glen	Helen	Building	
and	other	friends	of	the	Glen	Helen	Ecology	Institute.                                                            405	Corry	Street,	Yellow	Springs	
Editor:	Nick	Boutis;	Contributors:	Nick	Boutis,	Beth	Krisko,	                                                     Mon-Fri,	9:30-4:30;	Sat-Sun	0-4;	
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Ross,	Ann	Shaw;	Design:	Bob	Bingenheimer	                                                                         CPrinted	on	recycled	paper

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