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									Prelaw Advising at UNH is proud to share this update from Mock Trial Coach Charlie Putnam:

The Wildcat Litigators 2010-11 season came to an end in dramatic fashion at the AMTA Opening Round
Championship Series in White Plains, New York. The team failed to earn a bid to the "Gold Round"
(college mock trial's equivalent of the Sweet 16) by a single point on a complex tie-breaker mechanism.
Along the way the team earned a tournament honorable mention and two individual awards, proving
once again that UNH mockers are competing with the best teams nationally in this "sport."

Senior mockers Katie McKay (ANTH, '11) and Kerry McHugh (POLT, 11, MAPS '12) earned outstanding
witness awards for their portrayals of expert witnesses. Katie earned a "perfect 20," indicating that
every judge who saw her in this tournament found her to be the best witness in her round. Kerry,
together with Katie D'Addio (Dec '10, William and Mary Law School '14), was co-captain of the team,
and earned a number of outstanding attorney ranks for her closing arguments.

The team went 5-3, splitting ballots with its coach's alma mater, Yale in the first round, splitting with
Dickinson (and college mock trial home of UNH Mock Trial founder Drew Christie's son, though we didn't
have to face Drew's son, who is studying abroad), taking two from a deeply disappointed Syracuse team
and splitting with tournament host Iona in the last round. Only 6 teams could advance from this
tournament. Four teams, including UNH, had 5-3 won-loss records, qualifying for the last 2 available bids
to the National Round in Des Moines. UNH came in just one point behind rival BU on the "strength of
competition" tie-breaker, and finished with the honorable mention. Although a previous UNH team
earned an honorable mention at one of these national tournaments, this is the best record a UNH team
has compiled and the closest we have come to going on to the "gold round."

UNH finished ahead of teams from Yale, Columbia, Brandeis, Syracuse, Georgetown, Wellesley and
UMass-Amherst. In addition to Kerry and the 2 Katies, members of the ORCS team were Phillip D'Addio
(POLT, '13), Miles Ela (WSBE '12), Richard Jordan (POLT '12), Frank, O'Connor (WSBE '11), Nikki Otis
(POLT '11) and Zach Rubinstein (HHS '11).

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