; Causes of the Civil War Rap
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Causes of the Civil War Rap


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									                                     Causes of the Civil War Rap/Poem

In your desk-groups, you need to come up with a 10-16 line rap that explains the causes of the Civil War.
You will present tomorrow at the beginning of class.
Everyone must participate for full credit.

Be sure and use the following key words in your rap:
    Slavery
    Secession or secede
    The North
    The South
    The Election of Lincoln of 1860

Include at least four of the words below:
     Abolitionists
     Underground Railroad
     Fugitive Slave Act
     Popular Sovereignty
     Missouri Compromise
     Compromise of 1850
     Dred Scott Decision
     Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854
     Uncle Tom’s Cabin
     Northern Factories
     John Brown’s Raid

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