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					                                  Iraq and Afghanistan Wars


-In the days and weeks after the fall of Saddam’s regime how did Iraqi people react? How did the U.S.
military react? How did this hurt the U.S. effort?

-There were some military commanders in Iraq that handled their assigned areas very well from the
beginning. Tell me what a successful military commander would do upon taking control of a city in regard
to the people and the local leaders as well as how they would present themselves.

-How did the disbandment of the Iraqi military and police forces, the “de-Baathification” policy in the
National Ministries, and the closure of state-run industries help feed the insurgencies in Iraq?

-What are some of the challenges in training and using Iraqi security forces? Who are Iraqis loyal to in
their culture? Explain some of the circumstances which demonstrated the problems with using improperly
or under-trained Iraqi security forces?

-What was Abu Ghraib? What happened there and how did it affect the image of the U.S. in the war?

-What was “The Surge”? Why was it used? Was it effective? How did it work?

-What goal was achieved in June 2009? How did Iraqis respond? How many US troops are now in Iraq? What
is the current role of US troops in Iraq? How many are expected to remain in 2010? 2011?


-When and why did the US invade Afghanistan? What is the 20th century history of foreign involvement
in Afghanistan?

-What is the “revised” strategy that is being implemented by the Marines in Afghanistan? How are they
doing this? Explain some of the challenges the Marines have faced with this strategy. Give examples.

-Name the commanding General in Afghanistan. What has he said that he needs in order to “win the
war?” Explain the controversy behind his request.

-Explain the relationship between the Taliban and Pakistan both historically and currently. Where has the
Taliban been gaining strength in Pakistan and how have the Pakistani government and population reacted?

-What major event occurred in Afghanistan at the end of August? What was the result and how does this
result challenge US and NATO efforts there?

Kabul              Kandahar
Pakistan           Jalalabad
“Tribal Areas”
Helmand Province

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