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English Literature


									English Literature

The Department offers a variety of approaches to both literature and language,                ENGL 100
including British and American literature, literary theory, women writers,                    ENGLISH LITERATURE
literature and film and creative writing. Lancaster University is only an hour or            Terms taught: FY
so away from the Lake District (which can be seen from campus on a clear day),
                                                                                             Credits: 10 semester credits or 20 ECTS credits
so that you can not only study Wordsworth’s poetry but - if you feel energetic!
                                                                                             Also available: M only – 5 semester credits;
- actually climb the very hills and mountains he is writing about.
                                                                                             LS only – 5 semester credits
                                                                                             The first term looks at the development of
POSTGRADUATE OPPORTUNITIES                                                                   English poetry from the 16th to the early 20th
Taught courses - MA in Contemporary Literary Studies, MA in Literary and Cultural            century. It seeks to develop skills of close literary
Studies, MA in Romantic and Victorian Literature, MA in English Language and                 analysis and also to give a broader historical
Contemporary Literary Studies, MA in Gender and Women’s Studies and English;                 picture of the rise of a national literary tradition
                                                                                             in the Renaissance and its disintegration in the
MAs by Research: English Literary Research, 19th century Literary Research; Literature,      Modernist period. The second term
Drama and Society: Shakespeare to Behn; Gender Genre and Cultural Theory.                    concentrates on the energy and diversity of
MPhil/PhD by research.                                                                       contemporary writing. A range of literary genres
                                                                                             is covered (poetry, drama, the novel), and
Further information can be found at            attention is given to working-class women,
                                                                                             black and Irish writers as well as mainstream
FACULTY                                                                                      English authors. The course also includes Study
                                                                                             Skills and introduces some of the general
Dr R Appelbaum, Professor S Bainbridge, Dr B Baker, Dr A Bradley, Dr S Bushell,              theoretical issues of reading and interpretation.
Dr T Cosslett, Professor T Eagleton, Dr K Elliott, Professor A Findlay, Dr M Greaney,        It is taught by means of two lectures, one
Professor K Hanley, Dr H Hinds, Dr L Horsley, Dr L Moore, Dr E Oakley-Brown,                 workshop and one seminar each week.
Professor L Pearce, T Pinkney, Professor J Schad, Dr A Sharpe, Dr C Spooner,
Dr J Steel, Dr A Tate.                                                                        ENGL 201
                                                                                              THEORY AND PRACTICE OF CRITICISM
Note for Study Abroad students who are not native English speakers:
                                                                                             Terms taught: FY
If you are interested in taking English or Creative Writing courses, you must be able to     Credits: 8 semester credits or 16 ECTS credits
demonstrate fluent English language ability in all areas of speaking, writing, reading and   Also available: M only – 4 semester credits;
listening. This might take the form of a formal English language qualification such as       LS only – 4 semester credits
IELTS or TOEFL, you may have been taught and assessed at university level in the medium      This course addresses fundamental questions
of English or you may have a bilingual background. Please include evidence of your           about the status, value and interpretation of
English language ability with your application form. If we are not confident that your       texts. With recourse to the major critical
language skills are strong enough, you will not be allowed to register for these courses.    movements of the 20th century – formalism,
                                                                                             marxism, psychoanalysis, structuralism,
                                                                                             poststructuralism, deconstruction, feminism
STUDY ABROAD ADVISER                                                                         etc, we ask fundamental questions about the
Dr Lee Horsley, email:                                             status and function of literature in society:
                                                                                             what is literature? what makes it an object
                                                                                             suitable for an academic discipline? who reads
ASSESSMENT                                                                                   it? how is literature connected to the critical
Most courses are assessed by a combination of course work and examination.                   movements that seem to define literature even
                                                                                             as they seek to appreciate and explain it? We
                                                                                             ask questions about the relationship between
                                                                                             author, text and reader and we analyse various
                                                                                             theories on the process or practice of writing
                                                                                             and reading as students, as critics, and in
                                                                                             general as ‘consumers’ of literature in the
                                                                                             culture of today.
                                                                                             Set Text: Julie Rivkin and Michael Ryan (eds)
                                                                                             Literary Theory: An Anthology (Blackwell, 2nd
                                                                                             edition, 2004).

                                                                                              ENGL 202
                                                                                              RENAISSANCE TO RESTORATION:
                                                                                              ENGLISH LITERATURE 1580-1688
                                                                                             Terms taught: FY
                                                                                             Credits: 8 semester credits or 16 ECTS credits
   KEY TO SYMBOLS                                                                            Also available: M only – 4 semester credits;
                                                                                             LS only – 4 semester credits
   Note: Courses often last for more than one term.
                                                                                             This course will focus on the literature of
   FY    A course taught throughout the academic year.                                       change in the 17th century, from the brilliant
   M     A course taught in the Michaelmas term (October - December).                        and edgy theatre of the likes of Ben Jonson
    L    A course taught in the Lent term (January - March)                                  and John Webster to the prose writings of
                                                                                             revolutionaries like John Milton and monarchist
   LS    A course taught in the Lent and Summer terms (January - June).
                                                                                             libertines like Aphra Behn. It will take us
   S     A course taught in the Summer term (April - June).                                  through the 1630s and many of the most
   MorL A course taught in either the Michaelmas or Lent term.                               ‘classic’ of English writers thrived: Sir Francis
   N/A   A course will not be taught in the year shown. It may be taught in future years.
                                                                                             Bacon, John Donne, Ben Jonson. It will then
                                                                                             focus on the period of revolution and
   TBC   A course which has not yet been finally approved by the university.                 Restoration, and will include glances at

religious controversy, political pamphleteering,    recurring themes, images, questions and             these genres. We will be asking why some of
libertine poetry and utopian romance. The           stylistic features, an increasingly complex         these genres have been traditionally thought
figure of John Milton, whose works span the         picture of the literature created mostly by         of as 'male' or 'female', and whether they are
Caroline 1630s, the revolutionary years and         English-speaking Americans.                         gendered in these ways. The course will also
the Restoration, will loom large throughout.        Set texts: Norton Anthology of American             explore and test feminist literary critical
We will ask questions about how a century’s         Literature, Volumes A and B, 7th edition;           approaches to this literature.
literature of change participated in social and     Mark Twain, Huckleberry Finn; Henry James,          Set texts will include: Margaret Atwood, The
cultural change and we will examine                 The Turn of the Screw
                                                                                                        Handmaid’s Tale (1985); Jane Austen,
developing formations in gender construction,
                                                                                                        Persuasion (1818); Margaret Cavendish,
religious expression, political debate and the       ENGL 207
                                                     BRITISH ROMANTICISM                                Convent of Pleasure (1688) [course pack];
cultivation and transmission of literary art.
                                                                                                        Harriet Jacobs, Incidents in the Life of a Slave
Set texts include: The Broadview Anthology          Terms taught: FY                                    Girl (1851); Jackie Kay, The Adoption Papers
of 17th Century Verse and Prose, ed Alan            Credits: 8 semester credits or 16 ECTS credits      (1990); Maxine Hong Kingston, The Woman
Rudrum et al; Ben Jonson’s Plays and Masques,                                                           Warrior (1989); Toni Morrison, Beloved (1987);
                                                    Also available: M only – 4 semester credits;
second edition, ed Richard Harp, Norton;                                                                Dorothy Osborne, Letters (1652-3) [selections
                                                    LS only – 4 semester credits
John Milton, Paradise Lost, ed John Leonard,                                                            on handout]; The Virago Book of Love Poetry
Penguin; William Wycherley, The Country Wife,       The course is divided into four key areas:          (1992); Jeanette Winterson, Written on the
New Mermaids; Margaret Cavendish, The               Revolution; Women; Gothic; and Self and             Body (1994); Dorothy Wordsworth, Grasmere
Blazing World and Other Writings, Penguin;          Society. We will begin by examining the             Journals (1800-3) [course pack]
Aphra Behn, Oroonoko or The Royal Slave,            relationship between Romanticism and
ed Paul Salzman, Oxford.                            revolution, particularly in terms of the events      ENGL 303
                                                    of the French Revolution. We will consider how       FROM DECADENCE TO MODERNISM
 ENGL 203                                           the ideas generated during the period related        1890-1945
 VICTORIAN LITERATURE                               to issues of gender, developing this theme to
                                                                                                        Terms taught: FY
                                                    examine poetry by women. These poets
Terms taught: FY                                    introduce two of the major preoccupations of        Credits: 8 semester credits or 16 ECTS credits
Credits: 8 semester credits or 16 ECTS credits      Romantic writing, childhood and education,          Also available: M only – 4 semester credits;
Also available: M only – 4 semester credits;        which we will explore together with Austen’s        LS only – 4 semester credits
LS only – 4 semester credits                        novel of education, Northanger Abbey. The           This course aims to examine some of the key
This course aims to introduce you to a wide         course will then turn its attention to the          writers from a turbulent epoch of artistic
                                                    literary movement of ‘Gothic’ which emerges         experiment and innovation. We will look in
range of Victorian literature. It also seeks to
                                                    during the Romantic period. We examine the          close textual detail at many of the boldest new
give you an understanding of the role played
                                                    relationship between ‘Self and Society’,            kinds of poetry and fiction that emerge in
by that literature in the defining cultural
                                                    exploring some of the more complex                  these decades as the new language of
debates of Victorian Britain. The course focuses
                                                    underlying ideas about the workings of the          Modernism and will seek also to understand
on the following areas: industrialisation, social
                                                    mind, of memory, and of the imagination as          the wider social and cultural contexts,
class, gender, sexuality, religion and science.
                                                    they find expression in the major writers of the    including imperialism, nationalist struggles,
The aim of the course is to introduce you to
                                                    period. The course aims to give you a well-         socialist revolution, feminism and mass-culture,
the rich variety and complexity of ‘Victorian’
                                                    rounded sense of Romanticism as a full              in which these works powerfully intervene.
attitudes in each of these areas.
                                                    development of earlier 18th century ideas and
Set texts include: The Broadview Anthology                                                              Set texts include: Joseph Conrad, Lord Jim;
                                                    movements as well as a distinct period in itself.
of Victorian Poetry (Concise Edition. The                                                               Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventures of
                                                    We will work out of close knowledge of key
anthology will feature in both terms); Charlotte                                                        Sherlock Holmes; T S Eliot, Collected Poems
                                                    texts in order to begin to tackle some of the
Bronte, Jane Eyre; Charles Dickens, Great                                                               1909-62; Jean Rhys, Good Morning, Midnight;
                                                    wider, more abstract ideas such as: nature;
Expectations; Mary Braddon, Lady Audley’s                                                               Virginia Woolf, Mrs Dalloway and To the
                                                    memory; imagination; the sublime. We will
Secret; Lewis Carroll, Through the Looking                                                              Lighthouse; D H Lawrence, Women in Love;
                                                    also consider literary ideas within a broader
Glass and What Alice Found There; Roger                                                                 Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray;
                                                    social, historical, and philosophical context.
Luckhurst (ed), Late Victorian Gothic Tales;                                                            H G Wells, The Time Machine; W H Auden,
                                                    Set texts: Romanticism, An Anthology, ed            Selected poems (widely available in anthologies
William Morris, News From Nowhere; Oscar            Duncan Wu (3rd edition, 2005) for poetry by
Wilde, An Ideal Husband; Rudyard Kipling,                                                               or on the web).
                                                    Wordsworth, Coleridge, Blake, Shelley, Byron
The Jungle Books.                                   and a range of women poets; William Godwin,
                                                    Caleb Williams, ed David McCracken (The
 ENGL 204
 AMERICAN LITERATURE TO 1900                        World’s Classics, 1982); Jane Austen, Sense
                                                    and Sensibility (any affordable editions, OUP);
Terms taught: FY                                    Mary Shelley, Frankenstein (any, but preferably
Credits: 8 semester credits or 16 ECTS credits      the 1818 edition, OUP).
Also available: M only – 4 semester credits;
                                                     ENGL 302
LS only – 4 semester credits                         WOMEN WRITERS OF BRITAIN
This course considers how American Literature        AND AMERICA
has evolved from its colonial origins, with
                                                    Terms taught: FY
particular emphasis on key figures of the 19th
century. What we call ‘American Literature’         Credits: 8 semester credits or 16 ECTS credits
and how we define America and ‘the                  Also available: M only – 4 semester credits;
American experience’ depends on who is              LS only – 4 semester credits
writing and to whom. We shall encounter             The course will explore the relationship
many different voices, many conflicting and         between sexual identity and literary production
contrasting views, a diversity of complex           in a range of texts from 17th to 20th century.
experiences and a great range of writing in         It is divided into four sections, including
form and style (don’t expect the poetic and         fictional and non-fictional texts: letters,
novelistic forms you are used to in British         journals and autobiography; romance; history;
literature). The course will be broadly thematic    and fantasy. We will be investigating the ways
in its approach, aiming to build up through         women writers have made use of, or revised,

Additional syllabus information can be found at
 ENGL 304                                               ENGL 307                                                  ENGL 365
 AMERICAN LITERATURE FROM 1900                          LITERATURE AND FILM                                       SCIENCE FICTION IN LITERATURE
                                                                                                                  AND FILM
Terms taught: FY                                       Terms taught: FY
                                                                                                                 Terms taught: M or LS                   **QUOTA**
Credits: 8 semester credits or 16 ECTS credits         Credits: 8 semester credits or 16 ECTS credits
                                                                                                                 Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
Also available: M only – 4 semester credits;           Also available: M only – 4 semester credits;
LS only – 4 semester credits                           LS only – 4 semester credits                              This course will trace the development of science
                                                                                                                 fiction (SF) in literature and film, providing an
This course is a selective survey of the               Many critics argue that film in the 20th century
                                                                                                                 insight into the conventions of the genre and, in
development of American Literature from the            picked up certain narrative and cultural functions
                                                                                                                 particular, how the key themes of the science
turn of the 20th century to the present,               of literature and that film belongs to the literary
                                                                                                                 fiction genre have been successfully adapted for
examining literary responses to modernity and          tradition as much as to the photographic and
                                                                                                                 the screen. Texts have been chosen from a range
relating literary texts to their cultural and social   technological traditions in which it participates.
                                                                                                                 of historical periods to enable a consideration of
contexts. In this period these contexts were           Nowhere is this more focused than in the films of
                                                                                                                 the cultural and historical contexts in which key
changing radically. Industrialisation and              literature (literary film adaptations) and in the
                                                                                                                 science fiction texts were produced, and how
technological advance, patterns of migration           literatures of film (screenplays, novelisations, and
and immigration producing increased                                                                              this affects their development. The course will
                                                       critical writings on film). Moreover, films of books
urbanisation, together with the expansion of                                                                     analyse in detail the formal and generic
                                                       are not simply aesthetic adaptations of literature
the US economy and then its collapse in the                                                                      characteristics of the science fiction novel and
                                                       to audiovisual media or “literature in
Wall Street Crash and ensuing Great                                                                              the short story and will provide an introduction
                                                       performance,” but are also acts of criticism and
Depression, all this altered the conception of                                                                   to the visual aspects of the science fiction film.
                                                       interpretation. Contemporary films often adapt
what ‘America’ was and what it stood for, in                                                                     The course will integrate themes such as time
                                                       the current literary criticism as well as classical
ways that affected writers. Some of them                                                                         travel (The Time Machine, Twelve Monkeys), the
                                                       literary texts. For example, Patricia Rozema’s film
harked back to nostalgic visions of rural                                                                        alien or other (2001, Starship Troopers),
                                                       of Mansfield Park (1999) adapts Edward Said’s
America, and some subverted these; some                                                                          robots/androids (Blade Runner), with an ongoing
                                                       postcolonial criticism of the novel as well as
assimilated Modernism (whose imperative to                                                                       investigation of the relationship between science
                                                       incidents in and characters from the novel. The
‘make it new’ seemed to demand literary                                                                          fiction film and ‘literary’ SF texts. The course will
                                                       study of literature in relation to film is thus central
experimentation), and some sought to give this                                                                   consider both how the genre is represented
                                                       rather than peripheral to our understanding of
a particularly American character. Furthermore,                                                                  through the cinematic form and what happens
                                                       the history and criticism of literature and its
with the Anglo-American definition of America                                                                    in terms of narrative structure, plot and
                                                       various manifestations in the world.
losing some of its authority, voices previously                                                                  characterisation when presented in an
marginalized became audible, as regional and           Primary texts: Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice;          audiovisual format. The course will be scheduled
minority writers declared, ‘I, too, am America’.       J M Barrie, Peter Pan and Wendy, Lewis Carroll;           in a flexibly used three hour slot for seminar
                                                       Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through              discussions and showing films.
Set texts include: The Norton Anthology of             the Looking Glass; Philip K Dick, Minority Report;
American Literature, Vols D & E, Seventh               Paul Farley, The Ice Age; Graham Greene,                   ENGL 369
edition (New York, 2007); F Scott Fitzgerald,          The End of the Affair; Frank Miller, Sin City:             20TH CENTURY INDIAN NOVEL
The Great Gatsby (1925); Ernest Hemingway,             The Hard Goodbye; William Shakespeare, Romeo
Fiesta (1926), Thomas Pynchon, The Crying of           and Juliet; Cornell Woolrich, Rear Window aka             Terms taught: M or LS                  **QUOTA**
Lot 49 (1966); Don DeLillo, White Noise                It Had To Be Murder; Course reader containing             Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
(1984); Douglas Coupland, Generation X: Tales          additional required readings on film history,             Indian literature has dominated the stage of
of an Accelerated Culture (1991); Toni                 production, screenwriting, theories of adaptation,        world/postcolonial writing in English since the
Morrison, Song of Solomon (1977).                      and criticism of our set texts and films                  publication of Salman Rushdie’s rambunctious
                                                                                                                 Midnight’s Children (1981 Booker Prize winner,
 ENGL 306                                              THIRD YEAR courses ~ ENGL 353-383                         subsequently judged ‘the Booker of Bookers’).
 SHAKESPEARE                                           These are strict quota courses, and there                 This course aims to place Rushdie’s extraordinary
                                                       will be only a limited number of places (if               novel in the context of wider developments in
Terms taught: FY                                       any) available to visiting students on them.              20th century Indian fiction in English and to
Credits: 8 semester credits or 16 ECTS credits         Note also that these courses will run in                  introduce a diversity of gendered,
Also available: M only – 4 semester credits;           either Michaelmas or Lent Term, but we will               cultural/religious and regional perspectives.
LS only – 4 semester credits                           not know which term they are in until later               Beginning with novels by men and women
                                                       in the year. Each is worth 4 semester credits.            writing in the context of British colonial rule, we
Ben Jonson claimed of Shakespeare ‘he was not
of an age but for all time.’ This course examines                                                                then move into representations of the turbulent
                                                        ENGL 361                                                 world of the postcolonial subcontinent by
Shakespearean drama in its own time: as a               THE LITERATURE OF SLEEP
platform in which early modern debates about                                                                     writers in India and the diaspora. At times this
agency and government, family, national identity,      Terms taught: M or LS                  **QUOTA**          ‘imagined community’ is evoked through the
were put into play, and in relation to the politics                                                              microcosmic, domestic and local; at others
                                                       Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
of our own day. The stage was and is a place in                                                                  through a noisy jostle of languages, religions,
which issues of gender, class, race, gain              This course will examine the representation of            gods, voters, magical objects, inequalities and
immediacy through the bodies and voices of             sleep and sleep-related experiences (such as              storytellers. We will pay close attention to the
actors. By examining plays from across                 dreaming, hypnosis, insomnia, narcolepsy and              diverse shapes, styles and idioms of the modern
Shakespeare’s career, we will explore their power      sleepwalking) in modern literature. Most of us will       Indian novel and to the major historical and
to shape thoughts and feelings in their own age        spend about a third of our lives asleep – which is        political events – particularly colonial rule,
and in ours. We will consider Shakespeare’s            to say that we will spend more time sleeping than         Independence and Partition, and the Emergency
manipulation of genre (comedy, history, tragedy        doing anything else in our lives. But if sleep is         – with which these world engage.
and romance) and the ways the plays make               arguably the most common human activity, it is
active use of language (verse, prose, rhyme,           also the least describable. Can sleep – a state that       ENGL 372
rhythm) and theatrical languages (costume, stage       separates us from all sense of time, from                  OTHER VICTORIANS
positions) to generate meaning. The course will        language, and from rational self-awareness –
                                                       even count as a region of human experience? Or            Terms taught: M or LS                 **QUOTA**
consider how, in the past and in the present,
                                                       is it simply a void that separates one day from the       Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
Shakespeare’s scripts exploit the emotional and
political possibilities of drama.                      next? And how has literature responded to the             This course is concerned with a selection of
                                                       erosion of sleep by modern industrial and post-           difficult but fascinating Victorian texts which in
Set Texts: The Norton Shakespeare edited by            industrial cultures? This course will consider            various ways violate the dominant realist code
Stephen Greenblatt et al; plays studied will           potential answers to these questions in a range of
include: The Taming of the Shrew; A Midsummer          modern literary and cultural texts by authors
Night's Dream; Twelfth Night; Henry IV Part I;         including Ernest Hemingway, David Baddiel, Sylvia
Henry IV Part II; King Lear; The Tempest.              Plath, Douglas Coupland and Jonathan Coe.

of their day and thus explore the borderland             betrothal, marriage and death, as propaganda             exists a ‘flawed space’. In its exploration of that
between sense and non-sense, seriousness and             to authorise and delegitimise monarchs. How              space, the course begins with a major figure in
laughter, centre and margin. In this respect, the        do ceremonies in Shakespearean drama help                American literature of the last five decades,
texts are written by those whom, after Michel            to shape human experiences of desire and                 Adrienne Rich, and closes with the publication
Foucault, we might call ‘Other Victorians.’              violence? How are they used to manage                    of Sharon Olds’ Selected Poems in 2005. Rich’s
Indeed, a unifying theme or motif will be the            human emotions, the operations of power, the             influential (and problematic) call to women poets
philosophical notion of ‘the Other’, as first            maintenance or subversion of order? We will              to ‘write directly and overtly as a woman… to
formulated by Hegel at the beginning of the              address these questions via discussion and               take women’s existence seriously as theme and
19th century and subsequently reworked by                short practical drama exercises (no previous             source for art’, a stance which she argued would
such contemporary theorists as Levinas and               experience is necessary).                                close the gap between woman and poet, will
Derrida. The course will explore how, in Victorian                                                                overarch discussion of the transitions in Rich’s
writing, otherness is staged and imagined in all          ENGL 380                                                own oeuvre before tracing her influence on
sorts of ways – including, for example, place,            BETWEEN THE ACTS                                        those poets writing in her wake.
religion, science, consciousness, the future,                                                                     In addition to a formal essay, you will have the
thought, matter, dimension, tears, boats and the         Terms taught: M or LS                 **QUOTA**
                                                                                                                  option either to respond creatively to poems
face. Given that all the texts under discussion, in      Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits            encountered on the course (by writing a
one sense or another, challenge conventional or                                                                   sequence of 4 poems) or to identify a theme
                                                         The course will begin with writing that looks
rationalist modes of realising the world and do                                                                   (eg mothers/daughters, the female erotic, the
                                                         back to World War 1 and end with writing that
so in ways that raise a number of philosophical                                                                   body) and write the introduction to an anthology
                                                         anticipates World War 2. In between these, you
questions, you will be encouraged to respond to                                                                   of your own devising.
                                                         will explore and interrogate the inter-war
the texts both imaginatively and philosophically.
                                                         ‘moment’ through close attention to a number
                                                         of other texts. The course will focus on many of          ENGL 385
 ENGL 373                                                the great themes of the period such as exile,             LITERATURE AND THE VISUAL ARTS
 AND SEA: ROBIN HOOD AND PIRATES                         unemployment, Englishness, eugenics,                     Terms taught: M or LS                  **QUOTA**
                                                         militarisation and political commitment, as well
Terms taught: M or LS                 **QUOTA**          as many of the great cultural motifs of the period       Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits            such as borders, radios, planes, cars, trains,           Is it possible to ‘read’ a painting? Can an artist
                                                         cameras and telephones. Close attention will also        interpret a poem in paint? This course addresses
From Johnny Depp’s Captain Jack Sparrow (2003-)
                                                         be paid to many of the great intellectual debates        the complex relationship between literature and
to Russell Crowe’s Robin Hood (current), notions
                                                         of the period such as the nature of history, the         the visual arts, tracing key debates in aesthetic
of outlawry haunt 21st century popular culture
                                                         role of the State in everyday life, and the place of     theory from Romanticism to the 21st century.
and recent academic debate (see Phillips (ed)
                                                         literary experimentation in time of war. We shall        Literature and the Visual Arts will begin with
2005 and Jowitt (ed) 2006). A fascination with
                                                         explore how inter-war writing both reflects the          an introduction to key critical terms and an
renegade figures is also found in the early modern
                                                         period and indeed participates in the period. You        examination of the painting-inspired poetry of,
period. This course examines representations of
                                                         will then be expected to understand the ways in          for example, John Keats and W H Auden.
Robin Hood and pirates in a range of generically
                                                         which the texts under consideration exist not            Subsequent seminars will explore the work of
distinct 16th and 17th century texts.
                                                         only ‘between the acts’ but are themselves acts –        figures such as William Blake, John Ruskin and
                                                         acts not only of mourning and warning but also           the Pre-Raphaelites who blur the distinction
 ENGL 374
 REFORMING THE BODY IN                                   agitation, provocation, resistance, despair, and         between literature and art; the 19th century
 ELIZABETHAN ENGLAND                                     even (therefore) hope.                                   revolution in book illustration; the revival of the
                                                                                                                  Pop Art tradition and postmodern narrative
Terms taught: M or LS                   **QUOTA**         ENGL 383                                                practices; and, finally, the fusion of word and
Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits             TERRORISM, VIOLENCE AND THE SACRED                      image in graphic novels. The course will draw
                                                                                                                  on the unique resources of the University’s
The body is a cultural concept constructed               Terms taught: M or LS                    **QUOTA**
                                                                                                                  Ruskin Library and rare book archive.
through various media, from visual art to literary       Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
texts. In the specific historical and cultural context
                                                         Terrorism is nothing new. Nor is the rootedness           ENGL 386
of Elizabethan England, representations of the                                                                     21ST CENTURY FICTION
body have a significant role. Most obviously, in         of terrorist violence in religious conflict and
the ideological shifts brought about by the              political aspiration. Terrorism is political violence    Terms taught: M or LS                 **QUOTA**
Reformation and the accession of Elizabeth I,            aimed to achieve the effect of ‘sending a
                                                         message’. It is a lot like literature in this respect.   Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
the body is used to show cultural difference by
promoting images of the Protestant Queen.                But it is also violent. Terrorism is sending of          This course explores the shifting shapes of
At the same time, Catholic icons of Christ are           messages that harms or hurts and it is usually           fiction in the early 21st century. What place do
suppressed. Indeed, in this particular period of         sacrificial in nature, sending a message about           novels have in an era that is so dominated by
change, the politics of religion and nationhood,         and to that which is sacred, inflicting violence on      the spectacle of visual media? The course will
sex and gender and ‘self’ and ‘other’ are all            a sacrificial victim. This course will explore the       trace the emergence of innovative, genre-
played out on and through the human form. This           relations between terrorism and literature, and          splicing modes of story-telling – a new
course closely examines a range of texts produced        between violence and the sacred, as they were            modernism – in contemporary fiction. Seminars
from 1558 – 1603 – narrative poetry, plays,              experienced in the 16th and 17th centuries,              will focus on close readings of a range of novels
psalms, sonnets, letters and prose – and looks at        featuring the tragic tales and plays by some of          and short stories in relation to major themes of
the ways in which the body is used to construct          its greatest writers as well as the confessions of       the last decade including 9/11 and the War on
identity in Elizabethan England.                         one of its most notorious terrorists. It will also       Terror; globalization, wealth and poverty;
                                                         look at classical, early modern and contemporary         atheism and the ‘return’ of religion; technology
 ENGL 379                                                theories of literature, violence and the sacred,         in an ‘accelerated’ culture and environmental
 CEREMONY IN SHAKESPEARE                                 and read what for Aristotle is the very model of         anxiety. Key novelists include Ian McEwan,
                                                         the tragic, Sophocles’ Oedipus the King – which          Cormac McCarthy, Margaret Atwood and Zadie
Terms taught: M or LS              **QUOTA**             is also about terror.                                    Smith. The course offers you an opportunity to
Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits                                                                     address the relationship between different
                                                          ENGL 384                                                modes of ‘English’ literary fiction in novels and
Ceremony and performance are intimately                   WOMEN AND POETRY IN AMERICA,                            short stories by, for example, British, North
connected in the drama of Shakespeare and                 1960 TO THE PRESENT DAY                                 American, Indian and Australian writers.
his contemporaries. This course studies a
selection of plays from 1598-1633 as                     Terms taught: M or LS               **QUOTA**
performance texts using filmed and staged                Credits: 4 semester credits or 8 ECTS credits
productions and workshops. It examines how
                                                         According to the poet and critic Eavan Boland,
these plays stage ceremonies to mark birth,
                                                         between the terms ‘woman’ and ‘poet’ there

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