04. Assignment Doing Business With Chindia by panniuniu


									                                 Doing Business With Chindia

Game Over by Stephen Leeb, PHD

‘Many economists today refer to the four fastest growing developing nations by
the acronym BRIC, which stands for Brazil, Russia, India and China. Investing and
trading with the BRIC nations has certainly been a way to profit from growth.
However, it is advantageous to believe that the biggest gains in coming years will
be made by those who invest in the four nations endowed with the most surplus
natural resources. These are the BRAC nations: Brazil, Russia, Australia and
Canada. All four are net exporters of fuels and other natural products.’

They will certainly lead the pack in a world where resource shortages are
worsening. And of course China and India are not only the fastest growing and
largest populations in the world, containing 1/3 of the world’s population. They
are also the largest net importers of our natural resources, technologies and
intellectual capital (intelligence and knowledge). This process of growing trade
develops many opportunities for generations to come in the next 50 – 100 years.

The question is: ‘where will you be and what will you be doing?’

‘Will you prepare yourself well enough to take advantage of the growing
opportunities that exist in the Eastern part of the world as it trades more with
Canada due to our abundance of natural resources?’

Will you educate yourself in a field that will provide you with growing

Will you be smart enough and good enough to compete with a growing
population of 100’s of millions of well educated young people just like you from
India and China?

Can you compete? Or is it GAME OVER?
In this assignment, you will focus on your future and research what opportunities
exist for you so that you can feel comfortable that you will attain and continue to
maintain the standard of living that you have become accustomed to.

   1. What job or field of work will grow in demand in the next 20 years that will
      be of interest to you? You should consider the sectors of our economy that
      will continue to grow such as: natural resources, especially if we continue
      to do more trade with the Chinese and the Indians. Explain your reasoning
      in your own words.
   2. Draw a road map or timeline of what you would need to do in order to get
      the knowledge and skills necessary to become employable? List the schools
      that would prepare you for this type of training and describe the length of
      time that it would take.
   3. Create a list of 10 companies that would employ you in the future. Explain
      why you chose these particular companies.
   4. Research and explain if there are any growing trends of any of these
      companies doing business in India or China today.
   5. Are you prepared to go EAST one day in order to find work?
              Doing business with Chindia

Category                                            Level 1   Level 2   Level 3        Level 4

Knowledge/Understanding                             Limited   Some      Considerable   Extensive

Demonstrates knowledge of how Canadian
businesses and economy have been affected by

Thinking/Inquiry                                    Limited   Some      Considerable   Extensive

Has analyzed ways in which the workplace,
occupations and opportunity for employment are
being affected by the global economy

Application                                         Limited   Some      Considerable   Extensive

Has linked research of job opportunities and
education requirements to the growth of
globalization and is able to forecast where
opportunities will exist in the near future
because of our trade relationships

Communication                                       Limited   Some      Considerable   Extensive

Demonstrates communication skills such as;
proper report writing techniques, research skills
(citing of research), professionalism,
appropriate language, proper grammar and
Example of a Level 4
                                   Doing Business with Chindia

       The job market fluctuates very frequently and the jobs that are in demand today may

not be in demand tomorrow. Personally, I want to make sure that the field that I go into will

provide me with benefits and a comfortable salary that I can happily live with. In order for my

goals to be met, I need to make sure that the job is in demand. A sample job that I might want

to pursue in the future would be being a buyer for the company Suncor. This would secure my

future because it is a permanent full time position. The company’s stocks continue to increase

every day because they are leading innovators in their field of providing energy. Suncor also

makes investments in renewable energy. Suncor focuses strongly on cleaner ways of finding

energy by investing in the four wind projects and Canada’s largest ethanol plant. Global

demands are going nowhere but up, driven by the rapidly expanding economies of China and

India. Suncor is prepared for this unsustainable demand for energy and natural resources. The

company head believes that the way to stay ahead of the game is the use of hydrocarbons. A

Hydrocarbon is a combustible fuel source that is the most important energy resource available.

This proves that Suncor is a global leader and competitor in their market, and a very good

company to work for. Suncor also believes in maintaining a good partnership with the

companies they export to globally; that is one of the reasons why their services are in demand

and revered. Globally the company does well because there will never stop being a demand for

energy, and companies would like that energy to be environmentally friendly.
       In order to achieve the goal of becoming a buyer for Suncor, I would have to start out as

a consultant for another company, and work my way up the corporate food chain. The

prerequisites for becoming a consultant in general, would be a bachelors and Master’s degree

in general business. I could also obtain a bachelors and Masters in International business and

still be able to become a consultant. In total, the amount of schooling that I would need before

I can become a consultant would be 5 years. Then as a consultant I would gain the skills and

knowledge that I would need to succeed as a buyer. I would develop such skills as; Identifying

clients’ problems, opportunities, and risks, Gathering and analyzing relevant data, Conducting

client interviews and facility visits, Developing and evaluating alternative strategies, Developing

reports and presenting findings to clients, Working with clients to implement solutions. With

these skills and a minimum of three year’s experience, I would be able to apply for the position

of a buyer for Suncor. All of the experience and knowledge required for the position of buyer

proves that it is a highly cut-throat and competitive position that will most likely pay well.

Some schools that I would consider going to for business would be; Wilfred Laurier, University

of Toronto, University of Western Ontario, or Ryerson. Most likely I would major in the

business section at the school and maybe minor in something complementary like English, or a

second language.

       In the future if I follow the business career path, there are many companies that would

hire me with my Masters. Some of the companies that will hire me with high pay and benefits

include; Fidelity Investments, Insperity, NCR, Technisource, Echlin Business Consulting, Booz

Allen Hamilton, Microsoft, Aston carter, Deloitte, Consulting Point. A company such as Booz
Allen Hamilton would provide me with the experience that I would need in the energy field in

order to get into the buyer position at Suncor. This would be the ideal route for me if I wanted

to continue with that position. Another option for me would to continue to be a consultant

because I have learned that they can make anywhere from 40, 000 to 100, 000 dollars a year

with bonuses available and benefits. I would probably be comfortable in that position, but I

would still strive to work up the corporate ladder because I am an overachiever and I believe

that a person can always do better. I also know that I would be making a much bigger salary as

a buyer for Suncor and I would be able to live more than comfortably. The companies that I

chose not only offer substantial pay, but also assurance of a future, and a possibility of gaining

higher and more prominent positions in the company. The experiences that I gain from these

companies will also be perfect stepping stones for the possibility of building my own company.

I will learn to do the job well, and eventually be able to do it better than the companies that I

have worked for.

       Suncor for example, is realizing that the growing demands in India and China are

becoming more and more noticeable and the company wishes to take advantage of that by

trading hydrocarbons and other fuel sources. Booz Allen Hamilton works with utilities and with

oil and gas companies to help them address the risks of new fuel sources and to remain

competitive against a backdrop of cost constraints and mounting social, political, and economic

pressures that are picked at by intense public and political scrutiny. Globalization has helped to

improve the relationship of Suncor and other companies around the world. The position of

buyer has developed and grown since globalization because there are so many more options
involved in trading globally; more choice as to what price to charge, who to trade with, and

when to trade.

       I am prepared to travel and go east in order to stay on top. With my company and the

job that I wish to do, travelling may be a requirement and I may have no choice. Many of the

areas that we will be doing business with would be India and China and in order to negotiate

terms and conditions I would have to meet personally with the company leaders. I would have

no problem with learning the culture of that country in order to do business successfully and

exceptionally. I would also have no problem working permanently out east if there are

opportunities available for me; I will go wherever work is available.

       Therefore, the position of a buyer that I foresee for my future will lead me many places

and will allow me many opportunities and experiences. I will gain insight into trading

internationally and be that much closer to dominating the global markets, which is my ultimate

goal. I hope to be able to set up a successful life and eventually teach my kids how to stay on

top. I look towards future success and that involves being with a company who realizes that

they need to take advantage of the BRIC (Brazil, Russia, China, India) countries and trade with

them. That’s why being in a BRAC (Brazil, Russia, Australia, Canada) country is very beneficial

because we have access to the most amount of natural resources and when we take advantage

of those, success is sure to follow.

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