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Dairy Products Temperature Monitoring


A wide range of nutrients the body needs can only ensure the body's normal metabolism, need to get from dairy or soy protein, B vitamins and vitamin A, vitamin D and so on.

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									Dairy Products Temperature Monitoring
A cost effective temperature monitoring solution for dairy delivery vehicles can be easily
supplied with a few options depending on the products you need to monitor and whether you
need air or product temperatures to be recorded, alarmed or displayed.

1) MA0203 2c\temp datalogger is a cost effective reusable datalogger that can be
programmed with upper and lower alarm limits. It will record data at user programmed
intervals and record the readings. If temperatures are recorded outside the limits (either
continuous or cumulative time) the RED LED on the unit will begin flashing to alert you or
your driver of the problem. For dairys this is incredibly effective as it basically forces drivers
to open and close doors faster to maintain temperatures inside. The fuel savings alone will
likely pay for the cost of the dataloggers many times over. At the end of the day the unit is
removed from a locked case by the shipping supervisor and the data is downloaded to a
computer using easy to use software for preparing graphs and charts for you HACCP

2) MA0210 Micro DL does everything the MA0203 2c\temp datalogger does but has the
following additional features: smaller and more compact, waterproof and has and LCD
display to show current temperatures, alarms settings and time above and below alarm
limits. If using the dataloggers to track products the compact size and waterproof features of
the MICRO DL dataloggers could prove to be advantageous for you. For example model with
probes can be inserted into quarts of milk to do correlation studies between the milk
temperature and that of the truck or to track products after delivery to customers to show
temperature abuse might not be occurring on your trucks and allow you to train your
customers in turn on proper handling of your products. The value of this service cannot be
understated and will allow you to troubleshoot nagging customer complaints much more
thoroughly and prove that you are a proactive supplier with an advanced Quality Control

For both units the ideal place to mount is near the door and up high. This is usually the
warmest spot and therefore if readings are in compliance it will prove you truck and products
are also being maintained properly. This location will show a temperature spike each time
the door is opened but the alarms can be set to only go off if this spike exceeds a specified
time, thereby allowing your driver a reasonable time to unload each delivery.
You can build your own case or we can supply CS1000 cases that can be bolted, or screwed
to the wall and locked shut. In this instance, we would modify the case by drilling many
holes in it to allow air flow (no longer waterproof , but still very durable and protective) to
protect the datalogger from being lost or damaged in the normal rigors of shipping and
receiving in the tight quarters of a truck. (also prevents tampering in case drivers find they
dislike being told they are taking too long to closed the door.)

Review these options and then let us know if these are suitable or whether other features
are needed. We also supply wireless systems for plant operations monitoring, hygiene
monitoring systems and swabs and thermometers to meet most of you other HACCP
compliance needs. Please let us know if we can help with these as well and we will be happy
to help.

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