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Department of Machine and Product Design


									Department of Machine and Product Design

The Department of Machine Elements was established in 1949 as one of the first six
departments at the University of Miskolc realised in the same year as the Technical
University. The founder and the first head of the Department was Prof. Dr. Zeno Terplán
(from 1949 to 1988). He was succeeded by Prof. Dr. Ádám Döbröczöni (from 1988 to 2009)
and Dr. László Kamondi (from 2009). The name of the Department has been changed to
Department of Machine and Product Design in 2008.

Educational activity of the Department reaches both BSc and MSc courses. Teaching
Operation and Theory of Machines, Technical Drawing or Machine Elements the Department
has a significant role in the BSc level of the mechanical engineering education. Lectures on
e.g. Lubrication and Sealing, or Noise Protection, or Methods of Mechanical Engineering
Design are being held for students are specialised for machine design. Courses e.g. like
Machine Structures and Design, Dynamics of Machine Systems, or Drives are offered for
graduate (MSc) students. The Department also takes care of the Industrial Product and Art
Designer BSc. The Department of Machine and Product Design offers lectures on mechanical
drawing and the basics of machine elements for engineering manager BSc students.

During the past decades several special machines, and equipments were designed by the
colleagues of the Department that are still in use. Some of them are: cable twisting machine,
revolving stage, gearboxes, parts of a vacuum furnace, etc. The department deals with expert
activity on the field of damages of machine, environment protection, noise load or recycling.
Research activity of the Department covers fields like gear boxes, planetary gears, harmonic
drives, design methodology, sealing techniques, and the special field of noise examinations.

The Department of Machine and Product Design has several international co-operations with
Institutes of Technical Universities dealing with the same specific areas. The most significant
academic institutes are TU Magdeburg, TU Leoben, TU Pilsen, University of Maribor, TU
Odessa and TU Harkov.

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