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what is a micro sim for iphone 4s
iphone 4s pris
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what is a micro sim for iphone 4s
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Description: iPad 2 when listing a great success, iPad 3 news has filled the ears! New competitors appear frequently exposed to Apple or the pressure of a somewhat Big Brother! According to Concord Securities (Concord Securities), senior analyst Kuo Ming-Chi (Ming-Chi Kuo) provides the latest news shows, the next generation Apple iPad 3 iPad product is likely to adopt a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels! ! Has been "accurate" and highly acclaimed analyst Kuo Ming-pool that uses such a high resolution means that costs will soar, so the Apple iPad 3 may adjust the screen size, and the company may choose a side thin and lower reflectivity in order to adapt to the outdoor display use ~ ~ bid farewell to what "Jianguang Si" joke. Appearance Of course, this argument is not groundless, although there is more than HD resolution has not officially appeared on mobile devices, but as it is now the most mainstream dual-core processors and graphics chips for the corresponding support 1080P (1920x1080) video has already more than sufficient. So perfect for higher-resolution display is not nonsense.