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					                               How to Register Search Engine

Not in denying that the primary purpose of a blog among others, is that our writings can be read by
other people or visitors to the blog, the more who visit let alone to comment on what we post will
certainly make our hearts feel glad and happy. But of course not necessarily the blog we will be busy on
the go, this requires a vigorous publicity efforts of the owner of the blog if you want lots of visitors.

Many ways that we can do our blogs to be known and visited, among others, is with us diligently
blogwalking or visiting other people's blogs, to register to various aggregators, and the most effective
way is through search engines or search engine.

For novice bloggers might take the position that if we create a website or blog will be automatically
indexed, or are on lists various search engines, and in fact not the case. Just as a school, getting our
name list of students registered on the books, of course, we need to register in advance to the school.
Similarly, search engines, so our blog indexed in search engines, then we must first register our blog
search engine on the site owners.

Search engines are huge numbers of course once, and at present the most famous in the world are
Google, Yahoo, and Msn. If the blog we want them indexed in search engines, then our obligation is to
register the URL of our blog in their search engine. If there is not yet know where to register their blogs,
then please refer to the following:

List of Google
To sign up for google, please visit buddy, well if it had been on the
registration page there are several steps that should be done, namely filling out the form provided:

  URL -> Fill with your blog URL.

  Comments -> Fill in the keyword or keywords related to your blog

  Fill in the empty box with the verification letter is available

  Click the Add URL

After registering to my friend Google, it is not necessarily your blog indexed in its search engine, but
requires 3 to 4 weeks new blog can be indexed. If it is 3 to 4 weeks, then try to type the address of your
blog on google search engine, whether it is indexed or not? if not, try waiting a few weeks away, and
rewrite your blog address, if it is still not well, take a look at his blog daftarin again to google like a step
above. Or maybe my friend can not wait to wait longer, this could actually happen, only in 3 or 4 days
only blog can already indexed in google. Want to know how? Just look at the next post, yes, maybe one
or two days forward finished his article I created.


To sign up for yahoo! please visit pal. However, to apply
to yahoo, my friend must first have a yahoo account, because at first need to log in to yahoo account.
For those who do not have a yahoo account (yahoo email) please make a first, for those who already
have, my friend lived login with username and password mate. If already logged in, then already
available columns for the contents, please fill in the fields with my friend the URL, then click Add URL, is
completed. If you want to enter the feed address and gentlemen, my friend can put it. Remember, the
feed address in blogger only add atom.xml behind the blog URL, example: for my blog has a feed
address as follows:

or use the www is the same:

  Subscribe to Msn

For a list of the Msn, please visit pal pal please
verify the contents of the letter and my friend the URL in the box provided, then click the Submit button
URL, is completed.
If the buddy has more desire, namely URLs indexed in dozens of blog search engines, my friend could
use the help site submitter. Try just click the banner below:

Submit Your Site To The Web's Top 50 Search Engines for Free!

Pal task just to fill his blog URL address, and email address only, then click the Submit Your Site.

If you want more quickly famous bebagai trying to do a ping to an aggregator, please click the link


Buddy lived in filling out the form provided.

Have your blog indexed in google? try to enter your blog address in google search engine which is
available below this post!

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