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									GOOGLE PACK Google pack is a collection of free software being distributed by Google. The pack includes software both from Google and other companies. These software are considered the essential core applications a computer user can't live without so to speak. The pack requires windows xp with administrator privileges and Firefox 1.0 or internet explorer 6.0 and above. Included in the pack are: GOOGLE SOFTWARE Google Earth Picasa Google Pack screen saver Google Desktop Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer Other software: Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar Norton anti virus 2005 special edition 6 month subscription Ad-Aware SE personal Adobe Reader 7 Optional software: Google Talk Real Player Skype Google Video player Gallery player HD images All the above software is downloaded and updated by Google updater. They are provided for free, and you have the ability to specify which all software you want to download. If you indicate that you already have some of the programs in the list, Google updater will verify whether you have the latest version of the product and won't install the software if that is the case. After installation, the Google updater will continue to sit in your system tray and monitor for any updates to the installed software. If new versions of the software become available, the updater will show notifications of their availability for installation.

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