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QP Resolution of Complaints


									Quality Management System Resolution of Complaints QP-9

Prepared by: CPHST Quality Management Unit August 2006

This Procedure describes the process for the resolution of complaints received from customers

This procedure applies to all customer complaints received by CPHST

Who receives customer complaints?

Customer complaints may be received by either the CPHST Director’s office or by Laboratory Directors located at the CPHST laboratories.

Now what?
Customer complaints received by the CPHST Director’s office will be documented on Form 9-1, “Resolution of Complaints” and will be forwarded to CPHST Senior Management or Laboratory Directors for the appropriate action. A copy of the Form 9-1 will be sent to the CPHST QMU for archiving.

Initial Investigation of Complaints
An initial investigation will be conducted to evaluate the complaint. The results of the initial investigation will be recorded on Form 9-1 and will document one of the following outcomes:
 Initiation of Corrective Action  Initiation of Report of Nonconforming Work  Initiation of Preventative Action

Customer Notification
The customer is notified verbally or through e-mail communication if the investigation indicates the complaint was not valid. All customer notifications will be recorded on Form 9-1 and when appropriate, documentation of the notification is attached to the form. All documentation supporting the resolution of complaint will be forwarded to the CPHST QMU for archiving.

Resolution of Complaints Form
Resolution of Complaint #: _________ CPHST Laboratory: ________________ ______
Complainant’s Name: ___________________________________ Date: ______________

Complainant Contact Information: ______________________________________________________
(phone number, fax number, e-mail address or physical address) Description of the Nature of the Complaint:

Results of Initial Investigation

□ Yes □ No Report of Nonconformity Required: □ Yes □ No Preventive Action Required: □ Yes □ No
Corrective Action Required:

CAR #: ______________ RNC #: ______________ PAR #: ______________

If all of the above Actions checked “No”, Date of communication with customer: __________________ If any of the above Actions checked “Yes”, Date written communication sent to customer: __________
(Attach copy of written communication to this form)

Describe Additional Follow-up (if necessary)

Questions or Comments
Please Contact CPHST Quality Management Unit
John Gallagher, CPHST Director of Quality Management
(228) 323-4678

Kathy Burch, CPHST Senior Quality Auditor
(228) 323-4686 or (228) 822-3221

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