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									                       ПРОМИСЛОВО - ЕКОНОМІЧНИЙ КОЛЕДЖ

         Напрям: 0910 `Електронні апарати`
         Спеціальність: 6.091000 `Виробництво електронних засобів`
         Семестр: 8
         Дисципліна: Іноземна мова

                                   Екзаменаційний лист №

         1 Read and translate the text

                              The Pentode and Its Characteristics

In the beam tetrode the secondary electrons from the anode are prevented from reaching the
screen by the repellant action of the space charge between screen and anode. This action can
only occur when the anode is at a lower potential than the screen, but it is only under these
circumstances that it is required. The anode being at a higher potential than the screen, it attracts
its secondaries back to itself. In the beam tetrode the primary screen current, is so small that the
secondaries from the screen finding their way tojhe anode may be neglected,
The pentode is (as its name implies), a five-electrode valve. It comprises a cathode, a control
grid, a screen grid and a coarse mesh grid between the screen and the ano4e, called the
"suppressor". We know the function of the suppres- sor to prevent the interchange of secondary
electrons between the screen and the anode, its action being very similar to that of the space
charge in a beam tetrode, for it is maintained at cathode potential, repelling electrons coming
towards it from either side. It is a conducting grid, depressing the potential between screen and
         2 Translate into Ukrainian
       Ion                              Pixmap
       Ionization                       Bitmap
       Wave                             plug and play
         3 Explain the terms
      logical element
      conducting medium
         4Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense and voice
Programming languages (to define)        by syntactic and semantic rules which describe their
structure and meaning respectively.
         5 Translate into English
Оператор вважав, що підсилювач достатньо потужний для даної операції
         6 Speak on the topic:Functional Organization of the Computer

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