Decent Homes - Western Phase I London Borough of Enfield 1.5M by ghkgkyyt


									                    Decent Homes - Western Phase I
                    London Borough of Enfield
                    Dunlop Haywards Limited

The Decent Homes contract that Lakehouse successfully completed for the London Borough of Enfield, Western Phase I, required the
turnaround of 140 full package properties in various streets within the borough.

Work included kitchen and bathroom replacements, central heating renewal, rewiring and redecoration. Lakehouse made
recommendations for a re-design of the outdated central heating system, gaining approval from Enfield Council, and saving time so that
the work could be executed without delay.

On Phase II of the same contract, last minute sequence changes were made by the client and Lakehouse pulled out all the stops to ensure
that 75 properties were surveyed and residents' choices obtained within a tight five week period so that works could be completed on
time and as per the original programme.

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