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Breast Pump Decision Tree by malj


									                                                                            Breast Pump Decision Tree
                                                                    How to Choose the Right Type of Breast Pump

                       Breastfeeding Complications                                                   Is Mother returning to                  No                     Family wants to feed baby
                  Refer to IBCLC or Lactation Expert as needed                                       work or school?                                                Occasional short-term


 Flat or     Normal Early                 Sore Nipples            Hospitalization of mother              Does Mother have
inverted      Postpartum                                          or baby, premature infant,   No        a well-established
 nipples     Engorgement                                           insufficient milk supply,             milk supply?                                               Teach hand expression or
                                                                   poor weight gain, infant                                                                         provide manual pump.
                                                                     has inadequate suck
           Warm/moist packs,             Assess correct
            Hand Expression,             positioning &
           increase frequency                latch                                                         Will mother be              Issue a manual
               of nursing                                                                                  separated from       No     breast pump
                                                                 Assess for possible causes                her baby more               and/or teach hand
                                                                 of low milk supply.                       than 4 hours?               expression.
             If needed                                           Encourage frequent feeds
            manual breast                                        or milk expressions and                           Yes
               pump                                              complete emptying of the
                                                                                                                                       Manual breast pump
                                                                                                           Is Mother                   may be sufficient or
                                                                                                           exclusively          No     issue a hospital grade
                                                                                                           breastfeeding?              electric breast pump, if
             If inadequate                                                                                                             available.
           latch/ nursing or                          Issue hospital-grade electric
              problem not                             breast pump                                                  Yes
                                                                                                       Is mother 4 weeks post                    Provide a single-user
                                                                                                       partum, separated from her     Yes        electric breast pump (if
                                                                                                No     infant 32 hours per week and              available), otherwise issue a
                                                                                                       committed to long-term                    hospital grade electric
                                                                                                       exclusive breastfeeding?                  breast pump.

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