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					                                         RSVP+ SOUTHERN VALLEY
                                               KEEPING IN TOUCH
                                                                                          SUMMER 2010 EDITION

               Volunteer Spotlight: Irene Lovold 29 years of Service
Irene Lovold was recently recognized for 29 years of       raise funds for a
service as a RSVP+ volunteer, but she‘s been active        specific organiza-
even longer than that. ―I started volunteering at St.      t io n s , while
Ansgar Hospital, before they closed, and have been         Moorhead Thrift
at Moorhead Thrift for 30 years.‖ Like many                provides financial
volunteers there is a certain ‗sparkle‘ of joy in her      donations to a
voice when she speaks about her service. Irene             variety of organi-
enjoys interacting with the variety of customers that      zations as well as
come into the thrift store to peruse the shelves for       individuals     as
                                                                               L to R: Daron Selvig, Irene Lovold, Pat
bargains and treasures. The company of her fellow          decided by the Stanley at the Volunteer Recognition
volunteers is another thing that Irene looks forward       volunt eers     at
to on her weekly shift at the Moorhead Thrift. The         these monthly meetings.
Thrift Store has quite the rag business going too!         Irene grew up in Lake Park, MN but calls Moorhead
Merchandise that isn‘t sellable is cut for rags for        home as she has lived there for 50 years. Irene was
purchase and they have some loyal customers that           lucky to be a stay at home mom to 3 children; a job
keep the scissors moving. They work hard to make           that brought much satisfaction. She is now a proud
use of everything donated, a very admirable quality        grandma of three grandchildren and four great
indeed! Along with staffing a weekly shift at the          grandchildren!
Thrift Store, Irene also attends a monthly meeting         To date she has reported nearly 8,000 volunteer
with all of the volunteers at Moorhead Thrift to           hours to RSVP+ Southern Valley! Thank you Irene
decide where the funds raised should go. Moorhead          for your dedication!
Thrift is very unique in this way. Most thrift stores      Moorhead Thrift is located at 501 Main Avenue.

                  “Let's Read. Let's Move.” seeks to       collecting new and gently used children‘s books to
                  combat childhood obesity and sum-        give away at “Let’s Move. Let’s Read.” events. You
                  mer reading loss by engaging youth       can bring donations to the West Fargo Public Li-
                  in summer reading and physical           brary or the RSVP+ Southern Valley offices. Keep
activity, as well as by providing access to healthy,       an eye on the RSVP+ website for updates for volun-
affordable food. This initiative is an effort led by the   teer opportunities and activities with the “Let’s
Corporation for National and Community Service in          Move. Let’s Read.‖ initiative.
collaboration with First Lady Michelle Obama.
RSVP+ is helping to deliver the important message
of active living and reading by partnering with West
Fargo Public Library and the Moorhead Branch of
Lake Agassiz Regional Library during their summer
                                                                       NEW THIS EDITION:
reading program. Join us July 6th at the WFL at                       TIME SHEET FOR NEXT
1:30 for ―Water Fun‖. We‘ll be joining the                         REPORTING QUARTER FOUND
Moorhead Library on July 7th from 2-3:30pm for                             ON PAGE 11!
outdoor fun at Woodlawn Park. We will also be
From The Director’s Desk
RSVP+ Southern Valley is under the Corporation for     cruit other volunteers who at that time
National & Community Service (CNCS) along with         were all 60 & older. I started as the
our ―sister‖ programs: Senior Companion Program &      Director in 1991, with 79 registered
Foster Grandparent Program, Americorps, and Learn      non-profits & about 500 active volunteers. With the
and Serve America.                                     help of our RSVP+ volunteers telling their family and
                                                       friends about their volunteer experience & RSVP+ we
As RSVP+ Southern Valley celebrates 37 years in
                                                       have continued to grow.
servicing volunteers and non-profits, we look back to
the beginning and ―How far we have come!‖              Today, RSVP+ Southern Valley has over 900 active
                                                       volunteers of all ages serving 323 non-profits
On July 13, 1973, two local non-profits: Fargo Senior
                                                       ―Stations‖ & ―Sites‖ in 9 Counties!
Commission, Inc (now Valley Senior Services) and
American Red Cross signed the first Memorandum of WOW! HOW WE HAVE GROWN!
Understanding with the Fargo-Moorhead Retired & Thank you to all our RSVP+ Volunteers for the
Senior Volunteer Program. At that time, we serviced service you are providing to our stations and our
the two communities which eventually expanded to communities! Have a Wonderful Summer!
the outlying areas in Cass & Clay. The first volunteer
                                                                                                Linda K. Nelson
was registered that same week in 1973 and helped re-                              RSVP+ Southern Valley Director

            SAVE THE DATE! Friday, October 15th
               Barn Dance Jamboree at Bonanzaville!

                                       Kick up your heels for Volunteers!
                                       Come and join RSVP+ Southern Valley at our
                                       annual fundraiser Friday, October 15th, 5-10pm at
                                       Bonanzaville, USA in West Fargo.
                                       Take part in the live and silent “Gift Basket” auctions and en-
                                       joy the music whether you dance or not!

                                     Volunteering in America Is Up!
        The number of Americans volunteering in their communities jumped by 1.6 million last year,
   the largest increase in six years, according to the 2010 Volunteering in America report released by the
                               Corporation for National and Community Service.
More than 63.4 million Americans volunteered in 2009, giving 8.1 billion hours of volunteer service worth an
             estimated $169 billion, and demonstrating America‘s spirit of generosity at its best.

                        Helpful Websites
     Keep an eye on our website
   for weekly postings about volunteer needs in your community.
            If you can help, please contact our offices!
Page 2                                            Summer 2010                                    Keeping in Touch
Coordinator’s Corner

Welcome summer!
 It was so nice to have the opportunity to see and visit        pages, we have listed a couple of
 with so many of you over the last couple of months.            upcoming SWAT events so if you
 It‘s always fun to have the opportunity to visit with          are interested just let me know and
 you and find out how you are and how your volunteer            I‘ll get you signed up.
 work is going (it‘s really the best part of my job!).           I hope you will all take time to enjoy and celebrate
 The month of July is always a really busy time for             summer with family and friends. Whether you are at
 the RSVP+ staff because it is federal reporting time. I        the lakes, family reunions, vacationing or have fun
 would like to ask that you please help us by reporting         barbecues in the back yard be safe and celebrate the
 your hours for the last quarter, April, May and June           season!
 just as soon as you can. It will help Linda and I col-         Thanks for making a difference in our communities
 lect needed data for timely reports. You are welcome           through your volunteer work, you are appreciated!
 to send in your hours, email them to, or call 231-9753. Please turn                                                    Sincerely yours,
 in your volunteer hours before the 4th of July.                                                          Teresa L. Huff
 Make sure and check out the volunteer opportunity                                    RSVP+ Southern Valley Coordinator

                   Station Spotlight: American Legion Bike Shop
                                        Summer is a season      They each work on their own projects repairing and
                                        to be cherished in      restoring donated bicycles to ride-able condition. Ap-
                                        the Midwest. Folks      proximately 10 hours of repair go into overhauling a
                                        jump at a chance to     bicycle and they give away over 100 bikes each year.
                                        engage in activities    Will Herbert has served as the Project Chairman for
                                        that    capitalize on   16 years and transitioned into the position shortly after
                                        the good weather;       retiring. Though mechanically inclined, he had never
                                        gardening, grilling,    worked on bicycles before. The volunteers work their
    Norbert Kleingartner and Will       swimming, and bik-      mechanic magic in sets of 2 to 4. Though the mechan-
 Herbert stand next to the tools of the ing. Bicycling is a     ics of the bicycle can provide challenges. The volun-
        trade at the Bike Shop.
                                        fun activity as well    teers work together to learn and solve mechanical is-
as a practical mode of transportation, but bikes can be         sues as they arise. The re-
inaccessible to many if they aren‘t able to afford a            ward for all those hours of
new bicycle. The American Legion Bike Shop has                  hard work? Connecting a
been an RSVP+ station since May of 1988 but has                 person or family with their
been operating for around 30 years and works to con-            bicycles! The shop fea-
nect bicycles to those in need of a new ride. Veterans          tures a corkboard full of
and children are often recipients of the repaired and           smiling faces of folks who
overhauled bicycles. The Bike Shop Project is spon-             have been recipients of a
sored by the Gilbert C. Grafton Post 2 American Le-             bike from the Bike Shop Norbert stands next to a bike he
gion and was once a part of the Toy Program they                Project.                             is repairing
managed, repairing and redistributing toys and bicy-
cles to families in need around the Christmas season.
                                                                                     The Legion Bike Shop
The Toy Program has since been discontinued, but
bicycle repair and distribution continued as bicycles                              is located at 1202 32nd Ave
retain their appeal due to its functionality.                                     North in Fargo and is staffed
The Bike Shop is staffed by 10 volunteer mechanics                                Monday-Thursday afternoons
who overhaul the bicycles before they are given away.
Keeping in Touch                                      Summer 2010                                                 Page 3
                         AmeriCorps VISTA - A year of growing
                Greetings RSVP+ volunteers! I am            I will spend the next year serving as a VISTA with the
                making my debut and farewell all in         FM Community Bicycle Workshop and am thrilled
                one in this newsletter! My service year     that many of the skills I acquired this past year at
                with RSVP+ Southern Valley as a             RSVP+ will come in handy. I will even be in charge
AmeriCorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to Amer-            of reporting our volunteers hours quarterly to RSVP+!
ica) will come to a close in early August. This year of     A sincere thank you to all of our volunteers and sta-
service has taught me a lot about my community and          tions for the outstanding work to make our communi-
myself! I am so appreciative of the entire RSVP+            ties a better and brighter place. Each minute, hour,
North Dakota team and in helping provide some in-           and day that you give your time to volunteer you are
sight and direction to the road ahead of me. It is clear    making a wonderful gesture
to me that service to others is a lifetime commitment       -Thank you!
and will continue to be a part of my daily life.
I plan to continue a career path in the nonprofit field     Learn more about AmeriCorps
exploring and addressing various issues such as   
homelessness, transportation, and public health.
RSVP+ has provided a unique opportunity to learn            The greatest challenge of the day
about the many nonprofit agencies and volunteer             is how to bring about a revolution
efforts across the Southern Valley working towards a        of the heart, a revolution which             In Service,
better tomorrow and building a deeper sense of              has to start with each one of us.     Sara Watson Curry
community.                                                                        -Dorothy Day   AmeriCorps VISTA

           Hunger Free Gardens and local foods in ND
                              One objective of the            Imagine if every garden in your community had a
                              North Dakota Dept of Ag-       Hunger Free Garden sign! A unified effort from the
                              riculture‘s local food ini-    garden to the plate would make a huge difference to
                              tiative is to address the            stamping out hunger in North Dakota.
                              hunger issue in our state.     This project will accomplish the following goals:
                              It is a larger issue than          To grow and distribute a minimum of 500,000
                              you might imagine.                pounds of fresh food to North Dakota‘s 244 food
                              “Visits to (North Dakota)                              pantries.
food shelves grew by 19 % last year. Food Distribu-                To build a distribution system to continue
tion increased by 20% from 5.5 million pounds in                  supplying food pantry clients with fresh and
2008 to 6.6 million pounds last year.”                                           healthy produce.
-Steve Sellent LSS Great Plains Food Bank Director              To recognize the growers and quantities of fruits
In a state rich in agriculture, it seems that we should                 and vegetables grown in the state.
be able to connect its residents to fresh and healthy             Improve diets through cooking, canning, and
foods with relative ease. This summer the ND Depart-                               education.
ment of Agriculture is focusing on local foods and
encouraging gardeners on small and large scales to             For more information contact Sue Balcom at:
pitch in to contribute fresh produce to help fill the             North Dakota Department of Agriculture
shelves in food pantries and make healthy, local food                    600 East Blvd Ave, #602
accessible to everyone.                                                 Bismarck, ND 58505-0020
 They are encouraging gardeners to plant an extra plot                     Phone: 701-328-4763
 or extra plants this summer to donate the produce to a                 Email:
   food pantry in their community. Everyone in the
  state, as an individual or a community, is invited to         Beyond ND: check:
  become a Hunger Free North Dakota Gardener.                     to connect gardeners and food pantries
Page 4                                             Summer 2010                                      Keeping in Touch
                           CONNECTSU: Classes and Tours
                             RSVP ConnectsU is an  Enchanted Highway Tour
                             invitation that connects
                                                   September 8th, 2010
                                                   Fee: RSVP+ Member $59
                             you (our volunteers) with
 affordable, educational classes and travel        Non-RSVP+ Member $69
                                                   Register by July 30th
 opportunities. Mark your calendars for the following:
 Classes                                           Departing from Dickinson, we will enjoy a guided
                                                   tour by Gary Greff, the artist of the Enchanted High-
 Freezing & Canning Vegetables:                    way sculptures. We will engage in a service project,
 July 13th 6:30 – 7:30pm                           have a picnic lunch (weather permitting), tour the
 &                                                 Hettinger County Historical Museum and stop at the
 Tomatoes and Salsa:                               Enchanted Highway Gift
 August        24th,     6:30        - 7 : 3 0 p m Shop for ice cream. Bring
 Fee: RSVP+ Member $10; single class $7 your camera to share photos
 Non-RSVP+ Member $14; single class $9             of these amazing sculptures.
 Downtown Walking Tour
  2 evenings – August (call for dates)
 Fee: RSVP+ Member $20; single tour $15
 Non-RSVP+ Member $30; single tour $20
 This tour will allow you to take a look at the historic
 and architectural buildings in downtown Fargo and           For more information about ConnectsU go to
 Moorhead. Each evening will last approximately 2          
 hours. This tour will keep a moderate pace stopping        or contact Mary Beth Simmer at 701–231-5654
 in various locations. Put on your walking shoes and             or email
 join us for a refreshing event.                        

                   Growing Gardeners Project: Garden update
 There are 7 gardeners growing our community gar-
 den this year. It has been a lot of hard work planting
 the garden, but a lot of fun too! Cindy Tegtmeier,
                                    our gardening ex-
                                    pert, has done a
                                    fantastic job of
                                    showing us how to
                                    plant the garden.
                                    We are looking for-
                                    ward to learning
                                    how to maintain the
                                    garden and when to
                                    start    harvesting.          If anyone has T-posts, chicken/fencing
                                    We are anticipating  wire, straw or compost they would like to donate,
                                    a great harvest if       we would be more than happy to accept!
                                    we can keep the                Please contact Mary Beth at 231-5654
                                    deer away!
   We invite you to come out and see our garden grow at the Living Lab, 5508 South University, Fargo
Keeping in Touch                                    Summer 2010                                       Page 5

   RSVP+SV Volunteers from across our service area gathered on Monday, May 24th for our
         Annual Volunteer Recognition Banquet at the Doublewood Inn in Fargo.

                                                                             RSVP+ Southern Valley volunteers seated at
                                                                                        the Doublewood.

                                         Daron Selvig was the emcee at the
                                                recognition at the
                                               Doublewood event.
  John Peterson, playing old time
 Appalachian music on handmade

         Thank you to North Buffalo Church for your beautiful
                     quilt donated as a door prize.
            You donation was not credited in the program!

                                                                             Daron, Selvig, Pat Stanley, Edie Kritzberger
                                                                             and Granchildren pose to celebrate Edie as a
                                                                                   top referral for new volunteers
 In Griggs & Steele the event was held Thursday, June 3rd
         at the Griggs Senior Center in Cooperstown.

  We are NOT mailing out to those that were not in attendance this year, but we do have
  extra Printed Programs (which includes listing of all active volunteers as of December
   31st, 2009, pictures, 20+ Year Club, etc), that you can pick up at our office or we can
   drop off when we are in the outlying areas. Please let us know if you would like one.

Keeping in Touch                                        Summer 2010                                               Page 6
            Thanks RSVP+ Southern Valley Volunteers
                         for your dedication to our community
                              from the following sponsors:

                                              Gold Sponsors
                                          Boulger Funeral Home
                                           Fargo Marathon Inc
                                              Gate City Bank

                                         Silver+ Sponsors
                            Fargo-Moorhead Convention & Visitors Center
                                        Korsmo Funeral Service
                                       MeritCare Health Systems
                           Pat Stanley, Realtor, Coldwell Banker First Realty
                                            Riverview Place
                                         White Drug Pharmacy

                                          Silver Sponsors
                           Alzheimer‘s Association Minnesota North Dakota
                                           AMVETS Post #7
                                      Bethany Retirement Living
                               Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota
                                     Cass County Sheriff‘s Office
                               Dakota Boys & Girls Ranch Thrift Stores
                                      Elim Rehab & Care Center
                                 Eventide Senior Living Communities
                              Fargo Housing & Redevelopment Authority
                                         Golden LivingCenter
                                   Hanson-Runsvold Funeral Home
                                       Olivet Lutheran Church
                                            One Oak Place
                                      PATH North Dakota, Inc.
                                   Prairie Public Broadcasting, Inc.
                                       Rosewood on Broadway
                                          State Bank & Trust
                                      Sunset Memorial Gardens
                                       University Drive Manor
                                              West Acres

                                        Bronze Sponsors
               American Federal Bank                    Historical & Cultural Society of Clay County
             Cash Wise Foods (Coborn‘s)                           Moorhead Thrift Shop, Inc.
       Clay County Seniors Program - L&PCAP         Sisters of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary
                  Comfort Keepers                                    Southpointe Pharmacy
            Concordia Language Villages                          Waterford at Harwood Groves
                     Fraser, Ltd                                        Edgewood Vista

Keeping in Touch                              Summer 2010                                           Page 7
                                                      New Volunteer
         SWAT LIST                           CASS COUNTY                 It's nice to be important, but
     ONE TIME EVENTS:                                                    it's more important to be
                                             First Faith Mops            nice. ~Author Unknown
          Bonanzaville, USA                 Child Care Worker
            Pioneer Days                         Sept-May
          August 21st & 22nd           Play with children, assist with
             West Fargo                  projects, help with snacks        CLAY COUNTY (MN)

          Epilepsy Foundation                   RSVP+ Office                      Dorothy Day
         2010 Stroll for Epilepsy          Computer Data Entry and            Food Pantry Volunteer
           August 12th, 5-9pm                Telephone assistance           Organizing and Cleaning,
           Old Trollwood Park                                             Stock shelves and assist clients
                                               Various Offices                  6-8pm Mon-Thurs
                                                 Office Help
                                                 Data Entry                 Historical and Cultural
                                                 Telephone                   Society of Clay County
                                                                           Admissions Desk Volunteer
                                           American Red Cross                 Interact with visitors
                                       Volunteer Resources Manager               use cash register
                                           Recruiting, orientating,              Tuesdays 5-8pm
                                         interviewing and referring            Gift Shop Attendant
                                       volunteers to all departments.             Ring in orders,
                                           Help with Recognition               keep shop organized
                                                                                  4 hours a week
                                      Cultural Diversity Resources          Stave Church Tour Guide
                                         Volunteer Coordinator            Give hourly tours, research the
                                      Organize a meeting once every         Viking Age and building
                                        quarter and to take notes.              4 hours per week

                                                     Do you have photos of your volunteer work?
                                                           Have a suggestion for an article?
         Find RSVP+ North Dakota                   Have a volunteer or cause you’d like to highlight?
         on FACEBOOK, become a fan of
                                                                     Let us know!
                                                         Our deadline for submissions to our
                                                         Fall Newsletter is September 15th, 2010

Page 8
Page 8                                           Summer 2010                                Keeping in Touch
We make a living by what           RICHLAND COUNTY
we get, but we make a life
by what we give.                      Community Emergency
                                          Response Team
 ~Winston Churchill                            (CERT)
                                   This program educates people
                                  about disaster preparedness and
                                    trains them in basic disaster
   BARNES COUNTY                           response skills.
                                   Learn how to help yourself &
         Nearly Nu                your neighbors in the event of a
 Volunteers needed to assist in     disaster. Call for upcoming
         Thrift Store                       training dates.

                                     TRAILL COUNTY
  GRIGGS & STEELE                                                       STATIONS:
     COUNTIES                       Mayville State University         DO YOU HAVE A
                                  Child Development Program              NEW OR
Cooperstown Medical Center          In need of ―Grandparents‖           EMERGING
      Friendly Visiting           provide support and friendship     VOLUNTEER NEED?
      Activity Helper                to children in classroom
 Flexible hours, 2-4 a week                   setting.
                                                                      Contact the RSVP+
  More for Less Thrift Store            Hospice of the                   Southern Valley
        Merchandiser                  Red River Valley               office to get your need
       Daytime hours                      (Mayville)                 published in our next
       4 hours a week              Companionship and Respite
                                      Friendly Visiting in            RSVP+ Southern Val-
 SARGENT & RANSOM                       Nursing Home
                                                                     ley Serves Volunteers in
     COUNTIES                                                          Cass, Barnes, Griggs,
                                                                         Ransom, Sargent,
  Abuse Resource Network
                                                                      Richland, Steele, Traill
  Advocacy, safe homes and                                            & Clay (MN) Counties
        fundraising                                                   Don’t see a volunteer
    Phone Fund-Raising                                                 activity on this page
        Volunteers                                                      that interests you?
                                                                           Please call us!
  HEART Living at Home/
                                                                         We have over 300
   Block Nurse Program
          (Enderlin)                                                   stations and sites and
  Assist with transportation                                            over 1000 volunteer
      Friendly visiting                                              opportunities available!

Page 9                                       Summer 2010                          Keeping in Touch
                     Did you know that RSVP+ has 13 impact areas?

          Please let us know if you are volunteering in one of these areas:
         Companionship, Congregate/Senior Center Meals, Home Delivered Meals,
 Depression Screening, Health Services, Immunization, Mentoring, Puppetry,
       Cultural Heritage, Fundraising, Tax Services, Thrift Stores, and Tutoring.

                           Welcome New RSVP+ Volunteers
Amy Anderson               Laurie Gebeke              Reba Mathern-Jacobson       Holly Sanders
Kristina Anderson          Megan Gette                Mariah Neuhausen            Jo Stefonowicz
Russ E. Abel               Carole A. Hamann           Elijah Orvik                Jodi Seckerson
Bonnie Boehm               Jodi Hinton                Nick Orvik                  Julie Scoville
Mary Becker                Brendan Janssen            Paul Orvik                  Marlys Schmidt
Nancy Brown                Gerri Jones                Twilight Orvik              Martin Schmidt
Amy Clark                  Daniel Kenna               Jason Powell                Terrie Schwartz
Corinne DeMoss             Evelyn Shaffer             Jeannette                   Albert (Al) Thompson
Steven Douglas             Gaurav Kumar               Pfeifer                     Cynthia Tegtmeier
Emily Erickson             James Klinicke             Raquel Pearcy               Jennifer Thoreson
Ginger Erickson            Kathy Koper                Jennifer Rohde              Verna Thompson
Trevor Erickson            George Lacher              Judy Rahlf                  Blair Whitten
Bonnie Fritz               Joan Linde                 William Rahlf               Leo Woinarowicz
Matthew Fritz              Wallace Linde              Carol Staiger               Neha Wadhwa
Sandra Fuhrman             Nancy Melland              Donald G. Schmidt
    Our apologies to Judy Jacobson, a volunteer since 09/2007 with RSVP+ Southern Valley.
     We apologize for omitting your name in our program for the Volunteer Recognition!
                                 Your service is appreciated.

                                    REFER VOLUNTEERS TO RSVP+ SV
 If you know of anyone that would be interested in volunteering (any age), please tell him/her about RSVP+
 and give us a call. We would be happy to visit with them about RSVP+. We do home-visits, volunteer site-
 visits, or they may come to our offices. We also speak to groups. Just let us know how we can help you. We
            are doing our referral Contest again this year; please keep sending your referrals in to us!

                                        FRIENDS OF RSVP+
     We DO accept donations. THANK YOU to the following for their donations during this last quarter!
                   Your donations help RSVP+ to provide services to our volunteers.
             When making donations to RSVP+ please make your check out to RSVP+ SV.

                                          Memorial Gifts
                                      In Memory of
                                Jerry Bueide &James Huff
                                  Given by Jeff & Teresa Huff

Keeping in Touch                                Summer 2010                                          Page 10

     Volunteer Name:________________________________________________________

                                          Month: July 2010
VOLUNTEER STATION: _________________________________________________________________

Number of hours of volunteer work: ________ Activity: ______________ Number of clients served _______

VOLUNTEER STATION: _________________________________________________________________

Number of hours of volunteer work: ________Activity: ______________ Number of clients served _______

VOLUNTEER STATION: _________________________________________________________________

Number of hours of volunteer work: ________Activity: ______________ Number of clients served _______

                                        Month: August 2010
VOLUNTEER STATION: _________________________________________________________________

Number of hours of volunteer work: ________Activity: ______________ Number of clients served _______

VOLUNTEER STATION: _________________________________________________________________

Number of hours of volunteer work: ________Activity: ______________ Number of clients served _______

VOLUNTEER STATION: _________________________________________________________________

Number of hours of volunteer work: ________Activity: ______________ Number of clients served _______

                                      Month: September 2010
VOLUNTEER STATION: _________________________________________________________________

Number of hours of volunteer work: ________Activity: ______________ Number of clients served _______

VOLUNTEER STATION: _________________________________________________________________

Number of hours of volunteer work: ________Activity: ______________ Number of clients served _______

VOLUNTEER STATION: _________________________________________________________________

Number of hours of volunteer work: ________Activity: ______________ Number of clients served _______

    VOLUNTEER SIGNATURE____________________________________________________________

                            Please sign and return by October 1st, 2010
              Mail: RSVP+ Southern Valley, PO Box 6050 Dept 2020, Fargo, ND 58108-6050

          You may call Teresa: 701-231-9753, Fax: 701-231-9759, Email:
        Your Invitation to Serve North Dakota

   ND Center for Distance Education:
       PO Box 6050 Dept 2020
       Fargo, ND 58108-6050

       New Website:

                               RSVP+ Southern Valley Office Staff
RSVP+ Southern Valley Director      RSVP + Southern Valley Coordinator   AmeriCorps*VISTA
Linda K. Nelson                     Teresa L. Huff                       Sara Watson Curry
Phone: 701-231-9751                 Phone: 701-231-9753                  Phone: 701-231-9755
E-mail:     E-mail:         E-mail:

        RSVP+ Southern Valley Advisory Council                                   Office Hours
Tammy Hauck, (Chair)                Laurren Schwarz,                               Summer Hours
Director                            Front Office Administrator                    Monday — Friday
One Oak Place                       Montgomery Goff & Bullis                       7:30a.m.—4p.m.

Marge Klinger, (Vice Chair)         Greg Voss,
Sr. Mgmt Secretary                  Executive Director
Gate City Bank                      American Red Cross
                                                                               Office Location
Pat Stanley,                        Sara Watson Curry
Realtor                             VISTA                                  1919 North University Drive
Coldwell Banker First Realty        RSVP+ Southern Valley
                                                                                   Fargo, ND
Brian Heger,                        Serena Jiskra,
Communications Consultant           Marketing Manager
                                                                          ―Unselfish & noble actions
702 Communications                  Edgewood Vista
                                                                          are the most radiant pages in
Rita Cole,                          Thank You RSVP+                       the biography of souls.‖
Representing Ransom County
                                    Advisory Council
                                    members for all you do!                               ~David Thomas

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