Alex Chick Howell by huanghengdong


									Education                                                                            Experience
M.S.                                                                               KIA Training Center
Currently Pursuing a Master’s of Science in Interactive Entertainment                    LaGrange, GA
Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy                                              1.2008 - 8.2008
8.2009 - Current                                                          Graphic Designer for the KIA
                                                                     Training Center in LaGrange, GA.
Graduate Student                                               Designed over 100 Training Manuals that
Created and Designed over 9 games.                             tought over 50,000 new employees how
Studying to become a Game Producer/UI Designer.            to handle the KIA Assembly Plant Machines.

Bachelors of Industrial Design
Auburn University Auburn, AL
                                                                        Filament Man - (Flash Game)
8.2003 - 8.2007
                                                                      Created all in game art and UI.
Skills                                                          Designed over 50 levels for the game.

Game Development Tools                                                 Revelations - (iPhone Game)
Perforce/Scaleform/Visual Studio 2008                                     Created all 2D Art and UI.
                                          Created and helped balance the 6 classes of Units in Game.
Game Development Programs
UT3 Editor/UDK/Hammer/Crysis Sandbox                                   Enders Game - (iPhone Game)
                                                                          Created all 2D Art and UI.
Adobe Creative Suite CS4
Indesign/Photoshop/Illustrator/Flash                               Use Your Imagination - (PC Game)
                                                       Created the UI and some 2D Art for the game.
Microsoft Office Suite                                      Helped Design the 3 Levels of the game.
                                                        Drop7 Mulitplayer - (PC Port of iPhone Game)
3D Design Programs                                              Created all UI and Art for the game.
AutoCAD/Solidedge/Maya/3DS Max
                                                   Sonic The Hedgehog 1 - (PC Port - Student Project)
                                                          Created the Vector Map’s and Sprite Sheets.
Programming Languages
                                                         Streets of Rage - (PC Port - Student Project)
Action Script 2.0/3.0
                                                                        Created UI and Sprite sheets.
UT Script
                                                                                  Pulse - (PC Game)
                                                                      Created the UI with Scaleform.
                                                       Created the prototype in Unreal Tournament 3

                                                                      Shadows of Abigail - (PC Game)
                                                                      Creating the UI with Scaleform

Alex Chick Howell                                                                      Objective
   Game Designer/UI Designer                                 In short, I want to share my passion and                                work ethic in an environment that allows
                                                            me to reach my life goals and further my
                                                                                 pursuit of happiness.

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