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									                                                                                                                                                 Two Sections -- Section A

                                                                                                                                                         Vol. 156  No. 22
                                                                                                                                                         November 6, 2009

 Our vision is to ignite a passionate, spiritual connection with Christ among all people in Western Pennsylvania.

                                WPA-Zimbabwe Connections Grow
                                 By Jackie Campbell,WPAUMC News       should produce crops to
                                                                      feed children living at the
                                     Western PA United                Home of Hope orphanage,
                                 Methodists and friends are help-     as well as some vegetables
                                 ing to plant seeds of hope among     for elementary, secondary
                                 the faithful Christians struggling   and teachers’ college stu-
 Edinboro Scholar                                                     dents and staff who live at
                                to feed, educate and provide
  Thanks You on                 health care to people in and          the mission.
 UM Student Day                 around the Nyadire United                Located about 100 miles
   “I love bringing a smile     Methodist Mission in a remote         northeast of the capital city
to someone’s day,” says         rural area of Zimbabwe.               of Harare, via tar and dirt
Todd Sega, a                        A small volunteer team from       roads, the Nyadire mission
Gift of Hope                    Western PA, representing The          serves a rural population of
scholar from
                                Nyadire Connection (TNC), was         about 500,000 people in a
Edinboro UMC.
That plus a                     at the mission in mid-October         region hard-hit by malaria,
drive to ensure                 when the first high-speed Inter-      HIV/AIDs and other dis-
the best for the people he      net connection was made by            eases of poverty.The
serves will come in handy       installing a satellite dish and 18    4,300-acre mission com-                                                        WPAUMC image by Jackie Campbell
as this pharmacy student
prepares for his career. He
                                boxes of books, many donated by       plex includes a 240-bed       Dorothy Kadiki, left, Nyadire Teachers' College librarian, and staff
hopes to earn a Doctor of       a Pittsburgh-area Half-Price          hospital, a nursing school, members sort books donated to start a community library by The
                                                                                                    Nyadire Connection and Half-Price Bookstores in the Pittsburgh area.
Pharmacy degree from            Books store, were unpacked at         the orphanage, a nursery
Ohio Northern University        the teachers’ college to serve as     school, elementary school and       cation is a privilege, with school Many goods are simply not avail-
in 2011. Grateful for gen-      the nucleus of the first communi-     secondary school, the teachers’     fees beyond the reach of many      able.
erous gifts to the United
                                ty library.                           college and a United Methodist      families.The Nyadire Connection       HIV/AIDS is ravaging the
Methodist Student Day
offering, Sega thinks fre-          The team also delivered veg-      Church.There’s also a large coop- seeks sponsors for the 25 orphans country. An estimated 2,500
quently about the impor-        etable seeds gleaned from area        erative farm area, but production living at the Home of Hope and       men, women and children die of
tance of faith in his life.     retailers who discard them after      has dwindled the past few years.    many others who are cared for in HIV/AIDS-related illnesses every
    -- from www.umcgiving.org   the local growing season ends.           Zimbabwe is impoverished,        their villages and attend local    week.There is much suffering
       See page 3A for more     The seeds, many donated by Rol-       with more than 70 percent           schools. Fuel is scarce and the    and tremendous hardship,
        scholarship winners.                                                                              cost of basic commodities is high.
                                liers Hardware in Mt. Lebanon,        unemployed and underfed. Edu-                                                      See NYADIRE/page 5A

 come inside                       Find Fellowship, Fine Food, Fun at Mission Gala
                                                    By Jackie Campbell,WPAUMC News                         Erie United Methodist Alliance, Bethany House Academy in Pitts-
                                                                                                           burgh, and United Methodist Human Services of Johnstown.
                                   You hold the key to the future of three United Methodist mission           Hors d’oeuvres, entertainment and a silent auction begin at 6:00
                                agencies struggling to serve the needs of                                  pm. Among the auction items are sports memorabilia, including foot-
                  pg 4A         the poor and marginalized in Western PA.                                            balls signed by Pittsburgh Steeler stars Hines Ward and Santo-
                                You are invited to attend the first Mission                                                     nio Holmes.
                                Gala sponsored by the Western PA Confer-                                                                       The $100 a plate cost includes a
                                ence on Saturday, Nov. 21, at the Four Points                                                                   $60 tax deductible gift to the
                                Sheraton in Cranberry Township.                                                                                 three agencies.To reserve a spot,
                                   Enjoy an elegant evening of fellowship,                                                                      register online at
                                food, and inspiration emceed by WTAE-TV news                                                                    www.wpaumc.org or contact the
 pg 5A                          anchor Sally Wiggin. Speaker for the event is Pitts-                                                            Rev. Beth Nelson at 800-886-3382
                                burgh Post-Gazette columnist Tony Norman.                                                                     ext. 228 or
                                   Proceeds from the first annual gala will support the                                                    beth.nelson@wpaumc.org.
  2A                                                     InterLink edition of the United Methodist Reporter                                                                      November 6, 2009
                                                                                young ruler            life, hope, and possibilities that we can in       be a blessing to others.
                                                                                who chooses            no way imagine.                                 We have been set on this earth in the
                                                                                his own wealth             So, given the reality of our human con-        midst of one holy mystery after another
                                                                                over an oppor-         dition, what IS the ‘good news?’                   and have been told that even after life
                                                                                tunity to follow           The good news from the Old Testament           on this planet ends, there is a promise
                                                                                Jesus, and a dis-      is that God consistently said and demon-           of something more
                                                                                ciple who              strated to the Israelites that “I will be your  We may, on some occasions, be lonely,
                                                                                denies that he         God and you will be my people.”                    but in Christ we are never, ever alone.
                                                                                knows Jesus                The ‘good news’ from the New Testa-            Times are tough. Challenges abound.
                                                                                and later hides        ment is that Jesus consistently said such      Choices are limited. And we are tempted
                                                                                in shame.The           things as, “I will never leave you or forsake to make decisions based on all of those
                                                                                list goes on and       you,” and “Father, forgive them, for they      grim, human realities.
                                                                                on. And                know not what                                                             Concerned about
    One of my favorite sections of the Bible       through it all, we choose our own                   they do.”                                                              how you will be fed
is the journey of God’s people from Egypt          resources, ideas and solutions over the                 The good
to the Promised Land. Inside each story is
                                                                                                                              Check the new blog post                         on the back side of a
                                                   offer God consistently makes to be our              news from then                                                         miracle? God will
a consistent and crazy reality – the chosen        advocate, guide and savior.                         until today is            in the Bishop's section                      provide the manna.
people just don’t get it.They witness the             At The Great Escape, our annual clergy           that God has               of www.wpaumc.org.                             Tempted to melt
miracle of the parting of the Red Sea only         retreat, I was handed a basket with ques-           never given up                                                         down your gold and
to grumble about not being fed well less           tions submitted by those in the crowd.              on us, never (as                                                       build an idol or
than a chapter later.They lose patience            One of the questions was, “Given all the            Bill Cosby put it) whistled us out of the      reluctant to walk boldly into the future?
with Moses’ absence and begin to melt              bad news we have been hearing lately, give          pool, never signaled an end to the game.       God will still lead you through the wilder-
down gold and construct idols.They                 us some ‘good news.’”                                   Is there good news today? If you seek      ness.
exhibit a lack of trust in God’s direction            It’s an interesting question, especially         affirmation of human choices or a good             Tempted to go your own way? Reluc-
and send spies into the land to determine          given the reality that the story of God’s           word about our resources or creative           tant to sell everything and follow? Afraid
whether or not it can be conquered. At             people in the Old and New Testaments is             ideas, you might be disappointed. But if       to stand up and proclaim your faith?
every point in the story they have an              our story as well.Why? Week after week I            you’re willing to look beyond our human            That’s not ‘good news.’
opportunity to trust in the amazing pres-          hear reports from our district superin-             limitations and frustrations, then listen to       But God’s love for you in the midst of it
ence and undeniable care of God, only to           tendents on decisions being made in our             this:                                          all is.Thank God!
put their total focus on their own limited         local churches – decisions not to move               We are called, claimed and loved in
resources and answers.                             forward, but to retreat and hold on                     spite of ourselves                         The Journey Continues ...
    Sadly, this same tendency exists when          instead; decisions to not make substantive           We have been blessed beyond compare
the story shifts from the Old to New Testa-        changes that will bring growth, but to con-             and given an awesome opportunity to
ment. Given the choice of depending on             tinue in a pattern that will ensure
the Lord’s provisions or trust themselves,
one person after another demonstrates a
                                                   inevitable death; decisions that bear wit-
                                                   ness to the reality that we put more stock
                                                                                                                                   WPAUMC Events
shallow lack of faith: a prodigal who              in our human solutions and resources than              Major events are featured here. For a complete event listing, go to Calendar Events on
spends his father’s inheritance, a rich            in the presence of the one who can give us             www.wpaumc.org. Submit events/meetings there or call 800-886-3382.
                                                                                                                                       November 2009
                    Imagine No Malaria                                                                    7      Leadapalooza, youth ministry leadership seminar, Clarion First UMC, 8:30 am
    Bishop Bickerton, chairperson of the            to achieve that goal.                                 14     Laity Event-Living in a Deeply Changed Mission Field, Ingomar UMC
 Global Health Initiative for the Council of           A new campaign, Imagine No Malaria,                21     You Hold the Key Mission Gala Dinner, Four Points Sheraton,Cranberry Twp., 6 pm
 Bishops, seeks nothing less than the elimi-        will launch April 25, 2010.                           26     Christ the King Sunday
 nation of malaria – a treatable and pre-              Imagine No Malaria will expand pro-                26     Thanksgiving, UM Center closed Nov. 26-27
 ventable disease that still claims a life          grams like Nothing But Nets and promote               29     UM Student Special Sunday, one of Six Special Sundays and offerings in The UMC
 every 30 seconds — by 2015.                        prevention and education activities.
    The reality, he said, is that it will take a       For information, go to www.umc.org.                                              December 2009
 far greater effort than Nothing But Nets                                                                 25     Christmas, UM Center closed Dec. 24, 25

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  November 6, 2009                                    InterLink edition of the United Methodist Reporter                                                                            3A
  WPA Scholars Benefit from UM Student Day Offering
   The United Methodist General        nated gifts. Scholarship recipients      those pursuing theological stud-        students to borrow up to $5,000      are available online at
Board of Higher Education and          include United Methodist stu-            ies, higher education administra-       per calendar year at an interest     www.gbhem.org.
Ministry administers more than         dents working toward degrees at          tion degrees or older adults            rate of 5 percent.                      The following Western PA
50 scholarship programs funded         any accredited institution within        changing careers. The board also           United Methodist student          United Methodist students were
through Special Sunday offerings,      the U.S. Most scholarships for           administers 30 United Methodist         scholarship and loan applications,   awarded GBHEM scholarships
wills, annuities and other desig-      graduate study are designated for        loan funds, which generally allow       as well as detailed information,     and loans for 2009:
United Methodist Church       Student                               Institution                     United Methodist Church                 Student                  Institution
    Anne Ashley          Christopher Golden                       Messiah College                      Bradford:First                  Hannah Swineford           Houghton College
    Bakerstown             Emily Cramer                         Grove City College                     Bradford:First                  Rebekah Swineford            Asbury College
       Bryan                 Sara Zebley                        Westminster College                     Butler:First                      Scott Shaffer          Duke Divinity School
  Natrona Heights:Center Chelsea Fleischman                      Allegheny College                       Kane:First                        Kathy Long         Univ. Pittsburgh, Bradford
  Central Highlands         Abigail Starr                       Westminster College                   St. Mary's:First                  Lindsay Hoffman             Gannon Univ.
     Chippewa             Courtney Klein                         Allegheny College                         Girard                        Amanda Drury         Baldwin-Wallace College
  Uniontown:Christ           Joseph Koe                           Messiah College                        Glenwood                        Rebecca Lenox              Gannon Univ.
      Concord             Chelsea Alberth                       Slippery Rock Univ                      Green Valley                      Wendy Geib             Ohio Northern Univ.
      Concord              Nicole Smilac                         Allegheny College                        Ingomar                         Susan Mullin       Pittsburgh Theological Sem.
   Cornerstone             Samuel Clarke                         Lycoming College                         Ingomar                           Ian Rehn          Baldwin-Wallace College
    East Grove            Michael Dulaney                       Penn State Behrend                        Ingomar                         Allison Rehn              Ithaca College
     East Kane             Ross Nicholson                        Indiana Univ of PA                     Irwin:First                       Sara Odioso             Allegheny College
     Ebensburg              Kelly Miesko                        Slippery Rock Univ                      Irwin:First                      Megan Runser              Shenandoah Univ
     Edinboro                 Todd Sega                         Ohio Northern Univ                    Kittanning:First                   Meaghan Volek            Allegheny College
       Fells               Claire Berkley                        Allegheny College                    Lawrence Park                      Jackie Condon          Penn State Univ., Erie
       Fells              Marissa Berkley                        Dickinson College

Seminary Students Win UMW Scholarship
    Two students at Pittsburgh Theolog-
                                                                                                                                United Methodist
ical Seminary have received scholar-
ships in the past year from the United
                                                                                                                                  Student Day
Methodist Women Scholarship Fund                                                                                                        Sunday, Nov. 29
for Christian Vocations. Andre M.
Flower was presented with a $1,000                                                                                                                                          Sundays
                                                                                                                                      One of the six c hurc hwide Special Sundays of
scholarship at the UMW annual meet-                                                                                                                                            Day fur-
                                                                                                                                   The United Methodist Churc h, Student Day fur-
ing in October. In July, Susan Lyn                                                                                                                                     students.
                                                                                                                                   nishes sc holar ships and loans for students. Your
Mullin received $2,500, including                                                                                                  Generous
                                                                                                                                   Generous Gifts Suppor t:
funds from the Mary Edith Jewell                                                                                                    UM sc holar ships and student loans, adminis-
scholarship.                                                                                                                       tered by                                 Education
                                                                                                                                   tered by the General Board of Higher Education &
    Mullin, the daughter of John M. and                                                                                            Ministr y.
Patricia Mullin of Wexford, is a mem-                                                                                               Conferences through the Rebate Program
                                                                                                                                      Conferences through        Rebate Prog
ber of Ingomar UMC and served                                                                                                                      more                ships.
                                                                                                                                   aw ard one or more mer it sc holar ships.
internships with Mt. Lebanon UMC                                                          Image courtesy Susan Mullin
and the Conference Youth Ministry           Susan Mullin, who won a scholarship from the Western PA                          Visit www.umcgiving.org to find Student Day stories/resources.
                                            UMW, is shown on an archeological dig in Israel last summer.
    Mullin, who expects to graduate from PTS next       youth. He also has served on the staffs at Wesley
                                                                                                                              Doors to Learning
                                                                                                                          Conference Awards Scholarships
year, did an archeological project in Israel this past  Woods and Camp Allegheny.
summer. She is a 2005 graduate of Edinboro Uni-            His goal is to be ordained as a deacon or elder
versity.                                                and to serve others through music.                                 The Conference Higher Education Scholarship Committee awarded
    Andrew is the son of the Rev. John E. Flower Jr.,      UMW Scholarships are available to students                   the following scholarships for the 2009-10 academic year:
pastor of Heritage UMC in Ligonier, and his wife and/or pastors who are United Methodists in the                                              Conference Scholarship
Lynne. He is a 2008 graduate of Malone College in       WPA Conference and plan to serve in a full-time                         Timothy Croskey (Fredonia UMC) to Allegheny College
Canton, OH, where he played first trombone with         church-related vocation. They must be active in the
                                                                                                                                                 Merit Scholarship
the college marching band. He also plays the piano      church and community, have satisfactory academic
                                                                                                                                   Marissa Berkley (Fells UMC) to Dickinson College
and organ. He has played for a number of churches       ratings and need financial aid.
and been active in school and community praise             For more information, contact Nancy C. Jones,                           Ruth Zitzman Schall Memorial Scholarship
teams. Currently Flower sings in the PTS choir and Ph.D., committee chair, at 117 Georgetown Ave.,                            Jessica Kent (Union City:First UMC) to Allegheny College,
does work study in the archeological museum. With Pittsburgh., PA 15229, 412-761-6674 or                                            Christopher Smith Memorial Scholarship
an undergraduate degree in adult fitness, he has        ncjonespgh@aol.com.                                               Adam Graves (Aliquippa:First UMC) to Maine Maritime Academy
worked for the Ligonier YMCA as a certified train-         The deadline to apply is Oct. 15 for the spring                     Grace Killian (Mt. Lebanon UMC) to Brandeis University
er.                                                     term or April 15 for the fall term. Requirements                     Megan Saxman (Bridgeville:First UMC) to Otterbein College
    Andrew has traveled with a WPA Conference           letters of reference from the academic advisor/pro-                For information contact George Gerhart, chairperson of the Higher
mission team to the Komi Republic of Russia,            fessor, pastor and district superintendent.                     Education Scholarship Committee, at 724-981-5880 or ggerhart@
where he taught Vacation Bible School to Russian                                                                        roadrunner.com.
  4A                                              InterLink edition of the United Methodist Reporter                                                         November 6, 2009

                                                                                                               Palestine VIM Team Harvests Olives
                                                                                                               WPAUMC News -- A Western PA Conference Volunteers in Mission team
                                                                                                               made up of 13 people from nine churches has returned safely from
                                                                                                               Israel/Palestine, and the 13 members are changed people because of the
                                                                                                               experience, said Conference Mission/VIM director Diane Miller.
                                                                                                                  “We saw traditional and historical holy sites, and got to know wonder-
                                                                                                               fully holy people,” she explained. “Three priests in particular are among
                                                                                                               the most amazing people I’ve ever met: Elias Chacour, author of Blood
                                                                                                               Brothers and Archbishop of the Melkite Greek Catholic Church of
                                                                                                               Galilee; Ra’ed Abusahlia, the Latin Parish Priest in the Christian Palestin-
                                                                                                               ian village where we harvested olives; and Manuel Musallam, Latin parish
                                                                                                               priest who spent the past 14 years in Gaza and is recently retired and liv-
                                                                                                               ing in a home built for him by his family in Ramallah.
                                                                                                                  “Palestinian Christians in Nazareth, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Taybeh
                                                                                                               (Ephraim), Ramallah, and Haifa expressed deep gratitude that we were
                                                                                                               visiting them, that we were willing to hear their stories, that they were
                                                                                                               not forgotten,” she added.
                                                                                                                  Miller said the team donated well over $3,500 to the projects we visit-
                                                                                                               ed – money given by our VIM team members, and donations from their
                                                                                                               churches, other individuals and UM churches around Western Pennsylva-
                                                                                   WPAUMC image by Mark Rehn   nia. “We carried 12 extra suitcases filled with over-the-counter medi-
Members and friends of the Western PA Conference had the unique opportunity to dialogue                        cines, toiletries, toys, art supplies, beach towels, children’s clothing,
with the Jim Winkler, general secretary of the United Methodist Board of Church & Society, on
key social issues recently. On Oct. 10, Winkler spoke at First UMC in Erie about the plight of the                                        toothbrushes and toothpaste, and school supplies,”
poor and marginalized. “Many of our members do some work to feed the poor and house the                                                   she said. “Those suitcases were distributed to a
homeless, but do not address the needs of the marginalized,” he said. "We are not going to end
hunger in this country until two things happen: 1) Give everyone healthcare. 2) Provide                                                   home for the elderly, schools, a medical clinic, a
employment with a living wage to everyone."                                                                                               home for severely physically and mentally retard-
                                                                                                                                          ed, and the Shepherd Society of the Bethlehem
                                                                                                                                          Bible College for distribution to the poor in Beth-
                                                                                                                                          lehem and Gaza.”
                                                                                                                                             Miller said the team was blessed with dry, hot
                                                                                                                                          weather, so their olive picking went smoothly.
                                                                                                                                          “Our team was parceled out to different families
                                                                                                                       Image by Mark Rehn
                                                                                                                                          for four days and we picked from about 8 am to
                                                                                                                                          1 pm – with numerous breaks for water and food.
                                                                                                                  “This was a bad year for the olive harvest,” she noted. “Even though
                                                                                                               there were not many olives, every branch still needed to be picked by
                                                                                                               hand – quite labor intensive. Five dry winters have taken their toll.
                                                                                                                  “Typically, people in Palestine (the West Bank) live in villages and their
                                                                                                               olive groves surround the village,” Miller said. “They do not irrigate.
By Jackie Campbell,WPAUMC News      www.wpaumc.org.                     we never lose it. Holiday weight       Water to the villages is often shut off certain days of the week by Israeli
                                        “Highmark’s Maintain Don’t      gain adds up over the years, and       authorities. Our hosts pointed out that water is not shut off to the illegal
   As Thanksgiving and Christ-      Gain program was well received      with the extra weight come             Israeli settlements that dot the hillsides.”
mas approach, the Western PA        in the Conference last year, so     associated health burdens.                VIM team members represented nine different churches and many are
Health as Wholeness Team has a      we’re pleased to recommend          “That’s why it’s important to          ready to share their stories with others in Western PA.
plan that can help you not only     this year’s program,” said Health   lighten up your holiday season            For more information, contact Miller at MissionVIM@wpaumc.org or
avoid weight gain, but also may     as Wholeness Team coordinator       and maintain rather than gain,”        800-886-3382, ext. 241. Read Tina Whitehead’s blog about the trip at
feed your soul.                     Barbara Lewis. “Our goal is to      according to Highmark.                 www.wpaumc.org.
   The team will provide            encourage and provide                   The nine weekly Maintain
resources from Highmark’s           resources for wholistic health.     Don’t Gain newsletters each                                    develop as a leader and Christian
nine-week wellness campaign,        Bonnie’s weekly meditations are     contain tips to maintain a
Maintain Don’t Gain:‘Tis the Sea-   a great addition.”                  lifestyle that supports good
son to Lighten Up, along with a         The nine-week program will      health and well-being; whole-
weekly guide to spiritual reflec-   kick off Nov. 15 with a Getting
                                    Started newsletter, and new
                                                                        some recipes for holiday food;
                                                                        plans for getting and staying
                                                                                                                                            THE Laity Event
tion tied to the season and the
Highmark program. The guides        resources will be posted weekly.    active; stress management
were written by team member             According to Highmark, our      strategies and more.
                                                                                                                                                            with Gil Rendle
Bonnie D. Harr, a clinical nurse    Conference health insurance             The weekly spiritual guides                                                author, speaker,
                                                                                                                                              renowned author, speaker, pastor
specialist and counseling psy-      provider, research shows that       include: A Matter of Balance;
chotherapist from Charter           many Americans gain at least        Thanks-Living; and Finding Suc-                                         Nov. 14 at Ingomar UMC
Oak UMC. Harr is a student in       one to three pounds during the      cess in God.                                                                                   in Pittsburgh
the Spiritual Formation certifi-    time between Thanksgiving and           Find it all in the Health as                                                          9:30 am-4:40 pm
cate program at Pittsburgh The-     the New Year. While a few           Wholeness section of
                                    pounds may not seem like            www.wpaumc.org, under The                                      www.wpaumc.org
                                                                                                                           Register at www.wpaumc.org or 800-886-3382, ext. 236
ological Seminary. The resources
will be available on                much, research also shows that      Latest.                                                                            by                Laity Team
                                                                                                                                                 Sponsored by the Conference Laity Team
  November 6, 2009                                 InterLink edition of the United Methodist Reporter                                                                               5A
                                                                     Volunteer NOW for Pittsburgh
                                                                            Light-Up Night
                                                                             By the Rev. Beth Nelson,WPAUMC Training & Resources
                                                                     Volunteer NOW to help with our          booth at Santa Spectacu-
                                                                  Conference’s biggest sidewalk evan-        lar, too. Needed are:
                                                                  gelism event of the year – the Santa       Thousands of indi-
                                                                  Spectacular area of Light-Up Night             vidually wrapped
                                                                  in downtown Pittsburgh, 6-9 pm,                fresh-baked cook-
                                                                  Friday, Nov. 20.                               ies -- label each with a
                                                                     Evangelism is a powerful tool in            greeting, church pro-
                                                                  making disciples for Jesus Christ.The          gramming/worship
                                                                  harvest is vast at this event. Okay,           information or a Bible
     Mission Intern Blogs Home                                    many people do come for the free,              verse along with your                                 WPAUMC image by Mark Rehn
                                                                  homemade cookies, but others are               church name. Drop        The Rev. David Keller entertains and chal-
     Erin Eidenshink, second from left, of Mars UMC,              really looking for something more.                                      lenges with his “magic” coloring book.
                                                                                                                 the cookies at the
 was one of six mission interns commissioned by the               As cookies and camp Bibles are dis-            UM Center in Cranberry Twp. or Choirs of angels (singers) to
 General Board of Global Ministries on Oct. 13 at a serv-         tributed, a great opportunity arises           bring them on Nov. 20 to the            carol in the midst of the hustle
 ice in Stamford, CT, that was broadcast live over the            to share our faith. Last year, a woman         booth in Point State Park.              and bustle of the evening.
 Internet.The mission interns were among 40 persons               stopped by the United Methodist            Friendly United Methodists                 People maybe waiting for Santa to
 blessed and sent to mission vocations in a powerful serv-        booth, just to say thank you. Last             willing to genuinely wish passers- arrive, but we know the Christ child
 ice of celebration and commitment.                               year, she was challenged by the Rev.           by a merry Christmas and, per-      is already here. Let’s share that joy!
     The interns serve half of a three-year term outside          David Keller and his coloring book             haps, engage in genuine dialogue.       This is our seventh year.
 the U.S. and half in a domestic assignment. Eidenshink,          outreach to “get back to her faith.”       Balloon twisters, evangelists,             Volunteer for any part of the
 a journalism graduate of Southern Methodist University,          Some people are awaiting such a                and Christian illusionists to       three-hour period.
 is serving along with Holli Vining of Alabama with the           challenge from a friendly soul.                captivate and engage through            For information, contact 800-
 Mongolia Mission Initiative in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.               You can play a crucial role in the          their gifts.                        886-3382, ext. 228 or beth.
     Erin’s blog is at www.ouatinreallife.blogspot.com.           success of the United Methodist                                                    nelson@wpaumc.org.

   The Nyadire Connection Now Stronger
From NYADIRE/page 1A

although residents say conditions     hospital strives to deliver quality         Salaries are also
have improved over the past year.     health care services and improve        an issue. Because
    Power and water were in short     the quality of life in the commu-       government med-
supply at the mission when the        nity while facing serious social        ical personnel are
Western PA volunteers visited in      and political pressures, and            taxed at a lower
October. Power outages occurred       severely limited resources.             rate than mission
almost nightly, disabling pumps           The most common patient ail-        staff, there is a dis-
that supply water to the complex.     ments include tuberculosis,             incentive for doc-
The Nyadire Connection is work-       malaria, pneumonia, malnutri-           tors, nurses and
ing with UMCOR to provide a           tion, and hypertension.                 aides to work at
water system for the mission and      HIV/AIDS is also commonly seen          mission hospitals.
team members met with the mis-        at the hospital, especially in preg-        Though the
sion water committee members          nant mothers.The hospital pro-          hospital is kept
and engineering firms during          vides a range of primary and pre-       meticulously clean
their visit to ensure completion      ventative health care services,         by the the staff,                                                                  WPAUMC image by Jackie Campbell
of a functioning system in the        including general medicine,             the building           Using the new Nyadire satellite Internet hookup and a webcam for the first
near future.                          women’s health, surgery, pedi-          infrastructure is      time, Dr. K. Tshiani talked with Dr. Cherian Thomas, the head of health and wel-
                                                                                                     fare ministries for GBGM, on Skype, a program that enables video calls. Skype
    Before the satellite dish was     atrics, tuberculosis and malaria        in need of repair. is being used by missionaries around the globe to connect with partner congre-
installed, Dr. K.Tshiani and oth-     treatment, an immunization out-         Supplies that are gations.
ers relied on sporadic dial-up        reach program.                          considered essen-
connections to communicate with           In Zimbabwe rural hospitals         tial in U.S. healthcare, such as       paper and pens are limited. In     expanding connections and part-
those outside the area, including     customarily provide their staff         gauze, gloves and sutures, are in      mid-October, excitement built as nerships with United Methodists
leaders of The Nyadire Connec-        with living quarters.While there        short supply.There is a need for       the mission hosted the first nurs- in Western PA.
tion, which is providing the satel-   are some homes in Nyadire for           pharmaceuticals, including antibi- ing school graduation ceremony            With the satellite hook-up,
lite link.With the link, he was       the doctors and more senior             otics, painkillers and anti-retrovi- in three years. In attendance were plans are moving forward to open
able to talk live online with Dr.     nurses, there are not enough for        ral drugs for HIV patients.            church and government health       an Internet Café to further con-
Cherian Thomas, executive secre-      all of the staff. On the mission            The Nyadire School of Nurs-        officials, as well as numerous     nections between Western PA
tary of health and welfare min-       site, volunteers work in large          ing boasts a reputation for train-     graduates who returned for the     United Methodists and our broth-
istries for the General Board of      groups making and firing bricks         ing some of the best nurses in         celebration.                       ers and sisters in Christ at
Global Ministries.                    to construct additional homes,          Zimbabwe, despite the lack of             Hospital personnel, clergy in   Nyadire.
    Serving approximately             both for the hospital and college       money, supplies and space. Basic       the region, and teachers all          For more information, visit
150,000 patients each year, the       staff members.                          materials such as textbooks,           expressed hope of continuing and www.nyadire.org.
  6A                                                  InterLink edition of the United Methodist Reporter                                                                 November 6, 2009

             Beware Credit Card Industry Rate Increases
   If you have a credit card, watch     lending declined during that peri-      struggling to make ends meet.”
for changes in fees and rates.          od. Credit card companies are              Keystone, like most credit
   According to American Bank-          racing to beat a February deadline      unions, have lower interest rates
ing News, “credit card issuers are      for changes imposed by the Cred-        fees and less punitive policies for
sending customers letters inform-       it Card Accountability, Responsi-       credit cards.
ing them that their interest rates      bility and Disclosure Act, recently        “We’ve never practiced that
would be jumping dramatically.”         passed by Congress.                     type of at-will policy change that
   Citibank customers with per-             “We’re very concerned about         you see with the large institu-
fect credit are being told interest     our members, and all United             tions,” said Columbe, “and we
rates will go to 29.99 percent.         Methodists in Western PA,” said         don’t intend to start now.” KUM-
   A study by the Pew Charitable        Patti Columbe, CEO of Keystone          FCU is offering an interest rate of
Trust shows that interest rates on      United Methodist Federal Credit         7.99 percent on new balance
credit cards rose an average of 23      Union. “These rate increases can        transfers and purchases.                                                                           WPAUMC image by Mark Rehn
percent from December 2008 to           cause serious financial hardships          To learn more, call Columbe at
                                                                                                                        Kathy White, Camping director, center, receives a $1,000
July 2009 though banks’ cost of         at a time when many people are          800-886-3382, ext. 223.                 check for Conference camperships from Keystone UM Federal
                                                                                                                        Credit Union President Dennis Henley and CEO Patti Columbe.
                                                                                                                        The gift came from the proceeds of the Keystone Skip-a-Pay
                                                                                                                        program. To date, the credit union has donated $5,000 to send

 Media Resource
                                                                                                                        children and youth to United Methodist summer camp events.

                    By the Rev. Emma Smith, WPAUMC Media Resource Director

      It's barely November - yet Christmas is         Two new Advent-calendar-themed
  in the air! Gifts, sales, travel, sales, parties   videos are available for all ages. Advent
  and more sales are here. But what's the            Calendar on DVD and the Christmas                         Fund the Future
  true purpose of Christmas? There are peo-
  ple in the world that don't know it's the
                                                     Carol edition of Advent Calendar on
                                                     DVD each has 25 segments (3-4 minutes).
                                                                                                           through Planned Giving                                                           A UMFWPA image
  celebration of the birth of Christ.                Advent includes the stories behind Christ-                        By Paul Sylves, Field Staff Representative                             Sykes

   The Purpose of Christmas -- Author               mas angels, the origins of Christmas
                                                                                                                      Joseph, a Levite from Cyprus, whom the apostles called Barnabas
  Rick Warren teaches Christmas can change           wreaths and trees, and the symbolism of
                                                                                                                  (which means son of encouragement), sold a field he owned and brought
  lives forever and why we celebrate Jesus’          the Twelve Days of Christmas gifts. An Advent
                                                                                                                    the money and put it at the apostles’ feet. -- Acts 4:36, 37 (NIV)
  birth.The three-session DVD and study              coloring book, daily Bible readings, and
  guide explore the purpose of the state-            discussion questions are included. Christ-              For two months this column has addressed legal, financial, and communica-
  ments by angels at the first Christmas as a        mas Carol contains the stories behind car-          tion issues related to eldercare. Another consideration during these years of life
  time for:                                          ols. Song lyrics, a coloring book, Bible            is support for your church and its ministries.
    1. Celebration                                   readings, and new arrangements of tradi-                Selling assets or protecting funds for a designated use is planned giving. Barn-
    2. Salvation                                      tional Christmas carols are included.              abas, according to the scripture, provided a model for planned about 2,000
    3. Reconciliation                                                                                    years ago. He sold an asset and generously used the money to support the mis-
                                                             Visit the Media Center online for
   The True Christmas                                                                                   sion of the apostles.
                                                         other available seasonal resources, or
  Story -- Ray Vander Laan                                                                                   Through planned giving from accumulated assets, you can make a faith state-
                                                         to begin planning for 2010. Look
  uses biblical, archeological                                                                           ment, either during your lifetime or after your death. Often, people choose to
                                                         under the Quick Links at
  and historical truths to                                                                               remember family, friends, and their church through bequests in a wills. Howev-
                                                         www.wpaumc.org. Annual member-
  examine the contrast                                                                                   er, many other ways exist to make a planned gift that take into consideration
                                                        ship in the Media Resource Center is
  between King Herod and                                                                                 your life-income needs and also provide tax advantages. Planned gifts can be
                                                        $40, or rent videos on an as needed
  Jesus.Though creator of                                                                                funded with cash, securities, life insurance, IRA funds, or through a charitable
                                                        basis.Visit me at the UM Center in
  the universe, Jesus was                                                                                gift annuity.You may be surprised to learn the advantages of such foresight and
                                                       Cranberry Twp., 8:30 am-4:30 pm,
  born in a shepherd’s cave in the                                                                       the possibilities for supporting the Kingdom and the ministries of The United
                                                     weekdays. Contact me at 800-886-3382,
  shadow of the magnificent palace of                                                                    Methodist Church.
                                                     ext. 259 or resources@wpaumc.org
  Herod, possibly the most wealthy and                                                                       A recent example of a modern-day Barnabas was a single woman who gave
  powerful ruler of all time.                                                                            funds to the UM Foundation at the end of her working career in exchange for a
   "Bah Humbug!" Scrooge said in                         MRC OPEN HOUSE                                 charitable gift annuity. In her retirement she received checks each year for 5.5
  Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol                                                                     percent of her contribution. She died last summer after over 20 years in retire-
                                                        Come to the Media Resource Center                ment. Her gift for children’s camperships upon her death had grown over five
  Bible Study from Entertainment Ministry.
                                                     Open House on Saturday, Nov. 21, 10                 times the original investment! What a wonderful faith statement and enduring
  Engage and energize your class with this
                                                     am-4:30 pm, in the UM Center, Cran-                 legacy.
  four session DVD study based on the ever
                                                     berry Twp.                                              Representatives of the United Methodist Foundation of Western PA are pre-
  popular Christmas classic.With the release
                                                        Introduce members of your congre-                pared to help extend a connection between faith and finances throughout and
  of the new animated Disney movie A
                                                     gations to the MRC, preview and learn               beyond your lifetime. Give us a call and take the first steps toward becoming a
  Christmas Carol this month, take this oppor-
                                                     more about available resources.Claim                modern-day Barnabas.
  tunity to adapt the leader and participant
                                                     media resources no longer in use for
  guides for children and youth.The main                                                                      Fund Your Faith is provided by the United Methodist Foundation ofWestern Pennsylvania.
                                                     your personal or church library. FREE
  themes of selfishness, regret, repentance,                                                              To learn more on discover how the Foundation can assist in funding ministry in your congregation,
                                                     refreshments will be served.
  and salvation apply to ALL ages.                                                                                              visit www.umfoundation.org or call 800-743-2128.
  November 6, 2009                                  InterLink edition of the United Methodist Reporter                                                                           7A
      Flip Your Worship                                              Workshop                                       In Memory                             Help Wanted
       into Facebook!                                            Offers Hands-On                               Ruth LaVerne Bishop, 95, of            Organist/pianist, sought by
                                                                                                               Loveland, CO, died Oct. 14.In          Greenstone UMC.in Avalon
  Submitted by the Rev. Jeff St. Clair, Baldwin Community UMC      Training for                                addition to church work, Ruth          (north of Pittsburgh). Send a
                                                                 Sound Systems                                 enjoyed baking cookies, garden-
                                                                                                               ing, music, and reading. She is the
                                                                                                                                                      resume/brief faith statement to
      This is so neat! I can      market. After recording,
  still listen to your message    you just plug the gadget’s         Christ Community UMC in But-              widow of the Rev. Kennard M.           Contemporary music/
  even while I’m at Penn          built-in USB port into the     ler will host a hands-on training session     Bishop and survived by her daugh-      worship leader, PT, sought by
  State!                          computer.                      by nationally-recognized How-To Church        ter Laurene Clemmer of Love-           Bradford:First UMC for Sunday
                                                                 Sound Ministries, a leading provider of       land; son David Bishop of              mornings. Send resume to
      This is such a great idea      My first thought was,
                                                                 audio workshops, on Saturday, Dec. 5, 9       Louisville, CO; six grandchildren,     fumcoffice@zwisp.net.
  for people like my dad who      “Could it be that simple?”
                                                                 am-6 pm.                                      and three great-grandchildren. A       Keyboardist/accompanist
  can’t make it to the service.   The answer is yes! Once the
                                                                     Workshop attendees operate mixing         funeral service was Oct. 22, at        sought by Punxsutawney: First
    These are the                          video is converted
                                                                 consoles at up to 30 individual worksta-      Loveland Good Samaritan Chapel.        UMC. Contact the office at
comments our                               on your computer,
Facebook page                              you can log on to     tions, and learn the techniques necessary     The Rev. Dean A. Pizer, 82, of         office@punxsyfirstumc.org or 814-
                                                                 for them to become familiar with the          Stoystown, died Oct. 10. He is         938-7500.
received in the                            Facebook, upload
                                                                 operation of a sound system.The work-         survived by his wife of 55 years,      Organist/pianist sought by Eliz-
first week of post-                        your video and put
                                                                 shop leaders bring more than $120,000         Betty Sheets Pizer; children, Dean     abeth UMC. Inquire at 412-384-
ing Our Asbury                             your weekend wor-
                                                                 of equipment, including analog and digi-      Pizer Jr. of Stoystown and Jody        7050 or clearywayne@ yahoo.com.
@alternative                               ship or other pro-
                                                                 tal mixers, wireless/wired microphones,       Weigle of Somerset; four grand-        Music director sought by New
worship services                           gram online! It                                                     children; and five great-grandchil-
using Flip video                           really is that sim-   compressors, equalizers, personal moni-                                              Brighton UMC. Send resume to
                                                                                                               dren. A former high lift operator      islandretreat@comcast.net or NBUMC,
technology!                                ple!                  toring systems — and equipment for
                                                                                                               and weigh master, he was a             1033 6th Ave., New Brighton, PA
    The Asbury @lternative,          Comments like those         musicians to help lower stage volume.
                                                                                                               licensed minister with the Confer-     15066.
a new worship start at Bald-      above continue to come in          Participants receive a workbook, liter-
                                                                                                               ence. He enjoyed hunting, fishing,
win Community UMC,                from many people in our        ature, continental breakfast, snacks and                                             Administrative assistant, PT,
                                                                                                               preaching, family, and the Steelers.
                                                                 lunch, plus eight hours of up-close-and-                                             sought by Greensburg:Otterbein
launched in September             church and from those who                                                    The funeral service was Oct. 14 at
                                                                 personal, hands-on training. Register 14                                             UMC starting Feb. 1, 2010. Go to
2007. But in the last two         do not attend church. Face-                                                  Mostoller UMC.
                                                                 days in advance and get special pricing.                                             www.gbgotterbein.org to learn more.
months, we’ve taken the           book and Flip video tech-                                                    The Rev. Howard Melvin                 Contact 724.834.4060 or
ministry to the online com-       nology allows the church to        Attendance is limited to 60 people, so
                                                                                                               Shultz, 94, of Hopwood, died           gbgotterbein@verizon.net.
munity of Facebook. Face-         share the joy that’s “behind   register today at www.howtosound.
                                                                                                               Oct. 25. After 18 years working as     Custodian, PT, sought by Mifflin
book, in the last year alone,     the walls!”                    com/register or call 732-741-1275 or          a coal miner, he was called to the
                                                                 301-739-5721.                                                                        Ave. UMC in the Regent Square sec-
has grown from 170 million           Bishop Bickerton                                                          ministry in 1946 and served as a       tion of Pittsburgh. Contact pastor@
users to over 300 million         appointed clergy not just to       For information, contact Donald           Conference elder. He is survived       mifflinave.org or 412-215-4648.
users! It allows users to         local churches, but to the     Boardman, director of technology at           by his wife of 69 years, Ednah
                                                                 Christ Community UMC at 724-287-                                                     General secretary sought by
create pages for causes,          communities these local                                                      Frost Shultz; daughter Norma           General Commission on UM
events, etc...The Asbury          churches serve.The online      4462.                                         Husk and her husband, the Rev.         Men. For details, go to
@lternative created a page        social network is our com-                                                   Arnold Husk, pastor of Walnut          www.gcumm.org. Apply by Nov. 16.
                                                                                                               Hill UMC, of Uniontown; two
on Facebook for online            munity!                           Board Holds Health                         grandchildren; and two great-
                                                                                                                                                      Director, 2012 General Con-
worship and discussion.              Use the technology God                                                                                           ference Worship & Music
    Have budget problems          has given us to share God’s     Care Costs to ‘09 Levels                     grandchildren. Shultz served as
                                                                                                                                                      (Nashville) sought by the Commis-
and still want to move for-       love to the world via the                                                    Conference secretary and a direc-
                                                                     Pat Morris, conference treasurer,                                                sion on the General Confer-
ward with spreading the           online communities you are                                                   tor of the Keystone UM Federal
                                                                  reports that the Board of Pensions has                                              ence. Responsible for overall worship
Good News via the Inter-          a part of!                                                                   Credit Union.The funeral was
                                                                  agreed to hold the line on health care                                              & music program management at
                                                                                                               Oct. 28 at Calvary UMC in
net? You can! Technology is          To find out more about       costs for 2010.                                                                     GC2012.To learn more, go to the clas-
getting simpler by the day!       Facebook and Flip video            "This is great news for our church-                                              sifieds on www.wpaumc.org. Apply by
A new gadget that can             technology, go to               es: says Morris.The board has been                                                  Feb. 1.
record 120 minutes of HD          www.facebook.com and            frugal with its reserves and feels it can                                           Director sought by Ruth M.
video with the press of a         www.theflip.com.                maintain the 2009 income level in to                                                Smith Home (Sheffield), For
simple button is now on the                                       2010.                                                                               details, go to the classifieds on
                                                                                                                   The weekly e-news,                 www.wpaumc.org. Send resume to
                                                                                                                sent Wednesdays, car-                 Search Committee, 4813 Victoria Way,
                                                                                                                ries important, concise,
  Boundaries                                                                 Earn License as                    timely Conference news.
                                                                                                                                                      Erie, PA 16509 or via e-mail to
   Domestic Violence Prevention                                               Local Pastor                      All clergy receive the e-
                                                                                                                news and you can, too -
                 Safe Sanctuaries                                              The spring 2010 Licensing        for free. Send an e-mail                      Submit and find
                                                                            School for Local Pastors will       message with your                          complete, up-to-date
     Training is available to help clergy and laity alike in dealing                                                                                            classifieds at
                                                                            be in the Cranberry Township        name and church affilia-
  with real situations that may occur within the local church.                                                  tion to the address                          www.wpaumc.org
                                                                            area beginning March 5-6 and
     On Wed., Nov. 11, come to a day for any or all three courses:                                              above with “subscribe to                       under “News.”
                                                                            continuing each Saturday until
                9-10:30 am --        Boundaries                                                                 e-news” in the subject
                                                                            the closing weekend of May          area.                                    The FINAL DATE to submit
                10:45-12:15 pm -- Domestic Violence Prevention
                                                                            21-22.                                 Add e-news@
                1-3 pm --            Safe Sanctuaries
                                                                               To learn more, contact the
                                                                                                                                                      2009 Mission Share payments is
     Register at www.wpaumc.org. If you have questions, contact                                                 wpaumc.org to your e-
                                                                            Rev. Pat Nelson at 724-946-         mail contacts to avoid                Friday, Jan 15. Any payments
  Beth Nelson at 800-886-3382, ext. 228 or beth.nelson@                                                                                               after this date will be included
                                                                            8486 or pastorpat.nw@               problems with filters on
  wpaumc.org.                                                                                                   your account.
                                                                            zoominternet.net.                                                         in your 2010 remittance totals.
  8A                                              InterLink edition of the United Methodist Reporter                                                                 November 6, 2009

 Bishop Cites Need for Change
    in Appalachian Ministry
 By Jackie Campbell,WPAUMC News      leaders, he said.                             op said. “It means
                                        “Appalachia has a wonderful                getting out of our
   The Appalachian Ministry Net-     history of raising up excellent               box long enough
work, like The United Methodist      leaders who go somewhere else                 to recruit new
Church and other mainline            to lead,” he noted. “I believe it is          leaders so they
denominations, has a narrowing       critical for us to take the lead in           can be devel-
window of opportunity to shed        providing opportunities for peo-              oped.”
some baggage, make substantive       ple within the region to think                   Bishop Bicker-
changes, and grow into the           creatively, dream boldly and learn            ton also cited a
future, Bishop Thomas J. Bicker-     consistently.”Taking the creativity           need to create
ton told participants at the 2009    that abounds in Appalachia and                new places for
Appalachian Assembly in Bethany,     using it to bring forth new lead-             new people – to
WV, on Oct. 28.                      ers, he said, will demand a will-             spend time in
   Developing new leaders and        ingness to step outside the box.              places where
adapting to reach new people in         “In the local church,” he                  Christians don’t
changing culture are crucial, he     explained, “we have a deep-seed-              normally go to
                                                                                                                                                                                   Image by John Phipps
said in the keynote address of the   ed propensity to sit in the same              connect with peo-
                                                                                                           At the recent Appalachian Assembly, Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton presents a
gathering at Bethany College.        pew, giving the same position of              ple with whom           gift of recognition to Sharon Leatherman, who in the last year retired as exec-
    “In my work over the past 11     leadership to the same person at              they may not be         utive director of the Appalachian Ministry Network.
years as a district superintendent   the expense of not training those             comfortable.
and now a bishop, I have become      who need to know what we know                    There’s also a need, he said, to engage in ministry WITH the            five-year period.The results will
resigned to the fact that some       – and expecting new leaders to                re-examine the traditional             poor.”                              be provided to local, state and
local churches will make a con-      conform to our established meth-              approach to alleviating poverty –         Megan Shreve, a trainer with     federal policy makers.
scious decision to die rather than   ods.This is NOT leadership                    to move from ministry TO the           Move the Mountains Leadership          Bishop Bickerton noted that it
to make the substantive changes      development!”                                 poor to ministry WITH the poor. Center, led a plenary on Circles,          will take similar collaboration to
necessary in                                                                           “One of the practical crises       an innovative model program         give new life not only to the
order to grow,”                                                                        facing The United Methodist        being piloted in several areas or   Appalachian Ministries Network,
he said. “I pray                                                                       Church in its effort to move       Pennsylvania and other states. It’s but to the entire Appalachian
that this will                                                                         from survival to ‘thrival’ is      designed to mobilize a communi- region. “A collaboration,” he said,
not be the case                                                                        our inability to invite the poor ty to end poverty.This initiative     “with one another as we seek and
for us here in                                                                         into the fellowship of our         pulls in middle class families to   actively pray for a reason to keep
Appalachia.”                                                                           churches,” he said.                offer brainstorming, networking, our organization alive; a collabo-
   Bishop                                                                                  “We are happy to extend a and emotional support to families ration that will push us to devel-
Bickerton, a                                                                           hand of assistance, but reluc-     or individuals trying to get out of op new leaders, create new
native of West                                                                         tant to welcome the poor to        poverty. It encourages human        opportunities for new people to
Virginia, chairs                                                                       sit next to us in the pew and      service agencies, faith-based       catch a vision AND share their
the Appalachi-                                                                         fellowship with us around our groups, colleges and business to         own visions; a collaboration for
an Ministry                                                                            tables. IF the church is to        work together to look for innova- and most especially with the
Network,                                                                               once again grow, it will only      tive solutions. It creates a com-   poor. And a collaboration to
which is strug-                                                                        do so with people who do not munity environment that takes             restore the dignity of the land we
gling to meet                                          From www. appalachia-umc.org
                                                                                       look like us and who have          ownership of both the problem       love and call our home.
the increasing                                                                         very transparent scars from        and need for a solution to end         To learn more, go to www.
challenges of ministry in the           Leadership development                     the journey of life. I believe that    poverty.                            appalachia-umc.org.
region. One of the greatest chal-    requires a willingness to give                if ministry in Appalachian will           This initiative begun in Iowa in
lenges to growth — in the            away our positions of leadership              have any relevance in the 21st         1999 is being piloted in 10 states
region, in the AMN and in            to those who are behind us so                 Century, we must seriously             with the goal of getting 1,000
churches—is developing new           that they can lead freely, the Bish- examine the method by which we families out of poverty over a

                       District VIM Coordinators Expand Mission Opportunities
   Opportunities for Western PA United         “They are an energetic, experienced,           They’ll also help set up VIM leader training            more responsive to district needs and they
Methodists and friends to work together in     skilled group of people.                                        in the districts on a rotat-           will be sources of information and men-
mission in their local communities and         I’m very excited that these       For a list of District        ing basis.                             toring for volunteers in each district,” she
around the globe promise to increase in        folks have made this com-          Mission,VIM and                 At least once a year,               added.
the coming year with district Volunteers in    mitment to Volunteers in           Disaster Response            each coordinator will plan                Between now and January, the district
Mission (VIM) coordinators serving in all      Mission.”                         coordinators, go to           and facilitate a VIM project           coordinators will connect with their dis-
10 districts.                                     Miller said the district       www.wpaumc.org.               in each district, Miller               trict superintendents and gather mission
   “For the first time since I came on         VIM coordinators will                                           said. “These projects                  outreach information about their congre-
board three years ago, we have District        meet together three times a year and act as might be ramp building, work on a church,                  gations.
VIM Coordinators in place,” said Diane         a “board of directors” for her – providing     or work on a home.                                         To learn more, contact 800-886-3382,
Miller, Conference Mission/VIM director.       advice and helping to set priorities.             “I hope these volunteers will help me be             ext. 241 or MissionVIM@wpaumc.org.

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