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					                              Contact Information                                                 Engagement Stream(s)
     Name                     Company/Contact                                             Group     Email Address
1    Edward P. Ambinder, MD   ASCO EHR Workgroup member; Clinical Professor of            SEP
                              Medicine, Mount Sinai School of Medicine; practicing

2    Dianne Reeves, RN, BSN   Associate Director for Biomedical Data Standards, NCI       DE
                              Center for Biomedical Informatics and Information           SEP

3    Peter Yu, MD             ASCO EHR Workgroup Chair; ASCO Board of Directors           SEP
                              member; Director of Oncology Research and practicing
                              oncologist at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation

4    Herb Kaizer, MD          Oncologist; collaborating domain expert                     SEP

5    Mia Levy, MD             Assistant Professor, Biomedical Informatics and             SEP
                              Medicine, Cancer Clinical Informatics Officer, Vanderbilt

6    Nancy Sklarin, MD        Oncologist and Director of Chemotherapy Practice,           SEP
                              Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center

7    Mary Parker              NCCCP Lead/ Coordinator, Ascension Health - National        SEP

8    Saundra Sheets           NCCCP IT Contact, Ascension Health - St. Vincent’s          SEP

9    Andrea Gaudiosa          Director, IT Operations, Columbia St. Mary’s                SEP

10   Valerie Griffin          ASIS Architect, Seton                                       SEP

11                            NCCCP Coordinator, Billings Clinic Cancer Center            SEP
      Sarah Osen
12   Deb Hood                 NCCCP Project Director, Catholic Health Initiatives         SEP

13   Debbi Honey              VP Clinical Operations, CHI National                        SEP

14   Lance Groves             Data Manager, CHI - St Joseph/Towson Hospital               SEP

15   Jeanne Barnes            Director, Information Technology, CHI - Good                SEP
                               Samaritan Hospital

16   Mary Kielma               Director, Pathology Laboratory, CHI-Penrose Hospital    SEP

17   Pat Montanaro             Director, EHR Information Services, Helen and Harry     SEP
                               Gray Cancer Center

18   Maegan Dunn               NCCCP IT Coordinator, Our Lady of the Lake Cancer       SEP

19   Erdal Sipahi              Director, Mission Information Technology, Mary Bird     SEP
                               Perkins Cancer Center

20   Holly Johnson, PMP        NCCCP IT Coordinator; Sanford Research IT Project       SEP
                               Manager, Sanford USD Medical Center

21   Lucy Gansaur              NCCCP Services Director, Gibbs Cancer Center            SEP

22   Beverly Albury            Manager, Information Technology, Lewis Cancer &         SEP
                               Research Pavilion at St. Joseph's- Candler

23   Nancy Johnson             Executive Director, Nancy N. and J.C. Lewis Cancer &    SEP
                               Research Pavilion at St. Joseph's-Cangler

24   Nancy Harris              Administrator Cancer Services, St. Joseph Hospital of   SEP

25   Joshua Mann               NCCCP IT Specialist, The Center for Cancer              SEP
                               Prevention and Treatment

26   George Komatsoulis, PhD   Director, Quality Assurance and Compliance at the       SEP
                               National Cancer Institute Center for Biomedical
                               Informatics and Information Technology

27   Philip Strong, MD         Palo Alto Medical Foundation                            SEP

28   John A. Ellerton MD, CM   Principal Investigator, Southern Nevada Community       DE
     FACP                      Clinical Oncology Program                               SEP
                               Adjunct Professor Community Medicne-Oncology,
                               Touro Nevada College of Osteopathic Medicine
                               Member, Board of Directors CALGB
                               Member, BOLD (Breast Oncology Local Disease) Task
                               Force, NCI Breast Cancer Steering Committee
29   Raymond Lord MD           Medical Oncologist                                       DE
                               Clinical Trials Physician                                SEP
                               West Michigan Cancer Center
                               Kalamazoo, Michigan

30   Anna E. Schorer MD        Associate Professor of Medicine                          DE
                               Division of Hematology, Oncology and Transplantation     SEP
                               University of Minnesota

31   Edward D. Helton, Ph.D.   Associate Director, Clinical Imaging Programs and        SEP

32   Paul Courtney             DCCPS                                                    SEP

33   Ann Schwartz              Associate Center Director for Population Sciences,       SEP
                               Karmanos Cancer Inst. Detroit, MI

34   Sunny Park                NCCCP Coordinator, Nurse Informaticist Billings Clinic   SEP
                               Cancer Center

35   Monica Fulton             NCCCP Site Lead St. Joseph, Towson, MD                   SEP

36   Gregory Thompson          Name: Gregory Thompson                                   SEP
                               Organization: SME
37   Cecil Lynch                                                                        SEP

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