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									Science on a Sphere
 James Madison University

  Christie-Joy Brodrick, Ph.D.
   Assistant Professor, ISAT
      Tiffany Newbold
SHENAIR Program Manager, ISAT
                                            James Madison University

The JMU Learning Experience
 JMU’s approximately 17,000 students
are educated to be technological
problem solvers and communicators
Academic programs are integrated
with business and technology to offer a
unique partnership among students,
faculty, business and government
Continuous integration of teaching and
research at all levels of the curriculum,
undergraduate and graduate
Degrees Conferred (2005):
 -Undergraduate: 3,329
 -Graduate: 398
 -Doctoral: 51

Installation: Nov 27-Dec 1, 2006
                         Pilot Group Participants
                           Winter/Spring 2007
Benzing, Thomas (ISAT)
Blatz, Sharon (Ed Programs)         Klevickis, Cynthia (ISAT)
Brodrick, Christie (ISAT)           Kraenzel, Helmut (Geography)
Clemens, Claire (Library)           Kolvoord, Robert (ISAT, COE)
Clemens, Richard (Ed Tech)          Marin, Claudia (CS MS student)
Curtis, Chad (Art)                  Mata-Toledo, Hector (CS)
Davis, Corbin (Geog student)        Newbold, Tiffany (ISAT)
Fenzel, Matthew (ISAT student)      Purcell, Steve (Ed Programs)
Giraytys, James (ISAT)              Pyle, Eric (Geology)
Griffin, Oris (COE)                 Slykhuis, David (COE)
Ingram, Richard (COE)               St John, Kristen (Geology)
Johnson, Elizabeth (Geology)        Tumer, Tiffany (ISAT)
Kander, Ronald (ISAT)               Ulanski, Stan (Geology)

   We use live presenters for our demonstrations – the
    faculty that have been trained to use the sphere use it to
    enhance their lectures.
   Once open to the public, we will hire a part-time person to
    run the sphere for various groups.
                                                            Unique Aspects

   Only institute of higher education to house SOS
   Potential partnerships with local universities and K-12 education
   Located in the College of Education
     Create custom content to correlate to VA SOL curriculum
     Develop classroom lessons to incorporate the sphere
     Integrate with the GLOBE program
     Used to train pre-service teachers
   Resources at the university
     GIS and Computer Science Departments
     Students and faculty
     IT
                                                Developing Ideas

   Graduate student developing custom software to allow the
    user to upload a .jpeg file without needing to manipulate
    GIS software
   Student working on understanding how to take maps from
    ArcGIS either directly to the sphere or to the sphere as
    quickly as possible. This will involve scripting within
    GIS and a bit of an interface with the SOS software.
   Partnerships with local community groups
   Collaboration with K-12 schools
   Air Quality simulations
                                                      Custom Content

First air quality projections by Corbin Davis, senior, Geography
                   Ozone AQI from EPA website

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