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									 Mesa Community College
 Financial Aid Services

Money A Problem?
    No Problem.
                                          First You Get
                                             Your Money.
                                           Then Your
                                                Money’s Worth.

                                                         At Mesa Community College,      Building your future with
                                                         we’ll do everything we can to   an academic education is
                                                         help you obtain the financial   an accomplishment with
                                                         aid you need to make your       life-long rewards. Whether
                                                         dream of higher education       you’re hoping to transfer
                                                         a reality.                      to a four-year university,
                                                                                         accomplish one of our
For 2009 – 2010, MCC awarded more than                                                   two-year career programs,
$55 million in federal grants, loans, and student                                        or improve your skill set for
                                                                                         the job you already have,
employment. MCC also awarded more than                                                   we want you to succeed.
$4 million in scholarships.*

*MCC Office of Financial Aid. 2010 Student Information System.
Tuition                                                                                             Grand
Comparison                                                                                      University***
2009 – 2010
Annual Tuition for a                                                      of Phoenix**
Full-Time Student                            $5,998
                           $2,130                                * From
                                                                ** From
                                                               *** From

                        Apply Early! Apply Now!
                        To be considered an early applicant and to be given priority
                        for other funds available, MCC must receive your accurate
                        electronic or paper Student Aid Report (SAR) with all other
                        required documents no later than the first Friday in April.
                        You must also meet all student eligibility requirements
                        (such as the Standards of Satisfactory Academic Progress).
                        This date is not a deadline, but a priority date for consideration
                        for types of aid other than the Pell Grant. School priority dates
                        are usually earlier than federal deadlines.

                MCC                                      Public University
                Class Schedule                           Class Schedule
                English 101                  VS.         English 101
                College Algebra                          College Algebra
                Introduction to Psychology               Introduction to Psychology
                Introduction to Marketing                Introduction to Marketing
                    852                                  $

                                                                        Based upon 12 credit hours for one semester.
                                                                        *Average cost for three Arizona public universities.
                           Lots Of Options
                                To Consider.                                  Other resources to consider in
                                                                              paying for your education!
                                 Lots Of Help
                                    Once You Decide.                          Scholarships
                                                                              A scholarship is funding donated or
                            There are several different forms of financial
                                                                              provided by the college (for example,
                            aid available for students enrolled at MCC.
                                                                              the Maricopa Community Colleges
                            From federal grants to private scholarships
                                                                              Foundation) or private donors
                            to work-study programs and more, the
                                                                              (individuals or organizations) for
                            Financial Aid Office will make sure that
                                                                              education expenses. These funds
                            you’re applying correctly.
                                                                              do not need to be repaid as long
                                                                              as satisfactory academic standards
                                                                              are maintained. A wide variety of

Federal Financial Aid
                                                                              scholarships are available based
                                                                              on specific conditions for eligibility,
                                                                              such as students exhibiting excellent
Our federal government knows the      Federal Direct Unsubsidized             character, who have a record of
importance of a college education.    loans are awarded regardless of         community service, or who are
That is why, for many years now,      financial need and accrue interest       pursuing a particular area
college students have been            while you are in school.                of study.
provided with government funding
                                      PLUS Loans: PLUS loans are              It is a good idea to ask the Financial
opportunities. To be eligible for
                                      designed for the parents of             Aid Office for help if you would
any federally funded student                                                  like to learn more about private
                                      dependent MCC students.
aid, you must complete the Free
                                      The loan is not based on financial       scholarships or if you are ready
Application for Federal Student Aid                                           to apply for the MCC Scholarship.
                                      need and is unsubsidized,
(FAFSA), submit all documents                                                 We also encourage you to browse
                                      meaning interest accrues
requested by the MCC Financial                                                our website and apply for as many
                                      throughout the life of the loan.
Aid Office, and be registered at                                               scholarships as are available. Just
                                      After the parent’s eligibility
MCC. If it seems overwhelming,                                                go to
                                      is established and funds are
remember we’re here to help you
                                      awarded, the MCC student                scholarships and there you’ll find an
get your applications finished.                                                entire list of possibilities.
                                      must attend school no less
Take a look – federal financial aid
                                      than half-time.                         Applying for scholarships is a great
comes in a few different forms:
grants, loans, and work-study         Work-Study Programs: Through            way to help pay for your college
programs.                             the Federal Work-Study program          education. Both MCC and private
                                      (FWS), students can be provided         scholarship donors want to help
Federal Grants: Federal grants                                                today’s students open the doors
                                      with a job on campus while they
are awarded solely based on                                                   to higher education and career
                                      attend school. You must apply for
financial need. Unlike loans, they
                                      federal financial aid to determine       success. Plus, scholarship and gift
do not have to be repaid (unless,                                             funding requires no repayment,
                                      if you are eligible for this program.
for example, you are awarded                                                  and it can cut your tuition down to
                                      With FWS at MCC, you can
funds incorrectly or withdraw from                                            a fraction of the actual cost – if not
                                      acquire marketable job skills and
school). The amount you receive                                               altogether free!
                                      establish valuable friendships. For
depends on your financial need,
                                      example, many student employees
cost of attendance, and enrollment                                            Private Loans
                                      at MCC use their FWS supervisors
status (full-time or part-time).
                                      as references for jobs off campus       Many students are able to receive
There are several different grants
                                      or after they leave college. If         federal aid, but if your federal
available for which you can apply.
                                      you enter this experience with          aid does not cover all necessary
Federal Direct Loans: Federal         enthusiasm, determination, a            education expenses, then loans
Direct loans are provided to a        willingness to learn, and a positive    through private lenders are also
student with the signed agreement     attitude, then you will gain far        available. It is important that you
and understanding that they           more than just funding for school.      closely review the terms of private
are to be repaid. Federal Direct                                              loans and ensure that you are
Subsidized loans are awarded                                                  receiving only money that you truly
based on financial need and the                                                need. Contact the MCC Financial
federal government pays the loan                                              Aid Office if you are interested in
interest while you are in school.                                             applying for a private loan.
                                                                                 Outside Resources
Veterans’ Benefits                     and textbooks, with money
                                      left over each month for living            There are resources beyond the
Many veterans and dependents                                                     financial aid we have already
                                      expenses. The MCC Office of
are unaware that they can earn                                                   discussed that can help you
                                      Veterans Services, located at the
money while attending college
                                      Southern & Dobson Campus,                  with your college expenses.
through the educational benefits
                                      is proud to be a one-stop shop             They include faculty/staff
that are available to them.
                                      for veterans, aiding them in               tuition benefits, fellowships,
The Department of Veterans            all aspects of their academic              essay contests, assistantships,
Affairs is devoted to making          progress at MCC. Veterans and              employment reimbursement,
education possible for veterans       dependents just need to stop by            AmeriCorps benefits, vocational
of all military branches and          and ask about their benefits to             rehabilitation benefits, tribal
their dependents. The benefits         start the process of achieving             funds, and more. You can always
available cover the cost of tuition   their goals!                               come to the Financial Aid Office
                                                                                 to get some ideas. Perhaps we’ll
                                                                                 be able to point you in some
Any veterans looking for assistance in reaching their educational                creative directions for finding your
objectives may also visit us online at                  funding.

Presidents’ Scholarship
The Presidents’ Scholarship is available to all Maricopa County high school graduates who have graduated
within the past academic year. The scholarship is a tuition waiver that covers in-county tuition, and the
registration fee, for up to 15 credit hours for four consecutive semesters, excluding summer sessions.
• must graduate in the top 15% of their graduating      • must take at least 12 hours of courses at the
  class OR test at the Honors English level,              100 level or above, one of which must be an
  the reading-exempt level, and the math                  Honors-only class
  level listed at the website
                                                        • must maintain good standing in the Honors
• may not have attended any post-secondary                Program, which includes completion of at least
  institution other than one of the Maricopa              12 hours each semester, one Honors-only
  Community Colleges                                      class (earning a C or better), and a minimum
                                                          GPA of 3.25

MCC Honors Achievement Award
If you’re a student with a cumulative GPA of at least 3.25 and have completed
12 credits in the Maricopa Community Colleges, you qualify for membership
in the MCC Honors Program.
As a member of MCC’s Honors program, you also qualify for an Honors
Achievement Award of up to $325 per semester. MCC Honors students
are required to take at least one three-hour Honors class that will earn
Honors credit on their official transcript. For more information,
contact the Honors Program staff at 480-461-7079.

Fast-Tracking The Dream
The Fast Tracking The Dream program is a community partnership that seeks
to minimize or remove the financial barriers for obtaining a college education.
The focus of the program is to improve access to a college education for
low-to moderate-income individuals and to enhance the financial literacy
of participants in the program. Earned income that is deposited into a
special savings account with an approved financial institution is tripled
to pay for tuition, books, fees, and course-required materials. To put your
dream on the fast track, contact MCC Service-Learning at 480-461-7114.
                                         Federal Aid
                                           Options Summary

FEDERAL                                                                                      ANNUAL AWARD
STUDENT AID                   TYPE OF AID     PROGRAM DETAILS                                LIMITS*

Federal Pell Grant            Grant           Available almost exclusively to                $555 to $5,550 for
                              Does not have   undergraduates; all eligible students will     2010–2011
                              to be repaid.   receive the Federal Pell Grant amount for
                                              which they qualify.

Federal                       Grant           For undergraduates with exceptional            $1,000
Supplemental                  Does not have   financial need; priority is given to Federal
Educational                   to be repaid.   Pell Grant recipients; funds depend on
Opportunity Grant                             availability at school.

Leveraging                    Grant           Provided to Arizona residents of highest
Educational                   Does not have   demonstrated financial need; funds are          $1,000
Assistance                    to be repaid.   based on availability and eligibility.
Program (LEAP)

Academic                      Grant           For undergraduates receiving Pell Grants       First-academic-
Competitiveness               Does not have   who are U.S. citizens enrolled half-time in    year students:
Grant (ACG)                   to be repaid.   their first or second academic year of study.   up to $750
                                              For first-academic-year students who
                                              have completed a rigorous secondary-
                                                                                             year students:
                                              school program of study, graduated
                                                                                             up to $1,300
                                              from high school after Jan. 1, 2006, and
                                              have not been previously enrolled in an
                                              undergraduate program.
                                              For second-academic-year students who
                                              have completed a rigorous secondary-school
                                              program of study, graduated from high school
                                              after Jan. 1, 2005, and have at least a 3.0
*Annual award limits are subject to change
after 2010 – 2011. For the most current
                                              cumulative GPA at the completion of their
information on award limits, visit            first year of postsecondary study.
FEDERAL                                                                                           ANNUAL AWARD
STUDENT AID                  TYPE OF AID          PROGRAM DETAILS                                 LIMITS*

Federal                      Money is earned      For undergraduate and graduate students;        $5,600 per
Work-Study                   while attending      jobs can be on or off campus; students          academic year
(FWS)                        school; does not     are paid at least federal minimum wage.
                             have to be repaid.

Federal Perkins              Loan                 Interest charged on this loan is 5 percent      $3,600 for
Loan                         Must be repaid.      for both undergraduate and graduate             undergraduate
                                                  students; payment is owed to the school         students
                                                  that made the loan.

Subsidized                   Loan                 Subsidized: U.S. Department of Education        $3,500 to
Direct Loan                  Must be repaid.      pays interest while borrower is in school       $4,500, depending
                                                  and during grace and deferment periods;         on grade level
                                                  you must be at least a half-time student
                                                  and have financial need.

Unsubsidized                 Loan                 Unsubsidized: Borrower is responsible for       $2,000 to $6,000,
Direct Loan                  Must be repaid.      interest during life of the loan; you must be   depending on
                                                  at least a half-time student; financial need     grade level
                                                  is not a requirement.

Direct PLUS                  Loan                 Available to parents of dependent               Maximum amount is
Loan                         Must be repaid.      undergraduate students and graduate             cost of attendance
                                                  or professional students enrolled at            minus any other
                                                  least half-time. Financial need is not a        financial aid the
                                                  requirement.                                    student receives;
                                                                                                  no minimum award
                                                  PLUS Loans are unsubsidized: Borrower           amount.
                                                  is responsible for interest during the life
                                                  of the loan.
*Annual award limits are subject to change
after 2010 – 2011. For the most current
information on award limits, visit
The First Step in Financial Aid
                                                  With Just A Few
All students must complete the Free
Application for Federal Student Aid
                                                    Simple Steps
(FAFSA) if they are hoping to receive
financial aid for attending MCC.
                                                  You Can Take A Giant One.
Complete your application as soon                 Applying for financial aid is simple enough. We’re here
after January 1 as possible for the               to help in any way you need. Once you’ve completed
next school year. The Department                  the process successfully, you’ll be able to make that
of Education must receive your                    giant step toward completing your educational goals
application no later than June 30                 and earning a degree – and with that, up to 37%
for the upcoming school year. Don’t               more income over the course of your career.
worry! It’s easy to do. In fact, you can
do it in five simple steps.

    STEP 1                                                  STEP 3
    Apply for a federal Personal Identification              Enroll into MCC
    Number (PIN) at                          Before your FAFSA can be processed by MCC,
    Your PIN is a four-digit number used to identify        you must be admitted into the college. To do this,
    you as someone who has the right to access              you need to complete the Student Information Form.
    your personal information on federal student            It’s easy, and you can do it online. Just visit
    aid websites. If you’re a parent and you want to and click “Enroll Today!”
    electronically sign a FAFSA for your child, you need
                                                            Already admitted to MCC? Ready to fill out the
    your own PIN. If you have more than one child
                                                            FAFSA today?
    attending college, you can use the same PIN.
                                                            Make sure you have the documents you need:
    STEP 2                                                  • Federal PIN (students and parents)
                                                            • Social Security number
    Fill out the FAFSA at
                                                            • Driver’s License number
    Complete the Free Application for Federal Student       • Alien Registration number (if applicable)
    Aid (FAFSA) on the website, the Renewal FAFSA           • Most recent income tax returns or W-2*
    on the website, or a paper FAFSA as soon as             • Records of untaxed income
    possible (after January 1 and no later than June          (i.e., Social Security benefits)
    30 or the next school year). Regardless of the type
                                                            Please keep a copy of all of your documents
    of aid for which you qualify, filling out the FAFSA is
                                                            because they may be requested in order to
    your first step. Applying online is fast and easy,
                                                            complete your financial aid at MCC.
    even if you’ve never completed the FAFSA before.
    You must get a federal PIN (see Step 1) in order
    to file the application.

    Once your FAFSA has been processed, you will
    receive a Student Aid Report (SAR) in the mail                *Can’t find your tax return?
    informing you of the aid you can expect. Verify                Get a free transcript from the IRS by calling
    the information for accuracy. Corrections may be               1-800-829-1040 and requesting a free copy
    submitted at                                    of Form 4506-T (Request for Transcript
                                                                   and Tax Return). You may also download
                                                                   a request by going to the IRS website at
                                                                    Now you can track
                                                                    your financial aid
                                                                    processing online!
                                                                    Log on to find these great features
                                                                    on your student account at
                                                                    View the status of your financial
                                                                    aid and scholarships.
                                                                    To view your financial aid status,
                                                                    log on to your
                                                                    account using your MEID. All
                                                                    notifications from financial aid
                                                                    are available on your “To Do List.”
                                                                    View any action items required
                                                                    on your part to complete the
                                                                    financial aid process.
                                                                    To find out if you have to provide
                                                                    any additional information and/or
                                                                    documentation in order to complete
STEP 4                                                              your file, log on to your
MCC will review your FAFSA                                          account using your MEID. On the
                                                                    “Student Center” tab, check your
The assistants in the MCC Office of Financial Aid will review
                                                                    “To Do List” for any items required
your financial aid information once we have received your
                                                                    for your financial aid. Click on “details”
FAFSA from the federal processor and after all other required
                                                                    and read the information provided with
forms have been submitted. As a general rule, allow 30 days for
                                                                    each “To Do Item” and message center.
processing. During the busier times of the year (January/June –
August), it may even take longer – so don’t put it off!
                                                                    That’s it. It’s so easy.
If any changes occur in your plans to attend MCC, such as your      The short amount of
enrollment status or your family’s financial circumstances, report
these changes, in writing, to the MCC Financial Aid Office.          time you put into applying
Our office must have your correct, complete information before       could save you hundreds
the end of the semester for the school year in which you are        (maybe thousands)
applying for financial aid. Any request for federal student loans
must be processed before your last day of enrollment for that
                                                                    of dollars in tuition.
school year.

Find out how much and what types of funding
you’ve received
The type of financial aid awarded to you depends on your
need, your level of enrollment, and when you completed your
financial aid application. Your financial aid package could
consist of a combination of grants, loans, scholarships, and
student employment. To view your financial aid award letter, log
on to your account using your MEID. On the
“Student Center” tab, scroll down to the “Finances” section and
click on the “View Financial Aid” link. Select the “2011” link to
view your financial aid and/or scholarship award. You also will
be able to view the disbursement schedules, the types of aid
offered, and the amounts.
   Help in Person.
       Help Online.
   All To Help You Get
          What You Need.
           Visit These Websites to Help Find
           Additional Financial Aid

                           Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation
                           More than 1,500 Maricopa Community College students
                           benefit annually from scholarships funded by contributions
This award-winning         to the Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation. Gifts from
                           alumni, employees, committed citizens, corporations, and
site has grown             foundations help many students lacking financial resources to
into the most              achieve their educational and career goals. The Foundation
comprehensive              also actively seeks support for students who demonstrate
                           outstanding academic potential.
source of student
financial aid              The Arizona Community Foundation
information, advice,
and tools—on or off        The Arizona Community Foundation is the largest private
the Web. It’s worth        provider of scholarships in Arizona. Annually, ACF awards
                           more than 1,000 scholarships totaling more than $3.9 million.
taking a look.
                           College Answer – Financing Your Education
                           Learn about the lending process, potential lenders,
                           borrowing responsibly, exploring loan options, and
                           repaying your loans on time.
                    A Simple
                  Do-It-Right Checklist
         1   GET YOUR PIN                                  6    READ YOUR AWARD LETTER

         2   FILE YOUR FAFSA                               7    ACCEPT/DECLINE YOUR AID
                                                           8    LOAN APPLICANTS ONLY –
         3   APPLY FOR MCC                                      COMPLETE LOAN ENTRANCE
                    9    COMPLETE MASTER PROMISSORY
             financialaid/                                      NOTE (MPN)
             DOCUMENTS TO STUDENT                          10   RECEIVE YOUR FUNDS

More Helpful Websites
Arizona College Scholarship       International Education               Student Aid on the Web
Foundation                        Financial Aid                                                    getmoney/scholarship/v
Arizona Grants                    MENSA Education and Research    Foundation

Arizona Tribal Scholarships       National Association of                    Hispanic Nurses
Chicanos Por La Causa           National Council of La Raza
FastAid                   NextStudent
Hispanic College Fund             scholarship-search/              scholarship-search.asp

Hispanic Scholarship              Ronald McDonald House
Fund (includes Gates              Charities
Millennium Scholars)              rmhc-u-s-scholarships/
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                        Financial Aid Services                             Financial Aid Services
                        480-461-7441                                       480-654-7379
                        Toll-free 866-532-4983 | en español 480-461-7455

                               Banner Boswell
                               Partnership for
                               Nursing Education

                                                                                             MCC Red Mountain

                                                                           MCC Southern
                                                                           & Dobson Campus

                                                   Free parking at all
                                                     MCC locations

                           MCC Downtown Center: 480-461-6100
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The Maricopa County Community College District is an EEO/AA institution.

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