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					   NHS South West Consultation Plan on the National NHS
Constitution consultation and the Trust Corporate Consultation
                          Master Log

1.    Introduction
1.1   Directors agreed a corporate consultation protocol at their 19 August 2008
      Directors meeting to provide a coherent approach to managing the
      numerous requests to feed back to strategic partners on consultations and
      other important documents.

1.2   The process is managed by the Foundation Trust Project team. This
      provides assurance that the Trust has a robust system for analyses of
      consultations which impact on the external facing market of which the
      Trust operates within and carries out its business.

1.3   The NHS Constitution draft was also received at the above meeting for
      Directors to consider and provide commentary back to Lucy Barling, the
      Foundation Trust Project Officer before the end of September 2008.

1.4   The NHS Constitution is attached Appendix 1.

1.5   The NHS South West is leading a joint consultation on the NHS
      Constitution and requires NHS Trusts to act upon guidance to ensure a
      South West co-ordinated response; deadline to contribute 10 October

2.    Purpose
2.1   To appraise the Board of the NHS South West requirement for NHS
      Trusts to contribute to the NHS South West Consultation Plan on the NHS

2.2   To alert the Board to the new Red Amber Green (RAG) rated Master Log
      of Trust corporate consultation responses.

2.3   To highlight that the Trust’s new Master Log further captures and provides
      an opportunity for analyses and participation in strategic partnership self
      assessment templates, partnership agreements; surveys; and numerous
      other important business documents that potentially affects the external

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3.     Robust Governance and Accountability
3.1    The new Master Log and consultation handling protocol provides the
       Board with assurance of the new governance arrangements for managing
       high level strategic requests and ensuring the subsequent responses to
       consultations are dealt with in a professional, consistent and timely
       manner with full documented record capture 1.

3.2    To provide evidence to Monitor and other regulators that the Trust is
       taking a corporate approach and strategic account of the external facing
       market2 in the wider health economy and beyond.

3.3    These analyses and subsequent findings will feed into the development of
       the Trust’s service development strategy for the next 5 years.

3.4    To provide evidence to the Board of the ongoing strategic partnership
       work taking place with the external facing markets which the Trust is keen
       to exploit in terms of creating synergies by working in partnership where
       applicable and appropriate.3

3.5    To enable the Trust to put into place early mitigation plans for downside
       business scenarios where any risk is identified by the market analyses
       from other organisations’ strategic intent to encroach or compete for Trust
       business. For example, a potential impact on strong competition for
       organisations competing for current Trust contracts.

4.     NHS South West
4.1    Sir Ian Carruthers OBE, Chief Executive4 of the NHS South West is the
       National lead for advising NHS Trusts on best practice consultation. He
       has written to all NHS Trusts regarding the NHS Constitution consultation.

4.2    This letter included a comprehensive plan setting out the proposed way
       the South West Strategic Health Authority and NHS Trusts will consult
       patients, public and other stakeholders on the NHS Constitution draft for

  SWAST Corporate Objective 8 – reputation management
  Monitor - Applying for NHS Foundation Trust Status – Guide for Applicants February 2007,
Section 4.2.1 highlights the need for Trusts to take into account minimum requirements of the
development of an IBP; includes market assessment at paragraph 4, 4th bullet point.
  Crime and Disorder Act new duty upon relevant agencies to share de-personalised data for the
purposes of crime and disorder reduction. This duty was made law when the Police and Justice
Bill received Royal Assent on 8 November 2006
  DH Changing for the Better – best practice guidance when undertaking major changes to the
NHS Services 9 May 2008 page 2 highlights Sir Ian Carruthers’ report on major service change,
published in Feb 2007

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4.3       There are some key activities for the Trust to take forward which will be
          formulated into the Trust’s handling plan for reporting back to the NHS
          South West.

5.        Trust key activities include (not exhaustive):
          Company Secretary Role

5.1       To ensure the Trust AGM agenda includes the NHS Constitution.

5.2       To ensure the Trust AGM includes copies of the NHS Constitution and
          invites members of the public to debate and comment.

5.3       To advise the Chairman and Non Executive Directors of the three
          stakeholder events being led by the SHA (dates tbc) and provide names of
          those intending to attend.

5.4       To despatch a letter to all staff by the Chairman of the Trust to highlight
          and encourage commentary about the NHS Constitution providing
          reference to locating the full document.5

          Chief Executive Role

5.5       To meet with, and advise all staff of the NHS Constitution and encourage

5.6       To exploit internal communications channels to highlight the NHS
          Constitution to all staff.7

          Head of Strategic Communication & PR Role

5.7       To create a consultation handling plan, including all other events and
          communications to raise awareness of the consultation and report back to
          Sir Ian Carruthers’ office on activity and events.

7.        Recommendation
7.1       The Board are recommended to take assurance that the Master Log and
          consultation protocol provides just one of many mechanisms for the Trust
          to undertake external facing market analyses.

    Achieved w/c 8 September 2008
    Achieved staff meetings at Exeter and Dorset
    Achieved weekly Chief Executive Bulletin September 2008

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7.2   For the Board to participate in the NHS South West stakeholder events
      when confirmed.

7.3   For the Board to forward comments to the FT Project Officer, Lucy Barling
      at Trust HQ, Exeter regarding the NHS constitution and note the deadline
      end of September 2008.

Lynne Paramor
FT Progamme Lead
& Head of PR & Strategic Communication

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