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									NAWMBA Olin Chapter
Kick-off Meeting

  “Dedicated to Supporting and Promoting Women MBAs”

          “Inspiring Women Business Leaders.”
   Meet the Officers
   National Association of Women MBAs
   Forté Foundation
   Benefits of Membership
   Chapter Goals
   Upcoming and Proposed Events
   Get Involved!
   Questions
  Olin Chapter Officers

       Becky Brunner                       Lisa Allen              Christine Mountain
          President            VP of Marketing & Communications       VP of Finance

    Shikha Gupta                Kate Ryan             Valerie Toothman     Meghana Dhall
Co-VP of External Affairs Co-VP of External Affairs    Co-VP of Events     Co-VP of Events
National Association of Women MBAs
   The National Association of Women MBAs is dedicated to
    empowering women MBAs and graduate women in business in order
    to propel more women into leadership positions in corporate America
    and to enhance the diversity of the nation's workforce.
   Mission: To create a liquid market for:
       Global businesses to find and hire talented women MBAs
       National information exchange
       Leadership opportunities for women
       National networking for women in school and in the workplace
   Structure
       National Headquarters
           Centralized planning organization
           Strategy development
           Interface to Corporate Sponsors
           Information for media source
       Local Chapters
           75 chapters across the country
           Unique, but united in purpose
           Independent management to maximize local opportunities
Forté Foundation
   Forté Foundation is a consortium of major corporations and top
    business schools that has become a powerful change agent in
    educating and directing talented women toward leadership roles in
   Mission: To substantially increase the number of women business
    leaders by increasing the flow of women into key educational
    gateways and business networks.
       Motivating young women to prepare for a business career
       Increasing women's access to education and business networks
       Educating women on the value of an MBA
       Supporting women financially in their business education
       Raising awareness of the impact women can make on business and on
       Encouraging and supporting cutting-edge research on relevant topics
   Structure:
       National Organization
       26 Sponsor Companies
       1 Non-profit Sponsor
       32 Member Schools
Benefits of Membership
NAWMBA:                                           Forté Foundation:
   National Conference providing an                 Forté Fellows scholarship program
    opportunity to network with women
    MBAs around the country                          Forté Symposium and Career Fair
   Case competition with $10,000 in prizes          Networking
   A chance to hear and meet top-notch              Mentoring
    speakers                                         “News for Success” newsletter
   Online Career Center for full time and           Forté events
    internship positions                             Online Events and Podcasts
   Leadership Development through                   Online Career Center
    National and Chapter positions                   Coming Soon: Discussion boards,
   National and local visibility with top tier       Local networks, Blogs
   Newsletter featuring chapter
    happenings, latest research on women
    in business, and updates on the National
   Bi-yearly Woman MBA magazine
   Chapter events that create social
    interaction between members and
    update members with NAWMBA news
Goals of Olin Chapter
   Attract talented female candidates and increase their enrollment in
    the program
   Strengthen our relationships with female alumni
   Give back to the community via charitable contributions and
    volunteer events
   Increase the on-campus presence and awareness of our women’s
    organizations by networking with and learning from Forté and
    NAWMBA leadership and members from other schools
   Inspire more women business leaders through a mentorship event or
   Increase the involvement of PMBA and EMBA women in the club
   Create networking opportunities for current students, alumni, faculty
    and staff
Upcoming Events
       Event                  Date                      Logistics                    Contact
Kick-off Meeting      Friday, September 7    11:30-12:30                        Becky Brunner
                                             Room 113
Ladies Night Out –    Friday, September 7    7:00 – 9:00 pm                     Becky Brunner
Fall Mini A                                  Bailey’s Chocolate Bar
                                             BRING CASH
Women’s Weekend       Saturday, October 27   Knight Center and Simon Hall       Valerie Toothman
                                                                                Meghana Dhall
                                                                                Becky Jones
NAWMBA National       November 2-3           Robert H. Smith School of          Becky Brunner
Conference and                               Business, University of Maryland
Career Fair
First Annual NAWMBA   Final round:           Robert H. Smith School of          Becky Brunner
Case Competition      November 2             Business, University of Maryland

NAWMBA Auction        Friday, November 9     TBD                                Melissa Minehan
                                                                                Jennifer Williams
Ladies Night Out –    Friday, October 26     TBD                                Becky Brunner
Fall Mini B                                                                     Valerie Toothman
                                                                                Meghana Dhall
Proposed Events
              Event                   Date       Logistics          Contact

Ladies Nights Out              Spring Mini A   TBD           Becky Brunner
                               Spring Mini B                 Valerie Toothman
                                                             Meghana Dhall
Communicating Powerfully as    Spring 2008     TBD           Becky Brunner
Women Speaking Event                                         Valerie Toothman
(with OSF)
Girls Inc. Volunteer Event     March 2008      TBD           Becky Brunner
(with Olin Cares)                                            Yinlan Chen

Mentoring Event                February 2008   TBD           Becky Brunner

Speaking Event (with OMA)      TBD             TBD           Becky Brunner

NAWMBA Sponsored FAC or THAC   TBD             TBD           Becky Brunner
                  The                             2007
                            Organized by NAWMBA
Friday, Oct. 26th (Evening Only)
Saturday, Oct. 27th (All Day)
Sunday, Oct. 28th (Breakfast Only)

Ways to Get Involved
Committee Heads (6)
 Volunteer          Gift Bag
 Food               Evening Event
 Speaker/Panel      Brunch/Pub

Volunteering/Interactive “Duties”
NAWMBA National Conference and
Career Fair
   November 2-3, 2007

   Robert H. Smith School of Business, University of Maryland,
    College Park, Maryland

   Early bird Registration ends Oct, 15th

   Conference, registration, and travel information can be found

   Conference Events
       Career Fair
       Case Competition
       Panel
       Keynote Speakers
NAWMBA Case Competition
   Sponsored by Thunderbird School of Global Management and Hilti
   First 50 teams to register (4-5 students, at least 2 First Years and 2
    Second Years, or equivalent) will have the chance to compete in the
    final round at the National Conference for $10,000 in prize money.
   Team entry fee is $50
   Timeline:
       Team registration period: Now through September 20
       Online round begins: September 21
       Online round ends: October 5
       First round judging begins: October 8
       12 semi-finalists are announced: October 16
       Second round judging begins: October 18
       6 finalists are announced: October 24
       Final round at University of Maryland College Park: November 2
       Winners announced that evening at the awards
   Link to more information:
NAWMBA Auction                           - November 9, 2007
Mission: Build the Olin network across the MBA programs, alumni, and
corporate contacts

Charity Event with Silent and Oral Auction
Proceeds to benefit Girls, Inc. and the Olin Chapter of NAWMBA

Student Volunteer Opportunities

Auction Items:              Logistics:          Advertising/Public Relations:
Internal Donations          Location            Media
External Donations          Food/Drink          External Relations
                            Entertainment       Print Material
For Additional Information:
   Websites:
     NAWMBA Olin Chapter:
     NAWMBA:
     Forté Foundation:

   Feel free to contact any of the officers
Get Involved Today!

     Sign up sheets are in the
        front of the room.

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