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					                                                                                             NEWS           October 2011
                                                                                                    “A Top Level Chapter”

                                                          SYMPOSIUM 2011
                                                                       Minneapolis Convention Center
 NOW!                                    M       Monday, October 24 - Watch for updates on the web
                                         P       7:00-7:45 AM     Registration and Continental Breakfast
                                         O       7:45-8:00 AM     Welcome
                  P                      S       8:00-10:00 AM Jack Surgent, Cutting Edge Tax Developments CPA/Managing
                                         I                        Member, Surgent McCoy CPE
                                         U       8:55-9:15 AM     Visit Exhibits/Network
                                         M       10:00-10:30 AM Knowledge Cafe-Students & New Planners
                                                 10:00-10:30 AM Visit Exhibits/Network
       F                                         10:30-11:30 AM Joel Weiner, Ethics of Selling Variable Annuities
                                             2   11:30-11:40 AM BestPrep - Bob Kaitz
                                             0   11:40-12:45 PM Lunch and Networking with Exhibitors - Walk-n-Talk
                                             1   12:45-2:45 PM    BO: Joel Weiner, Code of Ethics 2011
                                             1   12:45-1:40 PM    BO: Mike Westling, Mike Zipko, & Kara McGuire, Mastering Media
                            Minnesota                             Interviews
                                                 12:45-1:40 PM    BO: Karen Hansen, Estate Planning: What’s changed & why it matters
A Huge “THANK YOU”                               12:45-1:40 PM    BO: Succession Planning: Selecting Your Next CEO with Panelists
  to the Sponsors & Exhibitors                                    Paul Bennett, Shawn Jacobson, Joanmarie McDermott
 who generously contributed to                   1:40-1:55 PM     Visit Exhibits/Network
  make this program possible:                    1:55-2:50 PM     BO: Kristin Kopp, Aging Wisely-Hot Topics to Prepare You and Your
          Platinum Partners                                       Clients for Those “Golden” Years
   Charles Schwab Advisor Services               1:55-2:45 PM     BO: Bob Klosterman, Melissa Machlitt, and Jon Meyer, Marketing
 Goldman Sachs Asset Management                                   for Success - Planner Panel
     MetLife Bank • Montage Asset                2:45-3:20 PM     Visit Exhibits/Network
 Management • Morningstar • Payden               3:20-3:30 PM     Minute to Shine and Announcements
 Mutual Funds • Pioneer Investments              3:30-5:00 PM     Frederick Jiang, China-Myths, Facts, & Investment Implications
Sit Mutual Funds • Stonebridge Capital                            Sr. VP/Portfolio Mgr, Waddell & Reed and Ivy Pacific Opp. Fund
 Advisors • Trust Company of America                              FPA Reception in The Seasons - Socializing and networking
                                                 5:00-6:30 PM
             Gold Partners                       Tuesday, October 25 - Watch for updates -
     Clark Capital Management Group
                                                 7:15-7:50 AM       Continental Breakfast/Exhibits Open
   Comer Consulting • LeClair Insurance                             Welcome and Announcements
   Nationwide • RJF-Private Client Group
                                                 7:50-8:00 AM
                                                 8:00-9:50 AM       Bill Bachrach, High Impact Financial Planning in Tough Economic Times,
    Thornburg Investment Management
   US Global Investors • Wasatch Funds
                                                                    CSP, CPAE, Author, Values-Based Financial PlanningTM
                                                 8:50-9:05 AM       Visit Exhibits/Network
            Silver Partners                      9:50-10:10 AM Visit Exhibits/Network
  American Funds • Calvert Investments           9:50-10:10 AM Knowledge Cafe - for Students and New Planners
     Diamond Hill Investments • Fidelity
                                                 10:10-10:20 AM Minute to Shine and Announcements
    Investments • Interactive Advisory
Software • Invesco • • Jensen Investment
                                                 10:20-11:30 PM Craig Israelsen, Building a Better Core Portfolio
                                                                    Ph.D./Associate Professor, Brigham Young University
Management • JP Morgan • Leuthold Funds
 MFS Investment Management • Newman              11:30-Noon         Lunch and Networking - Mezzanine Level
    Long Term Care • Old Mutual Asset            12:00-1:00 PM      Liz Ann Sonders, Economic and Market Outlook
    Management • OppenheimerFunds                                   Sr. Vice President/Chief Investment Strategist, Charles Schwab
Prudential Annuities Quantitative Advantage      1:00-1:30 PM       Cookie Break/Visit Exhibits/Network
Rainier Investment Management • SecuraDI         1:30-1:40 PM       Minute to Shine and Announcements
   Consultants (SDIC) • SEI Investments
                                                 1:40-2:35 PM       Amy Florian, Grief Counseling - Prepare to Meet Thy Boom
Selected Funds • TD Ameritrade • Tradition                          Visit Exhibits/Network
Mortgage • Weitz Funds • William Blair & Co.
                                                 2:35-2:50 PM
                                                 2:50-4:50 PM       New Planners Panel - Financial Planning Essentials
         Supporting Partners                     2:50-4:50 PM       David Kelly, Jerry Webman, Rick Golod - Economist Panel
     BestPrep • Business AdvantEdge              4:50-5:00 PM       Closing Remarks/Evaluations/Cert Forms
    Financial Planning Certificate Program
                                                   Targeted 13 CEs for CFPTM, MN & WI Insurance, CIMA, NASBA plus 7.5 CEs for CLE!
                                                                    Page 1
      Year 2011:                                            Symposium Committee
                                                            JULIEANN SCHROEDER, CFP® • SYMPOSIUM DIRECTOR
   Board of Directors                                  JOHN BERGSTROM       BOB CALLAHAN          JOE LARKIN
Chairperson                                             DANA BREWER           JACK HINZ          PETE LUDWIG
Becky Krieger, CFP® CPA                                                                         LAURA SEYMOUR
952-841-2222 • Accredited Invesotrs
                                                        CHARLES BUCK       CRAIG JERGENSON
President                                                 Great Minnesota Get Together
Lauri Salverda, CFP®, CFA
Clerestory Financial Planning, LLC
                                                    Minnesota FPA Symposium • October 24-25
Mike Miller, CFP®, 763-201-1390                I am thrilled to announce that as of this writing 449 financial services
Integra Shield Financial Group                             professionals have registered for Symposium 2011 - October 24
                                               and 25 - (whoo-hoo!). And for those of you sitting on the fence,         Check out the
Bob Eichten, CFP®, PFS                         there is still time to register and take advantage of discounts if you    Photo Shoot
612-376-9515 • RSM McGladrey, Inc.             register prior to October 1st. The Symposium Comittee has worked            $59.99
                                               all year to bring you an amazing array of programs and speakers
Director of Career Development                                                   and we promise this will be an event worth attending.
Ben Wacek, CFP® • 920-539-1231                             Record Breaking
Director of Government Relations                     Attendance:                                      During this two-day event you will hear from top
John Bergstrom, CFP®, ChFC, CLU                                                                       professionals in the industry, talk with key product
952-746-4700                                                      449                                 partners and network with your peers. Don’t delay-
Cardinal Wealth Advisors                          registered to date!                                                                               your registration is just a mouse click away!
Director of Financial Literacy & Stability
Jason Plank, CFS®/CRPC®/AAMS®
952-841-7500, Ameriprise Financial Serv.     Discounted Lodging Rates Available at the Millennium and Hilton hotels.                                         View the web site for direct links.
Director of Member Services
Steve Hampton, CFP®, 612-656-0355
U.S. Trust
                                                                     Don’t procrastinate - save $50 and register by
Director of Membership
                                                                     October 1st: REGISTRATION LINK
Lynsey Wallin, 651-248-0920                                                                                              Prices starting as low as $325
                                                                                                        Rates Increase by $50 on October 1ST
Co-Directors of Partnerships
Todd Fierst                                            REGISTER                                               One Day Rates from $215
612-964-3069, Mortgage Works, Inc.
                                                       ONLINE                                Call on Pricing for Non-Member Group Rates for 5 or more.
                                                                                                         763-781-1212 -
Michelle Marquez, CIC
763-746-8297, RJF - Private Client Group
Director of Pro Bono
                                                       WHAT’S INSIDE:                                                     Click to REGISTER!
Melanie Hardie, MA, CFP®, AFC, LADC          2011 Symposium .................................... 1-4
Ceridian • 651-462-0620                      2011 Board .................................................. 2                            Public Relations ............................................. 4         SYMPOSIUM REGISTRATION
Director of Programs                         Symposium Photo Shoot .............................. 4
Mark Duder, CLU, CFP, ChFC                   Financial Planning Day ............................ 4-5
                                             Financial Literacy ......................................... 6
                                                                                                                   Only a few days left to register for the
USAdvisors Network Insurance Agency               Financial Planning Week ............................. 6                    2011 FPA MN Symposium.
                                             Pro Bono and 9/11/01 .............................. 7
Director of Public Relations
                                             New Member & Anniversaries ................... 7
                                                                                                                   Up to 13 classroom CEs for CFP,
Mike Westling, CLTC, 612-454-4426
Newman Long Term Care                        Government Relations .................................. 8            MN, WI, CPE, CIMA and 7.5 CLE CEs                          Scholarships Available ................................ 9
                                                                                                                    CEs will be submitted to the CFP
Director of Symposium                        John Comer Honored ................................... 9
Julieann Schroeder, CFP®, 952-225-0335       Membership Special ................................ 10                 Board and MN / WI insurance by
Focus Financial Network                                                                                                       October 31st.                  Planners In The News ................................ 10
                                             New Member Reception .......................... 11
Executive Director Bonnie Stanley
                                             Supporting Partners ............................ 12-15
                                                                                                                   Great Speakers, Fantastic Education
763-781-1212 •
                                             Upcoming Meetings ................................... 16                     and Great Networking
                                                                                  Page 2

          Symposium 2011: Planning for Success
Mark your calendars now for Monday and                    prepared with resources when they need you.           tools you need to support clients through loss and
Tuesday, October 24-25, Minneapolis                       Approved credits: 1 (Breakout)                        transitions while building mean-ingful trust and
Convention Center. This conference features                     Bill Bachrach, How to Build and Maintain        loyalty. Anticipated credits: 1
some very notable speakers, as well as the required       Client Trust Through All Economic Cycles:                       Economist Panel: David Kelly, Jerry
CFP Code of Ethics. With a target of 13 credited          How to create a compelling vision for your Ideal      Webman & Rick Golod: David Kelly, Ph.D. is a
hours, programs have been designed to comply              Life and the Ideal Business to support your Ideal     Managing Director and Chief Market Strategist at
with the principles of the Certified Financial Planner    Life. How the right mindset makes a significant       JP Morgan. He develops and communicates JP
Board of Standards, the NASBA/CPE credits, MN             difference in your success in business and            Morgan’s view on the economy and markets to
and WI Insurance, CIMA credits, and some CLE              happiness in life, regardless of external             financial advisors serving individual investors
Continuing Education.                                     circumstances like a poor economy, a bear market,     nationwide. He is head of Market Insight Series, a
                                                          or global instability. How to “speak the language     weekly and quarterly communication focusing on
     Joel Weiner, Ethics of Selling Variable
                                                          of trust” so your prospects and clients are more      the investment implications of an evolving
Annuities: As a marketer of any insurance or
                                                          inclined to hire you and follow your advice. How      economic environment.
securities products, our main responsibility to the
                                                          a better value proposition transcends assets and         Dr. Jerry Webman is a Senior Investment Officer
consuming public is full disclosure of information.                                                             and Chief Economist for Oppenheimer Funds. Dr.
The test of full disclosure is whether the consumer/      commissions so your clients are inspired to pay
                                                          you for advice independent of products or assets      Webman provides strategic viewpoints on the
client has been provided all the facts, in an                                                                   overall financial and economic markets to
understandable manner, that are relevant and              under management. Advisor success patterns
                                                          worthy of emulation. Anticipated credits: 2           investment management and the financial advisor
material to the decision for the purchase of the                                                                and investor communities. In addition, he serves
product. This hour includes a general overview                  Craig Israelson, Building a Better Core         as Director of Fixed Income, where he oversees
of variable annuities, compliance, and ethical            Portfolio: Using historical data this presentation    portfolio managers, analysts and traders
concerns as well as fiduciary issues. Approved            examines the performance of various portfolio         managing over $100 billion in fixed income assets.
ethics credits: 1; CLE CE - Standard 1                    designs during the build-up phase (prior to               Rick Golod is Director of Global Investment
      Joel Weiner, Code of Ethics 2011: You               retirement) and the draw-down phase (post-            Strategies with Invesco. He is responsible for
are about to participate in an exciting and               retirement). Correlation patterns between major       analyzing global financial and economic trends to
interesting interactive program. Yes, you heard           asset classes are reviewed. The impact of             develop actionable investment ideas. Born in Africa
us correctly, “exciting”! Has our financial planner,      rebalancing is evaluated over multiple time           and raised in Europe and Asia, he brings a unique
Jeff, gone overboard with his rhetoric? You will          periods. This presentation specifically examines      background to his more than two decades of
get the opportunity to be the “judge,” “jury” and         the use of “alternative asset classes” in portfolio   investment experience. Approved credits: 2
possibly “executioner.” With more oversight               design. The 7Twelve Portfolio, a multi-asset
                                                                                                                     Young Planners Panel: Four panelists, all
created by the new Federal Securities Act and             balanced model, is introduced. Approved credits:
                                                                                                                in the earlier stages of their financial planning
promises by the CFP Board to “keep fighting for           1
                                                                                                                careers, have faced a variety of successes and
more planner regulation,” recognizing ethical                 Karen Hansen, Estate Planning: Has your           challenges thus far in their paths. Come and hear
issues becomes more and more critical. What to            client’s estate plan stayed current with changing     from planners who have gone through the ups
do? We’ll examine a number of ethical case                economic times and family concerns? There             and downs of applying education to reality and
studies in which you, yes you, will have the              have been many changes in the past decade.            see where it has led them in their career
opportunity to express your opinions, concerns            Have your clients’ estate plans kept up with these    aspirations. You’ll hear each person’s background
and enlighten all of us as to how you would handle        changes? Karen will discuss what you need to          and current working situation and how their job
that particular situation. Sit back, relax, participate   know to advise your clients and make sure you         responsibilities have evolved from the initial fresh-
and complete your ethics’ requirements. Approved          are keeping up with their needs. Approved             out-of-college duties to where they are now.
ethics credits: 2; CLE -Standards 2 (Breakout)            credits: 1                                            Anticipated credits: None
     Mike Westling, Mike Zipko, Kara                           LizAnn Sonders, Economic and Market                    Jack Surgent, Tax Update & Planning
McGuire, Mastering Media Interviews:                      Outlook: An update on the state of the markets         Strategies: There are many tax proposals calling
Interested in joining the Media Response Team             and conduct a lively discussion on the forces          for an increase in rates and/or reduction of
(MRT)? Have you been on the Team in the past?             that are expected to shape our economic and            deductible expenses for individuals. In 2011 and
FPA National requires all MRT members to update           market landscape. She will focus on the                2012, we have time to plan for eventual changes
their skills in responding to media inquires. The         economy, inflation, housing, jobs and the market,      occurring roughly a year from now. In this
purpose of this course is to ensure the quality           including investor sentiment and behavior.             session, we will explore proposals and tax
and consistency of information disseminated to            Approved credits: 1                                    strategies our clients must be made aware of.
various media and consumer outreach sources.                   Amy Florian, Grief Counseling - Prepare           Approved credits: 2
Anticipated credits: Nasba Only (Breakout)                to Meet Thy Boom: All your financial savvy                 Frederick Jiang, China - Myths, Facts, &
      Kristin Kopp, Aging Wisely - Hot Topics             and investment tools mean nothing when a client       Investment Implications: China’s growing
to Prepare Your Clients for Those Golden                  faces the death of a loved one or a major             impact on global economy has attracted extensive
Years: As your clients age, or are stressed out           transition. In fact, you risk losing assets if you    media coverage in the last few years. However,
because they are dealing with an aging parent,            don’t understand how to help grieving people          many observers and commentators see China
how can you provide support to them in their time         make financial decisions, or how to offer genuine     through a “western eye,” which tends to distort the
of crisis? Are you ready to adjust your practice to       comfort without intruding into personal lives.        real picture. The presentation will discuss common
meet their needs? Your clients will be looking to         Learn the one thing you must never say to a           misunderstandings of Chinese economy, the long
you to provide them with advice and help them             grieving person. Discover how a person’s thinking     term forecast for the Chinese economy and stock
plan for services in the future. Be ready to set          and decision-making processes change when             market, as well as implications for long term
yourself apart from your competition equipped with        they grieve, and how to handle a client’s money       investment opportunities across Asia, and investment
knowledge about Elder Care resources so you are           fears. Gain the practical, immediately applicable     risks. Approved credits: 1.5
                                                                               Page 3
                       Public Relations Committee
                                MIKE WESTLING, CLTC • PUBLIC RELATIONS DIRECTOR
                                        MATT BLEWETT             GRANT MEYER
             COMMITTEE MEMBERS:         SHANNON KING             NATE WENNER         MIKE ZIPKO

           Media Response Team                                                    Financial Planning Day
          Mandatory Training Alert                                       Mike Westling, CLTC - Public Relations Director
         Mastering Media Interviews                                Dozens of Twin Cities-area Financial Planners Will Offer
   Mike Westling, CLTC - Public Relations Director                 Free Advice on Budgeting, Debt Management, Paying
                                                                   for College, Retirement Planning and More.
Get tips on working with the media; learn how you can
             get media referrals from FPA.                                Saturday, October 8th - 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
   Brand yourself as an expert, gain notoriety by                                Minneapolis Central Library
      joining the Media Response Team (MRT).                                 300 Nicollet Mall - Minneapolis, MN

FPA National requires all FPA members interested in                Twin Cities-area residents will be able to get free financial advice
responding to media requests, blogging for FPA, or                 and guidance from professional financial planners at Twin Cities
representing FPA with media personalities must first               Financial Planning Day, to be held on October 8th at the
participate in this workshop; this includes current MRT            Minneapolis Central Library.
members. The purpose of this course is to ensure the quality
and consistency of information disseminated to various media       The event will also feature a series of workshops addressing
and consumer outreach sources.                                     key personal finance topics. Financial planners will answer
                                                                   questions on budgeting, getting out of debt, income taxes, dealing
FPA National is continually approached by mass media -             with mortgage foreclosures, paying for college, estate planning,
TV, radio, magazines, newspapers, etc. looking for                 and insurance, among many other topics. Twin Cities Financial
professionals who can talk and write about particular topics       Planning Day is organized by the Financial Planning Association
- retirement planning, insurance needs, and other issues.          of Minnesota as part of a national Financial Planning Days
Upon receipt of those queries, FPA National sends those
                                                                   initiative created by Certified Financial Planner Board of
requests throughout the country to the Chapter Director of
                                                                   Standards, Financial Planning Association, Foundation for
Public Relations who then sends it along to those members
                                                                   Financial Planning, and the U.S. Conference of Mayors in
in the chapter who are on the Media Response Team. In
                                                                   cooperation with the City of Minneapolis, Greater Twin Cities
order to be on the Team, you must have taken the media
                                                                   United Way, and Lutheran Social Services.
training session offered at Symposium on Oct 24th.

Our Special Guest presenter will be Kara McGuire with the          Twin Cities Financial Planning Day is a free public service and
Star Tribune. We have asked her to share her views on best         is open to the public. To learn more call toll-free 1-877-861-
                                  practices regarding the          7826 or visit:
                                  local media and what
  Click here to                   story ideas will make it to        FPA Media Relations Group Needs YOUR HELP
  follow FPA MN                   print. Anyone interested
  on Twitter                      in responding to the             The PR Committee is looking for a couple of marketing or PR
                                  media requests must              minded individuals to join our committee. Please call or email
 Click here to join               attend this workshop.            Mike Westling at 612-454-4426 or
 FPA of Minnesota
 on LinkedIn

                                                  Don’t Miss the Photo Shoot - Register Now!
 Click here to join
 us on Facebook                    Matte B Productions will be at the FPA Symposium. Sign up and receive an updated mug
                                   shot (I mean head shot) for your digital image. This will save you
                                   time and money because you will already be at the symposium,
                                   right? You will receive a commercial use license (lets you use your CLICK HERE
                                   photo online and in print for you and your company subject to a      to Register!
                                   couple restrictions). Please visit, choose
                                   Monday or Tuesday and reserve your spot today.

                                                                Page 4
Mayor R.T. Rybak and the City of Minneapolis invite you

       Ready or not, the
                                        Twin Cities
       future is coming.                Financial Planning Day
       BE READY.
                                        Free one-on-one personalized financial advice.
                                        Free financial workshops.
                                        No strings attached.
                                           In today’s uncertain economy, planning       Topics
                                        for your financial future is more important     budgeting
                                        than ever. Don’t miss this opportunity for      credit and debt
                                        a free, private consultation on financial       investing
                                        issues that matter to you with experts from     retirement
                                        the Financial Planning Association® and         taxes
                                        highly qualified CERTIFIED FINANCIAL            homeownership

       SATURDAY,                        PLANNER™ professionals.                         estate planning
       OCTOBER 8, 2011                     In addition to one-on-one                    insurance
                                        consultations, there will be workshops on       employee benefits
       10:00am–2:00pm                   a variety of financial topics throughout the    education savings
                                        day. Stay as little or as long as you’d like.   small business
       Hennepin County Library          It’s all free. Bring a friend!                  and many more!
       Minneapolis Central
       300 Nicollet Mall                REGISTER TODAY FOR FREE AT

        Financial Literacy & Stability Committee

                            Opportunities to Volunteer for Financial Literacy
                                           Christine Damico, CFP® - Committee Member

Now that school is back in full swing, we         coordinating volunteer business professionals to give classroom presentations
thought it would be beneficial to outline         and host workplace tours. These speakers bring to life the real world of business,
some opportunities to give back to the            career options, and financial literacy for tomorrow’s leaders. http://
community through financial education.  

You can help raise awareness and                       Financial Matters Initiative - Four interactive presentations have been
promote financial literacy by helping             created (Money Matters, Budgeting Matters, Credit Matters and Investing
individuals gain practical money                  Matters) and are ready for you to present in classrooms. The presentations
management skills and educating people            were developed and tested with input from financial planners and teachers.
of all ages on basic financial topics.  

You might be thinking, “How do I get              For more information, contact Rachel Schwalbach at 763-398-0090 ext 235 or
involved?” or “But, I have little free time.”     go to the FAQ website at
Maybe even, “I wish someone had taught            cp_volunteer_form/cp_vol_faq/
me more of the fundamentals of personal
finance early on…”                                Financial Planning Day
                                                          Saturday, October 8th from 10am-2pm at the Hennepin County
Well, there are many opportunities                        Central Library (downtown).
available to suit both your schedule and          Check out additional information on the website:
your area of interest. All you need is   Please register to be a
enthusiasm,        life      experience,          volunteer at:
professionalism, and a willingness to teach
others about financial literacy. Below are        Your commitment may vary depending on your availability and your particular
some ways you can get involved in the             area of interest. Any time you spend promoting financial literacy is valued and
coming months:                                    appreciated. If you are interested in becoming involved with on-going programs
                                                  and/or want to help shape the initiatives throughout the year, please contact our
Junior Achievement:                               committee to discuss opportunities at
1) One day opportunities and 2) Four to
five 45 minute sessions delivered over a
course of five to eight weeks-
Junior Achievement Volunteer
Opportunity Website link

Clicking on the link above will direct you
to a list of the current opportunities
                                                                  Hats off to the cities of
available. This includes the specific school,      Cloquet, Crookston, East Grand Forks, Erskine, Fertile,
date(s), and time(s). After you find an               Mentor, Minneapolis, Moorhead, and Plymouth for
opportunity, contact the Junior                         proclaiming 2011 Financial Planning Week!
Achievement representative listed on the
website to sign up.                              October 3-9, 2011...FPA will celebrate the tenth annual
                                                 Financial Planning Week. FPA connects those who need,
                                                 support, and deliver financial planning. FPA's more than
BestPrep:                       23,000 members and nationwide network of nearly 100
    Classroom Plus - Enriches teachers’          chapters are dedicated to supporting the financial planning
                                                 process in order to help people achieve their dreams and
curriculum for students in grades 4-12 by        goals.

                                                                Page 6
                                Pro Bono Committee
                                MELANIE HARDIE, CFP®, CFA • PRO BONO DIRECTOR
                        TOBIN JOHNSON                CYNTHIA LEVINE         LAURI SALVERDA

                                 FPA Pro Bono and 9/11/01 Remembered
                                   Dave Thesing, CFP®,CLU, ChFC - Committee Member

I’m sure many of you watched one or more of the recent            and these types of tragedies occur almost every day. FPA pro
television programs about the 10th anniversary of the 9/11        bono volunteers in Minnesota provide educational seminars and
terrorist attacks on the United States. Many lives were           individual counseling to victims of natural disasters, sufferers of
lost and countless examples of heroism took place that day        a medical crisis and military personal dealing with long
and in the days that followed. In the wake of that attack,        deployments.
scores of volunteers stepped forward to assist those who
needed help. FPA pro bono volunteers soon began offering          To volunteer, or to bring the needs of a non-profit or charitable
pro bono financial advice to surviving family members of          organization to the attention of the FPA Pro Bono Committee,
those who died and to the survivors who became disabled.          contact Director Melanie Hardie at or
                                                                  one of the other members of the committee today. The committee
Tragic headline events such as this prompt many FPA               members include, Steve Gilbertson, Tobin Johnson, Dan Katan,
members to volunteer. Unfortunately many of the people            Jason Plank, Lauri Salverda, Cynthia Levine, and Dave Thesing.
who can benefit from pro bono financial planning services         Learn more and find their contact information at http://
need our help for reasons that often fail to make headlines

  Twin Cities Financial Planning Day                                                Saturday, October 8, 2011
  The format of the event is simple – financial planners will volunteer
                                                                                    10:00 am - 2:00 pm
  to meet one-on-one with participants to answer their financial                    Hennepin County Library
                                                                                    Overview, Topics, Attendee Registration
  questions. No strings attached. The event will also feature a series
                                                                                    Volunteer Overview
  of 50-minute educational workshops related to three “tracks” based                Volunteer Registration Form
  on life stage: 1) The early years, 2) The middle years, and 3) The                General questions and registration:
  golden years. See page 5 for details and registration link.                       Email or call 877-861-7826

     NEW MEMBERS!                                               HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  Eric Dennison - Assured Retirement Solutions                           25 Years
        Brian Eder - Northwestern Mutual                        James Crenna, CFP®                           10 Years
                    Eric Graber                                  Stifel Nicolaus & Co.                     Mark Brown
         Capital Strategies Financial Corp.                         Terry Nelson                   Aon Private Risk Management
       Christine Harvey, CFP®, CPA, MBA                         CFP/ChFC/LUTCF/CSA                 Andrew Fishman, CFP/MBA
            Abdo, Eich & Meyers, LLP                           Olmstead Financial Group                 Affiance Financial
       Matthew Karl - Ameriprise Financial                                                           Scott Oeth, CFP/ChFXC
                                                                         15 Years
          Josh Mancell - Ham Lake, MN                                                                Cahill Financial Advisors
                                                          Roger Hubley, CFP/CLU/ChFC
        David Sayers, ChFC, CLU, CASL                              Networth
              Northwestern Mutual                                                                            5 Years
                                                               Lisa Nesser, CFP®
   Ann Treml-Olson, CFP® - Franke Financial                                                               Tyler Mattson
                                                          Transamerica Financial Advisors
                                                                                                        Ameriprise Financial
        Tedd West - TW Financial Network
                                                                    Kent Schutte
                                                                                                    Jon Staebler, CLU/LUTCF
    Welcome Aboard!
                                                                                                     Lincoln Financial Advisors
                                                              Educators Financial Services

                                                                Page 7
                 Government Relations Committee
                                ELLEN DUBUQUE             KEITH LOVELAND

                     House of Representatives Committee Holds Hearings on
                                Regulating Investment Advisers
                           Ellen Dubuque,JD, CFP® - Government Relations Committee Member

The week of September 12th, the House Financial Services             While the SEC has stated that it does not have the funding
Committee held hearings on a proposed bill to regulate               necessary to conduct more frequent regulatory exams, on
investment advisers. Committee Chairman Spencer Bachus’              Wednesday September 15, during a hearing, Rep. Bachus stated
(R-Ala) bill, called the Investment Adviser Oversight Act of         that increasing SEC funding is “necessary as part of the reform
2011, proposes a self-regulatory organization (SRO) for              process.” Also on Wednesday, the Senate Appropriations
advisers.                                                            Committee approved a 19% increase in the SEC’s budget for
                                                                     2012. However, this measure still has to pass the entire Senate
The Investment Advisers Oversight Act would amend the                as well as the House of Representatives.
Investment Advisers Act of 1940 to create a “national investment
adviser association” which would be overseen by the U.S.             Others oppose an SRO for other reasons. David Tittsworth,
Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”). This                     executive director of the Investment Adviser Association in
investment adviser SRO would be given the authority to               Washington (IAA), stated IAA’s “strong” opposition to an SRO for
propose its own rules, subject to SEC approval, and to               the advisory profession—particularly FINRA—as “substantial
discipline its members for any violations of current SEC rules.      drawbacks to an SRO outweigh any potential benefits.” Some
Although FINRA is not referenced in the bill, Rick Ketchum,          state regulators, as well as the Financial Planning Coalition (FPC),
CEO of FINRA, testified, stating that FINRA stands ready to          said Mr. Bachus’ legislation gives jurisdiction of state-registered
take on the SRO role. In testimony before the House Financial        investment advisers to an SRO, which would then be overseen
Services Capital Markets Subcommittee, Ketchum said that             by federal securities regulators. “This would impose an additional
FINRA, as the adviser SRO, would establish “a separate entity        layer of regulation on state-registered advisers, with potentially
with separate board and committee governance to oversee              conflicting rules and enforcement mechanisms between federal
any adviser work, and would plan to hire additional staff with       and state regulators,” the Coalition said in a written statement.
expertise and leadership in the adviser area.”                       The FPC, made up of the Certified Financial Planner Board of
                                                                     Standards, Inc., the Financial Planning Association and the
According to the draft bill, investment advisers currently           National Association of Personal Financial Advisors, was not
registered with the SEC or a state securities regulator would        asked to speak at the hearing.
be required to join the SRO. Exceptions to the membership
                                                                     One state regulator also expressed concern that FINRA lacks
requirement would be granted to investment advisers who
                                                                     the accountability and transparency necessary to oversee the
primarily advise mutual funds, certain charitable organizations
                                                                     investment advice business adequately. “SROs remain
and pension funds, foreign clients, private funds, and venture
                                                                     organizations built on the premise of self-rule and are, as a matter
capital funds. An exception would also be granted to advisers
                                                                     of first principle, accountable to their members, not the investing
with less than $25 million in assets under management.
                                                                     public,” said Steven Irwin, Pennsylvania’s securities commissioner
However, investment advisers that are registered as broker-
                                                                     and the North American Securities Administrators Association’s
dealers or any investment advisers controlled by one or more
                                                                     legislative-affairs chairman. “No matter how many safeguards are
registered representatives of a broker-dealer could not rely on
                                                                     instituted, an SRO has substantial and inherent conflicts of interest
these exceptions, and thus will be required to join the SRO.
                                                                     that governmental regulators do not.”
One impetus for creating an SRO, as articulated by those in
                                                                     “The hearing was a good initial vetting of the issues by the
favor of it, is that the SEC does not have the funding to audit
                                                                     committee, but we think it is important to include in the dialogue
advisers on a frequent enough schedule. William Dwyer, Chair
                                                                     those, like financial
of the Financial Services Institute, noted that while more than
                                                                     planner professionals,
half of the nation’s approximately 4,900 registered broker-
                                                                                                     Everyone must
                                                                     who will be most directly
dealer firms are audited by FINRA at least once a year, the
                                                                     affected by the proposed
SEC estimates it examined fewer than 10% of the more than
11,000 federally registered investment adviser firms during the
                                                                     discussion        draft,”
                                                                     Marilyn Mohrman-Gillis,
                                                                                                     take time to sit
                                                                                                      and watch the
fiscal years 2009 and 2010. The percentage of advisers
                                                                     of the FPC, said in a
audited is expected to fall to 7% in 2011. Although the SEC
                                                                     written statement.
already has a process in place to audit advisers, those favoring
an SRO did not offer a cogent argument against increasing
                                                                                                       leaves turn.
                                                                     Stay tuned.
SEC funding to allow it to audit advisers more frequently.
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                  Career Development Committee
                                BEN WACEK, CFP® • CAREER DEVELOPMENT DIRECTOR
                                PETER ALEXANDER       JEREMY OLIVER         MOLLY SULLIVAN          JOSH WOLBERG
                                 BRIAN MARTIN           JOE PITZL           NICK THUNKER

      Symposium Student Scholarships and Short-Term Mentorship Opportunity
                                                Mark Brice - Committee Member
Do you know a college student interested in pursuing a career in financial planning? If so, please encourage them to attend the
2011 Symposium on October 24th and 25th. This year the FPA MN is awarding 20 scholarships to outstanding college students
interested in financial planning. The Symposium is an incredible opportunity for students to network with established financial
advisors, be introduced to the FPA, hear some incredible speakers on a wide range of topics, and to simply get a flavor of what
the profession is all about. A new feature this year is that each scholarship recipient will be matched with a mentor for the
duration of Symposium. If you know of a potential scholarship recipient or have an interest in being a mentor for a student,
please contact Ben Wacek at

               $1,000 Scholarship Opportunities for Aspiring and New CFP®s
                                                Mark Brice - Committee Member
Are you new to the FPA? Have you been a member for a while and not yet taken advantage of the FPA MN Scholarships? If
either of these are you, there are two scholarship opportunities that I’d like to inform you of.

If you are thinking about obtaining your CFP® designation you should consider applying for the Montgomery Scholarship to
receive partial financial assistance to complete the requisite coursework. Or, if you are thinking about attending the FPA
Residency Program for an intensive client-communication bootcamp, you should consider applying for the FPA Residency
Scholarship to receive a partial stipend towards the tuition. You can receive up to $1,000 for each! Both scholarship applications
are due by December 31 and are only offered once per year. Please don’t miss out on these opportunities! For more information
go to:

                          John Comer Honored with
                  FPA 2011 Heart of Financial Planning Award
   DENVER - John Comer, CFP®, of Comer Consulting, LLC was recently honored by the Financial
   Planning Association® (FPA®) with a 2011 Heart of Financial Planning Award.

   The Heart of Financial Planning Award recognizes individual professionals, financial planning firms,
   FPA chapters, or organizations who engage in extraordinary work, contributing and giving back to
   the financial planning community and public through financial planning. Recipients embody the
   spirit of financial planning and also represent FPA’s Core Values: Competence, Integrity, Relationships
   and Stewardship.

   Comer serves FPA of Minnesota as a member of the Financial Literacy & Stability Committee and is on the Steering
   Committee for the Twin Cities Financial Planning Day event. Comer has also a past chapter board member and regularly
   volunteers for FPA national committees. He is on the Steering Committee for Financial Matters at Best Prep, a statewide
   organization with a mission to best prepare Minnesota students with business, career and financial literacy skills through
   experiences that inspire success in work and life. Comer manages his own business, consulting with financial planners, to
   assist them in refining their client experience and communicating their individuality.

   “The Heart of Financial Planning Awards highlight those who go above and beyond to give back to their communities and the
   financial planning profession,” said Marv Tuttle, executive director and CEO of the Financial Planning Association. “FPA is
   thrilled to recognize our 2011 winners who have demonstrated and epitomized the commitment and spirit of our profession’s
   focus on serving the public good.”

   Comer was presented with the Award at FPA Experience 2011, the annual conference of the financial planning community
   held September 15-18 at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, Calif.

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                      Member Services Committee
                                STEPHEN HAMPTON, CFP® • MEMBER SERVICES DIRECTOR
        COMMITTEE         DREW DEWITT            JIM GRUNING                 BETH MONGE          DAMIAN WINTHER
        MEMBERS:           RON EVANS            LARRY MENZEL                 JACK PICKLER

                                                    Spotlight on Member Discounts
                                          Damian Winther, CFP® - Member Services Committee Member
                  As a member of the FPA of Minnesota, you are entitled to a number of different discounts through our
                  partnership with Business AdvantEdge. By taking advantage of some of these discounts, the savings could
                  easily cover your annual FPA membership dues! Visit our website:, sign into the member’s
only section, and click on “member discounts.” The 2011 Quick Reference Guide can also be viewed on the Member Discount
Benefits portion of our website. Register with Business AdvantEdge and $tart $aving big!

One of the benefits currently available via the Business AdvantEdge program is Sprint Cellular Plans:
                                      • 19% discount off qualified plans for NEW sprint customers.
                                      • Average savings of 25%-35% compared to Sprint competitors.
                                      • Corporate equipment pricing.
                                      • Upgrade eligible every 12 months.
                                      • Blackberry Data Unliimited for $24.99/mo (regularly $39.99).

     Check out the 2011 Members Only Quick Reference Guide:
              The link and password to access these great benefits are included at the top of the Quick Reference Guide.

                                                                       The ads in this newsletter are paid advertisements and reach
                                                                       3,000+ individuals. The newsletter and FPA MN site contain
                                                                       links to other web sites, resources and advertisers. FPA MN does
                                                                       not perform “due diligence” on these advertisers, speakers, or
                            PLANNERS                                   sponsors, nor is it responsible for the availability of these external
                                                                       sites. FPA MN does not does endorse or take responsibility for
                              IN THE                                   the contents, advertising, products or other materials made
                                                                       available on or through such external sites. For rates, call 763-

                                                                              Click. Send. Smile!
   Daily Herald - Free Financial Advice Hitting 30
       Cities in October - September 18, 2011                                 Want to AUTOMATE            NO Contract.
                                                                              all your anniversary,
  Fox 9 News - Consultant Chats ‘Lost Generation’                             birthday and holiday
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    Plans - Susan Zimmerman, September 22, 2011                               greeting cards?             10 Cards for $10.

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   Star Tribune - Truly Free Financial Advice from
              Pros - September 27, 2011

  Seen your name in print lately? FPA of MN promotes
  “Planners In The News” in the Outreach section of the
  FPA website. We would like the spotlight to be on YOU,                           Bonnie Stanley • 763-208-9119
  our FPA of MN member. If you have been quoted in any                
  news or media article, let us know. We will post a link to the                     John Comer • 763-540-0711

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The Membership Committee hosted the     2011 New Member Reception...
                    September 27, 2011 - Edina Country Club

                              LYNSEY WALLIN      CRAIG DAHL
    COMMITTEE MEMBERS:                                         JERRY PATTERSON
                               DEL CERNEY       JOEL JOHNSON
                                    Page 11
                                                                                                                             Vis MP for
                                                                                                                             at anni

                                                                                                                                it OSI Su
                                                                                                                                SY ng

                                                                                                                                  Bo UM cc
                                                                                                                                      h # 20 ess.
                                                                                                                                         15 11:
                                      Sit Minnesota Tax-Free
                                      Income Fund

                                                       Tax-Equivalent Yields by Federal Tax Bracket
          30-Day SEC Yield                               28%                                 33%                                 35%

              4.38%                              6.60%                               7.09%                               7.31%
                                                   Average Annual Total Returns
                    1-Year                              3-Year                             5-Year                             10-Year

              3.61%                              6.03%                               4.33%                               4.47%
                 As of 8/31/11. Assumes the maximum Minnesota tax bracket of 7.85%.


Call now for a free prospectus with more complete information, including the Fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. Read it carefully before
you invest. Capital gains and ordinary income distributions, if any, are generally taxable. Some income earned by the Fund may be treated as a tax preference
that is included in alternative minimum taxable income for certain investors. Performance figures are historical and do not guarantee future results. Investment
returns and principal value will vary, and you may have a gain or loss when you sell shares. Current performance may be lower or higher than the performance
data quoted. Average annual total returns include changes in share price as well as reinvestment of all dividends and capital gains.
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  THANK YOU to our 2011 Partners!
        2011 PLATINUM                                                                                  David Gillette • 920-857-3854

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                                             Matt Murphy • 213-625-1900                                                    800-317-1127
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                                                                                                                        Melissa Gaustad
     Denny Bennett • 952-769-2138             Nicholas Luise • 617-422-4763                                      

                                                                    John Comer • 763-540-0711
                                                                         Jack Pickler • 763-746-8270
    Stephen Lee • 651-335-6924                                                                     

                                  Paul Abdenour • 312-986-9899
                                                                    Margaret LeClair • 651-739-2010

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SILVER PARTNERS:                             INVESCO                    OLD MUTUAL ASSET MGMT
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                              OF EVENTS                                                                    The Heart
                                                                                                          of Financial
October 8 - Financial Planning Day, 10 am-2 pm. Workshops include:                                         Planning.
 Early Years - Developing A Stellar Credit Rating                                The community that brings together
 Early Years - Budgeting 101: Life's Balancing Act
                                                                                   those who deliver, support and
 Early Years - Making it a Family Affair (Money Values)
 Middle Years - Managing Money in Hard Times: Financially Surviving a Job Loss
                                                                                   benefit from financial planning.
 Middle Years - "Investing Basics" - 20 Tips for Becoming a Smart Investor
 Middle Years - Real World Retirement Planning
 Golden Years - Income Sources in Retirement
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December 20 - Allied Professional Meeting - Money Sanity Solutions,
  Linking Money to Meaning, Presenter Nathan Dungan, 2:30 pm
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